Thursday, 30 September 2010

Throwing Out The Trash

A Middle-Eastern pickpocket who targeted a late-night victim with an accomplice and attacked a suspicious policeman in the West End has been jailed and recommended for deportation.

Mohammed Abuabdallah, 23, of Larch Road, Cricklewood struck up a conversation about football with a random lone male, who was distracted during the chat, and his wallet snatched.

Just a week later he was suspected of doing the same thing and was chased by police, punching the arresting officer on the chin.

Abuabdallah pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court to stealing a wallet in Edgware Road, Bayswater on May 9.

He also admitted assaulting a police officer in Falconberg Mews (pictured) on May 16 and possessing a cannabis cigarette on the same occasion.

Prosecutor Miss Usha Shergill told the court it was 2.30am when the defendant and his accomplice approached a man they "tried to befriend" who immediately noticed his wallet was missing after the conversation.

He confronted the pair outside Marks & Spencer, Marble Arch and his wallet was thrown back at him.

During a struggle the victim pulled Abuabdallah's jacket off, which the police discovered contained tell-tale DNA identifying the defendant.

A week later a similar victim claimed his wallet was taken by the defendant at 2.40am and when police searched him the cannabis was found and the officer assaulted after a short chase.

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC sentenced him to nine months imprisonment and recommended deportation announcing: "Your intent was to deprive your victim of what property you could and through sleight of hand removed his wallet.

"You also punched that officer in the jaw. It is a very serious matter to assault a police officer.

"You had hardly set foot in this country when you started committing crime."

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Grafter Chucked Out Of U.K.

A hard-working illegal overstayer, who tried to use a forged passport to secure a job at Europe's biggest shopping mall in the Olympic Park, has been jailed and now faces deportation.

African Perrigrinus Dzeha, 41, a deacon at his Peckham church, arrived in the U.K. as a teenager twenty-five years ago and never returned home.

He pleaded guilty at Inner London Crown Court to possessing the passport with intent to establish registrable facts about himself and was sentenced to five months imprisonment.

The first-time offender, who has never claimed benefits, was caught after applying for a job at Westfield Shopping Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, East London (pictured).

The carpenter has earned a living in his chosen trade or labouring work and is also an active volunteer in Southwark youth projects.

"You have to receive a custodial sentence," Judge Peter Grobel told Dzeha.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Accountant's Bizarre Cash Bid Costs Him His Freedom

An accountant who went off the rails and tried to rob a Caribbean takeaway after convincing himself the lone woman behind the counter owed him cash has been jailed for twenty months.

Hastings-born New Zealander Lloyd Spence, 40, of Moreland Road, Bromley is the ex-financial controller of the National Childminding Association with an unblemished twenty-year career in the accountancy profession.

He obtained an accountancy degree in 1994 from New Zealand’s Massey University, qualified as a chartered accountant four years later and up to his arrest was managing director of Spens Consulting Ltd.

He pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court to attempting to rob Pat Henry at Crystal Food Bowl, Downham Way, Bromley on May 6 and possessing a shovel as an offensive weapon on the same occasion.

“You made demands for money from the till and picked up a stool and threatened the shopkeeper,” Recorder Edward Connell told the defendant (pictured).

“You were urged by the man you were with to stop, and left, but picked up a shovel you had hidden in bushes in case there was trouble and returned to the scene.

“This offence is aggravated by the pre-planning and the fact the victim was in a shop by herself and vulnerable and you picked up a stool and threatened her.”

The court heard father-of-one Spence, whose marriage has recently collapsed, was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder in Highdown Prison.

“The personal circumstances are regrettable and it is shocking it has taken so long for the diagnosis,” said Spence’s lawyer.

Her client has also been employed as the finance manager for the Genesis Housing Group.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Drunken Model Blinded Victim With Umbrella

A boozy wannabe male model, who blinded a young man's eye with a flying umbrella, walked free with a suspended sentence today while his victim will "suffer every day for the rest of his life."

Student and part-time tennis coach Sam Jamily,19, (pictured) of Ash Row, Bromley initially lied to police about the dispute in a local scout hut, but confessed the next day after a troubled night.

The Kingston University student pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court to inflicting grievous bodily harm on the victim on November 21, last year.

He is on the books of Go Management International, who have offices in Central London, Barcelona and Tel Aviv.

"You had far too much to drink and threw a rolled-up small umbrella at somebody," Recorder Robert Rhodes QC told Jamily, who coaches kids at a David Lloyd centre.

"This young man has lost the sight of one eye, the effect has been appalling for him. He will suffer every day for the rest of his life."

First-time offender Jamily, whose own promising tennis career was wrecked by injury, was sentenced to twelve months youth custody, suspended for twelve months.

He will also have to obey a nightime curfew for six months.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Gunman Caged For Teen Head Shot

A gunman who shot a 16 year-old boy in the head after the youngster’s group retaliated to his accidentally shooting a youth worker in the knee has been locked-up for minimum of seven-and-a-half years.

Louis Vicente, 23 (pictured) of Acton Street, Holborn began rowing at 9.30pm on January 18 with a group of youths in Queens Crescent, Kentish Town after they left a community centre.

The 27 year-old youth worker intervened and was shot in the knee by Vicente, who walked to his car while continuing to hurl abuse at the group.

One of the youths hurled an object at the vehicle’s roof as the defendant fled and he retaliated with a second shot, which struck the teenager in the head.

Both victims were rushed to the Royal Free Hospital, treated for their wounds and discharged with 24 hours.

The Blackfriars Crown Court jury cleared Vicente of shooting the youth worker, but convicted him of inflicting grievous bodily harm, with intent, on the teenager and possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Vicente’s car was found abandoned in nearby Marsden Street with documentation identifying him inside.

On January 28 Operation Trident officers – who investigate black-on-black crime in the capital - arrested Vicente.

Detective Inspector Michael Millar from Trident said: “Vicente was walking the streets of London in possession of a loaded firearm.

“In firing this weapon indiscriminately into a crowded street he showed a total disregard for the safety of those around him, and in the process wounded a completely innocent bystander who was lucky to escape with relatively minor injuries.

“I hope this conviction sends a clear message to those members of the community who believe it is acceptable to carry and use firearms that their behaviour will not be tolerated.

“Today’s sentence should reassure the communities of London of our ability to bring those involved in gun crime before the courts, and so encourage more people to report violent crime impacting on their neighbourhoods.”

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Drug Addict Jailed For Broken Bottle Mugging

A violent crack cocaine addict, who held a broken bottle to an 84 year-old Alzheimer sufferer’s throat and snatched his wallet, has been jailed for four years.

Ali Ismail, 32, ( of Maiden Lane, Camden, North London was caught on CCTV carrying out the early-morning attack in nearby Oxenholme, Harrington Square on June 6.

Blackfriars Crown Court heard the victim was making his way home with his shopping at 8.43am and as he entered the communal stairway to the block Ismail pounced (pic.bottom).

The victim refused to co-operate, was assaulted, pushed over and had his wallet stolen.

The victim was unable to recall the incident and told police – called by a neighbour - he thought he had fallen over and lost his wallet.

The officers, not content with the confused account provided by the victim, viewed CCTV of the incident, which clearly showed the robbery.

At approximately 1.20pm the same day, a police officer patrolling the area, arrested the suspect on suspicion of robbery.

He was taken to a police station and the victim's 'Freedom' pass was found under the sole of his shoe.

Ismail later admitted robbing the victim in order to get money to fund his crack cocaine habit.

Police Constable Lizzie Jones from Camden's Robbery Squad said: “I am really pleased with this sentence, particularly because Ali Ismail preyed upon an elderly and vulnerable man.

“This crime caused a great deal of distress to the victim and his family and they now feel reassured to know he is behind bars.”

Friday, 24 September 2010

Ink Cartridge Man Not Guilty

The former employee of a prestigious City bank, accused of tricking his way into the building by purporting to still be a member of staff and helping himself to £40,000 worth of ink cartridges, has been cleared.

Johnstone Peter Otaigbe, 42, of Roycraft Avenue, Barking, Essex, had been charged with entering BNP Paribas, 55 Moorgate, between November 12, 2008 and January 28, this year, as a trespasser, and stealing the printer cartridges.

He was unanimously found not guilty by a jury following a trial.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mum And Son Act Targeted By Gang-Busting Cops

A mother and her teenage son are beginning prison sentences after police looking for guns raided their South Tottenham home in the early hours of the morning – seizing a lethal sawn-off shotgun.

Shop worker Violet Allen, 55 (pic.mid) and jobless 18 year-old Tyrone Russell-Allen, ( both of Hillside Road were arrested by Haringey CID’s Crime Squad on March 23.

Wood Green Crown Court heard officers with a firearms search warrant found both defendants at home and Allen showed police the sawn-off shotgun (pic.bottom) kept in a holdall in her bedroom.

Police also discovered ten .44 and .45 calibre bullets, a disassembled handgun, 700gms of cocaine, 2gms of heroin and 10gms of cannabis, which Russell-Allen confessed was his.

He was sentenced to five-and-a-half years imprisonment for possessing the guns, ammunition and drugs.

His mother received two years for possessing the sawn-off shotgun.

Detective Superintendent Paul Hoare said: “We will continue to carry out intelligence-led search warrants to ensure that we take firearms off the streets of Haringey and bring to justice those responsible for using, storing, carrying and distributing them.”

Investigating officer Detective Constable Barry O'Rourke of Haringey's Crime Squad said: “The weapons seized during this search warrant may well have been used in the commission of any number of violent crimes had it not been for our intervention.

Part of Haringey CID, the Crime Squad was set up in March 2009 to disrupt gangs and gun crime in the borough.

The Crime Squad also proactively targets those involved in burglary, robbery and the supply and misuse of illegal drugs.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Internet Child Sex Perv Raided By Cops

An Internet pervert caught with images of child pornography on his computers during a police raid of his Chichester home was given a jail warning by the Lord Mayor of London today.

Officers from City of London Police, armed with a search warrant, seized a laptop, computer tower and computer disks from the property.

Seigfried Wensorra, 59, of Stockbridge Place pleaded guilty to three sample charges of making 19 indecent images of a child between August 1, 2009 and February 18.

Prosecutor Miss Alexa Morgan told City of London Magistrates’ Court Wensorra came to police attention on an unrelated matter not proceeded with and his home was searched on February 17.

The images seized ranged from child nudity and solo masturbation to full penetrative sex with adults.

When shown the images at the police station and quizzed about possessing them first-time offender Wensorra replied: “no comment.”

He was bailed unconditionally to return on October 13 for pre-sentence reports and was told by Bench Chairman Nick Anstee, the Lord Mayor: “We consider the offences so serious you may go into custody.

“The sentencing court will have all sentencing options open, including imprisonment.”

Wensorra was also ordered to report his conviction to Chichester Police Station under the Sexual Offences Act.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fiddling Commons Clerk Follows Crooked MPs Lead

An ex-House of Commons official was caught swindling £6,000 in bogus secretarial expenses by forging MPs’ signatures on claim forms.

Andrew Gibson, 50, (pic.l.) of Athol Square, Limehouse, Docklands, a former enquiry officer in the House of Commons fees office, was only discovered because of the huge probe into MPs expense claims.

He pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court to three counts of obtaining money transfers by deception.

His friend and co-defendant Toni Pomfret, 49, (pic.r.) of Pembroke Drive, Goffs Oak, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, pleaded guilty to three counts of acquiring criminal property.

The pair - both keen gamblers who ran up huge debts - met while working at the Royal Mail during the 1990s and after taking voluntary redundancy found new jobs.

At the request of the Audit Committee, former MPs were asked to examine past expense claims before they were published in the media under the Freedom of Information Act.

When copies of claims for the years 2004/2005 were sent to former MP for Linlithgow, West Lothian, Tam Dalyell, his wife – his parliamentary secretary –spotted a bogus signature, which was not his.

The MP had never received services of that nature from the company described.

The form had been submitted to the House of Commons 'Department of Finance & Administration' in July 2005, for the allowance years 2004/2005.

The claim purported to be from Tam Dalyell.

Attached to the claim form was an invoice from 'TP Typing & Secretarial Services'.

The invoice described 'four weeks typing and secretarial services, April 2005' and amounted to £1,600.

The total charge (including VAT at 17.5 per cent) was £1,880.

The claim was not questioned at the time as Tam Dalyell had already left Parliament when this claim was submitted.

Further enquiries conducted by the House of Commons revealed that a further two false expense claims had been submitted in the name of two other MPs by the same 'company'.

These were in the name of Linda Perham, former MP for Ilford North, and Matthew Green, former MP for Ludlow, Shropshire, both of whom had also left the House of Commons after the 2005 election.

All of the claims - totalling £6,000 - had been paid in to a bank account opened in the name of T Pomfret.

Staff at the House of Commons alerted officers from the Metropolitan Police Service's Economic and Specialist Crime Unit who began an investigation.

Officers quizzed Pomfret and shortly afterwards they were contacted by Gibson, who was arrested.

It emerged that Gibson - whose job as an enquiry officer involved advising MPs on expenses procedures - owed Pomfret money.

Using his intimate knowledge of the Common's expenses system he submitted the false claims in a bid to repay his debt.

Both defendants will be sentenced at the end of the month.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Police Hunt Lithuanian Murder Suspect

This is the face of a murder suspect police are offering a £20,000 reward to capture as they continue their hunt for the killer of a young Lithuanian man stabbed through the heart in a crowded house.

Tomas Lapsevic, 21, was fatally wounded on August 30, last year in Hyde Way, Hayes, West London.

Police are seeking fellow-Lithuanian Eineris Olsevicius, 26, (pictured), who lived at the address and fled, leaving personal items behind, after the murder.

“Despite releasing a picture of a man we wish to speak to in connection with this enquiry and offering a substantial reward, a full year-on, we have been unable to hold anyone to account for the death of Tomas,” said Detective Inspector David Kennett of the Met’s Homicide and Serious Crime Command.

“I have no doubt there are people out there who can assist us and ensure that those responsible for Tomas's death are identified and located so that they can be placed before the courts.”

Police were called at about 3am to a stabbing at a residential address occupied by up to nine people who were present when an argument started.

Many of them were either present or close by when the victim was stabbed.

Others, having been woken up by the noise came downstairs to find their friend/flatmate stabbed.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene and a post-mortem gave the cause of death as a single stab wound to the heart.

Any witnesses or anyone with information should call the incident room on 020 8247 7821 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

There have been no arrests at present.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

DJ Paralysed By Nightclub Attack

A brutal nightclub thug, who left a popular DJ paralysed for life following a row over a spilt drink, will be free to maim again in just 15 months.

Iraqi-born Ali Abdul-Hamid, 27, of Lanark Road, Maida Vale, West London left 29 year-old Sami Shariff ( unable to walk or talk and needing 24-hour care for the rest of his life.

Performing a Latin-music set at the ‘La Bomba’ event at SeOne Club, Weston Street, London Bridge as DJ Sami Sanchez, the victim was accused of spilling the defendant’s pal’s drink.

He was assaulted by the man and after closing-time was pulled from a taxi by Abdul-Hamid, (pic.bottom) thrown against a wall and punched and kicked as he lay helpless on the floor.

The defendant, who fled to his homeland, pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm on Sami on May 4, last year and was sentenced to three-and-half years imprisonment at Inner London Crown Court.

He will be released after serving half that period, minus six months spent on remand following his extradition from Iraq.

Sami travelled to his home in Weymouth Street, Marylebone, but when friends failed to contact him police forced their way in and he was rushed to hospital in critical condition with severe bleeding to the brain.

He was later transferred to Putney’s Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, making great progress after originally being declared brain-dead (pic.mid.).

CCTV footage of the attack identified Abdul-Hamid as the assailant.

“Sami was an energetic, popular and creative young man who loved spending time with his family and friends and performing as a DJ,” said Detective Constable Suzanne Litton.

“This assault has ruined his life and that of those close to him.

“Sami has suffered significant life changing injuries, he is paralysed on his left side, has lost the ability to speak and is fed via a peg.

“He will spend the rest of his life confined to a wheelchair and will require 24-hour nursing care.

“A minor incident involving a drink has led to this young man's life being destroyed following a senseless attack and nothing can ever be done to bring him back to the person he was before.

“I know that today's sentence will not lessen the pain felt by those that love him, but I sincerely hope that the fact that Abdul-Hamid has been brought before the court to face justice will bring some sense of closure to this tragic event.”

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Stokoe Porno No-No

A Croydon chauffeur, who downloaded 4,236 stills and moving images of children aged seven to twelve being sexually abused, has lost his family and his liberty.

First-time offender Peter Stokoe, 56, of Warren Avenue was raided by officers from the Met’s Paedophile Unit who seized a quantity of laptops and computers from his home.

He pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court (pictured) to fifteen sample charges of making indecent images from online file-sharing and was sentenced to nine months imprisonment.

Prosecutor Miss Usha Shergill told the court police, also assisted by officers from the Clubs and Vice Unit, executed a search warrant at the defendant’s home on January 20.

“An investigation by the Paedophile Unit had identified Stokoe as a downloader of a significant number of child abuse videos,” explained the prosecutor.

As a result Stokoe’s third wife has left him and his eldest daughter, who has four of the defendant’s grandchildren, refuses to have any further contact with her father.

“The images were of an extremely disturbing and graphic nature,” added Miss Shergill, telling the court the investigating officer, who has spent five years in the field, found them the worst examples he had ever seen.

When quizzed by police Stokoe initially only admitted looking at pop-up’s sent to his computer without consent, but then admitted downloading child pornography.

The moving images and pictures depict under-age boys and girls involved in sexual activity with adults, sometimes including bondage.

Stokoe’s lawyer Mr. Howard Jones told the court: “His eldest daughter has made it clear she no longer wishes to have ant contact with him at all. He is suffering real consequences of his offending.

“He downloaded multiple images in one click. His interest is in teenage girls.

“He got into something that became a habit and then an obsession,” added Mr. Jones. “He is not a manipulative paedophile and come into this late in life, in his fifties.

“He was shocked to discover in the police interview how serious this was.

“Prison is going to be a culture shock to him. It’s is likely he will have to be on a protective wing.”

Judge Peter Testar told Stokoe, who has also served in the Royal Navy: “I’m afraid it must be a custodial sentence.

“When children are subjected to the most appalling abuse, which is depicted in these images, they are going to suffer for the rest of their lives.

“The reason these images are made in the first place is so they can be passed on for others to see. People who are downloading these images are fuelling the market.

“The children are very young and are children who are really suffering quite considerably as a result of what is being done to them,” added the Judge.

Stokoe was also ordered to sign the sex offenders register for ten years and was made subject to a sexual offences protection order for five years, which limits his ability to offend in a similar way on release.

Friday, 17 September 2010

No Peace At Funky Buddah For Girl Glassing Victim

A drunken reveller who hurled a glass into another woman’s face at top celebrity nightclub Funky Buddah – cutting the victim above the eye – has dodged jail with a suspended sentence.

Single-mum Madelaine Stephens, 25, of Ways End, Camberley, Surrey who works for her parents’ insurance company, was told she was fortunate the victim was not blinded by a late-night attack at the West End venue.

Stephens pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court to assaulting Marilena Kambouri, causing her actual bodily harm, at the Berkeley Street, Mayfair club (pictured) on July 3, last year.

“People who use glasses or bottles as weapons must expect to go to prison, particularly people who use them in bars and nightclubs,” Judge Peter Testar told the tearful defendant.

“It is too easy to reach out for something like that and the consequences are terrible. You are lucky you did not blind her and cause much worse bleeding.”

Prosecutor Mr. Don Ramble told the court it was 1.30am when the victim got into a verbal argument with her boyfriend Alex, a nine-year friend of the defendant who had invited her to the club.

“The defendant began to get involved and when the victim asked why, the assault took place,” he explained.

Stephens admitted she “lost her temper” and confessed: “I picked up a glass and threw it at her and punched her again.”

The victim, who claimed the defendant picked up three different glasses, received a quarter-inch cut to her eyebrow and a bloody nose.

She told police in a statement: “I have been very distressed by this and have suffered panic attacks.”

While on bail for the attack Stephens was cautioned for assaulting her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend at Reading nightclub Q Bar in November, last year when she grabbed and threw around the victim.

The defendant’s lawyer Miss Safora Syed told the court her client was “emotionally unstable” at the time after splitting with Errol, the father of her two year-old son, days before the incident.

“It was her escapism to go out and not be left home alone,” explained the lawyer. “She was at an all-time low.

“She was devastated when she discovered her partner was cheating on her and felt alone and vulnerable.

“This emotional rollercoaster took place soon before the incident at Funky Buddah.

“Alcohol played a part and she admits she did push first and in the spur of the moment did throw the glass at her.”

Four months later Stephens was arrested again and spent the night in police cells.

“On that occasion the complainant was almost rubbing it in that she was there with Errol,” added Miss Syed.

“She seems to deal with things by going to clubs and drinking too much,” announced Judge Testar.

“I recognize that you are shocked by what you did, but not so shocked, because you found yourself in another nightclub, drunk and being violent towards another woman.

“I am going to take the chance that you have learned your lesson.”

Stephens was sentenced to nine months imprisonment, suspended for two years and ordered to perform 100 hours community service work.

She was also ordered to pay £500 costs and £400 compensation to Miss Kambouri.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Lady Cabbie Fondled By Blind Passenger

A blind serial groper, who grabbed his female mini-cab driver’s breasts a she drove him to his mother’s house, has been sent to a secure hospital for psychiatric treatment.

Neil Middlehurst, 55, of Boundary Road, Wallington has an obsession with fondling women – often innocent Good Samaritan’s assisting him – and has twice previously been jailed.

He appeared at Croydon Crown Court (pictured) after being convicted at Sutton Magistrates’ Court to indecently assaulting the driver on November 13, last year and breaching an ASBO prohibiting such conduct.

Prosecutor Miss Shahnaz Ahmed told the court Springfield Hospital, Tooting booked a mini-cab to take Middlehurst home for the weekend to visit his 84 year-old mother.

“The victim says during the journey he touched her on the top of her thigh and she told him: ‘Keep your hands to yourself’.

“He then grabbed her left breast and she says she knew it was not an accident,” added the prosecutor.

When they arrived at Boundary Road Middlehurst’s mother was not at home and the driver was groped again as she leaned into the car. “He grabbed her left breast again.”

A male driver returned the defendant to Springfield Hospital, where concerned staff called police.

Middlehurst told officers: “I don’t know why I did this.”

Afterwards the victim told police: “More needs to be done, I was incredibly angry at what he has done and with the hospital for letting this happen.”

In June 2004 he was sentenced to sixteen months imprisonment for three counts of indecent assault on women helping him cross the road.

He was also jailed for a year in 2001 for a similar offence.

Dr. Paul Cantrell of Woodleigh Community Hospital, Elmwood Road, Croydon, where Middlehurst will be treated, told the court: “Throughout his life he has offended in a similar fashion.

“I think there is a link between his mental condition and his offending,” added the doctor who will treat the defendant for a bipolar disorder.

“This was a nasty offence as far as the victim was concerned and must have frightened her,” Judge Nicholas Ainley told Middlehurst.

Making the Section 37 Hospital Order the Judge added: “We can imagine how terrified any other potential victim would be and there would be one without a treatment and hospital order. You have a compulsion.”

Judge Ainley also made a Section 41 order, forcing Middlehurst to apply to an independent tribunal before he can be considered for release.