Thursday, 31 January 2013

Woman Caged For Mugging Pensioner

A heartless bag-snatcher, who dragged an 83 year-old pensioner to the ground in East London, has been jailed for four years.
Samantha Murray, 34, (pictured) of Genas Close, Ilford attacked the victim from behind, leaving her sprawled on the ground with back and hand injuries.
She was convicted of robbing the woman in Longwood Gardens, Barkingside on June 8, last year.
The victim vainly tried to hang onto her bag, but it was violently wrenched away by Murray.
A passer-by found her on the ground and flagged down a passing police car.
Officers drove the victim around the local area and she identified Murray at a bus stop in Cranbrook Road – still in possession of the woman's property.
Sergeant Matt Taylor from Redbridge Borough, said: “This was a violent robbery on an elderly lady going about her business.
“She has found the whole incident distressing and it has had a profound effect on her and the way she lives. It has saddened all involved in this case.
“Whilst I do not want this type of crime to happen, I want the public to know we will robustly investigate any robbery and see that those responsible are bought to justice.”

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pharmacist Found Not Guilty

A pharmacist was cleared today of deliberately duping a sick, vulnerable pensioner into believing the government had dramatically increased the price of her medicines.

After a three-day trial Jaspal Singh Cheema, 45, was found not guilty of defrauding the local woman out of £5,000 over a four-and-half year period.

Cheema was accused of cashing a total of sixty-seven cheques for extra migraine and irritable bowel syndrome medication and then trying to talk the victim out of pursuing the prosecution against him.

Cheema, of Cheyham Way, Sutton, boss of Imperial Pharmacy in nearby Epsom Road supplied the 65 year-old pensioner with extra doses of medicine when her prescription supply ran out.

He was cleared of defrauding Florence Harrison between January 15, 2007 and July 11, 2011 by dishonestly making false representations.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fourteen Year-Old Fractured Wrist When Headbutted

A New Addington teenager headbutted a local rival four years his junior outside his family home – resulting in the youngster fracturing his wrist as he tried to break his fall.

Clude Gomes, 18, of Underwood (pictured) stormed out of his home after learning the 14 year-old was talking about a dispute involving their respective families.

The first-time offender pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm on the boy on September 14, last year and received a nine-month community order, which includes 36 hours at an attendance centre and a three month night time curfew.

Prosecutor Miss Shahnaz Ahmed told Croydon Crown Court the victim was chatting in the street with another 14 year-old about the dispute, but was overheard by the defendant's seven year-old sister who went inside and repeated what she had heard.

“The defendant left his house, came outside and head butted the victim once, connecting with the victim's nose and forehead and causing him to fall to the ground.

“He tried to break his fall with his right arm and injured his wrist, which became swollen and bent.”

The police and an ambulance was called and the victim was treated for a fracture.

“You ought to be thoroughly ashamed of headbutting that fourteen year-old,” Judge Peter Gow QC told Gomes.

“Matters could have been worse. People have killed other people by landing a single blow by either a punch or a head butt.”

Gomes was also ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Pharmacist Accused Of Scamming Sick Pensioner

A pharmacist deliberately duped a sick vulnerable pensioner into believing the government had dramatically increased the price of her medicines in a £5,500 four-and-a-half year scam, a court heard today.

Jaspal Singh Cheema, 45, (pictured) cashed a total of sixty-seven cheques for extra migraine and irritable bowel syndrome medication and then tried to talk the victim out of pursuing the prosecution against him, the Croydon Crown Court jury were told.

Cheema, of Cheyham Way, Sutton, boss of Imperial Pharmacy in nearby Epsom Road, cashed-in when the 65 year-old pensioner ordered extra doses of medicine when her prescription supply ran out.

"He has run the pharmacy with his parents for over twenty years and has known Florence Harrison since he took over and a relationship has grown. They get on very well," prosecutor Miss Shekinah Anson told the court.

"She had been buying this medication for many years, but in 2007 Mr. Cheema told her the prices had gone up and he has been overcharging her ever since. He told her the government had increased the prices and they were being passed on to her."

The inflated charges ranged from £16 to £350 for MigreLief  and Diocalm and were discovered by Mrs Harrison's unofficial carer.

"She noticed a number of large cheques had been paid out of the account and telephoned Mr. Cheema and accused him of stealing from a vulnerable woman and told him he would have to pay the money back."

Cheema initially protested that he had simply provided the medicine Mrs Harrison asked for, but on July 7, 2011 a £3,000 cheque was posted through her letterbox.

Despite this police were called, prompting action by the defendant. "He phoned Mrs Harrison and asked her to persuade her carer not to take the matter to court," added Miss Anson.

Cheema has pleaded not guilty to fraud in that between January 15, 2007 and July 11, 2011 he dishonestly made a false representation to Mrs Harrison with intent to make a £5,509 gain.

Trial continues……

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Carer Illegally Pocketed £21K In Payments

A single mum-of-three illegally obtained £21,000 in carer's allowance payments by keeping her part-time job quiet.

School cleaner Gaynor Richardson, 46, (pictured) of Bracken Avenue, Croydon pocketed the extra payments for nearly seven years.

She pleaded guilty to failing to notify the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) of a change in her financial circumstances between June 2, 2003 and January 10, 2010, plus two charges of making a false statement to the (DWP) on or about May 2006 and April 2008.

The claim began in 2000 and Richardson started work three years later. The first-time offender may now face civil proceedings if the DWP pursue compensation.

“You made false statements or representations that your carer's allowance be continued over a long period,” Recorder Freya Newbery told Richardson at Croydon Crown Court.

“You have been overpaid by twenty-one thousand pounds. That is a substantial amount of money.

“You did not act out of dishonesty, but you casually failed to give the right information to the DWP in order to be paid the right amount of benefit.

“Your home circumstances are that you are a single mother with three children, two of them are under eighteen years-old and your eldest has returned to live with you, with your grandchild.”

Richardson was placed on a twelve month community order, which includes 40 hours community service work and was ordered to pay £150 costs.

No compensation order was made by Recorder Newbery who announced: “There is no reasonable prospect of you paying back to the DWP what you owe them in a reasonable time frame.” 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Footballer Punched Nightclub Girl After Double Grope Accusation

A footballer, who slapped an punched a young nightclub woman, who accused him of pulling down her bra and groping one of her breasts was fined £200 yesterday.

Ex-Crystal Palace FC pro Nathaniel Pinney, 22, of Leybourne Court, Manor Road, South Norwood was alleged to have pulled down the 23 year-old woman's top twice earlier in the evening at Sutton's Wonderland nightclub, Croydon Crown Court heard.

Pinney, a product of Palace's celebrated youth system, was released by the club last summer and now plays in Ryman's Premier Division for Carshalton Athletic.

He was cleared by the jury of sexually assaulting the woman and her friend, who he was accused of slapping on the bottom, but had already pleaded guilty to common assault after being caught on the club's CCTV on August 7, last year.

"You slapped her once and you punched her once and on the basis of the jury's verdict you had been accused of something you had not done," Judge Peter Gow QC told Pinney.

"There was an element of provocation in what you did and I take into account the remorse you showed during your evidence.

"You described it as a stupid over reaction. Mr. Pinney ensure that if you find yourself in a similar situation again you control yourself."

The woman, who says Pinney pulled her top down three times, told the jury the first incident occurred as she chatted with a friend in the club.

Pinney told the court he was the victim of mistaken identity and did not sexually assault either woman, but admitted lying to police about slapping and punching the first complainant.

He told the jury he downed seven glasses of wine during the evening, explaining: "I was tipsy. I was not drunk off my face.

"I was chilling with my friends and this girl came over accusing me and calling me every name under the sun, saying I've done this and that.

"She accused me of taking out her breast and palming it with my hand. I told her: 'Listen, you've got the wrong person. I haven't touched you.'

"I was upset and angry at someone coming out of the blue and accusing me of things," Pinney told the court. "I wanted to have a good night, but it was ruined 'cos of these allegations.

"That's when I lost my head and took it a bit too far and slapped her face.

"She hit me on the chest and I reacted stupidly and hit her again, once."

When quizzed by police Pinney told them: "I don't record hitting no girl 'cos I'm not like that."

He eventually admitted the crime after viewing the damning CCTV evidence.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Country Lane Cocaine Dealers' Convoy

Three big-spending cocaine dealers were caught after a dramatic police swoop in Romford, which netted £178,000 worth of the drug, a jury have been told.

The gang, whose members enjoyed cash and luxuries beyond their legitimate means, had been under surveillance for much of the day, Croydon Crown Court heard.

Mark Boorman, 24, of Laurel Crescent, Romford and Toby Kallar, 26, of Airthrie Road, Ilford have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to supply cocaine on or before July 19, last year.

Daniel Skurr, 24, of Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch has pleaded guilty to the charge and driving a VW van dangerously and while disqualified in Rush Green Road, Romford.

He will be sentenced at the conclusion of the trial.

Prosecutor Miss Susana Stevens said police observations began in Little Gerpins Lane, Upminster, (pictured) where Kallar was sitting in his parked Vauxhall Astra.

"It is a remote location. There is nothing there other than some bins, it is a quiet country lane."

The vehicle was followed to Suttons Avenue, Hornchurch, where Skurr got out and chatted to another man.

All three defendants returned to the Little Gerpins Lane location, Skurr now driving a van and Boorman his Mercedes.

They set off "in convoy" and were stopped by police several miles away.

"Skurr accelerated hard and mounted the pavement and there is a police chase," explained Miss Stevens. "Skurr abandoned the van and was stopped and arrested on foot."

In the van police found one kilo of cocaine of 89% purity.

"The police officers drew their batons and approached Kallar as if they were going to smash his windscreen and ordered him to get out of his car.

"Boorman also mounted the pavement and tried to follow Skurr, but the police were too quick.

"They hammered on the front passenger-side window and he stopped the car and was arrested," added Miss Stevens.

Officers then searched the defendants homes and recovered "cash and luxuries."

"The investigation reveals a lifestyle that will help you determine whether they were truly innocent."

Trial continues………….

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pensioner Dodges Jail For Sick Porn Stash

A pensioner, caught by police with a collection of child porn, plus images of people having sex with animals, dodged jail with a suspended yesterday.

Derek Eastoe, 66, of Hurlstone Road, Selhurst had collected over 700 sick images, some depicting children as young as six being sexually abused.

He was sentenced at Croydon Crown Court (pictured) to eight months imprisonment, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay £428 costs.

The court heard Eastoe was not part of any active paedophile ring and did not distribute the material he found on the internet.

Eastoe pleaded guilty to multiple counts of making indecent images of children and one count of possessing an indecent image of a child on or before July 11, last year.

He also admitted possessing images of extreme pornography, namely people engaged in sexual activity with animals. 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pervert Hairdresser's Shampoo & Sex

The middle-aged boss of a popular Northwood Hills beauty salon is facing prison after he was convicted yesterday of groping a "shocked" 17 year-old trainee's breasts while conditioning her hair.

Hairdresser Shimon Alcobi, 44, the owner of SHD Beauty, The Broadway, Joel Street began massaging the girl's head before running his hands down under her top and bra.

He denied, but was convicted by an Isleworth Crown Court (pictured) jury of sexually assaulting the victim on a day between May 30 and June 30, 2011 and will be sentenced on February 25.

Alcobi, of Holders Hill Avenue, Hendon later sacked the teenager after falsely accusing her of forming a relationship with a male member of staff and she reported him to the police.

Prosecutor Miss Pamela Reiss told the jury: "He offered to do her hair and conditioned it while giving her a head massage.

"Then he started rubbing the top of her neck and the front of her chest and put both his hands under her top and under her bra and touched her breasts.

"She was shocked, but continued to work there until August when she was fired for purportedly being in a relationship with another member of staff.

"This was not true, but they ended up forming a relationship later."

When police investigated the complaint two other young girls, an 19 year-old former member of staff and her friend, also gave statements against Alcobi alleging sexual assault.

He was also charged in relation to them, but was acquitted by the jury.

The former employee said Alcobi quizzed her about her sex life while shampooing and conditioning her hair and touched her chest, just above her breasts.

The defendant was conditioning her friend's hair on another occasion when the young woman insists he touched her chest and encouraged the girls to kiss each other.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Footballer Groped Nightclub Girls, Jury Told

A footballer pulled down a nightclub girls's top and groped her breasts - punching her in the face when she objected - and slapped her friend's bum, a jury were told today.

Ex-Crystal Palace FC pro Nathaniel Pinney, 22, of Leybourne Court, Manor Road, South Norwood had pulled down the 23 year-old woman's top twice earlier in the evening at Sutton's Wonderland nightclub, Croydon Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Miss Shahnaz Ahmed said: "The first complainant was sexually assaulted and hit in the face by this defendant and he also sexually assaulted the second complainant.

"He did not know either of these girls. He denies sexually assaulting them, but accepts during the course of the evening he hit the first complainant around the face."

It was a crowded free-entry night at the Cheam Road club, where the girls were drinking and enjoying themselves.

"He went up to her and pulled down her top and exposed her and she told him to leave her alone," explained Miss Shahnaz. 

"He did it again. He pulled her top down and exposed her bra and then did it a third time and pulled her bra down and placed his hands on her breasts.

"He continued by slapping her friend on the bottom.

"A fight broke out and he hit the first complainant in the face."

Pinney, a product of Palace's celebrated youth system, was released by the club last summer and now plays in Ryman's Premier Division for Carshalton Athletic.

He was followed down the street to a kebab take-away by a bouncer and identified to police.

He was arrested and questioned at Sutton Police Station.

"He denied sexually assaulting these girls," said Miss Ahmed.

The woman, who says Pinney pulled her top down three times, told the jury the first incident occurred as she chatted with a friend in the club.

"I felt a hand grab my top and pull it down the full length of my cleavage," she explained. "It was a passer-by as they were walking past.

'I did say: 'F*** off,' but I don't know if the person heard it."

She complained to the club's bouncers, who promised to "sort it," but shortly afterward the same thing happened again.

"I saw the same guy and he grabbed me in the same manner as the first time.

"It scared me a bit because I was not prepared for it. He just laughed.

"He grabbed me a little bit harder and got the whole breast out and grabbed it and held it. It hurt."

The tearful witness added: "He grabbed from the side and moved the bra down. It was my right breast.

"I pushed his hand away and went back to my friends.

"We went to talk to him and his friends were around and he hit me with an open hand and then I was hit in the head two or three times.

"It really hurt. He hit me for no reason."

Pinney has pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting the young women, but has admitted a charge of common assault against the first complainant and will be sentenced at the conclusion of the trial.

Trial continues…………

Monday, 21 January 2013

Screen Villain Faces Red Light Ban

Actor Steven Berkoff will have to appear in court next month if he wants to avoid a driving ban for jumping a red light in the City of London.

The Hollywood and theatre legend's case was adjourned today after the additional penalty points made him liable for disqualification under totting procedures.

Stepney-born Octopussy and Rambo star Berkoff, 75, of Narrow Street, Limehouse was caught jumping the light while driving his VW Beetle in Upper Thames Street at the junction of Queen Street Place on October 25, last year.

The charge was supported by photographic evidence that shows the light was red for 1.5 seconds when Berkoff drove through.

He is due to return to City of London Magistrates' Court on February 18.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Late-Night Muggers On CCTV: Can You ID Them?

Police are hunting these two late-night street muggers, who robbed two women of their mobile phones in East London.
The suspects were caught on CCTV stalking the victims, whose identities have been deliberately obscured.
Officers from Hackney's Robbery Squad have released the image in the hope both men can be identified.
The two women got off a route 243 bus on Kingsland Road, near the junction with Tottenham Road at 11.35pm on November 25, last year.
As they walked towards Bentley Road they were attacked and robbed.
Suspect one is described as a white male, approximately thirty years-old, of medium build, approximately six-feet tall, with short hair and wearing a light-coloured coat and dark woolly hat.
Suspect two is described as a black man, approximately thirty years-old, of slim build, five feet eight inches tall, with dreadlocks.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Detctive Constable Alex McCullough on 020 7275 3232, quoting reference number 4631252/11.
Or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Anti-Social Troubleshooter Shouted Gay Slurs During Violent School Outburst

An anti-social behaviour mediator screamed: "You dirty f***ing lesbians," at a same-sex couple during a violent confrontation at her childrens' school - spitting in one of the women's face's and forcing her finger up one of their friends' nose.

Diana Marquis, 51, (pictured) of Songhurst Close, Croydon is a mediator with the Wandle Housing Association and sorts out problems between neighbours, but lost her cool during a row over her and the couple's respective children.

She will now have to attend diversity awareness classes as part of her punishment.

"I will kill everyone. I will go to prison for my children, I will protect my children," she told a teaching assistant at West Thornton Academy School, Rose Court Road, Croydon.

Mother-of-three Marquis, denied, but was convicted of assaulting Isobel Hodson , who is in a civil partnership with Stephanie Richards and assaulting another parent who became involved in the row, Debbie Cooplestone on June 20, last year.

She was also convicted on three counts of threatening behaviour towards the couple and headmistress Jo Simmonds on the same occasion and harassing the couple between June 13 and June 20 at the school by abusing them with homophobic language.

Up to twenty-five children, aged between five and eleven years-old, many in tears, witnessed the row, which also included Marquis shouting at the head in the reception area: "I'm gonna take that smile off your face."

Prosecutor Miss Eka Kalunta-Ike told Croydon Magistrates' Court: "Ms Richards has described four incidents where she has been verbally abused by the defendant, who has used homophobic language in the hearing of other children, including hers.

"When Ms Richards collected her children from the school on June the thirteenth the defendant shouted at one of her children and the child started to cry.

"The defendant then swore at Ms Richards, referring to her as a: 'F***ing lesbian'."

A week later Marquis again arrived at the school in an aggressive mood. "She abused the couple, calling them: 'Dirty f***ing lesbians.'

"Another parent, Debbie Cooplestone, challenged her about her behaviour and was assaulted.

"The assault involved the defendant sticking her right index finger in her right nostril, causing her discomfort."

The parties left, but almost immediately returned at the school's request for clear-the-air talks, which quickly went downhill.

"Marquis shouted and swore at the couple and spat at Ms Hodson's face," explained Miss Kalunta-Ike. "Ms Richards admits she attempted to punch the defendant, but she ducked out of the way.

"The defendant had to be restrained and escorted inside by school staff and was taken to the headmistress's office.

"It is unfortunate the children were present while homophobic remarks were made and the victims in this case feel humiliated and degraded."

Teaching assistant Peter Kerwood told the earlier trial Marquis was annoyed with two other children as she arrived to collect her own son.

"She came over and started shouting at them. It was very aggressive and I jumped in as I felt Mrs Marquis' behaviour was not acceptable.

"I moved her back a safe distance, but she was still aggressive, saying things under her breath, she was clearly not happy with me."

Marquis was unhappy about the way the school handled a fight between her son and the same-sex couple's daughter, suggesting there was an organised conspiracy against her.

She told the court: "Their son has been to my house for tea. We have each others phone numbers and I have no issue with their sexuality.

"I approached her with respect. I was not angry."

Marquis was placed on a twelve month community order, with the diversity course a required activity, ordered to perform 200 hours community service and pay each assault victim £100 compensation.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Nigerian ID Thief's £14K Benefit Fraud

The Two Faces Of Brinsley Holman: Fake (Top) & Genuine (Bottom)

A Nigerian fraudster, who was issued a genuine British passport despite being a different race to the corporate stockbroker whose identity he hijacked, has been jailed for fifteen months.

The genuine Brinsley Holman, 47, (pic.bottom) was held at Madrid's Barajas International Airport for five hours on a European Arrest Warrant when he flew in on a family holiday because of a Polish fraud committed by the impostor.

His true identity is not known, but he continues to claim he is the true Leigh-on-Sea born Holman and used the passport to illegally claim over £14,500 in benefits and secure British citizenship for his daughter.

Bizarrely the defendant, ( of Wellington House, Rodwell Close, Ruislip was prosecuted at Isleworth Crown Court under his fake Holman name and he will be extradited to Poland on completion of his sentence to serve three-and-a-half years for fraud and forgery.

The genuine Holman was the victim of a burglary at his home in Waldemar Avenue, Fulham on June 22, 2000 and his old-style passport was taken.

He reported it stolen, but despite this the defendant used it to obtain a replacement passport with his own photograph in it in 2006.

"The old passport was deemed good evidence of legitimacy so extra checks did not take place," explained prosecutor Mr. Mark Himsworth. "The person in the dock is identified as Brinsley Holman, but that is not really his name.

"The photograph in the original passport was very obviously a white man and the defendant is obviously black.

"The Crown say this defendant has replaced the photograph of the white Mr. Holman with a photo of himself."

The Spanish authorities eventually released the genuine Holman after receiving a photograph of the defendant, but he was stopped again on the same warrant when he returned to the UK.

"The Crown say that this was an audacious identity theft and benefit fraud," Mr. Himsworth told the jury. 

"The defendant applied for a replacement passport using his own photograph and the passport office issued a valid British passport with the same date of birth as the genuine Mr. Holman.

"He was applying for a passport he must have known he was not entitled to and it was issued despite the fact the genuine Mr. Holman reported it stolen.

"The defendant then adopted the identity of Brinsley Holman and applied for a Nigerian passport in that name and applied for a British passport for his daughter in the name of Holman."

The defendant successfully claimed jobseekers allowance in January 2010, using the Holman passport as proof of identity and citizenship, and also received child benefit.

He was eventually caught out after moving to the London Borough of Hillingdon and applying for housing benefit and council tax benefit in April, 2011.

When quizzed the defendant insisted he was born Brinsley Holman in Essex to a Nigerian mother and Caribbean father, but was raised in the West African country.

The jury convicted him of possession of an improperly obtained British passport, with intent, and dishonestly making a false representation to obtain  benefit on or about April 27, 2011.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Kosher Restaurant Staff Cleared Of Beating-Up Disgruntled Diner

Cleared: Aziz Hassan & Khalid Hassan

A manager and waiter at the West End's only kosher restaurant, accused of attacking a Jewish customer who complained about a £3.50 surcharge and compulsory tip, were cleared by a jury yesterday.

The customer claimed he was picked up and thrown into the gutter outside – banging his head on the bonnet of a parked car – before being repeatedly stamped on the head and face.

Aziz Hassan, 57, and Khalid Hassan, 28, were found not guilty of assaulting Amiel Menachem Elkus, causing him actual bodily harm, outside Reuben's, Baker Street, on July 11, 2011.

When quizzed by police Aziz insisted he thought the customer was trying to flee the resturant without paying for his meal.

Hendon resident Mr. Elkus told Croydon Crown Court he was careful not to exceed the £30.00 limit his employers give him for meals when he ordered Beef Wellington at the resturant.

“The bill was for £38.95, which I was surprised about. I was expecting it to be around £30 because I have an allowance from work, which is £30.

“I was surprised and asked the waiter to explain the bill and he said it was for extras and said it was on the menu.

“There was a further charge for £3.50 and an extra £5ish for service.

“I had not had any extras and the waiter, who had been surly, became very aggressive and said: 'You are not leaving without paying.'

“I expected to only be paying for what I had eaten.”

The customer demanded to see the manager and the waiter, Khalid Hassan, blocked the entrance.

“I felt very threatened and trapped so I tried to push past him and I was bundled outside,” exlained Mr. Elkus.

“I had my legs lifted off the ground and my head hit a car that was parked outside. I was bundled out of the resturant and pushed down.

“I was pinned down on the road. One person had his foot on my arm and the waiter was kneeling on my ribs.

“I was completely blown away by what happened after simply questioning a bill. They proceeded to beat the hell out of me.”

Explaining Aziz's actions Mr. Elkus added: “He stomped on my eye with his Timberland boots.

“I was in shock and screaming at people: 'Get them off me.' I couldn't breathe, I was seeing stars.”

The prosecution say Khalid was also bending Mr. Elkus's fingers back.

“I told the waiter: 'You're breaking my fingers' and he said: 'I don't care.'

“The other man left a footprint on me. He was stamping on my face.

“My kippah had come off in the restaurant, I had severe bruising to my eyes and a cut lip that was caused by stomping.

“I also received scratches to my head from the road surface.”

The jury were shown CCTV footage of the incident and Mr. Elkus told them: “I am where that animal is stomping on my head near the car.

“It is not quite what you would expect for questioning a £3.50 charge.”