Monday, 31 January 2011

Shame-Faced Ex Cop Jailed For Child Porn Pics

A disgraced police officer, who quit the Met when arrested for hoarding and peddling indecent images of young teenage boys, was jailed for twelve months today and placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

Ex-Lambeth PC Jordan Janssen, 38, of Atkins Court, Maryon Grove, Charlton, South East London was caught with 182 images following an online probe into paedophiles.

The first-time offender was arrested on July 15 by the Metropolitan Police’s Paedophile Unit and resigned later that month.

He pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court (pictured) to one count of making indecent images between January 1 and June 30, last year and distributing an indecent image via email on March 14, last year.

“These are serious offences,” Judge Deborah Taylor told bespectacled Janssen. “The making and distributing of these images are not victimless crimes.

“Children are often forced or trafficked into sexual crime and must be protected from exploitation.”

The court heard Janssen had a particular fascination with boys aged around thirteen years-old.

The majority of the images were Level One – the least serious – but did include all levels up to one Level Five image – the most serious.

The email he distributed included three images. One Level One and two at Level Four.

The court heard Janssen made no financial gain from his activities and fully co-operated with police, pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity.

“Having regard to the nature of the material only an immediate custodial sentence is appropriate,” announced Judge Taylor.

The judge made a Sexual Offences Prevention Order for five years, which bans Janssen from inappropriate Internet use, professional and social contact with children under sixteen years-old without supervision and text messaging with children.

He will also sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for ten years.

Detective Inspector Noel McHugh, of the Paedophile Unit said: “This result demonstrates that those who are engaged in the production and distribution of indecent images of children will be discovered, no matter who they are.”

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Paedo Footie Coach Caged For Thirty-Five Years Of Sex Abuse

An ex-football coach who sexually abused a string of young boys over 35 years – plying them with booze and showering them with gifts – has been locked up for a minimum of nine years.

Retired caretaker David Berry, 70, (pictured) of Jubilee Road, Greenford, Middlesex filmed himself having sex with the youngsters – aged between 8 and 17 years-old.

Berry exploited his position of trust while working in a school, even befriending some of the victims' families.

He first began abusing a teenage boy in 1975, and he continued abusing others until just weeks before he was arrested by the Metropolitan Police’s specialist rape investigation unit, Sapphire, on April 22, last year.

When police searched Berry's home they found videos and images of the pensioner sexually abusing young boys.

He was arrested and quizzed and as the scale of the abuse became clear, the investigation was transferred to the Child Abuse Command's Serious Case Team for further investigation.

He was charged with a total of 45 serious sexual offences against children including sexual assault, gross indecency and rape.

At Isleworth Crown Court he admitted 22 counts of serious sexual abuse, including repeated rape relating to five victims.

He referred to having relationships or "flings" with the boys, and even described sexual activity as being “mutual”.

All of the victims were known to the defendant, who deliberately targeted, groomed and abused them when they were very young.

His abuse continued until the boys reached the age of or 17 before turning his attention to another younger child.

The victims are now aged between 13 and 50-years.

Berry preyed on vulnerable victims, including a child with learning difficulties, plying some of them with alcohol to facilitate some of the abuse.

As a reward Berry showered his victims with gifts and provided them with pocket money.

A mother of a one of those abused by Berry as a child said: “I was so shocked and sad for him.

“It explained his behaviour in the past - his drinking and temper.

“When he was telling me [about the abuse] he was angry and upset.”

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Wheels Fall Off Lavish Lifestyle Of Flash Car Crook

A flash conman with a love of fast cars, who used a variety of aliases to supply East London criminals with a fleet of top spec motors, has been locked-up for two years and nine months.

Tyrone Somerszaul,36, (pictured) of Kings Gate Mews, Hornsey, North London also pocketed £60,000 in incapacity benefit while running ‘Fineline’ and ‘Taylor Prestige’.

Between 2004 and 2009 he used at least three identities – Tyrone Simmons, Dean Miller and Sean Kimani – to run the vehicle leasing companies.

His fleet included a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Mercedes and BMW – all vehicles used by gang members.

Somerszaul pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown court to eight fraud charges and confiscation proceedings will follow.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Matt Foy of Hackney Borough CID, said: “Today's sentencing brings to a close a long-running and protracted investigation by Hackney Police into the complex criminal dealings of Tyrone Somerszaul. 

“By bringing him to justice and calling time on his bogus vehicle leasing company, police have curtailed not only his freedom but his lavish criminally-funded lifestyle.”

Detective Chief Inspector Gary Bruce of Hackney Police, said: “This investigation has disrupted the activity of suspected gang members in Hackney who used Somerszaul's vehicles to get around the streets of the capital.

“I would like to commend the efforts of DC Matt Foy and PC Carrie Waller who have worked tirelessly on a complicated case, which has ultimately seen a serious criminal imprisoned for nearly three years.”

Friday, 28 January 2011

Police Track Down Murderer On-The-Run

An Albanian, who stabbed his sister’s black boyfriend to death after discovering their relationship, now faces 14 years in a top-security prison after being captured in Kosovo.

Gerald Mitre aka Aldo Aliaj, 25, ( killed 24 year-old Aaron Stokes (pic.bottom) in the Centrepoint Hostel, New Cross, South-East London on January 2, 2006.

The victim, who lived in the hostel where Mitre’s sister also resided suffered a fatal stab wound to the chest and the defendant fled before police arrived.

Mitre’s sister lied to officers, telling them an unknown intruder had stabbed Aaron and later confessed to the murder herself.

She was charged with murder and perverting the course of justice, but on the eve of her trial confessed it was her brother who killed Aaron.

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Service's Homicide and Serious Crime Command launched a national manhunt to find Mitre, but by early 2007 intelligence suggested he had fled to Albania.

Albania accepted jurisdiction of the case and in June 2009 three Albanian Judges, a prosecutor and a defence lawyer appointed by the court on behalf of Gerald Mitre flew to London to take evidence from witnesses.

The hearings took place over a two day period at a specially constituted court presided over by a British District Judge.

After the hearing in the UK the Albanian judges returned to Albania to conclude the trial.

In January last year the parents of Aaron flew to Albania to hear the court find Mitre guilty of murder and sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment.

Mitre was arrested in Kosovo on December 29, last year and currently awaits extradition to Albania.

Detective Inspector Nick Sumner, who led the murder investigation, said: “I am pleased for Aaron’s family, they have displayed great patience, dignity and understanding in their wait to achieve justice for the senseless murder of their son.

“As Mitre awaits extradition to Albania to serve his sentence they are even closer to getting the justice they deserve.

“Whilst Mitre managed to flee the UK, he could not escape British law.

“The Metropolitan Police Service and Crown Prosecution Service in partnership with the Albanian authorities made sure of that.”

Reviewing Lawyer, Lorna Heger of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “This case is a very good example of different countries working together in the spirit of international cooperation.

“I am very grateful to the Albanian judicial authorities for their assistance. I am also very pleased for Aaron’s family that the person responsible for the murder of their son has been brought to account.”

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Teenage Murder: £20,000 Reward Offered

A £20,000 reward is up for grabs for information that nails the killers of an East London teenager, who suffered fatal stab wounds when a fifteen-strong gang attacked him and a friend.

Isschan Nicholls, 18, (pictured) was stabbed in Parnell Road on January 13, last year by a mob armed with knives, baseball bats and lengths of wood.

His 17 year-old mate was also stabbed during the 9pm attack and was successfully treated at the Royal London Hospital and discharged.

Isschan was rushed to the same hospital in a critical condition and died two days later from stab wounds to the abdomen and thigh.

The teenager’s family have been left devastated by his murder and is urging anyone with information to come forward.

Isschan's mother, Jennifer, said: “It has been a year since Isschan was tragically taken from us and this alone has had a major effect on our lives.

“Coupled together with the fact that no one has yet been charged, it makes the whole incident even more unbearable. 

“We would like anyone that knows anything about what happened to Isschan to please come forward and give their information to the police.

“Someone knows who did this. Please come forward.”

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Manning of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command said: “A number of arrests have been made during the investigation into Isschan's murder.

“Unfortunately we have not been able to bring any charges against anyone. 

“I know there are people in the east London community who know what happened on that night last year, including the identity of the person who stabbed Isschan.

“I would ask that they examine their consciences and consider the trauma and devastation suffered by Isschan's family. 

“It is time for them to come forward with the information needed to bring a successful prosecution for Isschan's murder and provide his family with some closure.”

Any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to call the incident room on 020 8721 4054.

If you wish to remain anonymous you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Twelve people were initially arrested in connection with the investigation, two women aged 28 and 43 and 10 males aged between 16 and 25.

Nobody has been charged.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Next-Door Neighbours Grass-Up £56,000 Benefits Cheat

A benefits cheat, shopped by her next-door neighbours for a five-year £56,000 scam, has dodged prison with a suspended sentence.

Mother-of-three Lesley Jane Harris, 48, of Ellis Road, Coulsdon claimed she was a single-mum living alone, despite sharing the family home (pictured) with her husband.

The first-time offender, whose three daughters are now aged 20, 26 and 29, began her income support claim in August 1989 and continued signing declarations she was a lone parent.

Harris pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court to two counts of failing to notify a change in circumstances to the Department of Work and Pensions and Croydon Council between June, 2003 and September, 2008.

Prosecutor Miss Bridget Todd told the court Harris claimed her husband walked out after a series of rows, but failed to declare he returned to the family home.

Investigators questioned the immediate next-door neighbours either side of Harris and they confirmed the defendant’s husband shared the house and enjoyed family BBQ’s.

It was also revealed the couple shared the same local G.P., giving the same residential address and Harris’s vehicle was registered with DVLA at the family home.

When quizzed in September, 2008 Harris maintained she was not living with her husband or took money from him.

Harris has so far repaid £380 income support to the Department for Work and Pensions and £623 housing benefit to Croydon Council.

The court heard Harris, who has been prescribed anti-depressants since the age of eighteen, has also suffered four strokes.

She was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment, suspended for twelve months and ordered to obey a nightime curfew between 7pm and 7am for six months.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Forced Marriage And Rape: Bengali Wanted

Police are trying to trace this man on suspicion of gaining British residency via a sham marriage to a 15 year-old girl four years ago – then raping the teen after the bogus ceremony.

Bangladeshi-born Monir Abdul Kashim, in his 40’s, married the girl in Bethnal Green, East London in April, 2007 and his current whereabouts is a mystery.

The victim first called police on June 26, 2009 complaining she was being forced into another sham marriage without her consent – then revealed the 2007 ceremony and subsequent rape.

The investigation, led by the Metropolitan Police’s Child Abuse Investigation Team discovered the victim’s sister, then aged twelve had also been sexually assaulted by the suspect.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to please contact officers on 020 8217 6499.

If you wish to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Big Brother Convicted After Violent Family Reunion

A teen attacked his younger 14 year-old runaway sister during a stormy family reunion - punching her to the ground and kicking her in the head - outside a busy railway station.

The angry girl headbutted her older brother in front of their mother when suddenly dropped off by her 18 year-old boyfriend at South Croydon Station (pictured).

Albanian-born Shamet Kreku, 18, pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court to assaulting his sister on August 7, last year.

The girl's boyfriend had secretly agreed to drive her to the reunion to then return to the family home with her mother and brother.

"Kreku launched an unprovoked attack on her," prosecutor Bridget Todd told the court. "She was punched to the ground and he kicked her in the head while she was lying on the ground."

She was left with a bruise to her right eye, swelling to the neck, wrist and forearm and grazing to her shoulder.

The girl was treated for her injuries at Mayday Hospital.

She was taken into care, but has since left social services.

The defendant, who entered the UK in 1999 with his parents and three siblings, had twisted his sister's arm up her back when their mother demanded she returned home.

Recorder Nicholas Heathcote Williams QC told first-time offender Kreku: "When she was on the ground you kicked her in the head, neck and back causing bruising."

Kreku was sentenced to complete eighty hours community service, including forty days education and training.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Tottenham Mugger Caught On CCTV: Police Appeal

Police are hunting this robbery suspect, who punched and kicked his victim during an attempted bag-snatch minutes after the target left a North London high street bank.

Detectives from Haringey’s Robbery Squad have released this CCTV image of the suspect who struck in Dowsett Road, Tottenham on July 16, last year after the 39 year-old male victim left Santander in nearby High Road.

He approached the victim from behind just after 4:10pm and tried to grab the bag the man was carrying, assaulting him in the process.

The robber fled empty-handed when passers-by shouted at him.

An ambulance took the victim to the North Middlesex Hospital and he has since been discharged.

The suspect is described as a black man, aged about 25 years, medium build and about 5ft 6" tall with a distinctive loping walk.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Shaun Carre-Brown on 020 8345 0870.

To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Autistic Serial Thief Dodges Prison After Being Caught Yet Again

An Autistic thief, obsessed with stealing strangers’ personal effects, dodged prison with a suspended sentence yesterday (Friday) for his countrywide crime spree.

Van Elvin Courchene, 31, of North Road, Stoke-on-Trent enters colleges, and hostels in his hunt for simple items, which he feels gives him his only connection with other people.

He pleaded guilty at London’s Blackfriars Crown Court to possessing two false identity documents, namely two U.K. driver’s licences, at St. Christopher’s Village hostel, Borough High Street, Southwark on May 9.

Prosecutor Miss Abigail White told the court staff became suspicious after catching Courchene searching through the hostel’s luggage room.

He insisted he was simply looking for his own bag and when it was checked by staff they found the two licences and called the police.

Officers at Peckham Police Station quizzed Courchene (pictured).

“He said he had a habit of collecting things,” added Miss White.

Courchene is currently under the supervision of North Staffordshire Probation Service after being sentenced to supervision orders for similar crimes.

He has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome - a form of Autism

He received a three-year order at Oxford Crown Court for burgling student accommodation at a local college, helping himself to identity cards, concert tickets and foreign currency.

More recently he received a one-year order after being caught rifling through the luggage room at Baden-Powell House hostel, Kensington, West London.

Courchene was also recently sentenced at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court to three months imprisonment for theft.

“He has a sense of resentment. He is intelligent, but stymied and throughout his education was bullied and shunned and cannot bear that,” said Courchene’s lawyer Mr. Nicholas Cooper.

“It seems people believe he is stupid, but he is not stupid and feels bitterly disappointed,” added the lawyer. “He has a feeling of huge annoyance at suffering such inequality.

“He struggles to understand very basic principles and his conduct puts him on the outside and somehow contact with others can only be achieved this way.

“Behind all this is a bright young man who plainly has potential,” explained Mr. Cooper. “He is thinking about this all the time and is trying to control his impulses.”

Judge John Hillen announced: “There are those with the same syndrome who do not commit crime.

“It passes the custody threshold and he is in breach of two community orders. I could impose a lengthy further period of imprisonment.”

Courchene was sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for eighteen months, and was placed under an eighteen month supervision order.

Friday, 21 January 2011

B-O-B Squad Bin Two More

Two “dangerous offenders” caught red-handed during a dramatic armed police swoop with a pistol and bullets in their car have been locked-up.

Mark Griffiths, 35, ( of Banister House, Homerton High Street, Homerton, East London and Darren Brissett, 33, (pic.bottom) of nearby Shafton Road tried to flee, but were caught after a chase.

They pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court to possession of a firearm, with intent to endanger life, and possession of ammunition when stopped in Hackney on July 15, last year. Griffiths also admitted a second count of firearm possession.

When quizzed at Charing Cross Police Station Griffiths tried to keep his home address a secret, but officers discovered where he lived and found a second handgun in a wardrobe.

He was sentenced to seven years imprisonment and Brissett received five years.

Armed Operation Trident police – who investigate violent black-on-black crime in London – stopped the pair in a silver Ford Fiesta after receiving a tip-off.

They were detained after initially trying to escape police and inside the car officers found the pistol and three bullets.

Operation Trident Detective Inspector Chris Jones said: “We're pleased that two dangerous offenders, who thought nothing of driving around the streets of Hackney with a firearm in their car, are now behind bars for a substantial length of time.”

Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Year's Eve Party Shooting: Eight Arrested

Police investigating a shooting outside an East London restaurant during a New Year’s Eve party, which left a 23 year-old man with a chest injury, have made eight arrests.

Operation Trident detectives – who specialize in investigating violent black-on-black crime - are still appealing for witnesses to the 6:20am incident outside Olympia Eatery, (pictured) Upper Clapton Road on January 1.

The wounded man was lying outside nearby Hendale House, Northwold Road and rushed by ambulance to a local hospital where he remains in a stable condition.

He had attended the party, which attracted between 100 and 150 revellers, and was shot following a row outside involving thirty people. He was not involved in the altercation.

Eight men, aged between 18 and 22 years-old, were arrested the same day and bailed to return to a north London police station in late February.

During the course of the investigation officers seized a handgun from an address in Harrowgate Road, Homerton, which will be subjected to ballistic tests to determine whether the weapon was used in the shooting.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Trident shootings team on 020 8217 7377, or if you wish to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wild Wild East: Gunmen Jailed For Hackney Shootout

Two rival gang members involved in a dramatic late-night shootout in a busy Hackney street have been branded dangers to the public and locked-up for a total minimum of twelve years.

Sina Naroei, 24, ( must serve a minimum of seven-and-half years and Ozgur Ozdemir, 22, (pic.botom) at least four-and-a-half years.

Ozdemir was a pillion motorcycle passenger in Kingsland Road at 10pm on April 14, last year when Naroei, who was with a group of men, suddenly opened fire, causing the bike to topple over.

Ozdemir ran towards nearby shops for cover and returned fire on Naroei.

Both men were convicted at Snaresbrook Crown Court of possessing a firearm and possessing a firearm, with intent to endanger life and given indeterminate sentences.

Detective Constable Neil Whitbread of Operation Trident – which specializes in investigating violent black-on-black crime in the capital said: “The judge recognised that this was part of a gang conflict and that both men had gone on the streets armed, showing no regard for the safety of the public, and this has been reflected in the sentences.

“These are two people who were known gang members for several years and we are happy that the streets are a safer place with them in prison.

“This was a reckless act played out between two rivals in a busy Hackney street.

“Shots were fired by both parties with no thought to the risk they posed to innocent members of the public, who unbelievably were not injured.

“Operation Trident is committed to taking men of violence off the streets.

“Working with the community, we will continue to work tirelessly in order to bring the perpetrators of such crimes to justice."

As a result of the incident, a 21-year-old man received a gunshot wound to his leg and was discharged from hospital the following day.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sweet-Toothed Cocaine Smuggler Locked-Up

A cocaine smuggler who, imported £78,000 worth of the drug hidden inside bars of Ecuadorian chocolate, has been jailed for six years and eight months.

Ciaran Etuk, 20, (pictured) of Dewey Road, Islington, North London was arrested after a dramatic rooftop chase when police raided his home.

He pleaded guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court to the importation of the class A drugs on or before October 15, last year.

Etuk was arrested when police discovered the package containing cocaine (pictured) had been addressed to his house.

He tried to evade capture by climbing out of a first floor window and ran across several roofs, hiding in a neighbours loft until police found him.

Police Sergeant Derek Wright, from the Proactive Crime Unit in Islington, said: “This case demonstrates the lengths that criminals will go to import drugs, but we continue to be a step ahead. 

“Etuk's conviction and the seizure of a considerable quantity of cocaine have undoubtedly disrupted a criminal network's ability to operate and has prevented these drugs from causing harm to the community in Islington."

Monday, 17 January 2011

Drama Girl's Tragedy After Hiding Gun For Mystery Villain

A young drama student’s future lies in tatters after a specialist police firearms squad raided her home, seizing a revolver and bullets from a suitcase on top of her wardrobe.

Sarah Louise Jones, 21, of Windsor Wharf, Homerton, East London was sentenced to five years imprisonment after being convicted by a Snaresbrook Crown Court jury of possessing a firearm and ammunition.

Police from Operation Bantam, Hackney Borough’s proactive firearm unit – acting on a tip-off - executed a search warrant for firearms at on February 26, last year.

Jones was arrested shortly afterwards at the Chickenshed Theatre, Southgate, North London where she studied.

Detective Constable Gary Williams of Operation Bantam said: “This conviction sends out a clear message about the grave consequences of storing guns for others.

“Those who do this are not only committing a crime, but they are helping others commit theirs.

“Sarah Jones had never been in trouble with the police before, but by agreeing to hide a lethal firearm for somebody else, she was partly responsible for any crimes committed with that weapon.

“She now has to spend the next few years in prison - a tragedy for both her and her family.”

Detective Chief Inspector Gary Bruce of Hackney Police, said: “Gun crime in Hackney has fallen by nearly 35% this year, and this is largely due to the volume of firearms my officers are recovering from the borough’s streets and homes.

“No matter who you are, if you are caught with a firearm you will face a prison sentence. Claiming 'it’s not your gun’ is no defence.”