Friday, 31 May 2013

Teen Muggers Who Killed Pensioner Locked-Up

Two teenage cowards, who killed an 85 year-old pensioner they mugged as she returned to her west London home from local shops, have been locked-up.
Jiervon Bartlett, 15, (pic.bottom l.) and Nayed Hoque, 15, (pic.bottom r.) left Paula Castle ( with horrific facial injuries after pushing her violently to the ground.
Widow Mrs Castle, who had a heart condition and was partially-sighted, died in hospital the next day.
It is not known whether there was also a racial motive to the vicious robbery.
Despite leaving the pensioner dying the duo mugged another elderly lady the next day, snatching the 75 year-old's shopping bag.
They used the victims' bank cards to buy fast-food trainers and pay for mobile phone top-ups.
They both pleaded guilty to Mrs Castle's manslaughter and robbing her in Oldfield Lane South, Greenford on November 19, last year and robbing the scond victim in Napton Close, Hayes on November 20.
They each received six years detention.
Bartlett's DNA was found on Mrs Castle's stolen handbag.
Her stolen bank card was used to to buy trainers and takeaway food in Barlett's name.
The bank card stolen in the second robbery was used to make mobile phone top-ups on Hoque's phone.

Detective Chief Inspector Russell Taylor, from the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said: "These teenage boys attacked two elderly, vulnerable women for financial gain before spending the proceeds from their crime on trainers and takeaway food. 

"Paula Castles's subsequent death has had a devastating impact on her family and loved ones and I would like to pay tribute to the family for their courage during this deeply distressing time." 

Paula Castle's daughter-in-law, Jane Castle said: "It is always sad to lose a loved one, but to lose one in such a horrific way such as our family did makes it so much more difficult to bear.
“Paula had coped in the last few years with the sudden death of her husband and her only child, Brian at the age of 51 years.
“She had also suffered a stroke.

"Paula overcame her stroke remarkably well despite her age; she was registered blind, and frail, despite all of this she was very independent and managed her house, garden, and shopping which we all thought was brave and admirable. 

"It was of course coming back from shopping that she was callously attacked.
“We can only imagine how terrified she must have felt, and this does distress the family a great deal.

"With all that Paula had been through and survived in her life, the fact that she died in such appalling circumstances fills the family with great sadness, all of our memories of Paula, now and always will be overshadowed by her tragic death.

"I have still not come to terms with what has happened.

"Paula's late son had three children Edward, David and Charles and Paula was the last remaining link to their father.
“The boys have found it incredibly difficult to cope with the loss of their grandmother, who was taken so suddenly and brutally. 

"They still mourn the loss of their grandmother. I am also finding it hard to come to terms with what has happened. I no longer travel past the scene as it is too painful.

"We were all very close to Paula, and I would speak to Paula on a daily basis and the boys would see their grandmother most weeks.

"Christmas 2012 was especially difficult as Paula was due to enjoy a family Christmas with her grandsons whom she doted upon, and they upon her.
With Paula being taken so suddenly no one had a chance to prepare themselves for her death, and as a result Christmas was a very solemn and sad occasion for all. We all miss Paula very much." 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ex-Hollyoaks Star Jemma Keys Attacked Mother During Alcohol-Fueled Row

The troubled daughter of disgraced ex-Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys attacked her mother during an alcohol-fuelled row - the latest in a long line of drink-related incidents that have shook the family.

Former Hollyoaks star Jemma Keys, 28, dug her fingernails into her mother Julia's wrists as Mrs Keys tried to defend herself from a flurry of kicks at the family's £4m Chelsea home.

She pleaded guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates' Court today to assaulting Mrs Keys, 53, by beating, on May 21 at the Rawlings Street address they share and was was bailed until June 20 for pre sentence reports, which will include an assessment for alcohol treatment.

Prosecutor Miss Funmi Ajose told the court: "Mrs Keys went to Notting Hill Police Station on the twenty-third of May and said her daughter was at home and was very drunk.

"She said they shared the same house and she was scared to go home and she showed the police cuts to both of her wrists.

"She explained that two days earlier she had returned home at 4pm and Jemma was there and was very drunk and fell on the kitchen floor.

"Her mother went over to her and then placed her on the living-room sofa when Jemma began to kick out and kicked her in the upper legs and abdominal area.

"She tried to defend herself by holding the defendant, but Miss Keys dug her nails into her mother's wrists, causing what has been described as four deep cuts to the left wrist and two cuts to the right wrist."

Her lawyer Fadi Daoud urged the magistrates to order probation reports and said any financial penalty or compensation would only punish the parents.

"The person who would pay it would ultimately be Richard Keys or Julia Keys because she is completely dependant on her parents.

"She is dysfunctional and has no income and no job and is somebody who has had alcohol problems for six or seven years.

"Her mother went to the police because she found her daughter drunk again, face-down, and there has been a lot of history in the past when her mother has not pursued it.

"Miss Keys continued to receive the support of her family and is somebody who can remain sober for six or seven weeks and then relapse.

"It is an on-going problem the family are dealing with. There is a massive amount of history."

Mr. Daoud told the court there was a previous alcohol-related incident involving Keys when she was in charge of a vehicle.

"She was in an abusive relationship with a man and was escaping him when she was drunk and was driving his car."

It is alleged Keys has not complied with a supervision order imposed for that offence, but her lawyer explained: "She had been sent to Thailand by her family for alcohol treatment.

"Miss Keys takes a lot of energy and time out of her family and others and she has to realise it is down to her and hopefully as a result of this the light has come on.

"She is a clever girl from a good family and her family have assisted her by buying her a home and arranging for a car to always pick her up and collect her so she can avoid dangers."

The lawyer asked the court to give Keys credit for her behaviour while on bail. "She could have run away and been found again face-down in the gutter.

"The positive is that she has a family that can and will assist her."

Bench Chairwoman Sarah Leigh told a tearful Keys: "All options are open, including custody, This is a serious time for you."

The court heard Keys was previously arrested by Sussex Police for being drunk and disorderly on January 3 and received a caution.

No compensation is being sought against Miss Keys for the injuries caused and the prosecution had no information as to whether a restraining order was being sought or not.

Since her arrest Jemma has had to obey a night time curfew between 9am and 9pm, not contact her mother directly or indirectly and not enter Rawlings Street.

She had been staying with friends in Abbots Drive, Virginia Water, Wentworth, but they expressed concern they could not control her, particularly as there was a nearby corner shop that sold alcohol.

Miss Keys will now reside with pal Samantha Parry in Plymouth until her sentencing date.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Couple's Sham Marriage To Dodge Immigration Laws

A Dutch national participated in a "sham marriage" to assist a Jamaican overstayer and was backed-up with fake paperwork from a bogus employer, a jury were told today.

The 'couple' were married at Thornton Heath's St. Jude with St. Aidan, Dunheved Road, but Croydon Crown Court heard the UK Border Agency discovered it was a fake union and the pair were not even living together.

Rudy Richard Pulijhun, 55, ( l.) of Lant Street, Borough married Tsahai Deacon-Pulijhun, 36, ( r.) of Fordington House, Sydenham Hill, Sydenham on February 6, 2010.

The prosecution say Deacon-Pulijhun's application to the Home Office to reside in the UK was supported with false documentation provided by businesswoman Dionne Campbell, (pic.bottom) who claimed the husband was employed at her fast-food restaurant.

"We are dealing here with a sham marriage," said prosecutor Mr. Dennis Kavanagh. "That is the nub of the allegation.

"Miss Campbell provided fake employment papers, payslips and letters on behalf of Mr. Pulijhun.

"She told the immigration officials that he was in this country working for her, maintaining the impression there was a normal marriage going on.

"That marriage was investigated by immigration officials and it was inherently suspicious, a false marriage that was a device to allow Mrs Deacon-Pulijhun to stay in this country.

"She arrived in this country in 2001 as a visitor and applied for leave to remain as a student and by the time of the marriage she was an overstayer with no immigration status and in danger of being removed.

"She tried to secure a way to stay in this country by deception."

Nineteen months after the marriage Deacon-Pulijhun applied for leave to remain and Campbell provided supporting documents, claiming Pulijhun was employed at her business 'Patty Island' as a handyman.

However, when quizzed Campbell said he was employed as a cleaner and on his marriage certificate Pulijhun described himself as a driver.

On June 14, last year Deacon-Pulijhun was arrested during a raid on a Stockwell address.

"It was clear she was in a relationship with a gentleman apart from Mr. Pulijhun. That gentleman's photograph was under her bed and there were text messages from him on her phone," explained Mr. Kavanagh.

"Pulijhun was not there, he was in Holland where he lives his life and has children and has no connection with this country whatsoever."

Deacon-Pulijhun, who had been signing at an immigration office for several years, "came clean" suggested the prosecutor.

She is said to have told immigration officers: "I was signing-on for four-and-a-half years and it would be unfair if I did not sort myself out.

"We met at a wedding, I told him of my predicament, and he offered to help me out by marrying me. We were dating, we really were."

Pulijhun denies doing an act to facilitate a breach of UK immigration law; Deacon-Pulijhun denies seeking to remain in the UK by deception and Campbell denies providing false documentation to facilitate a breach of UK immigration law.

Trial continues…………. 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ex Stabs Party Guest To Death While Trying To Kill Woman's New Lover

A jealous knifeman, who turned up at his ex-girlfriend's home and stabbed to death a party guest as the victim tried to save the woman's new lover from the blade, has been jailed for life.
Delaney Barnett, 27, (pictured) of Baring Road, Lee, south-east London must serve a minimum of twenty years after he was convicted at Woolwich Crown Court.
He was convicted of murdering Harold Muzeremwi, 20, and attempting to murder Nash Leigh Walsh-Drew, 25, at Kingsley Wood Drive, Eltham on October 20,last year.
Both victims had partied at the address the night before and Mr. Walsh-Drew was sitting in a bedroom with Barnett's ex-girlfriend watching television when the defendant arrived.
Barnett grabbed two knives from the kitchen and attacked Mr. Walsh-Drew and Mr. Muzeremwi, who was in the lounge, dashed to his aid and both men sustained serious injuries.
Mr. Muzeremwi was pronounced dead at the scene and a post-mortem revealed one of the knife wounds had severed his pulmonary artery.
Mr. Walsh-Drew was taken to hospital suffering stab injuries to the front and back of his body - he has since recovered from his injuries.

That night Barnett surrendered himself at Lewisham Police Station and was arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder.

Detective Chief Inspector Cliff Lyons from the Homicide and Serious Crime Command said: "This case concerned the callous taking of the life of Harold Muzeremwi, who was defending his friend from an armed attacker.
“The defendant, Delaney Barnett, was enraged that his former partner had formed a relationship with Nash Leigh Walsh- Drew.

"He attacked Mr. Walsh-Drew and stabbed his rival, causing serious injuries. Harold intervened and died as a result of the stab wounds he received.

"Harold was unarmed, and with no thought for his own safety, sought to protect his friend from an armed attacker."

A statement from Harold Muzeremwi's family said: "When I said goodbye to my son on Friday 19 October 2012, I was hoping to see him on the 20 October as arranged.
“I always encouraged my son to stay indoors and not on the streets. Harold heeded my advice but met his death indoors where he believed he was safe.

"Harold was stabbed by someone whom he did not know, whom he had not wronged. It was only because he tried to be a peacemaker that he consequently paid the ultimate price.

"Someone's moment of madness resulted in my son's death - the loss of a child, a best friend and brother.
“Nothing and no one can bring my son back, but justice has been served and Delaney Barnett will make no other parent walk down a lifelong path of pain as I will.”

Monday, 27 May 2013

Girls Attack Local Rival Outside Pub

A woman, who joined in an attack on her cousin's love-rival – landing punches and kicks on the victim outside a pub – has been sentenced for the “nasty incident.”

Kim Atley, 29, of Castlecombe Road, Eltham and two other women were pulled off their intended target by bouncers who work at the Earl of Chatham pub, (pictured) in Thomas Street, Woolwich.

CCTV captured Atley parking her BMW around the corner from the pub and approaching Kelly Loader, who was also struck by a beer bottle during the melee.

She was convicted after a trial of assaulting Ms Loader on October 7, last year and received a twelve-month community order, which includes 240 hours of community service work and was also ordered to pay £500 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

The court heard the group were angered by the presence of Ms Loader at the pub, who was now dating Atley's cousin's ex-boyfriend.

There was a confrontation inside, but after the group left they drove around the block and returned to attack Ms Loader.

Atley was caught on CCTV grabbing hold of the victim and kicking her legs.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sexual Predator Raped Girlfriend's 14 Year-Old Daughter And Date

A rapist has been convicted of sex attacks on a 14 year-old girl - who thought he was taking her to buy a school uniform - and a woman he was meeting for a date.
Colin Anthony Blake, 52, (pictured) of Ascot Road, Watford, Hertfordshire was found guilty by a Snaresbrook Crown Court jury and will be sentenced on June 21.
He was convicted during his first trial of raping and sexually assaulting the teenager at an address in Hackney, east London in September, 2010.
Two days ago he was found guilty of two counts of raping his 26 year-old date at an address in Woodford Green on March 10, last year.
In 2010, Blake was in a relationship with the mother of his 14-year-old victim.
Blake called the girl and arranged to meet with her on the pretence of buying her new school uniform.
Instead, Blake drove the girl to an address in Hackney before raping her and driving her back to a relative's address, telling the victim not to tell anyone about the incident.
Later that same month, Blake was staying at the victim's address with her mother.
During the night of 19 September, the victim awoke in her bed to find Blake in her room touching her.
In March 2012 Blake had started a relationship with a 26-year-old woman.
Blake called the woman and said he was going to take her for a night out.
On arriving at the victim's address, Blake asked if he could come in while the victim got ready.
He began to demand sex, which the victim declined.
However, Blake forced the victim into the bedroom before raping her twice during the course of the night.
Detective Constable Dal Riyat from the Metropolitan Police Service's Sapphire Command said: "Colin Blake is a dangerous and predatory rapist, who gained the confidence of his victims before attacking them.
"He has shown no remorse for the pain and suffering he has inflicted on these women.
“I hope the fact that he has been found guilty will go some way to gaining closure for his victims."

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Telesales Scammers Jailed For £87K British Gas Swindle

Two telesales scammers who duped hundreds of customers into buying their bogus boiler insurance policies - even warning them they were in danger of death from hypothermia without them -  were both jailed yesterday for their £87,000 swindle.

Masquerading as British Gas Services Ltd. they sold worthless boiler and central heating cover to at least 500 victims - mainly housewives - all over the country.

Company director John Annett, 29, ( of The Ridgeway, Croydon received 18 months imprisonment and magazine publisher Jay Firmager, 31, (pic.bottom) of Whytecliffe Road South, Purely received 15 months.

Annett pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court to conspiring between April 1 and June 30, 2011 to make a gain by making false representations and Firmager was convicted of twelve counts of defrauding individuals by making false representations.

"You both involved yourselves in a serious and blatant fraud on the public," Judge Jeremy Gold QC told the pair on Friday. "You set up a fraudulent telesales company that purported to sell insurance cover.

"Your company was completely bogus from the outset and you, Annett, set this up out of pure greed for money.

"You were the prime mover behind this and it is not your first time before the court's for dishonesty.

"You, Firmager, played an essential part in this enterprise in the full knowledge of what was going on."

The pair had run a residential letting agency called 'Capital Estates' from their office in Purley Road and when it folded set up the 'Feature Me Ltd.' telesales company.

Innocent staff believed they were selling genuine British Gas insurance policies and had a high-pressure sales script they relied on when cold-calling potential customers.

The company wooed customers with a tissue of lies, which included having 7,000 highly-trained gas engineers and 1,000 plumbers on their books and promising unlimited annual emergency call outs.

For a £200 yearly fee the basic package would provide all parts and labour and reluctant customers were intimidated with tales of boilers breaking-down at an annual rate of one every six seconds and 130 people a year dying from hypothermia in the home.

However, the jury were told the defendants knew they were "selling a pup" and police raided their office after British Gas received a flurry of complaints.

"Annett was described as the money man and Firmager the front man, dealing with telesales staff and the office," explained prosecutor Mr. Adam Wiseman. 

"They provided the telephone leads for their staff and provided the script and the company sold bogus products that had British Gas in the name and there were an average of ten complaints a day."

The police raids occurred on July 7, 2011 and Firmager - known locally as 'Big Jay' - had £10,000 cash at his home and £17,000 was in his bank account, which police say came from the scam.

Firmager was ordered to pay half of the £1,994 he defrauded from the twelve identified victims he scammed and Annett is subject to Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings to recoup all the money the victims lost.

He was also disqualified from being a company director for the next ten years.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Late-Night Sexual Predator Told Victim: "Shut up. You're Being Raped."

A sexual predator attacked two lone women within 10-15 minutes during terrifying late-night copycat attacks - telling the second frightened victim: "Shut up. You're being raped."

Angolan-born Roberto Gouveia, 33, pounced in the early hours of a Sunday morning as the women, aged 30 and 18, walked home after an evening out drinking with friends.

Both were separately dragged into alleyways and the first victim was threatened with being stabbed to death if she did not comply and the second was grabbed around the throat before she bravely fought her assailant off.

Jobless Gouveia, of Northumberland Park House hostel, Northumberland Park, Tottenham pleaded guilty to the rape and assault by digital penetration of the 30 year-old in Camden Road, Holloway on September 11, 2011.

He also pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the 18 year-old in nearby Brecknock Road and was remanded in custody until July 19 for psychiatric and probation reports.

Prosecutor Mr. Mark Eldridge told Blackfriars Crown Court on yesterday that it was just after 3am when Gouveia approached the first victim as she walked home alone after getting off a night bus.

"The defendant caught up with her and was close enough to ask her where she was going and what she was doing.

"By an alleyway the defendant put his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming and with his other hand pulled her by the shoulder into the alleyway. He said he had a knife and would use it."

Gouveia told the terrified woman: "You don't want to die. You'd rather me do this than kill you."

She almost broke free, but was forced onto the ground and raped.

Gouveia walked off and a few streets away pounced on the lone teenager, who was returning home after a party.

"She saw the defendant walking towards her and he smacked her on the bottom so hard it stung," explained Mr. Eldridge.

"He put an arm over her shoulder and seemed to pretend to others in the street that they were together.

"In a bear hug he forced her into an alleyway, putting all his weight against her and forcing her against railings."

The victim protested, shouting: "Help me,help me."

Mr. Eldridge added: "The defendant put his hand down her leggings and touched her vagina and when she resisted he said: 'Shut up. You're being raped."

The young woman continued struggling and Gouveia became more violent.

"He grasped her neck with both hands, causing scratches. This was to keep her quiet.

"She struggled and he punched her twice in the face and rather feisty she punched him back several times and saw blood trickle from his nostrils and he backed away into the road."

Gouveia fled the country and was identified when semen recovered from the first victim's dress matched a sample he gave when arrested and convicted of a public order offence.

When arrested at Heathrow Airport after stepping off a flight from Angola on February 14, this year he told police: "This is all a misunderstanding anyhow."

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thief Who Looted Charity-Bound Estate From Dead Man Facing Prison

A Bovingdon man, who looted the estate of a donor who bequeathed money to a children's charity, was warned to expect a prison sentence when he eventually admitted the offence today.

Christopher MacKnight, 52, (pictured) of Howard Agne Close only finally pleaded guilty to the crime on the day his trial was expected to start at Harrow Crown Court.

"I am granting you bail, but I am making no promises," Judge Graham Arran told MacKnight, adjourning the case until June 12 for probation reports.

"People who steal these sort of sums of money over a considerable period of time can usually expect to receive a custodial sentence."

MacKnight pleaded guilty to stealing £136,000 from the estate of Derek Roberts between September 7, 2003 and December 3, 2006.

The deceased victim had left money to the National Children's Home.

The prosecution will pursue Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings to identify and confiscate MacKnight's assets so Mr. Roberts' estate can be reimbursed.

After the hearing MacKnight chatted with his barrister for an hour and shielded his face as he left court. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cops Catch Cannabis-Buyer

An Oxford man, caught by police buying £1,800 worth of cannabis, which he claimed was only meant for friends at an upcoming party, has avoided prison with a suspended sentence.

Trinidad-born father-of-three Jumoke Brewster, 35, of Bayswater Road was spotted collecting a Tesco carrier bag in suburban south London, which contained 879 gms of cannabis and further smaller amounts were found during a search of his home.

Fishmonger Brewster, who has been travelling back and forth to the UK on various work and student visas for the last fifteen years, pleaded guilty to possessing the larger quantity, with intent to supply, in Ambleside Avenue, Streatham on January 30.

He also pleaded guilty to possessing six smaller amounts in individual £10 bags a his home address the next day, where police also found two cannabis grinders.

Croydon Crown Court (pictured) heard officers spotted the suspicious transaction in Anerley and stopped Brewster's vehicle a few miles away.

He claimed he was a heavy-user, who bought in bulk with the assistance of friends and would split the cannabis with them.

Judge Shani Barnes told the first-time offender: “Sadly for you I am always suspicious of those supplying drugs.

“They always tell me they are only doing this for friends and not for profit, but I am always cynical.

“This was an extremely large amount of drugs to use at a party, nearly a kilo.

“I am not stupid. You were going to sell it and make money out of it.

“It very much deserves a custodial sentence, but given your good character I will suspend it.”

Brewster was sentenced to eight months imprisonment, suspended for twelve months and was ordered to complete 100 hours community service. He must also pay £100 costs.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ex-Fiance Of Prince Charles' Godson Attacked Police At Notting Hill Carnival

Pregnant Badley outside Hammersmith Magistrates Court
The former fiancé of Prince Charles' aristocratic godson, the Hon Nicholas Knatchbull, punched, kicked and spat at three police officers when dragged off a stage during the Notting Hill Carnival - a month after the couple's wedding plans were scrapped.

Mum-of-two Zeaphena Badley, 30, who was looking forward to becoming Lady Brabourne as the wife of Eton-educated Knatchbull - heir to a £100m fortune - is now "couch-surfing" and staying at a pal's flat after being evicted from her £600,000 Bayswater apartment last week.

She was engaged for eighteen months to Knatchbull, who has the courtesy title Lord Romsey, and is the son of Lord Brabourne, a childhood friend of Prince Charles, but now relies on soup kitchens and the charity of nuns.

He was raised in the sixty-room Broadlands stately home, Hampshire, but struggled with drug addiction, including heroin and crack cocaine use, since his schooldays and began a relationship with Badley when they started sharing a room in a West London house.

Badley, of Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington turned up late for her trial at Hammersmith Magistrates' Court, where she was convicted of assaulting WPC's Stephanie Grayson and Maggie Saliwell and PC John Taylor in Portobello Road, North Kensington on August 27, last year.

Seven-months pregnant Badley, who has two children aged 13 and 14 , complained after eventually arriving: "I have never hit a police officer in my life. They beat the shit out of me, they beat the crap out of me. They aren't allowed to do that."

After learning she had been found guilty an emotional Badley shouted: "Fucking arsehole," at the district judge who convicted her. "I'm seven months pregnant. There is no justice in this country, you don't care if I am innocent."

She was bailed for probation reports and when she returned for sentencing prosecutor Mr. Paul Mitchell told the court: "Officers were on duty at ten to six in the early evening when the organisers of a sound stage informed them the defendant was causing problems.

"She was making hand gestures to the crowd and was asked to leave several times, but continued pointing her middle fingers towards the crowd."

The officers began ushering Badley from the stage, but Badley resisted: "The defendant was shouting: 'What the fuck are you doing?' and turned to officer Grayson and with her left wrist punched her to the right side of her cheek.

"She was handcuffed and restrained on the ground, but continued to try and break free and spat at officer Saliwell's face and then kicked her in the shins.

"She was taken to the ground again and was shouting: 'Only Jah can judge me now. There is no Queen, she's not real, so there are no laws'."

Badley also called officer Saliwell an "ugly bitch."

"She was taken from there to a sterile area in Lancaster Place and was abusive and kept shouting loudly and made an attempt to bite officer Taylor and attempted to kick him in the legs," explained Mr. Mitchell.

"Leg restraints were then put on and officer Taylor was spat at twice, with spit landing on his Met vest and his arm and when she was taken to the custody area at West End Central she spat in the face of officer Grayson.

"Her behaviour was described as erratic and she seemed to become aggressive for no reason and the officers believed she was under the influence of drugs.

"Officer Grayson describes her as 'vile and disgusting' and says the right side of her face is tender.

"Officer Saliwell says: 'She was a vile, disgusting individual intent on attacking as many police officers as possible and showed no remorse."

Drug-addict and chain-smoker Badley was convicted of assaulting two police officers last year, but claimed: "That was spiting, that wasn't assault. I was at a funeral and it was my birthday, I was extremely emotional."

The courts and probation service have tried to help her with her addiction and last year she received a nine-month drug rehabilitation requirement.

She has already spent thirty-five days remanded in custody to HMP Holloway for the Notting Hill Carnival offence.

Her lawyer Miss Emek Yagmur told the court: "Miss Badley still denies these offences were committed by her. She says she was on the stage as part of the performance for one of the bands and her gestures were all part of the act.

"She says she did not swear at the crowd and one of the police officers dragged her off the stage, causing nail marks and bruising to her arm as she was dragged through the crowd.

"She says more police got involved and because of the way she was grabbed by officer Grayson she begged her to let her go and when she failed to do that used reasonable self-defence.

"She hit out while in pain and it was not intended to hit the officer in the face.

"Extreme force was used to restrain her to the floor, she says. A lot of police against one female and they would not listen to her.

"An appeal against these convictions will be lodged with the crown court.

"She is currently seven months pregnant and has ben through a colourful background and has a previous history of offending."

Bronzefield Prison diagnosed Badley as having a personality disorder, but she rejects this conclusion.

Her teenage children do not live with her and she was evicted from her flat after losing housing benefit while in custody, and told the court: "I go to a soup kitchen and I am helped by nuns."

"A suspended prison sentence would give her even more anxiety," suggested Miss Yagmur. "Also being seven months pregnant she is not going to be able to do any unpaid work.

"She has no income at all, she has lost her housing benefit and is living with different friends, couch-surfing, she tells me.

"She has been promised a house in Bayswater by the council and to be put back on benefits, but currently she has no income or savings.

"She can way afford the costs or compensation asked for by the crown."

Bench chairman Andy Robinson told Badley: "It is quite clear in this case that there is no mitigation. You have shown no remorse.

"You have got nothing going in your favour and three officers were involved in full public view at the carnival.

"Your previous record is horrendous and shows a pattern of behaviour that is unacceptable."

Badley was sentenced to twenty-six weeks imprisonment, suspended for twelve months and placed on probation for twelve months with twenty compulsory 'structured supervision for women' sessions.

"You need to engage with probation and turn up for appointments and engage with the activities they have for you so that you do not see the inside of a prison."