Thursday, 12 September 2019

Eight Years For Gang Knife Slashing

A knifeman has been jailed for a gang-related stabbing, in which he slashed his victim's arm to the bone after chasing him into a Wembley car park.
Amari Reid, 30, received eight years imprisonment after he was found guilty at Harrow Crown Court of inflicting grievous bodily harm, plus another nine months for having a bladed article.
On June 20, last year in Hirst Crescent, North Wembley Reid was seen chasing the victim across the road and into a car park at 7.48pm, before slashing his arm with a knife and leaving the area.
The victim attended hospital with a six centimetre wound that was deep enough to show bone and required surgery, but was unwilling to provide an account to police or prosecute Reid for the attack.
Local officers of the Preston Safer Neighbourhood Team were able to identify Reid within twelve hours of the incident after reviewing CCTV footage of the area. 
A warrant was issued and his address was searched. A bag was found, matching that which officers noticed in the CCTV.
Reid subsequently handed himself in to the police following pressure after the search, and was charged with both offences.
Detective Sergeant Scott Montaut, who led the investigation, said: “Despite victims being reluctant to pursue allegations this does not mean we will let violent individuals walk away.
“This sentence shows that if you are willing to commit such violent acts, we will go to whatever lengths we can to ensure you are brought to justice.”
Inspector Toby Walton of the North West Command Unit, said: “This sentence represents the resolve of the MPS, the Crown Prosecution Service and the courts to address knife crime within the capital in a robust way.
“I am delighted that this dangerous individual is off the streets, where he can no longer harm members of the Wembley community. 
“I would like to extend my thanks to the local community, who came out in strength to denounce this offence which happened in a residential estate.
“I would also like to commend the actions of the local Preston Safer Neighbourhood Team, whose diligent investigation led to their community being protected from further harm.”

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Suburban Stabbing: CCTV Images Released

Police have released these CCTV images of three suspects they are hunting after a teenager was stabbed in a tree-lined residential Norbury road.
Officers were called at approximately 3.20pm on Sunday, May 19 to reports of a man stabbed in St. Oswald's Road.
Police, the London Ambulance Service and London’s Air Ambulance attended.
A 19-year-old man was taken to a south London hospital for treatment to his injuries – he was discharged following treatment.
A 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder on Sunday, May 26 and released on bail - further enquiries are ongoing.
Detectives from South Area CID based at Bromley are investigating the incident and have released these CCTV images – taken from the local area - of three males who were captured fleeing the scene following the stabbing.
Anyone who recognises these males or who has information that could assist the investigation is asked to contact officers via 101 quoting reference 4577/19May.
Alternatively, you can contact independent charity Crimestoppers 100% anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online via

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Convicted Rapist Who Attacked Lone Woman Caught By Phone App

A convicted rapist, who sexually assaulted his latest terrified victim and frogmarched her to a cashpoint, was snared within an hour thanks to the victim's 'find device' phone app.
Yanick Makunga, 34, will be locked-up for a minimum of just over five years after being traced via the woman's phone, which he had also pinched.
He pounced on the lone woman – aged in her thirties – outside her Dulwich home in the early hours of February 14.
Makunga, of Warwick Road, Croydon was originally charged with rape, but the prosecution dropped this allegation.
He pleaded guilty to false imprisonment; robbery; intent to commit a sexual offence and possession of cannabis.
At Inner London Crown Court he was made subject to a life sentence and must serve five years and fifty-seven days before he can be considered for parole.
He sexually assaulted the woman, while claiming he was armed with a knife and demanded money. 
He marched her to a local shop where she withdrew some cash from a cash machine before he left her.
However, when the victim returned home, Makunga was there. 
She ran off and went to a relative’s house and police were called.
During the incident, Makunga had stolen her mobile phone which had a “find device” app installed, tracking the movements of the phone.
Officers carried out fast-time enquiries and went to the locations the phone was transmitting, eventually identifying and arresting Makunga in George Street, Croydon. 
Upon being searched, he was found with other valuables belonging to the victim.
The woman received specialist support at a Haven.
The court heard that Makunga had a previous conviction for a rape committed in 2009.
Detective Constable Kara Eyre, of the South East Command Unit Safeguarding Team, said: “This was a terrifying attack which has left the victim traumatised. It is every woman’s worst nightmare.
“Even after her cries to stop, he did not hesitate to frogmarch the woman to a cashpoint and rob her, and then return to her home to continue to terrorise her.
“The attending officers had the foresight and instinct to quickly establish that the victim’s phone, which Makunga had stolen, could be traced. 
It ended up leading them right to their suspect, and detaining him so he couldn’t pose any further risk to the public.
“Makunga is a danger to women, and jail is the right place for him.”

Friday, 9 August 2019

Resident Battered Support Worker During Cigarettes Row

A care home resident with a violent history fractured the cheeks and an eye socket of a female support worker with a flurry of punches during a cigarettes and sleep monitoring row.

Jean Elizabeth Allan, 56, was living at Acorn Lodge, Ewell Road, Surbiton, which provides support for adults with learning difficulties and mental health issues.

She pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm on Elizabeth Chapman on April 4, last year and received eight months imprisonment, suspended for twelve months.

Prosecutor Tom Nicholson told Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court today Allen – a resident of nine months – had a disagreement with Ms Chapman, who has worked in the role for fourteen years, about wearing a sleep monitor device on her finger.

An hour later Allan approached her and asked for a cigarette and when she did not get one the defendant then started asking other residents.

Allan began shouting when she could not get a cigarette and took off the sleep monitor.

Being the only staff member present Ms Chapman picked up the phone to contact her colleagues.

This defendant went up to her and grabbed the phone from her hand and struck her with her right hand in a slapping motion and then with a closed fist, which caused injuries,” explained Mr. Nicholson.

Allan began pulling the victim's hair and Ms Chapman said she did not want to fight and the defendant replied: 'Now you fight me.'

She had to go to Kingston Hospital with fractures to her cheekbones, a fracture of the eye socket, bruising to the bridge of her nose, her eye and a bloody sinus.”

When questioned by police Allan admitted punching the victim because she was talking about her on the phone.

Allan has 89 previous offences, 16 of which are for assaults against individuals.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

NHS Boss Caught Filming Up Woman's Skirt At London Eye

An NHS hospital co-ordinator, who was caught filming up a young woman’s skirt near the London Eye, pretended he was tying his shoelaces when confronted by her boyfriend, a court heard today.

University graduate Ian Newby, 41, tried to lie his way out of it, but a search of his phone found 180 similar images of ‘upskirting’.

Married Newby, of Way Manor Flats, Byfleet Road, New Haw, Surrey had also secretly filmed up the skirt of a female colleague at Ashford & St. Peter’s Hospitals.

Also among his collection were shots taken in supermarkets, toilet and changing cubicles, at a wedding and at a Scout event.

Newby, who lost his twenty-year job as a materials management co-ordinator, pleaded guilty to outraging public decency at the London Eye on July 28, last year.

He also pleaded guilty to the same charge at the hospitals between July 20 and 25, last year and at various locations between August 1, 2014 and July 27, 2018.

At Camberwell Green Magistrates Court Newby was sentenced to fourteen weeks imprisonment, suspended for twelve months and ordered to complete 180 hours of community service.

He must pay £500 compensation to the London Eye victim and £750 to his ex-work colleague, complete 15 days of rehabilitation and pay £85 costs.

Prosecutor Nahiedh Khan told the court

: “It was around 11am when a couple were watching a street act on the South Bank and became aware Mr. Newby was pointing his camera up the woman’s skirt.

“She was disgusted by what he was doing and Mr. Newby began fiddling with his shoelaces and the music teacher boyfriend challenged the defendant.

“He insisted he had not taken any pictures and tried to flick through the images on his phone quickly, but they saw the images of the victim and pointed Mr. Newby out to the police.”

When quizzed about the ‘upskirt’ images Newby told officers: “Yes, there are a few. It’s a bad habit I guess.”

He even suggested because it was in public it was not an offence, telling police: “It’s a public place so is not voyeurism.”

An officer later visited Newby’s workplace and a female colleague said she was “shocked” and “distressed” to discover he had secretly filmed up her skirt near the photocopier.

Probation Officer Patrick Acres told the court: “These are a series of offences over four years of a fetishistic nature, an obsession with upskirt shots.”

Newby revealed he and his wife had some problems. “He admits he looked at pornography and did not tell her and describes himself as a secret man.

“The fact that he has been discovered he describes as a great relief and understands how angry with him his work colleague is,” added Mr. Acres.

“He has attended six counselling sessions and is unlikely, in my opinion, to commit a similar offence in the future. He has lost his job over this.”

Newby’s lawyer Vanetha Armon told the court: “He is deeply ashamed of his actions. He had to tell his wife and has told me how sorry he is for the distress he has caused the complainants.

“He cannot give any real explanation for why he did this.”

District Judge Susan Green told Newby: “These were taken both in public places and at the workplace, where people were unaware of what was occurring.

“This isn’t a victimless type of offence and is hugely distressing to people who do not know their personal space has been invaded and personal private photos taken of them. 

“One should not underestimate the trauma of this sort of invasion of privacy and as you described it yourself, this became an addiction.”

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Dead Men Don't Tell Tales: Cop Denies Nicking Deceased's Licence And Bank Card

A Metropolitan Police officer nicked a dead man’s driving licence and bank card when called to the deceased’s Maida Vale home after his sudden death, a court heard yesterday.

Oliver Levi Darby, 42, was on the uniformed response team in the northern part of Westminster Borough and was responsible for securing the deceased man’s property.

Blackfriars Crown Court heard the items were found when fellow officers searched his room in the Gilmour Section House, Kennington Lane, Lambeth on January 11, last year.

Also found were three further bank cards belonging to two people who formerly resided at a Wimbledon rented home once occupied by Darby.

Darby, of Sand Cottage, Docking Road, Burnham Market, King’s Lynn, Norfolk has pleaded not guilty to dishonestly handling those three cards.

He has also pleaded not guilty to stealing the driving licence and bank card belonging to the estate of Gary Steel, of Randolph Avenue, Maida Vale on January 6, 2017.

Prosecutor Mr. Oliver Doherty told the jury: “The reason why Mr. Darby wanted these cards isn’t entirely clear, but at the time he was having some financial difficulties.

“He had cause to tell other people he had financial difficulties, but it is not the prosecution case he ever used the cards even though one was used to pay a Cyprus-based internet dating site.”

During the search a Halifax Visa and MasterCard, still attached to the original letters, were found in a shoe box and a Barclays Visa card was found on a shelf.

The late Mr. Steel’s Barclaycard and licence was found in a red bag by Darby’s bed.

He was one of two officer’s who attended the deceased man’s home where property was officially listed. “There was no recording of the licence or bank card later found,” explained Mr. Doherty.

“Darby does not dispute the items were in his room, but does deny dishonest possession.”

Trial continues………….

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Neighbour Heard Woman Being Stabbed To Death By Boyfriend

Ian Levy: Denies Murder
A mother-of-three could be heard by a neighbour screaming for her life minutes before her boyfriend stabbed her to death, a court heard yesterday. 

Ex-pawnbroker Ian Levy, 55, of
Lime Court, Great North Way, Hendon, repeatedly plunged a large kitchen knife into 50 year-old Elize Stevens, the Old Bailey was told.

He has pleaded not guilty to murdering Ms Stevens, a welfare officer with the Jewish S&P Sephardi community, at his home on March 2, claiming diminished responsibility . 

Sadly, divorcee Ms Stevens was last seen alive by her family at a Golders Green restaurant the night before, skipping the meal so she would not be late for Levy.

Just after 10am the next morning downstairs neighbour, musician Michael Hardy, heard her screams for help, explained prosecutor Jane Bickerstaff QC.

“He ignored it for ten seconds then heard running and thudding as if people were running into things and heard a woman shout: ‘Help, help’ in a loud piercing scream.

“He could hear the woman’s voice saying: ‘Ian, Ian stop it. Leave me alone or you are going to kill me.’

“This was followed by loud screams and: ‘You’re strangling me. Murder! Ian, please stop, you’re going to kill me.

‘Ian please stop. You’re stabbing me. You’re going to kill me.’”

Levy refused to answer his front door to Mr. Hardy, who called 999 and returned with two neighbours.

“There was, by this time, complete silence,” added the QC.

Stabbed: Elize Stevens
Only when police threatened to smash Levy’s front door open with a battering-ram ‘enforcer’ did the defendant open up.

“He came out into the communal hallway completely naked and covered in blood.

“The police could see a large amount of blood on the floor and spattered up the walls and the legs of a prone female.

“She was naked, on her back and covered in multiple stab wounds.

“Lying on the floor next to her was a large kitchen knife, a hammer and a pair of mens’ tracksuit bottoms covered in blood.

“Her body was then taken away after attempts to save her life that were futile”

There was evidence of the attack occurring in the bathroom. “There was lots of blood dripped onto the floor of the bathroom and onto the edge of the bath and sink.”

The court heard the pair began a relationship after Levy attended a ‘Shiva’ hosted by Ms Stevens, following the death of her father in January, last year.

“They met that week and seemed to have formed or rekindled a relationship,” said Ms Bickerstaff.

Ms Stevens had moved to the heart of north London’s Jewish community in 2011 after an unhappy, violent marriage in Israel and had also become a grandmother.

Levy, who had tried online dating and has a background in the jewellery business, attended Slimming World appointments with her and was introduced to her family in October, last year.

She tried to help him find work by assisting with his CV after he quit a Burnt Oak pawnbrokers in January, this year and helped him overcome issues of depression and anxiety, the court heard.

On February 18, this year Levy called the police, expressing “suicidal intentions” and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Ms Stevens sent him a supportive text two days later, which read: ‘Ian. I’m so happy to hear your voice, even though you are not feeling well.

‘You are extremely good enough to have a relationship, a job and be happier than you are now…..The future will be happier and I want to be part of your future.’

On February 28 - two days before the killing - Levy was discharged into the care of the Barnet Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team after telling a psychiatrist his anxiety had improved.

“Ms Stevens was supportive of his discharge,” said the prosecutor. “She was affectionate, patient and understanding of his condition.”

Trial continues…………… 

Monday, 5 August 2019

Ex-Boyfriend Sent 'Boob And Bum' Pics To Former Partner's Dad

A man sent half-naked sexually-explicit boob and bum pictures of his barmaid ex-girlfriend to her father during a post-break up dispute.

Betting shop worker Kevin Bolenge, 30, of Ludovick Walk, Barnes, sent close-up underwear snaps of her breasts and rear, which he had taken during their relationship.  

He pleaded guilty to disclosing private sexual images of the woman, with intent to cause distress, between October 8 and 10, 2017.

Bolenge denied a second charge of racially-aggravated threatening, abusive words and behaviour and this was dropped by the prosecution.

“In an attempt to get the lady to contact you, you sent these images to her father,” Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court Judge Martin Barklem told him.

“You knew you had no right to do this and the fact you sent it to her father was a cowardly act of humiliating the lady, who was only wearing her underwear.”

Bolenge was sentenced to 11 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months and ordered to complete up to 30 days rehab and up to 40 days of a domestic violence programme.

He must also pay £800 costs, a £115 victim surcharge and obey a five-year restraining order, prohibiting contact with both his former girlfriend and her father.

Prosecutor Alexander Williams told the court Bolenge had a two-year relationship with the woman, who blocked his abusive calls after they split-up.

“He asked her to send sexual pictures of her breasts to him, which she found upsetting and she received many calls from unknown numbers that she suspected was the defendant.

“Her father received photos that he recognised as his daughter , sexual pictures of her breasts and bottom that she had allowed to be taken during the relationship.”

The racially aggravated charge that was dropped was in relation to alleged texts by Bolenge, which read: ‘Keep taking selfies with your Paki friend,’ and: ‘White slag.’ 

The judge told Bolenge, who has a previous conviction for harassment: “There was a limited degree of remorse shown by you until pressed.”

He had initially fought the case, claiming the images were of another woman and not the man’s daughter.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

NOT GUILTY: Pastor Cleared Of Thumping 'First Lady' Wife

A pastor seen by neighbours exchanging blows with his wife during a late-night row has been cleared of assaulting her.

Carlington Lynch, 38, preaches at Clapham’s Healing Word Ministry, Church of Christ, where his wife Mel is a co-minister and is affectionately known as the First Lady.

He was found not guilty of assaulting her outside their home in Chobham Gardens, Wimbledon on November 25, last year.

Mel did not give evidence against her husband at Wimbledon Magistrates Court last Friday, which heard a neighbour called the police at 9.20pm when they saw the couple fighting.

The neighbour used his mobile phone to record the incident from his window and the prosecution alleged Lynch could be seen punching his wife more than once.

When officers arrived they immediately went to the Lynch’s home and their body-worn cameras recorded an exchange with Mel on her doorstep.

She told them: “Yeah, I’m fine. It is what it is.”

Refusing to give a statement against her husband Mel added: “Well, I did hit him. It goes both ways.”

The neighbour told the trial: “They were pushing and the female was saying: ‘Kill me, kill me.’

“It looked like he was defending himself.

“I knew these neighbours and I was shocked.

“I shouted: ‘Hey don’t punch the woman. I’ll call the police.’ 

“The woman was screaming and shouting and when they reached the door he punched the woman two or three times.”

When cross-examined the witness agreed Mel appeared to strike Lynch in the face with her handbag.

“She looks like she was about to hit him first and he defends.”

Saturday, 3 August 2019

X-Factor Finalist's Shoplifting Race Rant

Court Date: Hylton
Former X-Factor star Rachel Hylton screamed: “You f***ing black man. Go back to Africa,” at a member of staff who caught her nicking food in Iceland, a court heard yesterday.

The 37 year-old singer, who made the Series 5 final, ending up in sixth place, also grabbed the man’s neck and pressed her finger into the face of a female staff member.

Hylton, of Waddon Road, Croydon pleaded guilty to stealing £26 worth of food items from the local Surrey Street store on February 16.

She also pleaded guilty to assaulting Peter Njoku; using racially aggravated threatening behaviour towards him and assaulting Abigail Kelly.

Prosecutor Rahab Njoroge told Croydon Magistrates Court it was 2.50pm when Mr. Njoku spotted Hylton putting items into her shopping bag and leave without making any attempt to pay.

“With the help of a colleague they brought the defendant back into the shop and the defendant was very aggressive.

“She grabbed the bag she was carrying and there was a struggle and the defendant was shouting: ‘He’s a f***ing African. You f***ing black man. Go back to Africa.’

“She threw a shopping basket towards Mr. Njoku and he managed to move away from it and it did not hit him.

“She was still shouting at Mr. Njoku and she grabbed hold of his neck and was removed by other members of staff.

“She continued to be abusive and eventually her shopping bag was removed from her and the items recovered.”

Performer: Hylton
Hylton wanted another bag of hers returned and confronted Ms Kelly in the store’s office. “She used her finger to poke her face in a threatening and aggressive way.”

The police were called and officers questioned Hylton. “She admitted shoplifting and throwing the basket, but denied having her hands around Mr. Njoku’s neck,” added Ms Njoroge.

Hylton received 26 weeks imprisonment in June, 2017 for having a knife and the Probation Service described her post-release compliance as “very, very poor,” only attending 8 out of 23 appointments.

She has been diagnosed with depression and emotionally unstable personality disorder.

District Judge Susan Holdman deferred sentence until January 31 because Hylton has been offered 15 weeks of residential drugs rehab.

“It is really important to keep out of trouble,” the judge told her.

Friday, 2 August 2019

Penis-Obsessed Constituent Harassed His Female MP

Obsessed: Richard Guy 
A penis-obsessed constituent sent his local MP Helen Hayes a picture of the famous Cerne Abbas Giant chalk-man during a year-long email harassment campaign, a court heard.

Richard Guy, 43, also attached a photo of a man’s naked backside in an email, plus a full-length mirror image, despite a police warning to stop sending up to twenty “nonsensical” messages per day.

He was convicted of harassing the MP for Dulwich and West Norwood between September 1, last year and April 24 and City of London Magistrates Court heard the emails began in April, 2018.

Guy was only charged for the period after uniformed police attended his address in Furneaux Avenue, West Norwood and issued a prevention of harassment warning.

He did not attend the trial and a warrant for his arrest was issued by District Judge Vanessa Baraitser, who announced: “These matters have caused her distress due to the content and nature of the emails, which also contained an image of an indecent nature.”

The court heard Guy sent a total of 576 emails after the police warning and plenty more before and was banned from the MP’s regular Friday constituency surgeries due to his strange behaviour.

Cerne Abbas Giant
Prosecutor Mr. Philip Stott told the court the emails contained Guy’s views on a vast array of subjects, including current affairs, politics, Brexit, his own sexuality, anti-semitism and homosexuality.

The Labour MP’s assistant Bethany Currie told police about Guy last August after his emails became more explicit. “He started talking about his penis and I became concerned.”

Last Christmas he enquired about Ms Hayes’ whereabouts in an email, asking: “Where are you this am?”

Helen Hayes MP
The assistant checks the MP’s parliamentary emails, but was overwhelmed by the sheer volume from Guy. “They were sent on a near daily basis,” explained Mr. Stott.

“Due to the volume she was unable to read them all and was concerned in the current climate there may have been something in them she missed.”

Ms Currie said in her statement: “They are hard to read due to their unpleasant nature, length and nonsensical nature.”

Because Guy ignored the harassment warning he was arrested, now sporting dyed ginger hair, on April 24, this year.

PC Richard Gallipo said: “He was immediately aggressive and agitated…..He said he had the right to free speech.”

District Judge Baraitser said: “Whatever his grievances his conduct clearly became harassment. He sent a barrage of emails, sometimes ten or more in day.

“This was capricious and irrational behaviour.

"In light of the possibility of a mental health issue I don’t want to proceed to sentence, which at this point would be custodial.”

The prosecution will apply for a restraining order once Guy is found and brought to court for sentencing.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Ex-Cricketer Shane Warne's Fight To Keep Driving Licence

Former cricketer Shane Warne’s fight to hold onto his driving licence after he was caught allegedly speeding in a hired Jag continued on Tuesday.

The Australian ex-spin bowler, 49, did not appear at Wimbledon Magistrates Court, but his legal team were there to fight his case.

Now a cricketing pundit, Warne, of Randolph Mews, Maida Vale, faces a summons of driving the silver 3-litre Jaguar at 47mph in a 40mph zone.

The court heard a speed camera clocked him over the limit at 6.29am on August 23, last year on the A40 Ranelagh Bridge slip road.

He was originally convicted under behind-closed-doors Single Justice Procedure rules, but had the case re-opened so he could fight it.

His lawyer Tim Grey claimed the trial should be adjourned so Warne can obtain an independent expert report to counter the Crown Prosecution Service.

“There is no camera, no expert report or expert her today I can cross-examine,” he told Deputy District Judge Adrian Turner.

“You should exclude all the evidence in this case. We have had no opportunity to deal with it.

“As a matter of principal it is wrong the prosecution are not serving key evidence on us.”

If he receives points on his licence Warne risks a driving disqualification under the toting procedure due to previous motoring convictions.

The judge dismissed Warne’s application and the prosecution case began, but it quickly transpired the CPS have never served the original summons they sent to the hire firm to the defence.

Using a cricketing analogy the judge announced: “At four minutes to one I’m going to pull up stumps and say play will resume on a later date.”

The case was fixed for a three-hour trial on September 23.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

On The Run: 61st In Line To Throne Flees Justice After Racist Assault

A homeless aristocrat, who is 61st in line to the British throne, spat blood and saliva at a casino doorman while racially abusing him and his supervisor after suffering a beating, a court heard.

Rowan Lascelles, 41, is on the run after jumping bail and not attending his City of London Magistrates Court trial on Monday, where he was convicted.

His father is The Hon. James Lascelles, 65, the second son of the 7th Earl of Harewood and a first cousin, once removed, of the Queen.

The trial heard Lascelles, who told police he was of no fixed abode when arrested, was chased and beaten by three homeless men outside the Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square at 3am on June 18.

Doorman Vlad Florin told the court: “Three homeless men were chasing another male, who looked homeless, to beat him up.

“The three gave him a few punches and put him on the floor and we tried to stop them and they ran away and then the gentleman started having an argument with us.

“He started shouting at us, asking why we didn’t jump in to save him and he was abusive to us. He was racist towards us, calling the supervisor a: ‘Paki’.

“He told me that I was a muslim and I needed to go back to my country and where we come from we beat our women back home.

“He was very aggressive and it was making me feel uncomfortable because we were trying to stop him getting beaten up and instead of saying thank-you he started threatening and abusing us.

“He was bleeding from the mouth and nose and spitting blood on our shirts and he came back with a pen and paper, wanting names and badge numbers and then decided to spit.

“It was aggressive verbally and he clearly spat and it landed on my face and clothes.

“He tried to run away, but we followed him and restrained him on the floor until the police arrived.”

Prosecutor Sharon Michaels said: “It seemed that he had been in a fight with other people and the victims were security guards outside the casino and he racially abused them.

“He asked: ‘Are you f***ing legal?’ and called supervisor Amaar Dodhy a: ‘Paki’.

“He was spitting and had blood on his face from the fight and that went over them.

“The assault on Mr. Florin was that he purposefully spat at him and it landed on him.”

When questioned by police Lascelles denied the allegations and insisted he had not been racially abusive and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

However, the magistrates found him guilty of the racially aggravated assault of Mr. Florin and using racially aggravated threatening behaviour towards Mr. Dodhy.

They did not sentence the absent Lascelles, instead issuing a warrant for his arrest.