Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hammer And Machete Killer Who Murdered Partner And Their Toddler Daughter Caged For 35-Year Minimum

A father-of-five living a double-life, who killed his partner of eighteen years and their toddler daughter in a bloody hammer and machete attack when told to leave, is starting a life sentence.
Roland McKoy, 54, of Oswald's Mead, Lindisfarne Way, Hackney battered 45 year-old Valerie Forde's head seventeen times with the hammer and used the blade to slash 22-month old Real-Jahzara McKoy's throat.
He was convicted at the Old Bailey of murdering both of them at the family home on March 31 and must serve a minimum of thirty-five years.
Investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Charles King, of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: "Research has shown that women are at greatest risk of homicide at the point of separation or after leaving a violent partner.
“What Roland McKoy did on that day in March almost defies belief, but it is a stark warning that extreme violence within such relationships is a very real possibility. 

"McKoy lost control as the reality hit home that Valerie was adamant he must leave and carried out a horrific attack with a variety of weapons.
“Not only did he vent his fury at his partner but he also killed his baby daughter." 

The court heard the couple's relationship broke down in December 2013 and Valerie told McKoy he must move out of their home by March 31.
That morning McKoy showed no signs of leaving and the couple, who had three children together, argued.
Valerie called her eldest daughter who heard shouting and then screaming and called police.
At one point she heard McKoy say: "This is the destruction that you have brought onto the family."

Officers arrived and forced entry and they found Valerie, Real-Jahzara and McKoy all on the third floor of the house.
Valerie and her daughter were not breathing and had obvious injuries.
McKoy was lying in a foetal position on the floor next to a hammer, machete and screwdriver.
He had minor self-inflicted wounds plus internal injuries from drinking household bleach.

The court heard that McKoy had attacked Valerie with the hammer, striking her head at least 17 times.
He had slashed her face and neck with the machete and stabbed her with the screwdriver.
He also used the machete to cut his daughter across her neck.

He wrote a note which he left on Valerie's face, accusing her of "dirty tricks" and blaming her for the attack.

Enquiries revealed the couple's relationship had begin to deteriorate in 1999 after Valerie discovered McKoy had been living a double life and was still married to another woman, by whom he had two children.

Their relationship hit more difficult patches over the next decade with McKoy jailed for drugs and benefit offences and Valerie unhappy that he did not contribute to the household, either financially or by helping around the home.

About six months before she was murdered, Valerie, a centre manager for the Hackney Marsh Partnership, told McKoy he had to contribute £150 each month to the household or leave.

By December 2013 she had told him their relationship was over and gave him three months to find somewhere else to live.

Valerie's family said today: "No matter how many years he receives it will not bring Valerie and Jahzara back.
“The pain will still continue for our family for the rest of our lives.

“His actions have destroyed the lives of Valerie and Jahzara's family, friends and the wider community in Hackney. Their deaths will not be in vain."

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Stalker Who Pursued Ex-Eastenders Star Brooke Kinsella Back In Court

An obsessed stalker - fixated with ex-EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella - who repeatedly sent unwanted messages and gifts and constantly tried to meet the star will discover his fate on January 19.

Paul Mason, 40, of 6 even visited the grave of her murdered brother and penned fantasy love letters to her.

He appeared via video link from HMP High Down at Bromley Magistrates Court yesterday where he was remanded in custody for probation and psychiatric reports.

Mason was convicted last month of stalking the 31 year-old actress who, played Kelly Taylor in the BBC soap from 2001 to 2004, between January 1, 2012 and April 4, this year after she gave evidence from behind a screen.

"I won't be co-operating with the psychiatric report, the probation report yes," dreadlocked Mason told the magistrates today. "I'm within my rights to tell them I won't speak to them and I will when they get here."

He faces a maximum sentence of six months imprisonment.

Miss Kinsella described Mason's behaviour as: "odd" and: "scary", particularly his references to having already bought her wedding dress for their marriage and his vow to show up at the acting school for children she runs.

Mason claims that as a victim of knife crime himself he was simply trying to support the actresses work with the Ben Kinsella Trust, dedicated to the memory of her 16 year-old brother, who was stabbed to death by three young men on June 29, 2008.

He turned up unannounced at a theatre she was performing at, a Trust open day event she was hosting, where he hugged her and the Trust's HQ, the Lions Centre, a leisure facility next to Millwall Football Club.

Mason left gifts such as CD's, oils, perfume and a ring at the locations and when police searched his home they found a quantity of expressive love letters devoted to the actress.

Islington-born Brooke told the court the first time she ever heard the name Paul Mason was in 2011 when the Home Office - who the Trust work with - contacted the police about troubling letters they had received about her from the defendant.

"I was told to be vigilant and was given his description and told to look out for him.

"I was performing at Bromley Theatre and the box office staff told me my friend had been looking for me and his name was Paul Mason. I was obviously worried because I'd been told to be vigilant about him.

"A couple of days later two actress friends were in the auditorium and he managed to get in and spoke to them, calling me: 'Pumpkin.'

"He contacted me on Facebook and Twitter and I received numerous messages on my phone and he would tell me my wedding dress was ready.

"I blocked him, but he set up new accounts and sent more messages such as: 'You will be my wife.'

"Sometimes they were complimentary and he would always refer to me as: 'Pumpkin'. It struck me as a bit odd and a bit scary and just seemed to escalate."

She was most concerned about his promise to show up at her True Stars Academy. "He said: 'I'll come down to see you and the kids.'

"I felt threatened from the moment he said he was coming down."

The only time Brooke met Mason face-to-face was at the Trust's open day in August 2013 at Millwall FC. "He came up to me and hugged me and said he had presents for me.

"I didn't look at the presents. I just wanted to get out of there."

Mason's lawyer Mr. Roger Hill told the court: "This is at the bottom end of the scale. His case is that he met the lady when she first auditioned to go on EastEnders at Elstree and was subsequently aware of what happened to her and was supporting her."

The defendant, who has a previous conviction for harassment, will also be the subject of a prosecution application for a restraining order to prohibit contact with Brooke.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Private School Head Admits Pupil Assault

Hendon Magistrates Court
The head teacher of a £6,855 per year private north London primary school has admitted assaulting a Year Six pupil when disciplining him over an incident two days earlier when the boy was playing football.

However, Martyn Keane, 68, of Shrublands Road, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire is disputing the prosecution version of the events and will return to court for a one-and-a-half day Newton Hearing to determine the facts.

He pleaded guilty at Hendon Magistrates Court to assaulting the boy on September 30 at the school, which cannot be identified, and will return on February 19 when the pupil and other witnesses will give evidence.

The court heard Keane entered the classroom the boy was in and grabbed hold of him by the knot of his tie and pulled him.

The youngster fell and struck his head on another pupil's shoulder before falling forward and striking the desk in front of him.

Keane claims he did nothing more than poke the boy's shoulder, causing him to stumble into the other pupil.

On October 6 Keane had a meeting with the boy's parents and denied the pupil's version of events and he was later arrested and questioned by police and charged on November 19.

The court made a Contempt of Court Order under Section 39 of the Children and Young Persons Act prohibiting publication of information that could lead to the identity of the victim, any other children and the school.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Notorious Activist Banned From Campaigning Against Policewoman Who Nailed Him

Self-Styled 'Whistleblower' O'Callaghan
A notorious activist, who waged a decade-long harassment campaign against two respected doctors, has received a restraining order prohibiting him continuing his latest cause against the policewoman, who successfully investigated him.

Disabled Paul O'Callaghan, 39, of Granville Road, Eastbourne mailed multiple copies of a petition he drafted to forty police stations all over London, Kent and West Sussex asking officers to sign their support for the dismissal of WPC Lisa London.

He did not attend Bromley Magistrates Court, where prosecutor Miss Louise Thomas explained the fresh investigation was prompted by a four-page handwritten document posted second class and received at Gipsy Hill Police Station, Crystal Palace on May 8.

The document could be described as a rant against both the NHS and Lisa London, who he said perverted the course of justice and described himself as a 'hero' and 'whistleblower.'

He asked police officers to sign his petition supporting the sacking of Lisa London and included a stamped address envelope.

The petition was hand-signed by Paul O'Callaghan and images of Lisa London taken from a Metropolitan Police web without permission were included.

He was interviewed and admitted sending the documents.”

When quizzed by officers O'Callaghan claimed: “She should be kicked out and I should be able to join the police.......She was fitting me up.”

The magistrates made the indefinite order, which prohibits O'Callaghan from obtaining, storing, distributing or communicating via media information in relation to Lisa London.

He is also banned from contacting the officer and must not distribute any signs or writings that are harassing or distressing or enter the London Borough of Bromley without a pre-booked medical or legal appointment.

O'Callaghan had pleaded not guilty to harassing Lisa London on or before July 11, but the charge was dropped by the prosecution on the day of the trial.

The officer had led the investigation and successful prosecution of O'Callaghan for circulating leaflets calling for the “punishment”, “retribution” and “execution” of named medics, who he also secretly recorded and filmed during consultations.

He receives disability living allowance for his chronic vestibular disorder, which effects his balance, and in August, last year received 18 weeks imprisonment, suspended for twelve months and ordered to obey an electronically tagged night time curfew between 8pm and 6am for ten weeks.

He was also made subject to a five-year restraining order, which prohibits him from displaying any sign that could cause harassment or distress to NHS staff and was ordered to pay £300 costs at the rate of £10 per fortnight.

O'Callaghan was convicted at Greenwich Magistrates' Court of two counts of harassment against Dr. Jennifer Quirke and Dr. David Golding-Wood between August 19, 2003 and November 20, 2012.

The self-styled founder of the 'British Unicorn Party' was also convicted of two counts of communicating threatening messages between October 1, 2004 and November 20, 2012 and November 16 and 20, 2012.

O'Callaghan had been receiving treatment at the Princess Royal University Hospital, Orpington and circulated his leaflets throughout the London Borough of Bromley – the local authority the hospital is located in.

When convicted he told the bench magistrates: “I'm going to have you executed. I am going to have the three of you killed when I seize control of this country.”

His defence to the charges were that the leaflets were merely British Unicorn Party political manifestos, even though some were titled: “Doctors of Evil”, “Fifteen Year Wait For Treatment” and “We Make Complete Cock-Ups On A Regular Basis.”

Leaflets were pushed through Dr. Quirke's front door and the letterboxes of other hospital staff, who told police they found them: “Extremely nasty, extremely malicious and extremely slanderous.”

They included images of Dr. Quirke the defendant had secretly recorded during appointments and included a series of claims against both doctors.

Ear, Nose and Throat specialist Dr. Golding-Wood only saw O'Callaghan once ten years ago and referred him to the world-leading National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

I received everything from a single sheet A4 document to thirty-two pages, some of which contained somewhat threatening and disparaging material,” he told the court.

The author became more robust and used the words punishment, retribution and execution. I was extremely concerned and threatened.”

The two doctors formed the view that the defendant had become completely obsessed with the disorder and Dr. Golding-Wood found the literature threatening and distressing.

Dr. Quirke said the defendant was extremely hostile during their meeting and leaflets saying that she should be executed were distributed all over the borough.

The doctor also made a victim impact statement, explaining: “I was obviously targeted and letters were distributed at my place of work and through my front door.

My life was threatened, he said that we should be killed. I felt extremely vulnerable in my home and was concerned that he knew where I lived.”

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Cycling Tragedy: Police Appeal For Witnesses

Police are investigating the tragic death of a keen cyclist, who suffered a fatal head injury when knocked off his bike early one saturday morning.
David Blake, 57, of Keith Road, Barking was cycling in Leman Street, Whitechapel at 7.05am on December 6 when he was involved in a collision with a silver Toyota Yaris.
Roads and Transport Policing Officers are continuing to appeal for witnesses and information.
Mr. Blake was taken by ambulance to an east London hospital in a critical condition after suffered a serious head injury.
He died in hospital the next day on December 7. Next of kin have been informed.
The 46-year-old car driver was arrested at the scene in connection with the incident.
He has been bailed to return to a police station on a date in February.

Any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to call the Serious Collision Investigation Unit (SCIU) based at Chadwell Heath Traffic Garage on 020 8597 4874.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Former Radio One Disc Jockey Locked-Up For Sexually Abusing Boys

A former Radio One DJ is starting a thirteen-year sentence for sexually abusing twenty-four male victims aged between nine and sixteen years-old.
Christopher Denning, 73, of Basildon, Essex – known as Yewtree 13 – was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court for forty offences of indecent assault, indecency and gross indecency.
The abuse ocurred between 1967 and 1987.
He was investigated and arrested by officers attached to Operation Yewtree.
Detective Chief Inspector Michael Orchard, from the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, said: “Christopher Denning is a dangerous, serial offender who committed numerous offences over a twenty-year period against a large number of young boys.
“One of these victims was as young as nine years of age.
“Denning’s only redeeming quality is that he has not made his victims go through the trial process.

"I would like to thank the victims for their bravery and courage in coming forward.

“I hope that Denning’s admittance of guilt is the first step in helping them move on with their lives."

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Happy Christmas To Our Readers

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Today is the day to reflect on our blessings and value the time we have to spend with friends and family.

It is also a time to remember those in our lives who are sadly no longer with us and appreciate those precious moments when they brought us joy and love.

So no news reports for today from all of us here at Square Mile News, but I am happy to inform you full service will be resumed after this special day and hopefully into the New Year.

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Former HSBC Worker Accused Of Emptying Couple's Bank Account

Charged: Maura Kealy
A woman accused of stealing over £70,000 from the bank account of a couple she knew has appeared in court for the first time.

Maura Kealy, 56, of St. Peter's Place, Arklow, County Wicklow, Republic of Ireland - an ex-HSBC employee - indicated a not guilty plea.

She appeared at Wimbledon Magistrates Court, where jurisdiction was declined.

Kealy was arrested at her former home in Brentford, West London on May 9, 2013 and denied any dishonesty when questioned.

She was interviewed again on May 23 this year.

She was bailed unconditionally to appear at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court for a preliminary hearing, which will take place in the new year.

Kealy is charged with stealing £71,701 between June 26, 2001 and September 21, 2010 from a HSBC bank account belonging to Irish couple Christopher Behan and Bridget Behan.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Boxer Dereck Chisora's Parking Rage Death Threats

Heavyweight boxing champ Dereck Chisora shouted and swore at two men who blocked-in his car, threatening to "smash their faces in" and "kill" them during a parking rage row when he left his vehicle on private land. 

The 30 year-old bad-boy of British boxing had lost his European heavyweight title a week earlier after retiring in  the tenth round during his bout with Manchester's Tyson Fury at London's Excel Arena.

Chisora, of Addison Way, Golders Green pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour, with intent to cause fear or provoke unlawful violence, towards Majid Rezaei and Mansor Nikpor in nearby Finchley Road on December 8.

The six foot one former British and Commonwealth champion was sentenced to a twelve-month community order; 60 hours community service work and must pay £100 compensation to each victim, £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Prosecutor Miss Inder Gohlar told Hendon Magistrates Court: "One of the complainant's lives at the address, a house of multiple occupancy with a communal car park.

"When they returned the car park was full and the resident, who was in a friend's car, decided to park in such a way it blocked the vehicles in the car park and they left a note inside their windscreen with a mobile phone number if anyone needed them to move.

"The driver, Mansor Nikpor, states: 'Having left the contact number we walked towards the Post Office and were passed by a large black man wearing sunglasses, a red jacket and dark tracksuit bottoms.

'He immediately started shouting and swearing at us, saying he was in a hurry and wanted us to move the car.

'We said that we would move it and there was no need to swear and continued walking to the Post Office.

'We returned and again the man began swearing and shouting at us and said: 'If you don't move your car I'm going to punch you, smash both of your faces and then the car.'"

Miss Gohlar added: "This defendant continued to swear and they went into the building because of his aggressive behaviour.

"This defendant followed them into the building and continued swearing and Mr. Rezaei stated that he was going to call the police.

"The defendant said: 'Call the police, they won't do anything, you're wasting my time. I'm late for my appointment, I'll kill you.'

"He poked Mr. Rezaei in the chest with his finger as he said this and stood in the doorway swearing at them, saying he was going to smash their faces and punch their heads in."

Police arrived and an agitated Chisora, who was "frantically shaking his hands", told the officers: "I told him to move his damn car. I've been waiting for ages.

"When I leave here I'll be getting my guys to come back and deal with them."

Miss Gohlar said: "He continued his aggressive behaviour in front of the police. In summary It was a continuous tirade of behaviour and an indication of threats, saying that he was going to kill."

The court heard Chisora has two previous public order convictions, plus an offence of violence, for which he received a suspended prison sentence in November, 2010.

His lawyer, Mr. Michael Neofytou, said: "He's made no bones about it and he has pleaded guilty. This series of events began through no fault of the defendant, but he accepts his behaviour was unacceptable.

"The complainants parked the vehicle in an obstructive way, blocking in this defendant's vehicle and when he asked them to move it they continued to cross the road towards the post Office.

"This would not have happened if they had moved their vehicle. They refused to move it because they did not like the way he was talking to them.

"Having been blocked in he lost his cool and his frustration got the better of him.

"He's a professional sportsman, an athlete, he's a professional boxer and he is in a position to pay."

Ironically the court's probation officer, Denise Ryan, dealt with Chisora when he received the suspended sentence and she told the court: "He trains and he boxes in the evening so a night time curfew would be too restrictive, it's his livelihood, he's the breadwinner, he's got a seven month-old daughter.

"There's an up and coming fight in February and he would like to get done before that. He could do one day a week to complete the work.

"I would recommend forty to sixty hours work. That would allow him to concentrate on the training."

Bench Chairman Mr. Mike Wallace told Chisora: "We've heard of threats to smash both of the victims' faces, you poked one of them in the chest, made threats to kill both of them, followed them to the address and continued to make threats to smash their faces in and continued when the police arrived."

Zimbabwe-born Chisora, nicknamed 'Del Boy', was stripped of his fight licence after a press conference punch-up with David Haye in February, 2012, which followed a catalogue of disciplinary offences.

He had to pay for £250 an-hour anger management sessions after also slapping Vitali Klitschko at their weigh-in, spitting water at the Ukrainian boxer's brother Wladimir and biting an opponent.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Male-On-Male Sex Offender Sentenced

Wood Green Crown Court
A Herefordshire man, who intimately groped another male, has received a suspended sentence.

Graham Smith, 40, of London Road, Sawbridgeworth was sentenced at north London's Wood Green Crown Court.

He was charged with assaulting a male by penetration at an address in Orton Grove, Enfield on May 11.

Smith was sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for twelve months, placed on probation for twelve months and ordered to complete twenty-five days therapy.

He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders register for seven years and pay £1,000 costs. 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Snooker Star Drago Admits Race Outburst At Local Bank

Cue Trouble: Drago's Bank Meltdown
Snooker star Tony Drago has been fined for an angry racially-motivated outburst at his local branch of Barclays Bank.

The 49 year-old former world top-ten player appeared at Wimbledon Magistrates Court.

Drago, of Bedford Hill, Balham pleaded guilty to one count of racially or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress at the bank in nearby Balham High Road on September 24.

He was fined £85, with £85 costs and ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Brothels And Tax Evasion Probe: Three People In Court

Wimbledon Magistrates Court
Three people arrested after a HM Revenue & Customs probe into illegal brothels have appeared at Wimbledon Magistrates Court facing a variety of charges.

They are: Stephen Jones, 51, and Dorothy Jones, 63, both of Dunvegan Close, Manea, March, Cambridgeshire and Denise Oliver, 45, of Springfield Place, New Malden, Surrey.

Stephen Jones is charged with fraud by false representation, namely representing the contents of a £115,000 mortgage application were true on or before December 31, 2007.

He is also charged with one count of money laundering between January 29, 2008 and November 14, last year, namely receiving the cash proceeds of crime into a Santander bank account to facilitate mortgage payments.

Dorothy Jones faces one count of cheating the public revenue, namely tax evasion.

Oliver is charged with managing brothels used for prostitution in Burlington Road, New Malden and two in St. James Road, Surbiton between June 16, 2009 and November 14, last year.

She is also charged with possession of criminal property, namely £1,220 cash, at her home address on November 7, last year.

All three were bailed unconditionally to appear at Kington-upon-Thames Crown Court for a preliminary hearing on December 23.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Prestigious Wine Merchant's IT Boss Jailed For Computer Crime

Prince Consort House
The IT manager of a prestigious 160 year-old wine merchant's is starting a two-year sentence for a cyber crime on his employer's.

Richard Slater, 48, of Spur Road, Orpington worked for Mentzendorff at their Thameside HQ in Prince Consort House, Albert Embankment, Lambeth.

The company was founded in London by Prussian-born Ludwig Mentzendorff in 1853 and received a royal warrant from Queen Victoria.

Slater was charged with committing unauthorised acts, with intent to impair the operation or hinder access to a computer, it's data or a programme in the company's eighth-floor office between June 22 and 30, 2012, contrary to the Computer Misuse Act.

He fought the case, but was convicted by a jury at Inner London Crown Court.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Guilty: Suicidal Paedophile Admits Two Decades-Old Offending

Isleworth Crown Court
A paedophile - who has twice tried to kill himself - has eventually been brought to justice for sexually abusing a young boy twenty years ago and will be sentenced on January 23.

Keith Thompson, 46, of Park Road, Rugby, Warwickshire appeared in custody at Isleworth Crown Court last Friday and was remanded for a pre-sentence report.

He pleaded guilty to seven counts of indecently assaulting the boy on dates between January 1, 1994 and December 31, 1998 in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Finance Chief Jailed For Swindling Two Non-Profit's He Exploited

The financial controller of two separate non-profit organisations, who defrauded them of £41,955, has been jailed for three years and two months.

Richard David Bobath, 53, of Moreland Drive, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire was employed by the British Polio Fellowship (BPF) a registered charity and then the British Institute of Radiology (BIR).

On both occasions he exploited the organisations' lax financial controls to transfer thousands of pounds to his own account or abuse their banks cards to treat himself to foreign trips.

Isleworth Crown Court Judge Robert Winstanley told the first-time offender: “You are not the slightest bit remorseful for any of this offending. You abused your position of trust and the offending was sophisticated and involved planning.”

Bobath pleaded guilty to one count of defrauding the BPF by abuse of position between July 16 and September 5, 2011 and was convicted by a jury of two counts of fraud relating to the BIR between February 13 and October 25, 2012.

The court heard he started working for the BPF on January 27, 2010 and by March 31, 2011 he was in control of the organisation's financial affairs until he left on September 13, that year.

An audit following his departure revealed Bobath had re-activated one of the BPF's dormant bank accounts and persuaded an elderly trustee to sign a bank mandate in his favour.

Bobath, who was employed at their HQ at Eagle Point, The Runway, South Ruislip, then wrote seven cheques to himself, totalling £17,825.

He was arrested and quizzed by officers at Uxbridge Police Station on January 13, 2012. “You pointed the finger of blame at others at the BPF,” Judge Winstanley told him.

Meanwhile Bobath had been hired by the BIR in November, 2011 as their financial manager. “It was facing insolvency, running at a loss and making people redundant,” added the judge.

There were poor financial controls, which you were hired to set-up, but you took advantage and exploited that to your own ends.”

While the BIR's CEO was on leave because her father was dying Bobath set-up pre-paid Kalixa cards for the finance, admin and events departments and used them to spent £8,500.

You used those cards to withdraw cash for yourself, to shop and buy goods for yourself at Stanstead Airport and in Italy and with P&O Ferries.”

Bobath was sacked in October, 2012 after a BPF tip-off to his boss, however, using his old key he gained access to his former office one night and transferred £15,630 to his bank account.

He tried to cover his tracks by forging documents indicating he was owed money by the BIR to justify the extra cash and sent a bogus email purportedly from his old boss approving the payment.

Bobath even faked an email, which gave him a “glowing reference” for the original BPF fraud sentencing hearing.

The married father-of-two has not paid a penny in compensation, but told the court relative was prepared to cover the losses.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Guilty: Hospital Visitor Convicted Of Smooching With Mentally Disabled Young Woman

An investigative journalist, convicted of taking sexual advantage of a mentally disabled young woman on a hospital ward, will be sentenced in the new year.

Anthony Moncrieffe, 67, of Buckland Hill, Maidstone, was seen and heard by hospital staff smooching with the woman and on one occasion put his hand between her legs.

He was found guilty of five counts of sexual activity with a mentally disabled person between between September 27 and November 15, 2012 at the Royal Brompton Hospital, Chelsea.

Four counts relate to kissing the Dover woman on the lips and the fifth alleges Moncrieffe, a veteran of the Daily Mirror; Sunday People; Press Association and Reuters, put his hand beneath her underwear.

He was the subject of a separate police probe in November 2011 when a bag belonging to him, which contained an escort profile, details of his website, his press card and viagra was found, apparent evidence of the defendant passing himself off as a sex consultant.

"I don't think I'd be a sex worker, look at me," Moncrieffe told the Isleworth Crown Court jury, insisting he had invented a persona so he could investigate the Tender Loving Care Trust, but abandoned the project after two weeks.

"I wanted to infiltrate the organisation because I suspected disabled people were being exploited and my job is to bring that out into the public domain.

"A condition of TLC is that you have your own website giving more information on yourself, including more pictures in evening wear and swimwear. 

"It seems they are a bone fide organisation, legal. There was no story there."

Different members of hospital staff have given evidence against the father-of-four, who regularly visited the woman, and the first said he lifted her oxygen mask and kissed her on the lips.

Moncrieffe explained: "It was an adult-sized mask and she's got a very little face and the mask kept slipping down. I pushed it back onto the bridge of her nose and tightened it.

"She is always smiling and I said: 'Good girl,' and kissed her on the tip of her nose."

The second witness claims seeing Moncrieffe with the oxygen mask in his hand and suspecting him of kissing the woman, but admits their view was not clear.

"What would I want to kiss a little girl on the lips for?," asked the defendant. "Particularly a sick little girl."

A third witness says he was lying on the hospital bed, beside the woman, when he leaned over, lifted the oxygen mask and kissed her.

A fourth claim they heard the sound of kisses coming from Moncrieffe and the woman and he was arrested the day another member of staff says he was touching her between the legs.

"We were holding hands and our hands were resting on her lap," he told the jury. We always held hands, a child likes security.

"The next thing I knew two uniformed security guards arrived."

Moncrieffe was bailed for a pre-sentence report and will return on January 23.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Not Guilty: Former Scout Leader And Ex Cleared Of Under-Age Sex Charges

Cleared: Mark Innes
A scout leader, accused of raping his under-age ex-girlfriend - who had already aborted their child - has walked free along with a woman alleged to have assisted him when a Crown Court judge threw out the case.

Mark Innes, 43, of Park Wood Crescent, Beeston, Leeds and registered child-minder Sharon Stow, 40, of East Drive, Orpington, Kent denied the charges at Croydon Crown Court.

At the conclusion of the prosecution case the jury were directed to bring back not guilty verdicts on all counts in relation to both defendants.

At the start of the trial prosecutor Mr. Jonathan Loades told the jury the girl was fourteen years-old and walking near Innes' flat in Orpington High Street in the early 1990's, having dated him since she was either eleven or twelve years-old.

"By now Mr. Innes had a new girlfriend, Miss Stow, and the complainant was aware she was being followed.

"She was forced into an alleyway by Miss Stow and Mr. Innes was there and they grabbed her and forced her into his flat and the bedroom, where she was subjected to further abuse at his hands.

"She was raped with the assistance of Miss Stow."

The court heard the girl attended Orpington's First Ramsden Scout Group, where Innes initially helped out before becoming a scout leader.

"At the group's Christmas party in nineteen ninety-one the girl and Mr. Innes began to develop a relationship despite her youth, she was eleven or twelve years-old at the time and he was eighteen or nineteen.

"Mr. Innes gave her the keys to his flat, but the beginnings of sexual contact occurred in the scout hut and the complainant enjoyed the contact and enjoyed the fact she was being kissed and touched.

"She was scared of losing him, of the relationship coming to and end."

The jury were told Innes asked the girl's mother if he could date the youngster when she was aged thirteen and she was at that age when she became pregnant.

"Mr. Innes arranged for her to have an abortion and afterwards at his flat Mr. Innes forced her to have sex.

"She was in pain and said no, she was crying, she was scared, but despite her resistance he forced her legs apart and raped her," added Mr. Loades.

Innes pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape; one count of unlawful sexual intercourse and another serious sexual offence.

He also denies four counts of indecent assault.

Stow pleaded not guilty to aiding and abetting rape and aiding and abetting the serious sexual offence.

All the charges relate to the period between January 22, 1990 and January 22, 1994.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Tortured Iranian Smuggled Pain-Killing Opium Through Heathrow

A Leicester man, caught stepping off a plane at Heathrow Airport with opium, which he claims is his DIY pain relief solution for back trouble, has received a suspended prison sentence.

Abdul Farhadpour, 45, of Rowanberry Avenue, Braunstone Frith pleaded guilty to importing 70.4 gms of the drug in Terminal Three on May 25 and received six months imprisonment, suspended for eighteen months.

Isleworth Crown Court heard he suffered the injury when tortured in his native Iran.

He suffers pain when working and supports his wife and child, who live in Iran,” Farhadpour's lawyer Mr. Zaki Hashmi said.

Recorder Michael Evans QC told the defendant: “You were travelling through Terminal Three and were stopped. After initially not telling the truth about the drugs found on you, you admitted they were for your own use.

This court cannot allow people to import Class A drugs through an airport in this way. You knew the risks.

I have no doubt this is the first and last time you will appear in a criminal court. You have shown considerable remorse.”

Farhadpour was also ordered to perform 100 hours community service work and pay an £80 victim surcharge.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Cleaner Snatched Dying Socialite Boss's £23K Designer Ring

Jailed: Marzanna Szysz
A cleaner, who exploited her wealthy socialite employer's terminal cancer to steal a £23,000 designer gold ring, which she sold at an auction years later, has been jailed for nine months.

Polish-born Marzanna Szysz, 42, was employed by the Harrison family at their £4.25m six-bedroom Chelsea townhouse, where she snatched the Elizabeth Gage-designed piece, selling it eight years later for £3,000.

Former actress, model and writer Bridget Harrison died aged sixty-seven on February 8, 2011 after a twelve-year fight against breast cancer and was well-known for her charitable work, particularly in relation to the NSPCC for whom she'd organise functions and balls.

She studied at the Sorbonne, Paris and London's Trinity College of Music, appeared in two films directed by Italian Federico Fellini and was employed by the Aga Khan to establish and run an exclusive yacht club in Sardinia.

She married wealthy Cumbria businessman Norman Harrison, 80, and had three daughters, spending most of her time at the family's Penrith estate and living at the London address, where Szysz was employed, approximately seven days every month.

Szysz, of Glebe Way, Hanworth, Feltham was convicted by an Isleworth Crown Court jury of stealing the ring at 39 Cadogan Street on June 13, 2005, dismissing her claims it was a gift from the late Mrs Harrison.

Harrison's Home
"It's undoubtedly a breach of trust, involving a high-value item, against a woman this defendant knew had cancer and the defendant took advantage of that situation," announced Judge Douglas Moore.

"I am not sympathetic at all, this was theft in breach of trust. It was a wealthy household and it would have been as plain as a pikestaff to the defendant that this was not a woman who wore cheap jewellery.

"It was demonstrably of a high value."

The court heard Mrs Harrison, who once acted alongside a young Clint Eastwood and in 2004 was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Cumbria, was a friend of award-winning designer Elizabeth Gage, who has an appointment-only boutique off Sloane Street.

Luxury: Dining & Living Room
As well as buying items of her designer jewellery Mrs Harrison, who modelled while living in Rome and wrote for Italian fashion magazines, would also be loaned pieces for events, with the Harrison family chauffeur collecting them.

He also collected jewellery Mrs Harrison had sent to the store for cleaning and it was after returning to the townhouse, which has been in the Harrison family for thirty years, after one such trip, the ring went missing.

Elizabeth Gage's Store
It was not seen again until bought by a savvy buyer at Chiswick Auctions on April 5, last year, who took it to Elizabeth Gage for authentication, prompting the police investigation.

Szysz's husband had placed it in the auction and when quizzed by officers the defendant claimed it was given to her as a gift from Mrs Harrison in 2009, but was too big for her.

She then decided to sell it to fund renovations to her home.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Disgraced Perv Doc Struck-Off For Child Porn Pics Caught Again

Beranek was jailed at Isleworth Crown Court
A disgraced doctor, struck off for having hundreds of sick child porn images, is starting a ten-month prison sentence after court-ordered software installed on his computer tipped-off police he had downloaded 1,088 more.

Michael David Beranek, 44, of Harmondsworth Road, West Drayton had worked as a psychiatrist with vulnerable people suffering mental health issues when he was caught the first time.

He received twenty weeks imprisonment, suspended for two years, at Lewes Crown Court in 2012 after police found over 800 indecent images of children on his computer while has employed at The Langford Centre, Bexhill.

He was subject to a five-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO), which monitored his internet use, when police realised he was viewing child porn again and turned up on his doorstep at 6pm on January 21.

He pleaded guilty to four charges of making an indecent photograph of a child on or before January 21 and was sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court.

Prosecutor Mr. Ravinder Johal said: "There were no problems initially and he was being managed as a low-risk offender. He had remote software on his computer that triggered illegal intent use."

When police arrived Beranek tried to claim he had restricted his internet viewing to fetish sites involving adults.

"He then admitted accessing indecent images of children after he received an email link from a third party."

The link Beranek clicked and downloaded advertised the fact it contained sexual images of girls aged 11, 12, and 13.

"He told police he stored the images in the hard drive and they arrested him."

Beranek exclaimed: "Oh no," when arrested, but added: "It's better you came tonight before it got more out of control."

Mr. Johal added: "He accepted he was trying to hide it from his girlfriend while she was away and had a lot of time on his hands in the evening."

After being caught the first time Beranek told his bosses it did not effect his work because his viewing took place: "in the privacy of his own home."

He claimed he should be allowed to continue working as a doctor because his professional abilities were not effected and that he had looked at sites that were free on the internet and had not paid to view.

The court made Beranek subject to a fresh five-year SOPO and he was ordered to sign the sex offenders register.