Sunday, 31 January 2016

Woman Groped By Stranger On Her Doorstep: CCTV Released

Caught On Camera: Suspect Approaching Victim
A woman has been grabbed from behind and sexually assaulted as she entered her front door just after midnight in east London.
Detectives investigating the Whitechapel attack have released this CCTV of a man they wish to speak to.
At approximately 12.30am on Friday, October 16, last year a man approached the woman from behind as she tried to gain access to an apartment in Old Castle Street.
Whilst she waited for the door to open, the man put one hand over her shoulder and the other around her neck.
He then tried to drag her from the entrance.
The woman shouted for help and he ran off.
The man is described as Chinese, aged in his mid-twenties, 5ft 9ins and of slim build with black hair.
He was wearing a long black woollen overcoat.
Police are keen to hear from anyone who recognises the man captured in the CCTV footage. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting image reference 194162 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Burglar Raped Woman In Her Home: E-Fit Of Suspect Released

A woman was raped in her east London home by one of three burglars who broke in just after noon last summer.
Detectives investigating the case have released this e-fit of the rapist, who has tribal scars to his cheeks and spoke in a dialect native to Ghana.
Around 12.30pm on Wednesday, July 15 the woman, in her thirties, discovered three men, two black and one white, inside her Woodford Green home.
She was then assaulted and raped by one of the men.
The suspects left after stealing a quantity of jewellery.
The woman was taken to Whipps Cross Hospital with bruising and shock.
The man believed to have carried out the rape is described as a dark-skinned black man with small vertical tribal marks on both cheeks and in his late forties.
He has short black hair and is believed to speak a dialect from Ghana called Yoruba.
He was wearing a grey short-sleeved T-shirt with the image of a large black head / face on the front.
He also wore big black boots, blue jeans and black gloves.
The other black man at the address was in his late twenties with short curly hair and glasses.
The white man is described as having black parted hair.
Anyone with information that may assist the investigation should call the Met's Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command on 020 8217 9874.
If you wish to provide information anonymously please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Friday, 29 January 2016

E-Fit Released Of Man Who Tried To Kidnap 14 Year-Old Schoolboy

Police are hunting a would-be kidnapper who tried to snatch a 14 year-old schoolboy off a Shepherd's Bush street one morning.
Detectives from Hammersmith and Fulham Borough have released this e-fit of their suspect.
On Wednesday, November 4, last year the boy was walking to school along Fitzneal Street at about 7.45am.
A a man in a silver-coloured car - possibly a Vauxhall Astra or similar - pulled up to the kerb beside the boy.
He got out of his vehicle and told him to get in the car.
The boy refused and the suspect told him if he didn't get in the car he would hurt him.
The man then tried to grab the boy who fortunately managed to push him away and run off.
Detective Constable Guy Hookway from Hammersmith and Fulham CID, said: 
"After the boy ran off the suspect chased him.
“He managed to hide in a nearby garden where he called his mum who immediately contacted police on 999."
The boy's mum collected her son a short time after the incident.
Officers from Hammersmith Fulham went to his home and took the boy on a drive around of the area to see if he could spot the man or the car.
House-to-house enquiries have also been carried out.
DC Hookway, added: "Fortunately the boy managed to run away from the suspect and raise the alarm.
“He is still very shocked by what happened and is bewildered as to why someone would want to do this to him.
“He is obviously worried, but luckily he is safe and well and no harm came to him.
"However, it is very important that we locate this man.
“If anyone recognises him from the e-fit image then I urge you to contact police immediately."
The suspect is described as a white man, aged between 30 and 40 years-old.
He is about 5ft 11" tall and of slim build.
He had short, black spiky hair.
He was wearing a black bomber jacket, dark blue jeans and white trainers.
If you have any information please contact Detective Constable Guy Hookway at Hammersmith and Fulham CID on 020 8246 2505 or police on 101.

To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Flip-Flopped Stalker: Do You Know Him?

Police investigating a stalker, who harassed a 42 year-old Wimbledon woman three times, have released this CCTV image.
The flip-flog wearing shaven-headed mystery man stared through the frightened woman's window and turned up in her back garden.
At 10.50pm on Monday, October 26, last year the woman was followed from a supermarket on Durnsford Road to her home.
Two days later, at around the same time, the victim heard knocking on her front window and saw the same man staring at her through the window.
On the evening on Thursday, November 5 police were called to reports of the same man in her rear garden trying to gain access to her home.
Detectives from Merton have released a CCTV image taken from the supermarket of the man they would like to trace.
The man is described as white man in his twenties, 6ft tall with a shaved head.
He is believed to have a scar on the left side of his head.
On the incident on October 26 he was seen wearing a dark coloured puffer jacket and black trousers.
Anyone who recognises this man, or who has any information which could assist the investigation, is asked to contact Merton police on 101, quoting image 194308.

Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Bus Ticket Inspector Threatened: CCTV Released

Police hunting a passenger, who behaved aggressively towards a bus ticket inspector, have released this CCTV image of a suspect.
The Transport for London Revenue Protection Inspector was checking passengers had paid their fare on a route 12 bus.
The incident occurred on Thursday, July 16, last year at about 9.40am as the bus travelled along Etherow Street, Dulwich, south London.
The inspector, a 44 year-old man, was threatened by the suspect after approaching to check his ticket.
The suspect is described as a black man, aged in his late teens, wearing a hooded Adidas zip-up top.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Police Constable Martin O'Donnell, who is leading the investigation on 07826 536152 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting ref: 189571.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Cyclist Decked By Driver: CCTV Released

Police are hunting this suspect after a cyclist was punched in the face three times for challenging a motorist's poor driving in east London.
On Sunday, October 4, last year police were called to reports of a 47-year-old man being assaulted outside a grocery store in Ripple Street, Barking, at approximately 6.00pm.
As the victim was riding his bicycle along Ripple Street, the suspect drove past in a silver Audi A4, narrowly missing the cyclist before parking outside the shop.
As the suspect got out of his car, the victim approached him and asked why he was driving in such a way.
The suspect then went into the shop.
The victim remained outside waiting to speak to the motorist.
On leaving the grocery store the suspect punched the cyclist three times in the face, causing him to fall to the floor.
The victim called police and the suspect ran off down King Edwards Road.
The victim declined medical assistance.
The suspect is described as 6ft 3ins tall, in his mid-20s and was wearing a grey track suit.
He has short black hair and a black moustache.
Police are keen to hear from anyone who may recognise the man in the CCTV or who witnessed the assault.
Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference number 193348 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Eleven Year-Old Girl Molested On Bus: CCTV Released

Police hunting a sex pervert, who molested an 11 year-old girl on a bus, have released these CCTV images of a suspect.
Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service's Roads and Transport Policing Command are appealing for help in identifying the man.
On Tuesday, June 30, last year at about 8.30am, the girl was sexually assaulted by a man as she travelled on a route 343 bus travelling along Thurlow Street, Walworth.
The suspect is described as a black man, aged mid to late twenties, with short dark hair, wearing a striped collared top.
Officers are asking anyone with any information to contact Acting Police Sergeant Jeremy Collins on 07824 545723 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting reference 185411.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

NOT GUILTY: Boat Race Ear-Bite Accused Is Cleared

Not Guilty: Ali Nariman
The man who bit off the top of an investment banker's ear, who was enjoying a day-long pub crawl during last year's Boat Race, has been cleared of GBH.

Ali Nariman, 35, of Chertsey Road, Twickenham told Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court 30 year-old Charles Linard was drunk and aggressive in Putney's Be at One bar on April 11.

He said Mr. Linard, who had been drinking for 11 hours, lunged towards him as if to inflict a headbutt and kicked him in the shin seconds before the ear-bite incident.

Earlier in the evening there had been a confrontation between the pair in the busy bar with CCTV cameras capturing Mr. Linard thrusting his arm out towards Nariman.

The jury found him not guilty of both inflicting grievous bodily harm, with intent, and a lesser charge of wounding.

Charles Linard 
The incident was the subject of an appeal on BBC1's Crimewatch programme, with a full recreation of the evening using actors.

Nariman surrendered himself to police after learning he was wanted for questioning.

Six-foot three Mr. Linard told the jury he leaned in to hear what Nariman was saying after the defendant motioned to him.

"My ear was towards his mouth so I could hear what he was saying. The next thing I remember was the gentleman lunging forward.

"I felt a pain in my ear and as I instinctively pushed him away I felt a tugging of my ear and swung my right hand towards him in self-defence.

"There was blood and I felt pain."

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Company Boss Denies £30K OAP Telephone Bank Scam

A Glasgow company director defrauded a 78 year-old woman out of nearly £30,000 during a convincing telephone scam – laundering over half the proceeds through his firm – a jury were told this week.

Nasrullah Mohammed, 55, of Leven Street, Pollokshields withdrew another £9,500 in cash from a Post Office in St. Vincent Street and took further sums from ATMS around the city.

He has pleaded not guilty at south-west London's Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court to defrauding Mary Black by falsely representing she should make a £29,474 transfer from her Halifax account to his RBS account between December 19 and 24, 2013.

Mohammed also denies transferring criminal property, namely £17,375, from his RBS account to the account of his company Green Deal between the same dates.

Prosecutor Mr. Philip Stott told the court: “She was conned into transferring that sum from her bank account by someone pretending to be an employee of her bank who telephoned her.

She was conned into transferring money into the bank account of Mr. Mohammed, who quickly transferred the money into another bank account he controlled and then withdrew in cash.”

The court heard Mrs Black and her husband received a telephone call on December 20 from a fraudster posing as a Halifax bank official.

The caller pretended there had been an attempt to draw large sums of money from her account and she needed to take steps to transfer the funds to a secure account.”

She was given account details – Mohammed's RBS account – and a £18,674 transfer was made.

She describes the man on the telephone as very reassuring and there is no doubt he must have been convincing.”

However, the fraudsters pursued the couple for more money and convinced Mrs Black to make online transfers of £7,000 and £3,800 over the next couple of days.

She eventually contacted Halifax herself and discovered she had been defrauded with no prospect of recovering the money or receiving any compensation.

Before the fraud Mohammed had only £50 in his RBS account and emptied Mrs Black's money in just two days.

Trial continues................

Friday, 22 January 2016

Fraudster Foiled In £385K House Heist

A Croydon fraudster hijacked another woman's identity and walked into a bank where she tried to have £385,000 transferred to buy a new house.

Linda Carrington, 65, of Boston Road, failed because of problems with the signature and was arrested four days later when she returned to the same branch to cash a £5,000 cheque.

She pleaded guilty at Isleworth Crown Court to two counts of fraud by false representation at HSBC King's Road, Chelsea on May 29 and June 2, last year and was sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for twelve months.

Prosecutor Miss Roxana Nasser told the court the victim, Mary Walsh, had her passport, driving licence, two phones and other items stolen on the Eurostar when she was travelling to Paris.

Carrington entered the HSBC branch just before closing time on a Friday with the licence and a joint account statement requesting £385,000 be transferred to Mitchell Home for a new property.

The bank were unhappy with the signature given and contacted Mary Walsh's husband the next day and discovered the fraud.

Carrington returned with the stolen licence on June 2 and tried to cash a £5,000 cheque on the account, but bank staff were ready and called the police.

“It's not me. There's a man outside sitting in a BMW from Biggin Hill in Kent who made me do it,” she told officers.

“She said she was pressurised and threatened by a man known as Elijah,” explained Miss Nasser.

Judge Robin Johnson told Carrington: “It's a shame to see someone of your age in the dock and it is a serious matter.

“The fraud was to try and draw money on this large transfer.”

Carrington was also ordered to complete a thirty-day rehabilitation programme.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Dad-To-Be Accused Of Webcam Sex Acts With 13 Year-Old Girl

A young Wiltshire father-to-be, accused of online sex acts via Skype with a 13 year-old girl, has appeared in court for the first time.

Grant Boyd, 21, of Kingsbury Square, Melksham allegedly played with himself and forced the under-age Scottish teenager to reveal her breasts during face-to-face internet communication.

He is also said to have sent offensive, obscene, indecent or menacing texts to a 14 year-old girl.

West London's Hammersmith Magistrates Court bailed him to appear at Isleworth Crown Court on February 16 on condition he does not contact the two girls and resides at his recorded address, which he shares with his girlfriend who is due to give birth in two months time.

Boyd is charged with engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child; causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and sexual grooming between October 1, 2014 and January 1, last year.

He has indicated not guilty pleas to those three charges.

He is also charged with three counts of causing to be sent by public communication a grossly offensive message on April 22; 23 and 24, last year.

Deputy District Judge Kevin Gladwell told Boyd: “These are extremely serious matters. You are facing a significant term of imprisonment if convicted.”

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades: Sunglasses Thief Nicked Over £13K's Worth

A persistent thief - with an eye for expensive designer sunglasses - stole 38 pairs of Bvlgari's, worth £11,130, in ten raids on the same Kensington store during a year-long shoplifting spree.

Christopher Blackwood, 28, targeted Sunglasses Hut on Kensington High Street, but also pinched 6 pairs of Prada's, worth £1500, and 7 pairs of Emporio Armani, worth £1,000 from neighbouring David Clulow opticians.

He pleaded guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates Court yesterday to twelve counts of theft and was remanded in custody for sentencing at Isleworth Crown Court on February 16.

The court heard drug-addict Blackwood, currently serving 16 months imprisonment for stealing a mobile phone, committed the thefts between May 16, 2014 and May 15, last year.

All but two of the thefts were caught on CCTV, but Blackwood escaped with the sunglasses every time and none of the pairs were ever recovered.

Deputy District Judge Kevin Gladwell told him: "These were high-value items stolen over a long period of time. You targeted one particular store in question."

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Chunk Of Banker's Ear Bitten Off During Boat Race Pub Crawl

Ali Nariman
An investment banker enjoying an all-day pub crawl during the Boat Race had the top of his ear bitten off during a confrontation in a busy bar, a court heard yesterday.

Privately-educated Charles Linard, 30, - who attended £29,000 a year Bedford School - denies being drunk and aggressive after eleven hours of drinking.

Another customer at Putney's Be at One bar, 35 year-old Ali Nariman of Chertsey Road, Twickenham has pleaded not guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm, with intent, on April 11, last year.

Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court heard experienced sailor Mr. Linard began drinking at 11am on the day of the annual Oxford and Cambridge University race, consuming a bloody mary and champagne.

The Durham University graduate continued drinking pints of cider, plus shots and cocktails with a group of friends at various pubs until they ended up in the packed Putney High Street bar.

Six-foot three Mr. Linard told the jury he leaned in to hear what Nariman was saying after the defendant motioned to him.

"My ear was towards his mouth so I could hear what he was saying. The next thing I remember was the gentleman lunging forward.

"I felt a pain in my ear and as I instinctively pushed him away I felt a tugging of my ear and swung my right hand towards him in self-defence.

"There was blood and I felt pain."

Charles Linard
Mr. Linard, who says he had never seen the man before, pursued him towards the exit, but he got away.

"I told one of the bouncers I would go to A and E tomorrow to which he said: 'I don't think you understand how much of your ear is missing.'

"I had to have some surgery to cut the cartilage back and have the wound cleaned up."

The jury viewed CCTV from the bar, which the defence say shows Mr. Linard pushing and grabbing Nariman, who was wearing a distinctive trilby hat, earlier in the evening.

During the ear-bite incident the CCTV shows Mr. Linard putting his hand around the back of Nariman's neck as he leaned in and then raising his right hand.

"Are you raising a fist?" asked Mr. Nicholas Maggs, defending. "You were extremely drunk and falling into people in the bar and invaded the personal space of the man in the hat.

"Do you remember telling telling him to: 'F*** off' and do you remember pushing him?" asked the lawyer.

"Do you remember saying: 'Get out of the way brownie' to him?

"You took hold of the back of his neck and you leaned your head forward and butted it against his.

'Do you remember kicking him in the shin and kneeing him in the groin?

"I suggest you were extremely rude, aggressive and violent to the man in the hat before your ear was bitten," concluded Mr. Maggs.

Mr. Linard denied assaulting or swearing at and insulting the defendant.

CCTV also captured him "staggering" out of the pub, but he denied this was sue to intoxication. "It was shock more than anything else."

Trial continues………….

Monday, 18 January 2016

Movie Producer's Drug Arrest After Police Called To Warring Film-Making Couple's £2M Home

Ayesha Plunkett
A film producer was caught by police hiding cannabis in the kitchen drawer at the £2 million home she shares with her fellow movie-maker partner when officers were called to investigate domestic violence.

Ayesha Plunkett, 57, is a film producer/assistant director at Over the Rainbow Productions and the mother of New York-born film-maker Lindsey Aliksanyan, 29.

Police were called to the detached five-bedroom, five-bathroom house she shares with David Fairman, 68 -an award-winning art and advertising photographer and film director - when he accused her of assault.

As a result she has not been allowed to go within 100 yards of the couple's home or contact Fairman despite them working on a £60m film production. 

Wimbledon Magistrates Court heard it was not the first time officers had to attend The White House in Coombe Lane West, Kingston-upon-Thames.

On her LinkedIn profile she claims to have raised the huge sum for a trilogy of feature films titled: 'Sands of Time: The Lost Cup', The Book of Esther' and 'The Book of Revelations.'

The Fairman-directed trilogy is a time travel-themed biblical epic she plans to shoot on a barren 1000 acre location in New Mexico, USA in which the principal character meets Jesus Christ.

Fairman made his fortune creating multi-million pound advertising campaigns for Coca Cola, Sony, British Airways and BT.

Plunkett had to move to Greenwood, Princes Way, Wimbledon as a condition of bail after being charged with assaulting Mr. Fairman on September 27, last year and criminally damaging one of his photographs and picture frame.

Plunkett pleaded not guilty to those charges, but did admit possessing a small amount of cannabis.

David Fairman & Ayesha
Prosecutor Mr. Simon Arloff told the court during a previous hearing: "Police attended the home address. They noticed Ms Plunkett was drunk and slurring her speech and smelled strongly of alcohol.

"In the kitchen they found Mr. Fairman, who had two scratches on his forehead that were five to six inches in length and fresh.

"He said he had been assaulted by Ms Plunkett. He said she had torn up a valuable photograph of his.

"The issue at the address is Ms Plunkett's use of alcohol and the argument started because Mr. Fairman was asked to get more wine by Ms Plunkett and he refused because he was concerned about her consumption of alcohol.

"There are some previous incidents, call-outs for the police to attend the address.

"Mr. Fairman says he cannot take it any longer and that is why he is supporting this prosecution.

"The son says he is intimidated during the incident, with his mother shouting at him.

"His mother was at the address in the morning, shouting and swearing at him, into his face, forcing him to leave.

"He returned at 7pm and saw the scratches on Mr. Fairman's forehead and the complainant said: 'Your mother took a swipe at me'."

Today the CPS announced the assault and criminal damage charges were dropped and Plunkett was fined £275, with £85 costs and ordered to pay a £28 victim surcharge for the drug offence.

Plunkett was caught hiding cannabis in her kitchen
Prosecutor Miss Caroline Mungal told the court: "Officers attended her address in relation to another enquiry.

"When police were in the process of arresting her and placing her in handcuffs it was noticed she took a small white paper wrap out of her back jeans pocket and place it in a kitchen drawer.

"When one of the officers opened the drawer the defendant said she had it to help her relax, adding: 'A friend gave it to me'."

Her lawyer Montserrat Casadevall said: "She has pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and deserves full credit for co-operating with the police.

"She was in a lot of pain and a friend gave her the item to help with pain.

"She's very ashamed. She's not someone who takes cannabis at all."

The last film Fairman produced and directed 'Darkness Into Light' was a fantasy movie starring Holby City's Andrew Lewis and before that he made 'Carmen's Kiss' a thriller, which starred The Full Monty's Hugo Speer.

Both those movies credit Plunkett as a producer along with one of his earlier works 'Lighthouse Hill'. 

He also either produced, directed or wrote 'An Organisation of Dreams', 'Messages', and 'Cold Fish'. 

His art photography has been displayed in galleries all over the world and been published in two books.

Plunkett was previously employed as a film producer for Albion Productions, working in London, Los Angeles and Cannes.

She was educated at convent school Rosary Priory, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, which is run by Dominican nuns. 

While on bail she was banned from going near The White House, unless escorted by a police officer, or making contact with Fairman as conditions of bail.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Psychotherapist's Child Porn Shame

A psychotherapist, who works with the disabled and mental health charities, has received a suspended prison sentence
for downloading thousands of sick internet child pornography images.

Martin Hempel, 56, has a diploma in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling and worked with Merton Mind, running the Disabled People's Counselling Project.

He specialises in help with anxiety, anger, addiction, depression and bereavement and loss.

Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court heard Hempel, of York Road, Battersea lied to police who raided his home, denying he ever looked at child pornography.

He eventually pleaded guilty to four sample counts of possessing Category A, B and C images on or before December 23, 2013.

They include two 12 year-old boys having sex; sexual activity involving a 13 year-old girl and another girl posing in a sexually provocative manner.

He downloaded a further 8 Category A images - the most serious - 23 at Category B and 3,104 at Category C. 

When he first appeared in court the prosecution said the images were on a Samsung Notebook; a Corsair Tower; a Freecomm Drive and elsewhere.

Judge Judith Coello told the first-time offender: "You engaged in deeply damaging behaviour. This kind of activity encourages the most deplorable abuse of young children, ruins their lives and exposes them to sexual activity.

"You are aiding and abetting these disreputable organisations that produce these depraved images to make money.

"You entered this vicious cycle of making and distributing abuse.

"I accept your difficulties in life, your remorse and stress in life and caring for your partner."

Referring to the probation report the judge added: "They asses you at low-risk of repeat offending."

Hempel was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months.

He must also complete a 12-month supervision order, which includes attending an Internet Sexual Offending Programme.

He was made subject to a ten-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order and must sign the sex offenders register for ten years.

Hempel was also ordered to pay £200 costs and a £100 victim surcharge.

Prosecutor Mr. Stephen Apted told the court police executed a search warrant at Hempel's home. "He was asked if there were any indecent images there and he said there weren't."

He denied ever viewing child porn, but police seized his computer equipment and found the sick material.

His lawyer Miss Olive Lycourgou said: "This offence is very much  out of character for Mr. Hempel.

"One can see clearly that Mr. Hempel is someone who has shown a great deal of remorse and insight into the offences.

"When he committed these offences he went for help to resolve these problems.

"Mr. Hempel had reached the darkest point of his life."

The court was told the defendant had a difficult upbringing, with his cruel father pulling down his pyjamas and punishing him.

"He comes from a middle-class, well-off family. His father beat him him with a leather belt and humiliated him in the most abusive way up until the age of thirteen years-old.  

"These are problems that have never gone away. He has suffered alcoholism and took medication for panic attacks.

"This is someone truly sorry for what he has done. He comes here with his heart and hands open, saying he's made a huge mistake."

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Graphic Design Graduate's Child Porn Shame

Blackfriars Crown Court
An “embarrassed” graphic design graduate, caught with thousands of child porn images when National Crime Agency officers raided his and his family's home, has received a suspended prison sentence.

Amu Humayun, 31, of Herbert Road, Plumstead downloaded such titles as 'Young Angels' and 'Lolita Sexy' on two computers, which were seized.

He appeared at Blackfriars Crown Court yesterday where he was sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for twelve months, and was ordered to complete 80 hours community service work.

Humayun must also sign the sex offenders register for five years, comply with a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order and complete a 16-day activity requirement.

He pleaded guilty to four counts of making indecent photographs of children between July 18, 2010 and May 23, 2014.

Prosecutor Mr. Gary Ponds told the court a warrant was executed at Humayun's family's home in Woodville Street, Plumstead on May 22, 2014.

The defendant was at his new address, but his family said he did pay for the internet service and his bedroom was searched.

Officers travelled the short distance to Herbert Road, where Humayun was on his laptop and told them: “It's just a bit of porn.”

An electronic storage device was seized, which contained 148 still images of children and a CD, which contained 3 stills.

On Humayun's IBM laptop police detected 23,698 suspicious images and counted over 3,000 at Category C; 12 at Category B and one Category A – the most extreme – had been deleted.

On an Acer computer there were over 83,000 suspicious images, but police stopped counting after discovering 3,000 of them were Category C child pornography, with 20 Category A images deleted.

Humayun's lawyer told the court: “An explanation is an obsessive escalation with pornography. He is a very embarrassed young man.”

Friday, 15 January 2016

Plane Passenger Caught With Electric Stun Gun In Luggage

An international traveller caught with a stun gun in his luggage after stepping off a flight has received a suspended prison sentence.

Tony O'Brien, 28, of Carr House Mews, Consett, Durham was stopped by UK Border Agency officers at Heathrow Airport's Terminal Four.

Yesterday at west London's Isleworth Crown Court he was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment, suspended for twelve months.

He was originally charged with possessing a firearm, namely a stun gun, which was disguised as another object at the airport on April 18, 2014.

He was alternatively charged with possessing a weapon designed or adapted to discharge an electrical charge.

O'Brien was sentenced after entering a guilty plea.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Punter Decked In Bookies By Foul-Mouthed Thug: CCTV Released

An violent Arsenal FC yob decked a 60 year-old man with a punch to the face when he asked him to stop swearing in a north London betting-shop.
Police investigating the incident have released this CCTV image of their suspect.
The victim was a customer inside the Upper Street, Islington bookies at 9.40pm on September 12, last year when he asked the man to stop swearing at others.
The suspect then punched the victim in face and he fell to the floor.
The man received minor cuts to the side of his face and was treated for his injuries at the scene.
The suspect is described to be in his mid-twenties with a shaved head wearing dark clothing and an away Arsenal football shirt underneath.
Police are keen to hear from anyone who may recognise the man in the CCTV or seen the assault as a witness.
Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference number 193178 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Illegal Cabbie Jailed For Dragging Passenger To His Death

Matab Uddin
An illegal mini-cab driver, who dragged a passenger to his death in the early hours of the morning, has started an eight-year prison sentence.
Matab Uddin, 59, of Blackshots Lane, Grays, Essex picked-up 27 year-old recruitment consultant Oliver Farrell, who had spent a night out in the Old Street area of Shoreditch.
The popular university graduate, who had travelled all over the world, had spent the evening celebrating his brother's birthday.
Uddin was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving and fraud at Inner London Crown Court.
The court heard how police were called on Sunday, November 17, 2013 at about 1.45am to reports of a man injured on Essex Road, Islington.

Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended and took Mr. Farrell, to the Royal London Hospital, where he died three days later.

Oliver Farrell
A post-mortem examination took place at Poplar Mortuary on Thursday, November 21, 2013 and gave the cause of death as head injuries.

Officers from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit launched an investigation.
Mr. Farrell was picked up by Uddin, an unlicensed minicab driver, with previous convictions for minicab touting. 

A short while later, Mr. Farrell got out of the cab to use a cash machine, however Uddin drove off, leaving Mr. Farrell in Essex Road. 

CCTV showed Uddin returning a few minutes later, pulling up next to Mr. Farrell, who leaned through the open passenger window.
Uddin then drove away at speed, while Mr. Farrell clung to the car.
After being carried along for about 100 yards, he lost his grip and fell to the ground, suffering a fatal head injury. 

Uddin failed to stop at the scene and made off.
Fortunately the incident was witnessed by a taxi driver, who happened to be driving behind Uddin, and took down his registration number. 

CCTV on Kingsland High Road caught Uddin making a dangerous manoeuvre, crossing a central reservation during his getaway. 

The car registration details taken by the taxi driver proved vital in identifying Uddin, who was arrested in connection with the incident after handing himself in at a north London police station later that morning. 

Detective Sergeant Chris Osborne of the Met's Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: "I would like to pay tribute to the Mr. Farrell's family, who have retained the utmost dignity throughout the whole investigation and court case.
My thoughts remain with them."

"This case highlights the dangers posed by unlicensed minicabs.
People trying to make their way home, especially late at night, should only use pre-booked licensed minicabs or black cabs.
This is a tragic case for all involved and it stemmed from the unscrupulous actions of Mr Uddin.
Our investigation showed he was illegally touting and on this occasion drove off without any regard for Mr. Farrell's safety.
He then failed to stop and made clear attempts to flee the scene."

On behalf of Oliver Farrell's family, his brother, Ben, said: "Having to experience nearly two years to arrive at this position has been a hugely traumatic and terrible experience for us all.
However, it is incomparable to the pain we have felt and will continue to feel from the fact that Oli's future has been taken from him and that such a bright light in our own lives will never be with us again.
No punishment will ever bring Oli back, however we seek justice for the benefit of greater society to reduce the chances of other families having to experience what we have been through and will continue to go through.
Oli was a fair man and would want nothing more and nothing less than this. 

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank the police and those present here today for the compassion they have shown us."

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Bus Phone Thief Hunted: CCTV Released

Police hunting a bus pick-pocket, who demanded cash for the return of a young woman's phone, have released this CCTV image of a suspect.
Officers from the Metropolitan Police's Roads and Transport Policing Command are investigating.
They are appealing for help in identifying the man after a fellow-passenger was pick-pocketed while travelling on a bus in Barnet, north London.
On Thursday, August 20, last year the 19-year-old victim had her mobile phone stolen while travelling on a Route 251 bus on Montrose Avenue.
Later that day, as the victim reported the theft at a police station, she tried calling her stolen mobile, which was answered.
She then received a text message from the stolen mobile number, asking for money to return the phone.
Officers advised her not to proceed.
The suspect is described as a man of Middle Eastern appearance, in his late twenties, with short dark hair, wearing a dark jacket with white sleeves.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Gavin Staplehurst leading the investigation on 07920 590173.

To remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting ref: 189017.