Sunday, 11 February 2018

Gilbey Gin Heir Sir Walter Claims Sister Encouraged Assault Claim To Seize Mother's Estate

The mother of gin heir Sir Walter Gilbey told the trial, via a video link, how her son angrily confronted her and dragged her out of her seat during a row.

Lady Elizabeth Gilbey, 95, who shares her home of twenty years with her 86 year-old housekeeper, told the court it was approaching 5.30pm when Sir Walter assaulted her.

“I was sitting on my sofa in my little sitting-room, reading. He came into the room, we had an argument and he came back into the room with a rather menacing look on his face.

“I raised my stick to defend myself and he has mentioned that I hit him, which I never did, I don’t even hit my dog.

“He snatched the stick from me and broke it into five pieces. He grabbed my arm and flung me on the floor and I landed on my face.

“I tried to get up again and he just stood over me. I was so scared I ran into the neighbour’s house for protection.

“The hearing aid was in my ear and when I hit the floor it came out of my ear and shot under the stove.

“I went to my bedroom and barricaded the door with a lot of chairs and went to bed. He pushed the barricade of chairs and came into the bedroom.”

Sir Walter lost Power of Attorney in 2014 and his lawyer Mr. Blandford suggested: “You and your daughter Camilla have put your heads together to ensure he is out of the picture and Camilla has control of the estate.”

He lost POA after an enquiry by the office of Public Guardian and prosecutor Miss Burrows asked: “Is the defendant so incensed that POA was removed he’s gone out of him way to portray his mother as someone losing her memory, losing her marbles.” 

Lady Gilbey said it was nothing to do with her daughter and also dismissed her GP’s evidence of a history of falls. “I’ve never fallen. The only falls I’ve had is when he yanked me out of the chair and flung me on the floor.”

She said “hatred’ was too strong a word to describe her son and daughter’s relationship “Maybe dislike. She’s with me know, she’s a very dutiful and beautiful daughter.”

Sir Walter says his mother has struck him with her walking stick, shouting: “You’re ruining my life,” when he took her car keys.

“It is very important for me to be able to drive. I live right out in the country, I have to drive,” said Lady Gilbey, giving evidence via a videolink.

Sir Walter says his mother struck him on August 24 and 26, last year, forcing him to confiscate her walking stick and telling her: “Mum, you’ve got to stop hitting me.”

However, she insists he was the aggressor. “The way he came into the room in such a threatening manner and when I put my stick up he snatched it in such a menacing manner.

‘I landed on my face and missed the metal stove by a matter of inches. That might have killed me.

“I went to my doctor to show him all the bruising because I thought I’d broken my ribs.”

Sir Walter, 68, of Torwood, Stafford Road, Dornoch denies assaulting his mother, while visiting from the Scottish Highlands, at her Pulborough home in Little Paddock, Bury on August 26, last year. 

Trial continues……………

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Heir To Gilbey Gin Empire Sir Walter Denies Knocking His 95 Year-Old Mother To Floor

Sir Walter - Known As 'Gavin' To Friends
The heir to the world-famous Gilbey gin empire broke his 95 year-old mother’s walking cane before “violently” lifting her up, causing her to fall heavily to the floor, a court heard yesterday.

Sir Walter Gavin Gilbey, 68, denies inflicting a large amount of bruising to 95 year-old Lady Elizabeth Gilbey when visiting her countryside home.

He has pleaded not guilty to assaulting Lady Gilbey at her £950,000 property, Little Paddock, Bury, Pulborough on August 26, last year when visiting from his home in the Scottish Highlands.

Sir Walter, of Torwood, Stafford Road, Dornoch gave police a prepared statement when quizzed, claiming: “She was in the process of assaulting me.”

Prosecutor Miss Amanda Burrows told Horsham Magistrates Court: “This is concerning the assault of 95 year-old Lady Elizabeth Gilbey. The defendant is her son, Sir Gavin Gilbey, who is 68 years-old.

“Essentially on the twenty-sixth of August, last year Lady Gilbey was at her home address. The defendant had been staying with her some days and her housekeeper was away and there was nobody else in the house.

“Lady Gilbey says the defendant came into the room where she was watching television and they started arguing and she says her son came towards her in a threatening manner.

“She placed her walking cane in front of her and he snatched it and broke it into several pieces.

“He grabbed her violently from her chair and she fell to the ground so hard her hearing aid fell from her ear.”

Lady Gilbey went looking for her neighbour Mike, who spoke to Sir Walter and the police were not called.

She contacted police on September 1 and the investigation began.

“There are photographs of Lady Gilbey’s chest, which the Crown say are consistent with what she said and they were taken by her daughter Camilla Frederick.

“Lady Gilbey suffered significant bruising to the left side of her chest, the breast area.”

She saw her GP Dr. Timothy Fooks on September 5. “He observed an area of large bruising on Lady Gilbey’s chest and took an assessment of her mental capability and reaches conclusions about that.”

Sir Walter’s lawyer Mr. John Blandford told the court Lady Gilbey invented the allegation in revenge for her son hiding her car keys to prevent her driving.

“Lady Gilbey was driving on a regular basis even though she has glaucoma, which she should have informed DVLA about.

“The defendant was very concerned she was driving and causing a risk to other road users and on two occasions took her car keys away.

“This led to rows and threats and that is the reason for the false allegation.” 

Miss Burrows told the court Sir Walter refused to answer police questions after giving his statement. “He failed to account for how the cane was broken.”

Sir Walter told officers: “I deny assaulting my mother in any way whatsoever. I have not acted in any way that is considered threatening or intimidating.

“I did not cause any injury or bruising to my mother.”

Lady Gilbey, who has a history of falls, saw her GP with her daughter Mrs Frederick, 64, a mother-of-two. “I was told ten days prior to her attending she had been in an altercations with her son at her home,” said the doctor.

“During that event she told me she was pulled forward in such a way that she fell on to her chest an that’s how the bruise was caused.

“I observed quite a large bruise on her breast. The injury I was shown was a significant bruise in keeping with what I had been told and I stand by that.”

Sir Walter is the 4th Baronet of The Gilbey Baronetcy and the title’s seat is Elsenham Hall, Essex.

The title was created on September 4, 1893 for the wine merchant, stock-breeder, agriculturalist and philanthropist Walter Gilbey.

He was chairman and co-founder of W & A Gilbey, established in 1857, a wine merchants and distillers most famous for London dry gin.

The brand is now owned by industry giants Diageo.

Twice-divorced Sir Walter is known by his middle name Gavin and the Eton-educated businessman was a director of Giblet’s International Inc between 1986 and 1992.

He succeeded as fourth Baronet on October 29, 1991.  

Trial continues…………

Friday, 9 February 2018

Solicitor Back In Dock: Bit WPC After Being Tasered Outside Home

A lawyer, who viciously scratched a WPC after she was tasered outside her £800,000 home, received a suspended prison sentence yesterday.

Family Law specialist Ofra Freedman, 52, was challenged because she had a kitchen knife in her pocket, but refused to comply with police instructions.

She pleaded guilty to possessing a blade in Tenterden Drive, Hendon on December 1, last year and assaulting the officer at the Royal Free Hospital.

Freedman was sentenced to eight weeks imprisonment, suspended for twelve months and must comply with ten days of Probation Service-ordered rehabilitation.

She must also pay the WPC £100 compensation; £200 costs and a £115 victim surcharge.

“We are thinking about a risk assessment because now a knife is involved,” said Willesden magistrate Claudia Allen, ruling the offences were aggravated by causing an injury and a previous conviction for assaulting police.

Prosecutor Me. Terence Enewman told the court: “It was 2.45pm when police were called by a member of the public to reports of a female armed with a knife.

“In Tenterden Drive they saw the female had a glazed expression and was red-dot challenged with a taser because a knife was sticking out of her jacket pocket.

“She reached for her pocket and the taser was deployed, but was ineffective.”

A bodyworn police camera showed the taser striking Freedman, but having no obvious effect.

She had a cut to her finger and was taken to the local Royal Free due to her aggressive and erratic behaviour.

“She dug into the arm of the police officer with her fingernails, causing several scratches and abrasions.”

Freedman says she has developed a phobia of police officers and produced a letter from her GP to support the claim.

“I went into a state of shock and panic when stopped by the police and I went into a seizure,” she told the court.

“At the hospital I was anxious and worried and I accept I was reckless, it was not a deliberate assault on the officer and was brought on by my phobia.”

Freedman, who has enjoyed a twenty-five year career in the legal profession was convicted in February, last year of assaulting two police officers during an alcohol-fueled disturbance at her house.

After downing four bottles of wine and a bottle and a half of vodka she kicked one PC in the knee and aimed a spit at a WPC.  

She is currently subject to a suspended sentence from Harrow Crown Court for a racially-aggravated public order offence and has another conviction for causing criminal damage.

Freedman told the court she stopped drinking last summer. “A jewish charity is helping me with agoraphobia and issues of depression.”

Freedman says she was walking to a local park on the day with some fruit to have an impromptu picnic to raise her spirits and had no intention to harm herself or others with the knife.

She was unhappy about the presence of a reporter in court and asked: “Can I object to the press being here?”

Outside she said: “These stories about me are ruining my life. I’m a solicitor for God’s sake and I have not done anything wrong.”

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Thug Wanted For Punching 79 Year-Old Man To Ground After McDonald's Row

A 79 year-old pensioner suffered a deep cut to his head and a fractured hip after being punched to the ground following a brief dispute in a north London McDonald's.

Detectives are trying to identify their suspect (pictured) who was a customer at the fast-food outlet's Highgate Hill restaurant on December 31, last year.
The victim and suspect had both been in McDonald's, near Archway Underground Station, just before 3pm and there was a brief exchange of words between them before the suspect left.
He exited and walked towards Holloway Road, with the victim following in the same direction a short time later.
Approximately two metres from the exit of the restaurant the suspect turned around and approached the victim.
The victim was punched in the face by the suspect, causing him to fall to the ground.
The suspect then made off in the direction of busy Holloway Road and Archway Underground Station.
The victim was taken to hospital by the London Ambulance Service after suffering a deep laceration across his forehead and a fractured hip.
The suspect is described as a white man, of average build, aged between thirty and forty years of age.
He has short dark hair with a receding hairline.
Detective Constable Darren Burt, of the Central North Command Unit, said: "This appears to have been a completely unprovoked attack on an innocent man, whose life may now be changed forever due to his injuries.
"Over a month later, the victim is still in hospital following hip surgery.
“We urge anyone who recognises this man or has any information to come forward and contact police."
Anyone with information should contact police on 101 quoting CAD 4091/31 December. 

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Scissor-Wielding Sex Attacker Pounced On Bakery Teen In Early Hours

Police are hunting a dangerous sex attacker, who pounced on a teenager working in an east London bakery at 4.00am after tricking his way in.
On December 21, last year the 18 year-old victim allowed the suspect in to the Cranbrook Road, Gilford business, after he claimed to know the owner.
The woman opened the door and the suspect pushed his way in, before grabbing her and dragging her to the rear of the shop, where he sexually assaulted and tried to rape her.
The woman was forced to hand over her purse as the suspect held a pair of scissors to her throat.
The suspect left with her money and cash from the till.
Over £500 was taken.
The suspect is described as black man, aged in his thirties. He was wearing a grey hooded jumper, black jacket, dark grey trousers and black trainers.
Detective Constable Angela Nemeth, from the East Area Command, said: "The suspect has abused this woman's trust before forcing his way in and dragging her to the rear of the shop to attack her.
"We are appealing for any information as to the identity of this man."
Any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or contact via Twitter @MetCC.
Alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or online at

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Jail For Killer Who Threw Fatal Punch Outside Lap-Dancing Club

One-Punch Killer Chiakka
A one-punch killer is starting a six-and-a-half year prison sentence after fatally decking a Swedish tourist outside a West End lap-dancing club.
Antonio Chiakka, 21, of Enfield, north London had been downing champagne, cocktails and vodka Red Bull's inside Sophisticats during a four-hour binge.
Outside the Henrietta Place venue at 6.00am on July 29, last year he punched tipsy visitor Guzman Shannan, 49, who was seeking a taxi to return to the hotel his wife and him were staying at.
Greek-Cypriot Chiakka fled to the Mediterranean island, where he googled “one punch killer” and returned to the UK the day after Mr. Shannan died.
He suffered devastating head injuries as he fell to the pavement.
Another club customer, causing trouble, had approached Mr. Shannan outside and Chiakka was seen to roll up his sleeve before delivering the blow.
An Old Bailey jury convicted him of manslaughter after a trial, during which Chiakka claimed he was acting in self defence.

An ambulance crew rushed the victim, who was bleeding from his nose and ears, to hospital in a critical condition.
He died a few days later on August 2 from the head injury.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Rapist Caged For 17 Years

A rapist has been locked-up for 17 years after his victim - dressed in just a dressing-gown and slippers - raised the alarm at a local newsagent.
Darrel Rose, 31, of King Henry's Drive, New Addington, Croydon was found guilty of two counts of rape, one count of assault by penetration and two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm.
The victim was a woman who had been known to Rose for more than ten years.
Croydon Crown Court heard on March 25, last year police were called to the local convenience store in Hackbridge.
The victim told officers she had been raped at a nearby house and fled after rose fell asleep. 
Detective Constable Ellen Jones of the Metropolitan Police's Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command said: "The victim in this case has shown great bravery and courage in standing up to Rose and ensuring that he is made to answer for his actions.
"I would like to praise the strength and commitment she has shown throughout this case."

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Bank Robber Claimed He Had Bomb

Hoodie: Police Are hunting This Suspect
Police hunting a knifeman, who robbed a high street bank while claiming he was also armed with a bomb, have released this CCTV still of their suspect.
The Flying Squad are investigating the audacious robby, which occurred in High Street, Hounslow, west London on January 19.
The robber entered the bank at 2.40pm and approached a female cashier.
He intimated he was in possession of a bomb and ordered her to follow him, stating “come with me, and don’t press the alarm”.
She was forced to go with the suspect into a staff area, where several of her colleagues were present.
The suspect said “this is a robbery” and “I need the money,” and then showed them a kitchen knife.
Initially, there were no other customers in the bank, but a female customer walked in and was approached by the suspect before being threatened with the knife.
He then ordered her towards the back of the bank with the staff members.
Again he stated that he had a bomb and forced a staff member to hand over cash.
During the course of this, a further three customers entered the branch.
They were all approached by the suspect, who repeatedly stated that it was a robbery and showed them the knife.
He then fled with a sum of money, pursued by two of the bank’s employees, who followed him in the direction of an alleyway adjacent to a McDonalds and Starbucks, before turning into Balfour Road.
He was lost after turning right into Montague Road.
There were no reported injuries to the staff or members of the public during the incident.
Though the suspect repeatedly threatened that he had a bomb, no device was seen.
Detective Constable Adrian Whitewhick, who is leading the investigation, said: “This man has subjected members of the public and the bank’s employees to a traumatic experience in which they feared for their lives. It is imperative that we catch him.
The CCTV images we have are of a good quality and plainly reveal the suspect’s face; do you recognise this man?
“He may well be local to the area and I would urge anyone with information to tell the police immediately.”

Friday, 2 February 2018

Widow Forged Will To Get £900,000 Inheritance

Kamarah Graham-York
A widow was caught trying to disinherit her two children and her step-son out of a £2m house by clumsily forging her late-partner’s will to become the sole beneficiary.

Former singer Kamarah Inessah Graham-York, 66, who had never married, suddenly produced a will she claimed was hidden between old books at the six-bedroom Chiswick home.

Today she received two years imprisonment, suspended for two years, after eventually pleading guilty to defrauding the London Probate Office on June 20, 2010.

Graham-York, who was evicted from the home she shared with musician Norton Brian York at in Marlborough Road, admitted falsely representing the will was valid to receive the entire £901,200 estate.

The house was in Mr. York’s sole name and after thirty-three years of living as his common-law-wife she discovered the entire estate would go to his three children.

The couple had been part of BBC music performances and had attempted some other business ventures over the years.

“You were concerned that you were going to be left high and dry so planned your own method to obtain what you could from the estate,” Isleworth Crown Court Judge Phillip Matthews told her.

“The charge relates to a bogus will and there was an earlier attempt at a bogus will with your daughter, but she had second thoughts.

“You were shocked by the fact there was no will, but that is no excuse for making the lives of your family a misery for years and the criminal deception went on for years.

“You involved others through pressure, it was sophisticated, you forged a document with your ex-partner’s signature.

“It appears the purpose of your deception was to take the lot.”
Evicted: Family Home In Chiswick 

After years of legal proceedings and hearings at the High Court and Brentford County Court the estate has been whittled down to £458,085 after the mortgage was paid off.

Graham-York is now living in one room provided by the council following her eviction and during the legal fight refused to accept 25% of the estate to end court proceedings.

Mr. York passed away in June, 2009 and the beneficiaries were sons Graham Laurence York, 40, Adrian York, 41, and daughter Ilona Gidney, 39.

Graham-York concocted a bizarre plan to create a non-existent daughter, who would inherit everything and then hand it over to her, the court heard.

She then tried to recruit her reluctant daughter into a scheme to get her hands on the estate. 

“She said her mother was out of control, refusing to accept the whole estate wouldn’t be hers,” said prosecutor Miss Yetunde Martin.

“The defendant threatened that she would commit suicide and was scared by the thought of being left without anything.”

Step-son Adrian has spent £120,000 fighting the case in the civil courts. “He saw the signature on the will bore no resemblance to that of his father,” said Miss Martin.

“He also found documents that suggested evidence of the defendant practicing his father’s signature.”

Graham-York was arrested two years ago. “She stated that she found the will in the house amongst some music books and denied forging the signature, saying all the money she ever earned went to the deceased.”

Father-of-four Adrian says his father’s estate has been drained by legal costs. “It has taken a toll on my health, I have a stress-related illness, anxiety and insomnia.”

He also said in his victim impact statement: “I am taking medication and my wife and children have suffered with anxiety.”

Adrian describes his step-mother as a “serial liar” who falsely told him about his dad being abusive to Ilona in the 1980’s resulting in a “fall out” that lasted for the rest of his father’s life.

“He has also fallen-out with his half-brother who would not support him to get justice,” added Miss Martin. 

In her statement Ilona describes the forged will as a “culmination of a lifetime of lies.”

She added: “The civil cases have cost the estate hundreds of thousands of pounds and have caused a stress and strain on myself and my family.”

Son Graham says he has PTSD and severe depression, describing his mother as “abusive”, “threatening” and “manipulative” and only interested in her “own criminal gains.”

“He expresses disbelief that his mother faked a will, saying it was the sort of thing you would see on a tv show,” added Miss Martin. 

Graham concluded: “She has defrauded the family out of any inheritance whatsoever.”

Julian Waskett, defending, told the court: “She was shocked there was no will providing for her after thirty-three years together and thought she would be disinherited to the advantage of her children.

“Having started she couldn’t and wouldn’t stop it. She took an entrenched position.”

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Brothers Sentenced After Teen Stabbed During Royal British Legion Fight

Gary (L) & Lee (R) Warren
Two brothers have been sentenced after a teen was slashed with a knife the older of the two brought to a fight outside a Royal British Legion in the outskirts of east London.
The victim, eighteen year-old Ryan O'Donnell, received life-saving treatment from his friend, a trainee paramedic, after the blade severed an artery in his neck.
Gary Warren, 48, of Jaywick Lane, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex received 12 years imprisonment after being convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm, with intent.
Lee Warren, 40, of Lowshoe Road, Collier Row, Havering received 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years after pleading guilty to affray.
Snaresbrook Crown Court heard Lee started a fight with a group attending a 21st birthday party at the club in Collier Row, near Romford on July 9, last year.
Ryan O'Donnell's Neck Wound
He phoned brother Gary for help and he arrived armed with a knife and within seconds had stabbed the victim.
Mr. O'Donnell said: "This was an extremely scary experience. I was just lucky to have a very calm and smart friend who saved my life.
It is a positive result from court and I would like to thank the police for the professionalism shown throughout this investigation.”
Acting Detective Sergeant Ben McNish, who led the investigation, said: “This conviction sends a powerful message to those who choose to carry knives on the streets of London, and makes everyone aware of the consequences of such actions.
I hope that the lengthy sentence handed out to Gary Warren gives some comfort to the victim and his family.
The victim was present through the whole trial and conducted himself with dignity and bravery.
“This conviction was the product of exceptional detective work by my team and has ended in two violent men being convicted.”

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Moped Sex Beast Who Attacked Lone Young Women Is Caged

A moped-riding sexual predator, who attacked two lone women days apart, has been jailed for seven-and-a-half years.
Shahan Ai, 23, of Shurland Gardens, Willowbrook Estate, Peckham pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault.
Woolwich Crown Court also made him subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.
On the morning of Saturday November 11, last year a 19-year-old woman was walking to work in Lewisham when she was followed by a black moped being ridden on the pavement.
The moped followed her as she crossed the road multiple times to get away, before Ali - the pillion passenger - jumped off the bike and pushed the woman against a wall.
Ali sexually assaulted the victim and tried unsuccessfully to take her handbag.
The woman managed to free herself and ran away, but Ali sexually assaulted her further and then shouted after her.
Ali then jumped onto the moped and the rider - who remained on the moped for the entirety of the assault - drove off.
On Tuesday November 14 at 1.45am, a second 19-year-old woman was in Southwark walking home when a moped rode up behind her and Ali – again the passenger - sexually assaulted her.
Ali subsequently got off the moped, pushed the woman against a wall and sexually assaulted her whilst making threats towards her.
As two cars passed by, Ali walked away momentarily and the woman escaped, however Ali got back on the moped and chased her down the road, before getting back off the moped and subjecting the woman to a further sexual assault.
After some minutes, Ali returned to the moped and the woman hurried to the nearest doorway.
Before the woman could ring the doorbell, Ali approached her for a third time and trapped her in the doorway; making sexual demands and threats towards her.
Ali subjected the victim to a further sexual assault for over ten minutes, during which time he physically prevented her from ringing the doorbell or calling for help.
Ali wiped the woman with an item, in an apparent calculated attempt to remove DNA evidence.
Ali got back on the moped and the rider - again, who remained on the moped for the entirety of the assaults - drove off.
Detectives from the Met's Venice Investigation Team identified Shahan Ali as a suspect, and a warrant was executed at his home address.
The second suspect, the driver of the moped, remains unknown.
He wore a black helmet, balaclava, and black clothing. He drove a black and silver coloured moped.
Detective Constable Henry Vernon, who led the investigation said: "Shahan Ali and his accomplice targeted lone females and subjected them to protracted sexual assaults.
Both men present a potential risk to the public, and although Ali is now imprisoned, I implore anyone with information regarding the driver of the moped to come forward."

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Cocaine Arrest For Partying Wolverhampton Mum

A Wolverhampton mother-of-two was caught with cocaine after police spotted her acting suspiciously during a late-night out in the capital.

Jamaican-born Tanya Edwards, 42, of Park Lane, Low Hill appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday.

She pleaded guilty to possessing a small quantity of the drug in Cambridge Circus, Shaftesbury Avenue during a trip to the West End on January 15.

The court heard it was in the early hours of the morning when officers became suspicious of Edwards and approached her.

She spat something white out of her mouth and when searched police found a small wrap of cocaine on her.

When questioned Edwards admitted she was in possession of the illegal drug.

The court heard she has fifteen previous convictions, three of them for drug offences.

She told the court she was guilty of “the recreational use of drugs” and had not been in trouble for four years.

Edwards was conditionally discharged for twelve months and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge, which will come out of her child benefit and child tax credit payments.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Home Office 0 - Indian Alcoholic 1 : Away Win For Boozy Brawler

An alcoholic criminal celebrated his seven-year Home Office battle to avoid deportation to his native India with a dangerous vodka-fueled brawl on a busy rush hour Victoria Underground Station platform.

Ashwani Kumar, 53, of Red House Way, Swindon twice kicked a commuter on the tube train before dragging him off when it pulled into the station.

He pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court to assaulting economics graduate Ademide Edgal on November 28, last year and received a six-month community order, which includes an alcohol treatment requirement and twenty-four day rehab requirement.

“This was potentially a very dangerous event, brawling and rolling around on the station platform could have resulted in a tragedy. It’s a tremendously dangerous event,” magistrate Mr. Richard Lewis told him today.

His lawyer Arlene Mansoor told the court the Home Office had been trying to deport him since 2010, but Kumar, who has a long history of alcohol-related offending, finally won the right to remain in the UK last November.

“He lost his business, his home, his family and he drinks to drown out the reality of what his life is,” she said. “He has depression and anxiety and has made multiple suicide attempts.”

Prosecutor Mr. Malachy Pakenham said: “The defendant had been drinking vodka and it was 6pm and busy at Victoria Station when police were called to reports of a fight on board a tube train.

“The victim says: ‘I was standing in the carriage and felt a kick to the back of my right foot and turned and saw a male. I thought it was just a mistake, but again felt a kick to the back of my foot.’

‘I asked: ‘Why are you kicking me?’ and the male replied: ‘Ask yourself.’ 

‘Other passengers told me to ignore him because he had been doing this all the way through the journey.

‘At Victoria he pushed me off balance and I pushed him back. He grabbed me by the jacket and pulled me of the train.

‘He pulled me three times and pulled me to the floor and I fell on top of him.’

“When a police officer approached Mr. Kumar said he had been drinking vodka and was panicking about missing his coach home,” added Mr. Packenham.

“He said he was drunk and had alcohol problems and if he saw the guy again he would apologise.”

Kumar, who had been visiting friends in Ilford, has been living a chaotic, semi-homeless existence for nearly twenty years, said Ms Mansoor. 

“I think this is your last chance saloon,” Mr. Lewis told Kumar. “There is an opportunity to live a good life again.

“You must keep positive and work towards a better outcome. You must address your alcohol issues, it is ruining your life.

“A plea from us is to get your life back together. We don’t want to see you back here again.”

Kumar, who is paying other criminal fines from his benefits, was ordered to pay £85 compensation to the victim.