Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Hotel Awards Entrepreneur Denies Raping Three Women During Rough Role-Playing Fantasies

A Cambridge-educated hotel awards boss raped three young women by taking his desire for rough sex and role-playing fantasies too far, a court heard today.

Edward Gabbai, 30, who runs The World Boutique Hotel Awards, raped a 17 year-old escort, a young Swede and a 23 year-old stranger, Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court was told.

Gabbai, of Thornbury Gardens, Borehamwood, who has a PhD in microbiology and nanoscience, has pleaded not guilty to raping the first two women once and the third a total of three times.

Prosecutor Mr. Simon Russell Flint QC said the first two women had agreed to consensual sex with the defendant that became rape and the third was a drunken woman he took home in a cab.

The jury were played mobile phone footage police seized from the defendant of the third woman on her on her knees in the bathroom of Gabbai’s Battersea house sit in the midst of the alleged rapes.

“It shows a naked girl on her knees, she appears to be distressed and has been assaulted. You can hear the defendant say: ‘Tell me you will do anything I want,’ and see him slap her violently.

“The footage shows him telling her to put her arms behind her back and bottom in the air.

“She can be heard saying: ‘Please don’t, ouch, please don’t, ouch.’”

The first woman was happy to engage in role-play, the jury were told. “The defendant told her he was into fantasies, role-playing, where he would rape someone by forcing an a female as she tried to get away.”

However, one day this went too far, the court heard. “She said to him: ’No, no. Stop, stop.’

“She said to him: ‘No Edward, stop, stop, this isn’t part of the role-play. She was saying it with so much emotion she says he could tell it was not role-playing.

“She was crying from the pain and was in such shock that she says she couldn’t remember the safe word and just shouted out: ‘Safe word, safe word!’ and he stopped.”

The teenager did not report Gabbai to the police at the time.

“This being rough and violent in the course of sexual activity, we say, is a common and repeating theme,” said Mr. Russell Flint. “Edward Gabbai likes to dominate sexually and inflict hurt and violence on those who he engages in sexual activity.”

The second woman was a Tinder date, who did initially consent to sex with Gabbai until she was raped in the bedroom of a Stoke Newington address, the jury were told.

“He picked her up and put her on all fours and started giving her orders as what to do. He pinned down her legs, pushed her down and started to become very aggressive.

“He started strangling so hard she could not breathe, bit her neck and ear so it left a visible mark, turned her head so he could slap her face and pulled her hair.

“He said: ‘That’s my favourite bit.’ She was screaming out and he continued to have sex with her.

“Facial injuries were caused by the defendant beating her up, quite frankly.”

She reported Gabbai to the police after becoming embarrassed about her parents seeing her in such a state and having to cancel her passport picture appointment at the Swedish Embassy.

“He said she liked rough sex. He said he hit her about twelve times, but at no time did she tell him to stop.”

The last complainant had been drinking in Angel and agreed to get in Gabbai’s shared Uber cab at 3.30 because she had no phone power to call her own.

However, once in the address she court heard Gabbai told her in the hallway: “You have got to let me do whatever I want to you.”

She felt vulnerable and intimidated by the “very angry” Gabbai, the court heard. “He pushed her onto the bed and slapped her on both cheeks very hard.

“She started crying immediately and he called her lots of names, like slut,” explained Mr. Russell Flint.

“He pushed down on her neck, she couldn’t breathe, was gasping for breath and she really thought he was going to suffocate her.

“She says she was hysterical, crying and unable to speak and was told: ‘If you cry out or try to go away I’ll make it worse for you.’

“She slapped her face, her bottom, her legs.”

Gabbai raped her three times, said the prosecutor, while instructing her to say she was only twelve years-old and announcing: ‘You’re a little twelve year-old girl.’

Later Gabbai unlocked the front door and took her phone number before she left and the young woman reported him to the police.

When examined she had thirty separate areas of injury.

The trial is expected to last three weeks…………

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Dumped Dad-Of-Two Dodges Jail For Stalking And Assaulting Ex

Fernando & Angelica
A father-of-two, struggling to accept the end of a thirty-year relationship, received a suspended prison sentence today for stalking his ex at her Harvey Nichols workplace.

Fernando Carmona, 49, a Westgate area manager, turned up at the exclusive Knightsbridge department store in an “aggressive” manner, demanding to see her.

He is now banned from the store after receiving a restraining order.

Colombian-born Carmona, of Quinton House, Wyvil Road, Vauxhall   also made threatening calls, vowing to kill his ex’s new boyfriend.

He pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court to stalking Angelica Montealegre between January 12 and 15.

He was also convicted of assaulting her at the apartment they once shared at Pollard House, Northdown Street, Islington on January 13 by throwing a telephone at her.

Carmona was sentenced to eight weeks imprisonment, suspended for twelve months and must participate in up to thirty days Probation Service rehabilitation.

Carmona: Leaving Court
He was also made subject to an indefinite restraining order, which prohibits contact with Angelica, visiting the former family home and her workplace.

Carmona was also ordered to pay £200 costs and pay a £115 victim surcharge. 

Prosecutor Mr. Edward Cohen told the court, where Carmona initially appeared in custody: “This is a domestic incident involving a couple whose thirty-year relationship is coming to and end.

“The defendant is not able to move on from that and there are issues that are getting worse by the day.

“He has pleaded guilty to sending abusive voicemails to the victim. They were of a threatening nature, saying that he would kill her new partner.

“This new parter has been a real turning point.

“He turned up at Harvey Nichols demanding to speak to her in an aggressive way.

“He threw a telephone at the complainant after she disclosed she had a new partner.”

Carmona always denied throwing the phone, but was convicted after a trial.

He was described as “very emotional” when questioned by police. “He was not in a calm manner and was in an agitated state,” explained Mr. Cohen.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Rolex Robbery: Vicious Knifeman Wanted

Police hunting a vicious knifeman, who stabbed a middle-aged gent in west London while demanding his expensive Rolex watch, have released this e-fit of the suspect.
At 6.30pm on January 15 the 56 year-old victim was approached outside a pub in Comeragh Road, West Kensington.
The suspect, who was brandishing a knife, demanded the watch and stabbed the man in the arm.
He left empty-handed and fled in the direction of Barons Court Road.
The victim was taken to a west London hospital for treatment and has since been discharged.
The suspect is described as a black male, aged between 28 and 32 years-old, approximately 5ft 9ins - 5ft 10ins tall, of a stocky build, with short tight curly black hair, possibly with a flat top, wearing a dark coloured hooded anorak or hooded parka type coat.
No arrests have been made.
Detective Constable Imran Khan, of Hammersmith and Fulham CID said: "We are appealing for witnesses in the area to come forward. It would have been busy at the time of the incident, someone may have seen something that could assist our investigation.
"The suspect threatened the victim with a distinctive looking knife, with a red handle and red blade.
"We are keen to hear from anyone who may have witnessed the incident or recognises the description of the suspect issued in the e-fit."

If anyone has any information is asked to contact Hammersmith and Fulham CID on 0208 246 2442 or to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Armed Petrol Station Robber Caged For Nine Years

A petrol station robber, who used a BB gun sprayed black to terrify cashiers during a £2,300 two-month spree, has been jailed for nine years.
Reece Whelan, 21, of Arnold Road, Northolt, Middlesex targeted seven north-west London stations
He pleaded guilty at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court to six counts of robbery and one of attempted robbery, plus seven counts of possessing an imitation firearm.
The court heard Whelan carried out a series of robberies at BP, Shell, Asda and Esso petrol stations in Ruislip, Northolt and Harrow between March 29 and May 18, last year.
Whelan armed himself with a BB gun, which had been sprayed black to make it look like a real handgun, and demanded money from staff.
During two of the robberies, Whelan used violence to steal cash by 'pistol-whipping' the cashiers with the gun after they initially refused to hand over money.
In total, Whelan stole £2,300 as a result of the six robberies.
Detectives from the Metropolitan Police's Flying Squad identified Whelan as the result of a proactive investigation, which linked him to the series of robberies.
Whelan was arrested at his home address on July 4 and a search of his bedroom resulted in the seizure of the BB gun used in the offences.
During the sixth offence, a piece of the gun had broken off and was recovered from the scene.
The BB gun recovered from Whelan's address had the same piece missing.
Detective Constable Alan Mears, of the Flying Squad, said: "Whelan is a violent criminal who used threats and violence to steal cash from petrol stations.
He was committing offences at a rate of almost one a week so it was important he was caught as soon as possible."
Detective Chief Inspector Scott Hartley said: "Reece Whelan committed a series of extremely violent offences, causing utter terror to members of staff working at various petrol stations, who were faced with an armed man demanding cash.
As a result of a diligent and painstaking investigation by the Flying Squad, a violent criminal has been brought to justice and sentenced to a lengthy period in jail."
Dates and locations of robberies:
1. Robbery at BP, Mandeville Road, Northolt on 29 March 2017 at 21:20hrs. Whelan demanded cash from the till. Total of £170 stolen.
2. Robbery at BP, Field End Road, Ruislip on 7 April 2017 at 05:55hrs. Whelan demanded cash from the till which was initially refused. He hit the cashier on the forehead with the firearm causing a small cut. Approximately £250 was stolen.
3. Robbery at BP, Victoria Road, Ruislip on 14 April 2017 at 20:24hrs. Whelan demanded money and stole £668.
4. Robbery at Shell, West End Road, Ruislip on 27 April 2017 at 21:16hrs. Whelan demanded money and stole £300.
5. Robbery at BP, Mandeville Road, Northolt on 9 May 2017 at 21:55hrs. Whelan stole £180 after demanding money from the till.
6. Attempted robbery at Esso, Alexandra Avenue, Harrow on 16 May 2017 at 23:02hrs. Whelan hit the cashier in the face with a firearm causing bruising to his head.
7. Robbery at Asda, Church Road, Northolt, 18 May 2017 at 18:35hrs. Whelan stole £738.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Shopkeeper Stabbed: Youth Hunted

A shopkeeper was stabbed in the leg when he asked a young customer for proof of age when buying cigarettes.
On Monday February 5 two males entered the convenience store in Bounds Green Road, Bounds Green, north London at 9.30pm.
One of them asked for some cigarettes, but when the 32-year-old shop assistant requested proof of his age, the suspect became angry.
He was asked to leave and an altercation occurred as the victim tried to evict the man from the store.
The second man tried to break up the altercation.
Once outside the store, the victim discovered that he had been stabbed in the leg.
The victim was treated at the scene before being taken to a north London hospital.
He has since been discharged.
The suspect is described as black, aged between 15 and 17 years-old, 5ft 9ins tall and of slim build.
He was wearing grey tracksuit trousers, a light grey hooded top, a black jacket with a fur hood, a black baseball cap and grey trainers.
Detective Constable Sarah Ward, from Haringey CID, said: “The shop assistant asked for proof of the suspect’s age and, not wishing to lose the shops licence, he challenged him as he thought he was underage.
He did not expect to be assaulted and stabbed as a result.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Haringey CID on 020 3276 3074 or the police non-emergency line on 101.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Tatler Girl Hon. Lana Palumbo Caught Drink-Driving Near £3.7m Family Home

The daughter of millionaire property magnate Baron Palumbo was banned from driving yesterday after police caught her at over twice the drinks limit while speeding from a birthday party at 1.20am with a passenger and without any lights on. 

Hon. Lana Rose Palumbo, 26, daughter of Peter Garth Palumbo, 82, told magistrates she was simply moving her blue Fiat 500 from a single yellow line to a residents parking bay.

She pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court to driving in Collingham Gardens, Chelsea on February 15 with 81 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. 

The legal limit is 35.

She was disqualified for twenty months and fined £520, with £85 costs and ordered to pay a £52 victim surcharge.

Lana, who lives in the family’s nearby six-bedroom £3.7m property in Astell Street, told the court: “I made a terrible error of judgement. I was driving my car a short distance, but I was under the influence and I do feel very ashamed and very embarrassed and I’m very sorry.

“I was parked in Old Brompton Road on a single-yellow and the idea was to move the car to a residents bay. My judgement was off, I should have just left the car, but I feared it would be towed away.

“I misjudged how much I consumed and I did not have dinner that night,” she said from behind the glass-panelled secure dock, wearing black jeans, a charcoal-grey crew neck pullover and white shirt.

“I was not even intending to have more than one drink.”

Lana told the magistrates her wallet, money and bank cards were lost that night so she could not pay for a taxi.

She is employed in business development by The Walbrook Club, an exclusive private members club located near the Bank of England in a 1952 Queen Anne-style townhouse built by her property developer grandfather Rudolph Palumbo.

She was educated at £21,000-a year Collingham College, Earl’s Court and studied graphic design at £11,400- year Shillington College in the Square Mile.

Photo Shy
As daughter of a Baron she carries the ’Honourable’ title.

“This matter goes back to the fifteenth of February and it was twenty past one in the morning when police on uniformed patrol on Brompton Road saw a blue Fiat that was, in their opinion, driving above the 30mph speed limit and it did not have any lights on,” said prosecutor Mr. Malachi Packenham.

“They followed and stopped the vehicle and when she opened the window they could immediately smell alcohol. She was asked to step out of the car and was described as smelling of alcohol and unsteady on her feet.”

The court heard she “blew red” at the roadside. “She was brought into custody at charing Cross Police Station.”

Magistrate Mrs Catherine Seddon told her: “I’m sure that you were aware when you entered your plea there was a mandatory period of disqualification. In determining the period of disqualification we took  into account the reading, in this case eighty-one microgrammes in breath.

“In this case what aggravates the offence is that clearly you were driving in a dangerous fashion. The police behind you say you were speeding and you did not have any lights on at the time and you were carrying a passenger.

“We can take into account your remorse is genuine and you were only travelling a short distance.”

She had a full clean driving licence up until this offence and asked to complete the optional drink-drive awareness course to knock twenty weeks off her road ban.

She told the court: “I’m working part-time. I was working with my mother for a month. I’m basically trying to set up something and put a business plan together and I have inheritance.”

“Can I pay this week?” asked Lana. “I was in the process before I was stopped of selling my car. So the car is sold.”

Lana is heiress to a vast multi-million pounds property empire along with her siblings, who include Petra, 28, a fashion model and James, 54, - Lord Palumbo - the Ministry of Sound nightclub and entertainment empire supremo,

She was formerly employed by fashion brand Muzungu Sisters and says her dream is to open cafe in Portobello.

Her father, Eton-educated Oxford University graduate Peter Garth Palumbo, 82, is godfather of Princess Beatrice. 

Baron Palumbo inherited a family trusts with an estimated value of over £135m 

Lana’s mother is Lebanese-born Hayat Morowa, 66.

The family fortune was made by Lana’s grandfather Rudolph, the son of an Italian immigrant, who bought up and developed central London bomb sites after World War Two.

Her father is the ex-polo playing team mate of both Prince Philip and Prince Charles has been described as an arts connoisseur, ultimate society insider and confidant of the royals.

He is said to have given sanctuary to Princess Diana after he separation from Prince Charles at his country pile Bagnor Manor, near Newbury, Berkshire. 

Baron Palumbo graduated with a Master of Arts and from 1976 to 1994 was a governor of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

He was Chairman of the Tate Gallery Foundation, Serpentine Gallery and the Arts Council during the eighties and nineties and was also Chancellor of Portsmouth University. 

Baron Palumbo is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Structural Engineers, the Faculty of Building and Royal Institute of British Architects.

He was made a life peer on February 4, 1991 with the title Baron Palumbo of Walbrook, City of London.

He has a reputation for big-spending and his three children from his first marriage took him to the High Court, claiming he used the family trust to spend £2.5m on vintage wine; £1.8m on classic cars; £13m on valuable art, plus the purchase of a French chateaux.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Charges Dropped Against Reality TV Superfan Accused Of Harassing BGT's Wayne Woodward

Charges against a “celebrity hugger” reality tv superfan have been dropped on medical grounds after months of court appearances. 

Tania Macintosh, 26, was accused of harassing Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Wayne Woodward and assaulting his sister.

Macintosh, of Hartland Road, Morden was said to have repeatedly asked the 23 year-old singer, who was second in the 2016 series, for a ‘cuddle and a kiss’ at public engagements.

Croydon Magistrates Court heard a thirty-page psychiatric report had been prepared on Macintosh, who has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Macintosh appeared in the dock wearing a t-shirt sporting a photograph of herself hugging X-Factor judge Louis Walsh and carrying a notebook emblazoned with images of Woodward, a photo of whom she also had on her keyring.

She was charged with pursuing a course of conduct amounting to the harassment of Woodward between May 27 and July 8, last year in the Sutton area.

This consists of repeatedly requesting a “cuddle and kiss” at public events knowing he did not wish to and causing damage to his vehicle on June 17 by removing his car’s number plate and turning up unannounced at his address and continually contacting him by telephone.

Macintosh was also charged with assaulting his sister Maxine Woodward in Sutton on July 8 by beating.

Wayne and girlfriend Abbie Jarvis announced in March last year they were having a baby boy, which he intended naming Frank, after his hero Sinatra.

After finishing as runner-up in 2016 to musician Richard Jones he failed to land a deal with Simon Cowell’s label Syco.

Despite this Woodward released the album N.U.M.B and single Animal last summer.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Rotary Club Charity Fraudster Must Pay-Up Or Face Lock-Up

A new Rotary Club member organised a charity skydive and gala dinner to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, but pocketed £7,500 for himself.

Now ex-stockbroker Akbar Siddiqi, 28, has been given a six-month deadline to get himself a job and return a chunk of the money or face going to prison.

He pleaded guilty to fraud by abuse of position between April 27, 2014 and August 3, 2015 while a member of the Tooting club and named on a bank account to be used for charitable purposes.

Siddiqi, of Nutfield Road, Thornton Heath was ordered to return to Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court having repaid at least £3,000 and quit drinking.

“You must get a job, even working in McDonald’s, absolutely anything, you’re an intelligent man,” Judge Judith Coello told him yesterday, deferring sentence.

Prosecutor Carol Summers said: “Nothing has been repaid whatsoever despite him having a substantial amount of time to repay that money and being interviewed twice by police.

“The club itself have had to pay it out of club funds.

“The defendant joined the club in 2014, having been a regular guest for some months and proposed a sky-dive and gala dinner fundraiser.”

Participants collected sponsorship for the sky-dive and tickets were expensive for the Central London dinner at the Connaught Rooms.

Both Siddiqi and Tooting club President Len Saker, who were the account signatories, promoted the sky-dive on Radio Jackie and £15,725 was made from both events.

However, Siddiqi secretly obtained a cash card and made 65 withdrawals totalling £4,105 and used the card to buy alcohol clothes, shoes, pay restaurant and hotel bills, a £638 internet dating site bill and top-up his Oyster card.

Two members even gifted him £250 awards they each received for services to the Rotary Club to cover his admin and time organising the events.

Immediately after the events Siddiqi stopped attending the club and constantly made excuses for not paying the money. 

The club’s treasurer described the fraud as “traumatic” and the cause of a “great deal of distress” saying he felt “let-down and cheated.”

Mr. Saker said: “My initial reaction was amazement and confusion. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Siddiqi’s lawyer Gudrun Fama told the court: “He’s a troubled young man and solved his problems with alcohol. Once he started drinking he couldn’t stop.”

Judge Coello told him: “I’m concerned none of this money has been paid back to the Rotary Club. You’ve buried your head in the sand, hoping it will all go away.

“If you do not meet these objectives you will go to prison, but it is better the Rotary Club get their money back and are not out of pocket due to your thoroughly dishonest actions.

“You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Notting Hill Carnival Finance Boss Denies Swindling £784,000

Camera Shy: Ali
The finance officer of the Notting Hill Carnival has denied swindling over three quarters of a million pounds out of the annual event.

Nadia Chase Ali, 34, from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago claims there was no dishonesty when making bank transfers to her own personal account.

She appeared at Isleworth Crown Court today, where she will return for her trial.

Ali, of Bonchurch Road, North Kensington pleaded not guilty to one count of fraud by abuse of position between March 6, 2014 and December 2, 2016.

It is alleged that while occupying the position of finance officer at The Carnival Village Trust in Powis Square, Notting Hill she abused that position to dishonestly make a gain of £784,262.56p.

She also pleaded guilty to one count of theft, namely stealing financial documents and letters belong in to The Carnival Village Trust.

Ali, who has a young four month-old child, is alleged to have transferred quantities of money to her homeland.

She remains on bail on condition she resides at her recorded address, does not leave the UK and surrenders her passport to police.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Hunting Knife Robber Raids Shop: CCTV Released

Police searching for a convenience store robber armed with a fearsome hunting knife have issued this CCTV image of their suspect.
At 8.15am on Thursday, February 1, the suspect walked into a mini supermarket on Brook Street, Erith, south-east London.
Waving the large hunting knife, he threatened the 45-year-old store owner, and demanded cash from behind the counter.
Fearful for his safety the victim went behind the counter and opened the till and the suspect emptied the till’s contents into a white plastic bag.
As he was interrogating the owner as to where more money was kept, a woman and child entered the store.
They were both asked to wait outside.
The suspect went outside, spoke to the woman and boy and asked them what they wanted.
He then re-entered the store and took eight packets of cigarettes, two canned drinks and some sweets which he handed to them before walking off into Northumberland Heath Park.
The suspect is described as a black man, approximately 5ft 6ins tall.
He was wearing dark coloured clothing, including a black Nike tracksuit, scarf, hat and gloves.
Detective Constable Maxine Hudd, investigating officer from Bexley CID, said: “We believe that this could possibly be linked to a number of robberies that have taken place in the Erith area since December fifteen, last year.
Police are appealing for witnesses to this incident, specifically the woman and child, who were outside the shop, or anyone who saw the suspect enter or leave the park.”
Anyone with information is asked to call Bexley CID on 020 8284 9146 or the police non-emergency line on 101.

Alternatively they can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Fraudster Wanted For Defrauding 96 Year-Old Pensioner

Police have issued this CCTV image as they appeal for help to identify a man wanted in connection with a fraud committed against a vulnerable 96-year-old pensioner.
At 11.05am on Wednesday, January 10 the pensioner received a call at his home address near Carshalton Park from a person pretending to be from his bank.
During the call, the victim gave his personal details and PIN and the caller said someone would come round and collect his bank cards.
Around 30 minutes later, the suspect arrived at the victim's address to collect his bank cards and reassured him that replacement cards were in the post for the following day.
The suspect subsequently withdrew £300 from an ATM outside Barclays Bank in Wallington.
A further withdrawal of £1800 was made inside the branch at a second machine.
Police Constable Lewis Stevens of Sutton Case Progression Unit said: "The suspect targeted an elderly man by convincing him that he worked for his bank.
"The victim soon realised that he had been the victim of a fraud, but by then it was too late."
CCTV footage and a still image released by police show a man who police want to speak with in connection with this incident.
He is described as a black man, around 5ft 6inches tall and aged in his thirties.
He wore a black baseball cap over short black hair, glasses, black coat and blue jeans.
He wore light blue trainers and is seen in the bank with a small blue bag over his hip.
He arrived at the victim's home in a large dark car.
Anyone who recognises the man pictured or has information concerning this incident is asked to call police in Sutton on 020 8649 0532.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Chemsex Drug Dealer Jailed For Supplying Gay Scene

A notorious drug dealer on the gay 'Chemsex' scene is starting a lengthy prison sentence after a police raid on his south London home.

Portuguese Angelo Jardim, 49 of Landor Road, Stockwell was arrested on September 15, last year by Lambeth Borough officers after a tip-off.

Police searched his property and seized Class A drugs and around £13,000 in cash.

During the raid, officers found Jardin had access to another address in Voltaire Road, Clapham.

They carried out a raid on this property and found large quantities of Class A and C drugs.

He was charged with six counts of possession to supply Class A, B and C drugs.

He pleaded guilty at Inner London Crown Court and was sentenced to nine years and ten months imprisonment.

Police Constable Francis Stanton, attached to Lambeth Proactive unit, commented: "Jardim was a prominent member of the Chemsex scene; organising parties and selling drugs to a large amount of men he met on the dating app, Grindr.

"Previously, a lot of Chemsex scene criminals were going under the radar, and not being detected, however we are making significant headway in the way we catch these criminals.

Not only do they break the law by dealing drugs, but they also have a negative impact on families, and communities, by getting people addicted to illegal substances."

Friday, 23 February 2018

Banned Motorcyclist Inflicted Multiple Fractures On Woman Pedestrian

A disqualified and uninsured motorcyclist, who inflicted seven serious fractures on a female London Ambulance Service employee he ran over, has avoided being locked-up.

Timi Joe, 25, knocked 37 year-old Lisa Brown twelve feet through the air, causing four pelvic fractures, plus a broken shoulder, ankle and leg.

She also suffered dislocations to both shoulders and a cut to her eye socket and may need a third operation for the injuries caused while using a pedestrian crossing.

The courts have been given the power to imprison such banned drivers for up to four years, but Joe, of Stanswood Gardens, Camberwell received twelve months imprisonment, suspended for eighteen months.

“He should not have been on the road,” said Lisa, who is still receiving physio, after the case. “The injuries he caused were horrific.”

Joe pleaded guilty at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court to one count of causing serious injury while driving disqualified in Putney High Street on July 15, last year.

Joe also pleaded guilty to driving without insurance and jumping bail and must also complete 120 hours community service and obey a tagged night time curfew from 9pm to 6am for three months.

He has now swapped his three-wheeled Piaggio for a bicycle and is a food courier for Deliveroo.

After the collision he dumped the motorbike as well as his crash helmet and jacket as he fled towards Putney Bridge and gave a false name to police.

Ms Brown was bed bound for six weeks afterwards and then had to use a wheelchair. She has still not returned to work seven months after the collision.

“His view of the crossing was obscured by a stationary bus as he accelerated within the speed limit,” said prosecutor Mr. Andrew Johnson. 

“He failed to take necessary action to avoid the collision and the tread on one tyre is described as virtually non-existent by the officer on the scene.”

On May 17, 2016 Joe was banned for a year for driving while under the influence of drugs and on June 20, last year he received an eighteen-month disqualification for driving without insurance.

He claims he was unaware of this latest ban, imposed just four weeks before the collision.

Joe also says the traffic light was green in his favour when Ms Brown was crossing the road in full uniform on the way to her shift and there is no suggestion he jumped a red light.

It is accepted he was probably travelling at around 20-25mph.

“He’s a young man that took risks and those risks were devastating for the complainant in this matter,” said Miss Mandisa Knights, defending.

Judge Georgina Kent told Joe: “Lisa Brown stepped onto the crossing in front of a stationary bus either as the lights changed from red to amber or to green.

“The bus was obstructing your view. You overtook the bus and collided with Lisa Brown.

“She was struck by the moped and thrown into the air.

“She suffered two dislocated shoulders, four pelvic fractures, a fractured shoulder, tibia, ankle and a cut to her eye socket.

“She needed operations and rods inserted and may need a third and has received months of physio and remains off work.

“She is not sure if she will ever be able to go back to work. This accident was devastating for her and will have a long-lasting impact on her.

“Even though the lights had just turned green you would be expected to check if pedestrians were crossing.

“You should have had regard for the fact someone may have been crossing in front of that bus  

“You say you were unaware you were disqualified and that is complete irresponsibility on your part for not keeping your address up to date with DVLA.”

Joe was disqualified for three years and must pass an extended driving test to regain his licence and was ordered to pay £670 costs.