Monday, 31 July 2017

Woman Hunted For Vicious Attack On Dog-Walking OAP

A pensioner using her mobility scooter to walk her dog was attacked and left with horrific facial injuries by a female mugger.

Catherine Smith, 82, was strangled with the pet’s lead inside the doorway of her Streatham Hill home in south London four days ago and police are still hunting the suspect.

As she arrived home at 1.00pm after walking the dog in nearby Palace Road Nature Gardens she was confronted by a five-foot five black woman, wearing a khaki-coloured coat and sporting multi-coloured trainers.

It is believed the suspect has followed the lone lady from the park.

The suspect sat Catherine’s wall and repeatedly asked for money and kept saying: “Where’s Tracey?”

The OAP does not know any Tracey and did not hand over any money and shut her front door on the woman.

However, the suspect asked to use the toilet and became even more aggressive when refused, pushing open the door, which caused Catherine to fall back and strike her head.

The suspect wrapped the dog lead around the pensioner’s neck and started strangling her before fleeing in an unknown direction.

Shocked witnesses responded to Catherine’s calls for help and dialled 999 when they saw her covered in blood.

She was rushed to hospital with serious injuries and has been discharged.

The suspect is also described as being of slim build with slicked-back black hair and wearing tights.

Detective Constable Vicky Vincent of Lambeth CID said: “This was a vicious, unprovoked attack on an elderly vulnerable woman’s own front door. The attack has left her very distressed.

“We believe the suspect spotted Catherine in Palace Road Nature Gardens and for unknown reasons decided to follow her home, harass her and then brutally assault her.

“We would encourage anyone with information or any witnesses to contact us as a matter of urgency so we can bring the person responsible for this heinous crime to justice.”

Anyone with information or witnesses should contact Lambeth CID on 07785774447 or 101 or tweet to ©MetCC.

Information can be reported anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800555111.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Torturer Who Poured Boiling Water Over Girlfriend Caged

A vicious thug, who tortured a young woman with boiling water during a “savage and cruel attack” has been locked-up for fifteen years.

Fiston Onyumbe, 32, inflicted horrific injuries on the 20 year-old victim, who was left with burns, a fractured skull, jaw and eye socket and damaged pelvis and spine.

He tied her up and ripped her clothes off at his home in Pymmes Close, Tottenham after the pair went to a nightclub that evening.

Onyumbe was originally charged with attempted murder, but pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to the lesser charge of causing grievous bodily harm, with intent.

During the attack on January 21 the woman jumped from Onyumbe's first-floor window as he re-filled the kettle, but he dragged her back inside, beating her as he did.

Police were called to reports of a violent domestic at 8.17am and in a bedroom they found the victim lying on the floor covered with a blanket, semi-conscious, injured and asking for help.

Onyumbe immediately became violent and assaulted the officers and it eventually took six officers to restrain and arrest him.

The victim, who had also lost a lot of blood, was taken to hospital suffering extensive injuries, including 35% third-degree burns across her body.

The victim told detectives she had gone to a nightclub in Dalston with Onyumbe.

His attack on her started outside the club after he strangled her following an argument.

Onyumbe then took her to the flat in Pymmes Close where he tied her up and ripped her clothes off.

Over the course of the next three hours - until police arrived - he proceeded to torture her; burning her with cigarettes and boiling water from a kettle, and punching her head, face and body.

After she tried to escape he repeatedly banged her head on the communal stairs and pushed his fist into her mouth until she lost consciousness.

Detective Inspector Fareed Mirza, from Haringey CID, said:“This was a particularly savage and cruel attack undertaken by a violent man who has preyed on and abused a weak and vulnerable young woman for a protracted period of time.

“Onyumbe’s actions were calculated, brutal and shocking.

“The sentence he has received today reflects this, but the physical and psychological injuries to the victim will still take a long time to heal."

Saturday, 29 July 2017

NOT GUILTY: Mum-Of-Three In Custody Fight Cleared Of Breaching Court Order

Cleared: Clare Gregg
A mum-of-three involved in a bitter child custody dispute with her sister has been cleared of breaching a court order after her sibling failed to appear for the trial.

Freelance writer Clare Gregg, 55, of Stockton Road, Hartlepool continues to protest her sister has any right to have custody of the twelve, fourteen and sixteen year-old.

She appeared at Croydon Magistrates Court charged with breaching a non-molestation order on April 21 be texting her sister Kathryn McAdam-Freud, who lives in Peckham.

Gregg is prohibited from making any contact with her sister following a Family Court ruling.

However, Mrs McAdam-Freud did not appear to give evidence and Gregg – who has always denied the charge – was found not guilty when the prosecution failed to proceed.

The alleged text was made a few weeks after Gregg was fined £180, with £450 costs for assaulting her sister near her £1.3m south London home.

She admitted shoving Mrs McAdam-Freud and taking off her spectacles.

The non-molestation order remains until November 20, 2022.

Gregg maintains the court order is unlawful and believes her children should live with her.

Friday, 28 July 2017

PTA Treasurer Was Caught Pinching Thousands.....And Did It Again!

The treasurer of a primary school’s PTA, who was caught stealing £19,625 and then did it again, has received a suspended prison sentence.

Jennifer Carribon, 49, was also employed at Streatham’s Hitherfield Primary School as a breakfast and after-school helper.

Over a period of three years she stole cash and cheques entrusted to her, but after being forced to resign her role and offered counselling she took another £1,375.

First-time offender Carribon, of Goodhew Road, Woodside, Croydon pleaded guilty to stealing a total of £21,000 between October 1, 2013 and December 21, last year.

At Inner London Crown Court she was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment, suspended for two years and ordered to perform 150 hours community service work.

Carribon, who is the sole carer for two young relatives and receives working tax credits and child benefit, must also pay £7,800 compensation to the PTA over the next three years.

“It was her responsibility to bank both cash and cheques, but she began stealing very soon after she took on the role,” said prosecutor Miss Emily Watts.

An internal investigation was launched after an £8,000 PTA cheque bounced , resulting in Carribon paying-back £5,100 and admitting she was stealing.

The school did not inform the police, instead offering the defendant counselling.

“She was given a chance, but stole again when given a bag containing cash and cheques for the PTA,” added the prosecutor.

Carribon told the court: “It’s nothing I’m proud of and I am embarrassed and upset.”

Recorder Alex Gordon said: “You were appointed treasurer and were in charge of funds and immediately started stealing funds over three years.

“You further stole monies rather than right your wrong and that aggravates your offending.

“You breached a high degree of trust. You were given responsibility to look after these funds and instead stole them.

“That’s stealing from children. Their welfare and education.”

Thursday, 27 July 2017

NOT GUILTY: Intellectual Pal Of French President Macon Cleared Of Assaulting Ex-Wife

Mathieu and new wife Alix
A leading entrepreneur and liberal intellectual - who is a confidante to new French president Emmanuel Macron - has been cleared of assaulting his ex-wife and a 10 year-old boy at his £7.7m Kensington home.

Qualified lawyer Mathieu Laine, 42, was accused of grabbing the arm of former wife Eleanore Salin, 40, and pulling her during a Boxing Day domestic last year.

Father-of-three Laine, of Palace Gardens Terrace was found not guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates Court of two counts of assault on December 26, 2016.

The founder of consultancy firm Altermind and UK sister company Hypermind arrived at court with new wife Alix Foriel-Destezet, the daughter of French billionaire Philippe Foriel-Destezet.

Mother-of-two Ms Salin, also a qualified lawyer, had arrived at the property in a Uber cab with the young boy, who was due to go on holiday to Morocco with Laine the next day.

Laine, who has lectured in economics and political philosophy at Sciences Po, Paris - known as Paris Institute of Political Studies - claims his ex has an agenda for bringing the charges.

Ex: Eleanore
Prosecutor Mr. Ciaran Cronin told the court: “He pulled Ms Salin forcefully away by the arm.”

The young boy was carried into the house by Laine, the court heard. “He was hit on the back of his legs with an open palm while the boy was running about while calling him a: ‘Little shit’ or words to that effect.”

Laine’s lawyer Miss Orla Daly told the court: “There is a motivation behind what we say is a false allegation.”

The court announced it found Laine to be a “credible” witness, contrary to his ex-wife and dismissed all claims he assaulted the boy.

Eleanor had exaggerated the domestic incident, describing it as "like a move scene".

She claimed she was forced to flee along the street, desperately calling out for help from neighbours and passers-by.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

BBC Manager Who Defrauded £155K Jailed For Three Years

A BBC manager has been jailed for three years for planning a £155,000 fraud because he felt “overworked” and “undervalued”.

Lee Richardson, 52, was a Frameworks Contracts Manager, responsible for awarding work to firms tasked with the upkeep of the broadcaster’s huge property portfolio.

However, the school governor, who also served with Ofsted, founded Sentinal Services and paid himself for non-existent work - signing-off twelve separate invoices.

The married father-of-three, of Alexandra Drive, Surbiton pleaded guilty to one count of fraud by abuse of position between October 6, 2009 and February 22, 2011.

Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court heard an audit after Richardson had left the BBC exposed the fraud.

“He was responsible for work to be carried out to the BBC estate and it was his job to select these tendered contracts,” said prosecutor Mr. Stephen Apted.

Sentinal was registered on September 9, 2009 and almost immediately Richardson was paying the company for work never carried out.

“That company was set up and registered for the sole purpose of committing these frauds.”

Richardson was Sentinal’s director and his wife Debra the company secretary and he twice refused to answer police questions after his arrest on November 15, 2015.

He has now fully repaid the BBC and after paying tax originally is now £25,000 down on the fraud.

“He has taken full responsibility. He felt aggrieved, overlooked, overworked and undervalued and saw gaps in the system and took advantage,” said his lawyer Anna McKenzie.

“He fully accepts what he did was wrong and bitterly regrets what he has done.”

Richardson has a construction and engineering background. “He has ruined his personal and professional reputation and is deeply ashamed of what he has done.”

Judge Sarah Plaschkes QC told bearded Richardson, whose wife and mother were in court: “You were employed by the BBC, a public body.

“You were promoted and were required to be independent and impartial, but these invoices were bogus.

“No work has been carried out and that company was created at the same time you were promoted.

“This was a sophisticated fraud in setting-up the company and using it to produce and submit invoices, it required planning.

“This was a calculated, sustained and sophisticated fraud, abusing your position to defraud a public institution.”

Monday, 24 July 2017

Carer Convicted Of Ill-Treating Vulnerable Adult

Swan Court
A carer convicted of ill-treating his vulnerable client has received a suspended prison sentence.

Roy Celaire, 29, of Sir Francis Way, Brentwood, Essex fought the case, but was convicted by a jury.

He was charged that between November 14 and 16, 2014 at a flat in Swan Court, High Road, Whetstone he neglected Michael Cohen, a person who lacked mental capacity.

At Harrow Crown Court Celaire was sentenced to five months imprisonment, suspended for eighteen months and ordered to complete 170 hours community service work.

The jury found him not guilty of causing actual bodily harm to Mr. Cohen at the flat on November 15, 2014.

Celaire may now be subject to inclusion on the barring list, prohibiting him from working with young and vulnerable people and must also pay an £80 victim surcharge.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

NOT GUILTY: Policewoman's Internet Date Cleared Of Molesting Her

An internet dater, accused of molesting a policewoman the first time they met, has been cleared after suggesting she pursued the case to save her career.

Freight manager Emanuele Schivo, 33, insists the Met PC thrust her hand between his legs and consented to him groping her up against a tree in a public park after their coffee date.

“That’s b*******,” she told the Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court jury. “That is an outright lie, absolute rubbish.”

Swiss-Italian Schivo, of Castle Street, Kingston-upon-Thames was found not guilty of one count of sexually assaulting the 40 year-old officer in nearby Canbury Gardens on November 1, last year.

His lawyer Edward Fenner asked her why she pressed charges after initial reluctance. “Did you fear that touching intimately in public may result in you losing your job?”

Shiva told police when questioned:  “We started kissing and rubbing our bodies and she put her hands around me.

“Everything became a bit more passionate and I started rubbing her breasts. 

“She also put her hand on my intimate part and I joked with her: ‘Hey, this isn’t fair’ because she would not let me touch her intimately.”

In court the officer admitted hesitating to make a statement. “I did not want to report it at the time, it was a very embarrassing situation.

“The stigma attached to the nature of what I would be reporting. You almost become further victimised.”

Earlier she told the court she met Schivo on dating site ‘PlentyOfFish’ on which he boasted of a high sex-drive and sent her pictures of himself stripped to the waist.

“He had quite a nice body, he obviously works out,” added the officer, who enjoyed meeting him. “We seemed to get on really well.

“I thought: ‘This is a nice date, a nice guy.’ He was quite funny and well dressed, saying he’d think nothing of spending three thousand pounds on decent stuff.”

She agreed to Schivo’s suggestion of a Thameside stroll and was happy to kiss. “It was a very passionate kiss, very full on.

“He pushed me up against a tree, he was not violent to me, but passionate and I kissed him back.

“He put his hand up my shirt, which I was not overly comfortable with, but I did consent to that.

“It told them there were people here, that it was a public place, but he was not bothered by that at all.

“He touched my breasts and had my shirt lifted up and I kept trying to pull it down.

“He was really grasping at me and getting angry, saying: ‘You’re so boring, you’re behaving like a teenager.’

“I tried to push him away. He wouldn’t take no for an answer and said: ‘You saying no just makes me want to do it more.’

“Even though I did not like him touching my breasts I was not forceful enough in stopping him.”

The officer told the jury Schivo then forced his hand between her legs.

“It was like he was turned on by it and he was trying to go inside my underwear.”

She insisted her police training was useless in trying to fight Schivo off, admitting she suggested going for a meal during the assault.

Afterwards she texted a friend: “I let a man sexually assault me, but I think I’ll be okay. I had a lucky escape.”

Two weeks later she made a video-recorded statement, which resulted in Schivo’s dawn arrest at his home.

When quizzed by police he said: “She seemed very, very interested and keen on meeting me. We go on very well, everything was chill and we had a laugh.

“It’s a dating-site for fun, not for meeting the person of your life,” he added.

“She seemed very insecure, suspicious, weak in a way. I knew she was a police officer and didn’t want to get in any trouble.”

They resumed kissing in another dark corner and Schivo says he ended things when the officer refused to be touched between the legs.

“I told her it was okay, it’s fine, you can go if you don’t want to do that.”

Friday, 21 July 2017

Piping Tom: Voyeur High On Sex-Drug GHB Spied On Bed-Time Woman

A late-night prowler told police he was “buzzing” on sex-drug GHB when breaking a drainpipe as he tried to spy on a female banker through the upstairs window of her £1.4m home.

Lee Preston, 21, confessed he fantasised about leering at the 47 year-old woman when he saw her undressing in her bedroom.

Jobless Preston, of Shepherds Lane, Mill End, Rickmansworth pleaded guilty to causing £241 worth of criminal damage to the cast iron pipe in the early hours of March 29.

Prosecutor Miss Caroline Mungal told Wimbledon Magistrates Court that German-born Valerie Rademacher noticed a piece of her broken black drainpipe on her first-floor terrace at 8.30am.

She also spotted a purple hoodie in nearby bushes and a neighbour confirmed hearing noises in the early hours.

CCTV showed Preston wandering around the grounds surrounding the gated property - 24 Southside Quarter, 38 Burns Road, Battersea - in the early hours.

Police arrested Preston, who had been temporarily staying with a friend nearby after making a DNA match to the hoodie.

“He said he was high on GHB and that it made him sexual and he was buzzing off the drugs and had previously been caught masturbating in public when he took it.

“He said he climbed up because he thought it was a turn on after seeing a lady undressing and that he was high that night.

Midnight Climb: Southside Quarter
“Preston told the officers he was very embarrassed and that he was sorry.”

The court heard he has previous convictions for criminal damage and public order offences.

His lawyer Miss Roz Olason told the court: “It was two or three in the morning and the lady was not up and about.

“There is no reason Mr. Preston thought there would be any benefit from climbing up the drainpipe other than he was high on drugs that do cause sexual urges.”

Preston was fined £80, with £40 costs and ordered to pay £241 compensation.

Preston was also charged with attempting to observe a person doing a private act for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, contrary to the Criminal Attempts Act.

This count, which did not name Valerie Rademacher, was dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service on the day of Preston’s first appearance.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Ex West Ham & Charlton Athletic Star Burgled House During Bizarre Cocaine And Booze-Fueled 'Treasure Hunt'

"Treasure Hunt": Newton
Former football star Shaun Newton has been convicted of burgling a neighbour after a jury rejected his claim he was high on cocaine and obsessed with a bizarre fortieth birthday treasure-hunt.

The ex-West Ham United and Charlton Athletic midfielder, 41, was caught by the occupant rummaging through the man’s belongings, claiming he was looking for car keys when challenged.

Camberwell-born father-of-three Newton, of Glenister Park Road, Streatham, who also represented England’s U-21’s, has been ordered to complete 100 hours community service. 

“He is at a crossroads and his friendship circle tell him he is a superstar and does not need guidance or support,” said Mr. Alex Radley, defending.

“He certainly has not found his feet after football. It is a massive change to his lifestyle and he now lives a day-to-day hand-to-mouth existence.”

Newton, who lives off £1,000 per month rent from two Bow properties, was also ordered to pay £1500 costs an £85 victim surcharge and was fined £200 for jumping bail earlier this year.

“It’s clear you were high on cocaine and alcohol and maybe that’s why you committed the burglary,” Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court Recorder Ian Peddie QC told Newton yesterday.

Dinner Time: Samuel Mintah
“Fortunately nothing was taken and in the witness box you gave a bizarre account of your actions, enough to cause the jury and myself to be concerned about your mental health.”

Football bad-boy Newton, who also played for Wolverhampton Wanderers, was suspended for seven months in 2006 after testing positive for cocaine after West Ham’s FA Cup semi-final victory over Middlesbrough.

In 2008 he received a suspended prison sentence for perverting the course of justice after accepting money from England forwards Teddy Sheringham and Bobby Zamora in exchange for ‘losing’ their speeding tickets.

He was arrested when police were called to the Miles Road, Mitcham house on May 15, last year, where upstairs occupant Samuel Mintah was enjoying his evening meal at 6pm.

“I saw someone open the door and come in and start searching my bags,” he explained. 

“I said: ‘What are you doing?’ and he said he was looking for a friend’s car key and I told him his friend does not live in this house.

“He started searching. He was going through items by the window as well as the bags on the floor.

“I became enraged and said: ’No! Your friend isn’t living here, this is my room.”

Mr. Mintah called down for another resident, Martin Amunkwaa, to call the police. “The man then wanted to slip away and was begging me to let him go.

“I blocked the way and we waited for the police to come.

“He was very calm and looked like someone who had not slept for some time.”

Break-In: Miles Road
Newton told the jury his fortieth birthday celebration was a wild year-long affair and the day of his arrest was no exception.

“It was along weekend and I was tired and disorientated and confused by the tricks that were played on me at the time.

“I was led to believe there was a car, a Range Rover or whatever, and I was hunting for it. I pulled apart my whole house looking for keys.

“There were things in my house leading me to number plates, stuff like that and I was led to believe I had to do certain things like breaking glass.”

As a result Newton admits he threw two bricks at the windows of a stranger’s parked Porsche. “They just bounced off.

“I was in some treasure hunt or I thought I was,” added Newton. 

“I thought that was where my friend lives, I’d been up a couple of days anyway and I was let in by a man who was on the phone.

Playing Pomp: Newton
“I went upstairs and I was sure the keys were on the windowsill and I was looking for the rest of the clues to solve the puzzle I thought I was in.

“I searched around and I thought the man in the room was part of what was going on until he grabbed hold of me.

“I apologised, I put my hands up and said I had made a mistake and had not done anything wrong.”    

Prosecutor Mr. Richard Witcombe told the court Newton had his hood up as he roamed around the property, having leaned in and taken the front door keys from inside the kitchen window.

“He was giving the impression he had every right to be in the room even though the occupant did not know who on earth he was.”

The same occupant saw his set of keys in Newton’s hand after he was confronted upstairs.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Ex-EastEnders Actress Leanne Lakey Denies Cocaine Smuggling Charge

Court: Lakey
Former EastEnders actress Leanne Lakey has appeared in court accused of smuggling nearly three kilos of cocaine, hidden in the bottom of a suitcase.

The 39 year-old actress, who played Belinda Peacock in the BBC soap between 2001 and 2003, denied the charge at Croydon Crown Court.

Waitress Lakey, of Parklands Drive, Chelmsford, Essex - who also appeared in Family Affairs - will return for a three-day trial on December 18.

She appeared in the dock with Dean Shanahan, 47, of The Ridgeway, Colindale.

Trial: Shanahan
Both pleaded not guilty to one count of importing the Class A drug at Gatwick Airport on December 1, last year.

The prosecution say the cocaine was found in Shanahan’s case and the pair were together in a joint enterprise.

The actress trained at Chiswick’s Arts Educational School and has also appeared in Casualty, The Bill and Holby City.

Both were bailed on condition they reside at their recorded addresses and Shanahan must obey an electronically-tagged curfew between 10pm and 7am.

Lacey will also be allowed to stay at her boyfriend’s place in Chaucer Road, Bedford with the court’s permission.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Popular Philosophy Schoolteacher Caught With Child Abuse Images

Swift Exit: McStraw
A popular schoolteacher’s career is in ruins after he was caught with images of online child abuse during a police raid at his home address.

Philosophy teacher Richard McStraw, 30, also chatted on teen websites and investigators found multiple searches on his laptop for sexually-explicit images of young girls.

Jobless McStraw, of Beckenham Road, Bromley pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing a total of 65 Category B and C images.

He received six months imprisonment, suspended for twelve months.

He taught at Bromley’s Ravensbourne School, a mixed secondary comprehensive of 1500 pupils.

Online tributes from children he taught remain online and include: “We miss him, wherever he may be. Gone too soon,” and simply: “Legend.”

Croydon Crown Court heard officers executed a search warrant on January 25, last year and found sick online images of girls as young as seven years-old being subject to adult sexual abuse.  

McStraw, who claims he had just come out of an 18-month relationship and was depressed, had been searching for young girls online from August 19, 2013.

He typed in such search terms as: ‘young teen underwear,’ ‘young teen modelling,’ ‘underage girls,’ ‘exploited teens’, ‘black teen sex,’ ‘young black girl,’ ‘naughty teen’ ‘naughty schoolgirl’ and ‘underage teen slut.’

His lawyer Mr. Robert Newcombe told the court: “He’s never going to be a teacher again. He’s lost his job and career.

“It was a career he enjoyed and one that gave him satisfaction. He had a lot of responsibility in the role.

“It’s going to be difficult for him to get a job with this conviction. He is a man well-liked by his friends who describe him as reliable and trustworthy.

“He was single and going through a bad patch. His new girlfriend has stood with him.

Going, Going, Gone: McStraw
“They have plans for a family and he hopes he can put this sorry episode behind him.

“In his teaching career there is no allegation he has acted improperly towards children in his care.”

Recorder James Dawson said: “These are actual children being forced or coerced to do these acts and it is done so that people like you can look at them.

“It seems you ended a relationship of eighteen months and were particularly lonely and isolated at the time.”

McStraw was also ordered to complete a 25-day rehabilitation requirement. “That is to address your sexual problems,” the Recorder told him.

He was also made subject to a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order restricting his internet use, was placed on the sex offenders register and must complete 150 hours community service work.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Xmas Club Treasurer Nicked £15K To Chase £4.5m Nigerian Scam

The treasurer of a social club’s Christmas fund cheated pensioner friends of twenty years out of £15,000 as she chased a bogus £4.5m fortune.

Pamela Dooner, 74, was herself the victim of a Nigeria-based scam and now lives alone, having been kicked-out by her husband and shunned by friends and family.

“This is an extraordinary case of betrayal, greed and gullibility,” Recorder Richard Prior told her. “All this in pursuit of a highly-speculative gain or highly-dubious windfall.”

Dooner, who had been treasurer for a decade at the United Services & Services Rendered Club, Balham, received fourteen months imprisonment, suspended for eighteen months.

“She has destroyed her little community,” probation officer Mervyn Fox told Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court. “She cannot believe she has put her community and family through sheer hell.

“The sheer shame has caused her to leave her home and she does not even see her two daughters.”

Dooner, of Hope Street, Sheerness, Kent pleaded guilty to stealing £950 from Sylvia McLeod, 80; £1100 from Audrey Taylor, 82; £3,000 from Sheila Burton, 84; £1,000 from Kathleen Selwood, 80 and £6,000 from Josephine Wilkins, 70.

She also pleaded guilty defrauding Nancy Elliot, 76, out of £3,000 and attempting to defraud Mrs Wilkins out of a further £3,000.

“For you it has been a tragic outcome. You have managed to ruin your own life,” Recorder Prior told her. “You were driven almost by a madness on your part and a lack of care for your club members.”

The offences occurred throughout 2015 and angry club members, seeking justice, attended earlier court hearings.

Mrs Elliot, a carer for her husband who is fighting cancer, told police she was left feeling “angry and bitter” and had been left “broke” by losing her Christmas money, which was her emergency fund.

Another victim was forced to cancel a trip to South Africa to see her family.

Dooner lost her own £12,000 life savings to the fraudsters, who convinced her she would receive 50% of a £9m Citibank account once she paid taxes and fees to release it.

Dooner approached some of her friends in tears, begging for money to pay legal fees to recoup money from the fraudsters, but this was simply the second-leg of the scam.

Her friends told police they felt sorry for her and gave her money from their share of the Christmas fund and their own personal bank accounts.

Prosecutor Miss Rebecca Foulkes told the court Dooner was eventually arrested. “She admitted taking all the money out of the Christmas fund.

“She said things got out of control and that she had lied to her daughter and her husband, who told her to leave.

“It is accepted all the money was sent to Nigeria.”

Her lawyer Mr. James Higbee said: “She has got nothing. She’s in a one-bedroom flat and is isolated.

“She has lost her friends and has received threatening phone calls, threats on facebook and abuse in the street.

“She genuinely believed everyone was going to get their money back with interest.”

No compensation order was made by the court and Dooner must also complete a twenty-day rehabilitation activity requirement.