Friday, 17 April 2009

Police promotions up for grabs in Tomlinson death case

Police insiders claim senior officers will be rubbing their hands at the prospect of "crucifying" the riot cop caught on video shoving newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson to the ground during the G20 protest in the City.

"Stage one was damage limitation," revealed a Met P.C. "The shutters would have come down and the case probably successfully covered up, but the video evidence has put an end to that."

Now a second post-mortem has confirmed the cause of death as internal bleeding with the officer involved being quizzed in relation to manslaughter.

"It is common knowledge some senior officers see crucifying fellow officers as the quickest way to promotion," added the cop. "It will be a few more pips on the shoulder for whoever is involved in either prosecuting the officer or leading the enquiry."

Mr Tomlinson,47, died a few minutes after an unnamed riot cop first struck him from behind with a baton then violently shoved him to the pavement during the April 1 anti-capitalism demo.

The official Home Office Pathologist Dr. Freddy Patel's initial post-mortem resulted in the cause of death given as heart failure.

A second pathologist, Dr. Nat Cary, called in by the Independent Police Complaints Commission disagreed and ruled Mr Tomlinson died from an abdominal haemorrhage.

That finding and the damning video is a nightmare for the Met who now have a cause celebre on their hands and the prospect of a high-profile criminal court case or inquest with the prospect of a jury returning an unlawful killing verdict.

The officer caught on video, a member of the so-called elite Territorial Support Group, reportedly collapsed at home with a panic attack after the video came to light and is currently on sick leave.