Friday, 28 February 2014

Baroness Receives Suspended Prison Sentence For Drunken Race-Rant At Belgravia Hotel

A European aristocrat, who attacked a businessman and a security guard at a Belgravia Hotel while drunkenly shouting: "You brown people are ruining Britain," has received a suspended prison sentence.

Baroness Marie-Claire von Alvensleben, 60, claims her drink was spiked at the bar of the Sheraton Belgravia Hotel in Chesham Place where she also ranted: "Niggers should not be allowed here."

She pleaded guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates Court to the racially aggravated assault of Canadian businessman Adam Sumel and security guard Haliz Hamza on December 5, last year and received six weeks imprisonment, suspended for twelve months.

The novelist, whose publishing company recently failed, also pleaded guilty to obstructing a PC Luscombe later that night after fleeing to her room at the nearby Grade II-listed The Diplomat Hotel.

Now Geneva-based and relying on the charity of well-connected friends, von Alvensleben claims to be penniless and trying to recoup debts owed to her PR company which matches buyers and sellers in the international property and art world.

She obtained her title from her German aristocrat husband, who she divorced a decade ago, and the family name's earliest reference is in 1163.

She is a well-known face on the charity circuit and was an associate of millionaire hotelier Andrew Davis, 50.

Prosecutor Mr. Tom Gill told the court: "The complainant is a Canadian businessman staying at the Belgravia Hotel and after checking in he attended the bar area and the defendant sat next to him and was talking loudly with two other men.

von Alvensleben told him: "Niggers should not be allowed here," and followed up with: "You brown people are ruining Britain."

Mr. Gill explained: "She slapped him across the hands five times.

"The security man at the hotel spoke to the defendant because other guests complained about her behaviour and she clenched both her fists and pounded his chest repeatedly."

As she was being led out von Alvensleben, the author of a series of books entitled 'Absolutely Everything About' screamed at the guard: "You have stayed here ten years, this must be India."

While exiting the hotel Mr. Gill told the court the defendant continued ranting about: "Blacks, Arabs, Asians and Jewish people."

The police were called and officers attended her room at the nearby Diplomat Hotel.

"She was intoxicated at the time, she was being obstructive to the officer. She was using a mobile phone as the officer tried to speak to her.

"She took a long time to get dressed and she was abusive and aggressive to the officer as he tried to cuff her hands."

von Alvensleben spent 15 hours in police cells and told officers she didn't know she should not have mixed alcohol with her medication for depression and remembers nothing after having a meal with an associate.

Her lawyer, Miss Jyothi Somavarapu told the court von Alvensleben is a struggling freelancer owed money. "She was in London to collect that debt.

"She has nowhere to live in the UK, she lost her flat after client's didn't pay."

von Alvensleben claims she had no more than two glasses of wine, but a Dr. Phillips, who wrote a short report, described her as: "very aggressive" with people who upset her and feels people are: "taking advantage of her connections."

She was given a complimentary drink at the bar because the smoking room was closed early. "After that drink she felt there was something mixed with that drink," von Alvensleben's lawyer told the court.

"She believes her drink was spiked at the bar. She has no recollection at all as to what happened and says it is out of character for her to say such things."

Her subsequent husband died last year and a fiancé has passed away since and von Alvensleben now finds herself suffering amnesia and leaving suitcases in airports and bags in restaurants.

"For her it is shocking. She has never uttered these words before and is upset that those words have been quoted," added her lawyer.

von Alvensleben told District Judge Jane Fudge from the secure dock: "I did go back to the hotel two days after what happened to apologise.

"I spoke to the person at the bar and they said they did not understand what happened because it was not my style and last week | saw the manager to apologise and I've done that.

"I don't remember assaulting anybody. The police were very nasty and I retaliated."

An eye-witness, who describes themselves only as 'Disgusted as Belgravia' said online: "I was there and what she said was beyond unacceptable. There is no room for such behaviour in these times."

District Judge Fudge said: "What concerns me is the foul, unpleasant and abusive language used against other patrons of the hotel, there is no excuse whatsoever.

"You did use words and you continued to use those words.

"You've got some extremely unpleasant racial abuse accompanying this and that concerns me.

"What was said on this occasion was extremely unpleasant and no doubt extremely distressing for those around her that heard this."

von Alvensleben was also made subject to a one-month exclusion order, banning her from entering the Sheraton Belgravia and she was ordered to pay £80 costs and an £85 victim surcharge within 28 days. 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Internet Salesman Convicted Of Gun Charges

An illegal online gun trader has been convicted of selling firearms that could fire CS gas and other substances after an investigation by Scotland Yard's Central Intelligence Unit.

Butcher John Rhodes, 37, of London Street, Fleetwood, Lancashire initially fought the charges, but pleaded guilty at Isleworth Crown Court to twenty-three counts and was bailed to return for sentencing on March 28.

The court heard Rhodes placed ads on a site called 'Gunstar' for a variety of firearms, typically selling them for £150-£250.

They were usually advertised as blank-firing guns that did not require a firearms licence and customers incuded a Colt 45 purchaser, who needed the gun for a World War Two re-enactment.

Rhodes' online identity was 'Johnshotgun' and 'JJMilitaria' and after opening the 'Gunstar' account in 2010 he then set up a second account on another firearms website in 2011.

Police raided his address on September 30, 2011 and Rhodes, who is not the holder of a firearms certificate, told officer he bought the weapons from abroad and thought they were legal.

He estimted his total sales were in the region of fifty firearms and started the business: “To make a couple of quid.”

The charges, all on or before September 13, 2011, relate to a Umarex Walther P22; Retay Desert Eagle; three Umarex Colt 1911's; Zoraki 925; Walther P22 forearm.

Rohm RG3; Ekol Viper; Heckler & Koch P30 Walther PP; Ekol Jackal Dual.

Colt 1911; Ekol Special 99; Colt Government 1911; Ekol Jackal Dual blank-firing pistol; Walther P22 blank-firing pistol.

Colt 45 blank-firing pistol; Colt 45 blank-firing pistol; Saver P239 blank-firing pistol; Walther P99 blank-firing pistol; Ekol Viper; Heckler & Koch MPSK-PDW air weapon and a Walther P22 blank-firing pistol.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Tory PR Guru Arrested After Confrontation Outside Home Of Fathers 4 Justice Founder

Top: Yalland and alleged injuries

A Tory spin doctor has been arrested by police after allegedly biting the founder of Fathers 4 Justice and his landlord while serving legal papers.

Adrian Yalland, 44, the former vice-Chairman of Romsey Conservatives, Hampshire was arrested on February 20 near the home of Matt O'Connor in Stockbridge.

Mr. O'Connor, 46, and his wife, Nadine - campaign director for Fathers 4 Justice - claim Yalland broke into the home they share with their four children.

The couple say he forced their electric gates as he left the property and then launched his roadside assault against Mr. O'Connor and his 56 year-old landlord during a confrontation outside at approximately 4.00pm.

Mrs O'Connor says: "He took pictures of our home and eight year-old son and tried to speak to him before he was removed from the premises.

"At this point the police were called.

"He refused to leave the area and returned to the front of our house several times to continue his harassment of my family.

"My husband and our landlord were then both violently assaulted by Mr. Yalland in front of our house when they asked him to stop his harassment and prevent him filming our children and home.

"The video clearly shows Mr. Yalland punching one man in the side of the head and knocking him to the ground outside my home.

"A second man attempted to restrain Mr. Yalland from continuing his assault and was severely bitten by Mr. Yalland.

"Both victims required medical treatment, tetanus injections, blood tests and a course of antibiotics for bite marks.

"Mr. Yalland only left the scene when police arrived. He was arrested further up Stockbridge High Street.

"If Mr. Yalland were serving legal papers there is a protocol for doing so. He did not follow this protocol.

"For the record no legal papers were served, though a letter from Mr. Yalland has been retained as evidence by the police."

Yalland, of Maritime Avenue, Marchwood, Southampton was bailed to return to Basingstoke Police Station on March 27.

He is currently the subject of a two-year court-imposed bindover after a charge of assaulting a nurse at St. Thomas's Hospital was eventually dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

The Westminster lobbyist is the former executive vice-president of political PR company Chelgate and the director of pro-life campaign group Right To Know.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Civil Servant And Boyfriend Accused Of Immigration Plot

Top: Patel & Bottom: Farooq

A UK Border Agency civil servant and her law student boyfriend plotted together to use her inside information and give illegal immigration advice during a £113,000 scam, a court heard today.

Immigrants from Bangladesh, Colombia and Pakistan nearing the end of their visas or facing deportation handed over thousands of pounds in cash to fake lawyer Abdul Farooq, 27, who was secretly assisted by Anjali Patel, 30.

Croydon Crown Court heard Patel was an Executive Officer with the Case Resolution Directorate and accessed confidential information to help Farooq convince immigrants he was a qualified legal professional.

Patel, of Sonning Court, Outram Road, Croydon has pleaded not guilty to two counts of laundering £48,850 and £24,330 in criminal property.

Farooq, of Barrow Road, Croydon denies three similar counts relating to £18,465; £15,057 and £6,945.

Both deny two counts of conspiring to commit misconduct in public office and Farooq alone denies providing immigration services while unqualified.

He has also pleaded not guilty to three counts of fraud by lying to immigrants about his qualifications and employment and Patel alone denies one count of attempting to assist unlawful immigration.

Prosecutor Miss Karen Robinson told the jury the couple worked the plot between January 2010 and August 2011 when Patel moved to a position with the Parole Board within the Ministry of Justice, where she was later arrested.

Farooq was studying law at Brunel University and had no obvious income, despite thousands of pounds pouring into his five bank accounts and gambling losses of £12,000.

"Despite not having a law degree Farooq held himself out to be a solicitor or someone qualified to give immigration advice," explained Miss Robinson. "He persuaded vulnerable individuals to part with substantial amounts of money in the hope he could assist them stay in this country.

"Patel assisted him by the unlawful access of database and document files, personal data and other sensitive information.

"The information she provided enabled Farooq to tailor advice to applicants and she gave advice to Farooq on how to subvert the application process."

One 'client', Bangladesh-born Mamunmar Rahman, gave Farooq £12,950 cash to help him secure a five-year work visa, which would eventually give him and his wife and child the right to apply for permanent residency.

Farooq - also known as Zen - lied to Mr. Rahman, claiming he was an employee of Voyage International Relocation Ltd., which significantly offered work experience placements to Brunel University students.

Their meetings took place in a Croydon hotel and Farooq always insisted on cash payments, but the visa Mr. Rahman wanted never materialised.

Failed Colombian asylum-seeker Maria Garcia-Zuniga was working illegally as a cleaner and had spent over decade in the UK when she paid Farooq £2,000 cash to "regularise" her status.

"He told her that he was her solicitor and she did not need anyone else to help her with her immigration problems," explained Miss Robertson.

Pakistani-born Arman Ali was in custody for immigration offences and facing deportation when Patel told him to lie his way out of trouble, the jury were told.

"That was advice designed to frustrate the removal of an illegal person from this country," added Miss Robinson. 

Neither applicant received the visas they were seeking, with a frustrated Miss Garcia-Zuniga reporting Farooq to police and pursuing a bid to stay in the UK under human rights legislation. 

When the pair were arrested police also found evidence that Patel had large gambling losses and owed money to payday loan companies.

Trial continues………..   

Monday, 24 February 2014

Prosecutors Continue Hunt For Assets Of 'Country Life Couple' Convicted Of £5.9M Scam

"Ron 'n Reg": Lansley & Meddes

Prosecutors were back in court today seeking details of an inheritance received by a socialite who gained notoriety for her role in a £5.9m black market veterinary drug scam.

Self-styled Princess Diana look-alike Regine Lansley, 64, a popular member of the equestrian community, who describes herself as an expert horse-rider and shot was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment in 2011.

Husband Ronald Meddes, 75, a disgraced ex-Lloyds trader also well-known in horse circles, received 28 months for the "industrial scale" operation.

Both are now subject to Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings, which were adjourned at Croydon Crown Court to a future date to be fixed by the parties.

The court heard the couple's eight-bedroom French farmhouse has been seized by the tax authorities in that country, but it's value will not meet the outstanding debt.

The prosecution say Lansley is not co-operating with the investigation, in particular with the details of the inheritance from her late sister, which she received in 2012.

They are seeking a court order to reveal the details of the estate and Lansley's assets and she and Meddes were given until March 10 to reply to the order.

Regine, an actress and model who is available for hire as a Di look-alike, shows no modesty in her online profile describing herself as "charismatic" with an obvious "wow factor" and is constantly told by admirers: "I wish I could be like you."

An 1800-strong UK customer list was seized during the DEFRA raid on May 15 2007 on the French farmhouse 80 miles outside Paris - La Petite Ferme - owned by the couple known to friends as 'Ronnie and Reggie.'

The property was her fiftieth birthday present from Meddes.

Judge Nicholas Ainley told Meddes: "You did very well in France, enjoying the country life, the hunts and the status you had in a very pleasant house and lived as a man of wealth.

"Your greed was such that after the raid you moved across the border to Belgium and after another raid you moved on undaunted and carried on while on bail.

"You could not resist trying to make money from this trade, you found a niche in the market and you exploited it."

The judge told Lansley: "You are an independent-minded woman and what you did, you did with your eyes open and carried on after you were arrested."

Prosecutor Mr. Andrew Marshall told the court: "It is the largest known attack on the  UK veterinary system and the seizure of goods in France represented the largest seizure of illegal veterinary products in Europe."

The customer list included farms, stables, kennels, hunts, shoots and veterinary practices and the medicines supplied included anti-inflammatories, anabolic steroids, tranquillisers, antibiotics, sedatives, painkillers and other miscellaneous products administered to horses, household pets and farm animals.

"They illegally sold vast quantities of veterinary medicine to customers in the UK," he added, revealing 130 cubic metres of black market products were seized from a three-storey barn conversion warehouse that also housed offices and a team of migrant workers.

"This is a highly-regulated area because there can be a great deal of damage done to animals from the misuse of medication if you do not know where it was made, how it was made and the precise ingredients," added Mr. Marshall.

The married couple evaded EU regulations by lying that the medicines, imported from all over the world from counties including Australia and India, were for export-only to Russia.

There was a threefold price mark up on some India-imported medicines and investigators discovered paperwork showing total sales of £13.5m over a six-year period.

Such was the scale of their illicit operation some medicines enjoyed the largest market share in the UK over legitimate products and just one of their delivery companies transported 8.5 tons of black-market drugs into the UK during a two-year period. 

The couple immediately restarted their illegal trade a month later from Belgium, covering their tracks with a string of foreign bank accounts in countries such as Cyprus and Malta, companies registered in Belize and Moscow-based company directors.

This was shut-down after another raid on October 2 2008, but the prosecution discovered the couple continued selling illegal medicines throughout 2009 and 2010 via a Hungary-registered company despite being subject to police bail.

"All these products go through the black market," explained Mr. Marshall. "They are being distributed by people not licensed to do it so others can administer them to animals who are not authorised to do so.

"It becomes a bit of a free-for-all and the food chain is placed at risk as well.

"These animals and their welfare are being placed at risk and the only reason for it is legitimate veterinary medicines are more expensive than smuggling these into the country or buying them over the internet."

Convicted fraudster Meddes, of Egg House, Charing, Kent pleaded guilty to nineteen counts of unlawfully supplying unauthorised veterinary medicines and Lansley, of Stadium Street, West Brompton pleaded guilty to two counts. 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Fatal East End Stabbing: Homeless Man Convicted Of Murder

A homeless Eritrean, who repeatedly stabbed a fellow hostel resident to death, has been convicted at the Old Bailey of murder.
Mehretab Zemicael, 43, (pic.bottom) punged a knife into the neck of 42 year-old Gary Brisco ( several times at the East End hostel in Code Street, Spitalfields.
He was remanded in custody to be sentenced on March 6.
Police were called by a London Ambulance Service crew at 5:39pm on Saturday, June 22, last year after Gary was found deceased in his room.
He had suffered multiple knife wounds, including serious stab injuries to his neck, and was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Zemicael, a fellow resident of the hostel, was immediately identified as a suspect.
A man hunt was launched and the Metropolitan Police Service launched a public appeal to find him.

Zemicael was traced by detectives to a location in Southwark and arrested on July 9, having slept rough since fleeing the hostel.
He was charged the following day with the murder of Gary Brisco.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Justice Catches Up With "Predatory Paedophile" Forty Years On

A “predatory paedophile," who raped two young girls from the same family through the 1970's, is starting a ten-year sentence after justice finally caught up with him.
Derek Frost, 58, (pictured) of Southbourne Gardens, Ruislip abused the girls – aged between 11 and 15 years-old – at various locations in his local area as a young adult.
He was convicted at Isleworth Crown Court of six counts of rape and four of indecent assault.
Frost began manipulating situations in 1972 so he could be alone with the first girl, who did not know he was doing the same with another member of her family.
Again, he would make sure he was alone with the victim, for example offering her lifts in his car, before attacking her.

The abuse happened sporadically for around seven years and the first victim confided in a school friend about Frost's attacks, but the information did not go any further.

It was only decades later that the first victim approached the police and told them about Frost's abuse and mentioned she had told her childhood friend, many years ago.
Officers managed to track her down and it was confirmed that she had been told by her friend at the time that she had been abused by Frost.

Detective Constable Andrea Lenihan of the Metropolitan Police's Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, led the investigation.
She said: "I would like to pay tribute to the bravery of both victims for having the courage to come forward and speak to police - their evidence has put this evil man behind bars.

"Derek Frost is a predatory paedophile who abused two young girls who trusted him.
“He may have abused other girls and women - if you have been a victim of Derek Frost, please come forward and speak to police."

"I hope Frost's conviction sends out a strong message to any other victims - please put your confidence in the police; we will listen to you, help you and fight to get you justice."

Anyone with information is asked to contact their local police by calling 101. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Sexual Predator Groped 8 Year-Old Girl At Madame Tussaud's

A paedophile, who targetted an eight year-old girl in the gift shop of world-famous Madame Tussaud's waxworks, has been convicted.
Algerian Oldkount Ballabbas, 42, groped the youngster's chest, kissed her and held her back by her shoulders when she tried to flee.
He was convicted by a Southwark Crown Court jury of abducting and sexually assaulting the girl at the busy central London attraction on August 5, last year.
He will be sentenced on March 6.
The girl was alone in the gift shop, having briefly left her mother and other family members in the adjacent café.
Ballabbas engaged the victim in conversation and moved her into a quiet area of the gift shop.
He then began touching the girl's chest area over her clothing and kissed her on the cheek.
The girl asked three times to return to her mother, but Ballabbas was holding her by the shoulders.
It was only when he was disturbed and lost physical contact with the victim that she was able to escape, crying, to her family.
Security staff were then alerted and called police but Ballabbas had already fled the scene.
A CCTV still provided by Madame Tussauds was then circulated.
Two days later a local Safer Neighbourhoods Team police officer recognised the suspect near the waxworks and Ballabbas was arrested.
Detective Constable Liz Clements said: "Ballabbas is a dangerous man and CCTV has revealed that he followed females of all ages prior to the attack on the little girl.
"It was fortunate that he was disturbed by another shopper.
“This then gave the girl an opportunity to run back to her family who then spoke to security staff.
"I would like to pay credit to the family who have remained dignified throughout this difficult period."
The detective team also thanked Madame Tussauds for their co-operation throughout the investigation.
Detectives believe Ballabbas also attempted to touch other females prior to the attack on the young girl.
Anyone with information are asked to call detectives on 0208 733 5999.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Businessman Jailed After Proceeds of £421K University Scam Are Paid Into His Account

The University of Manchester were successfully duped into paying £421,000 to scammers, who hijacked the identity of a technical supplies company and diverted payments for electron microscopes into a bank account under their control.

Businessman Kevin White, 47, a specialist graphic and website designer, was sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment at Croydon Crown Court today for receiving the money into his account.

Four separate payments were made by the university and the fraud was only exposed when their suppliers, FEI UK Ltd, submitted invoices demanding their money.

White, of Park Heights, Constitution Hill, Woking, Surrey pleaded guilty to dishonestly obtaining credits of £279,826; £81,950; £59,529 and £482 between March 9, 2012 and February 23, last year.

Prosecutor Miss Shekinah Anson told the court: "An email was sent to the finance department of the University of Manchester purporting to be from one of their suppliers with a change of bank details.

"It was on headed paper, signed by the company's finance manger and the name of the manager was correct so the bank account details for the supplier were changed on the university's computerised finance system.

"This resulted in all future payments being paid to the new account details."

A total of £421,789.20p was paid into White's account for the scanning electron microscopes and £85,556.12p was withdrawn before a civil injunction froze the account.

The police were informed and an investigation revealed the account was for the defendant's Croydon-based company and he was the sole director and only signatory for the account, which had been overdrawn before the scam.

"After it had been credited Mr. White began to make payments to various named people, including the mother of his children, plus bills and loans and to restaurants and nights out," added Miss Anson.

When arrested in October, last year the defendant told police he kept a 20% commission for allowing the true fraudster to utilise his bank account.

Mr. Thomas Dauvergne-Cleve, defending, told the court: "He had no idea how his bank details were to be used. He was approached by someone he knew for eighteen months, a local businessman."

White was expecting the first transfer of £59,529, but the subsequent payments sat in his account untouched for several weeks before the civil injunction, the court heard.

"One would normally expect a transaction of sixty thousand to be noticed, but three more followed," said Mr. Dauvergne-Cleve. 

"By this time he had the creeping realisation this was something illegal.

"He regrets this entirely and he is very, very sorry. He's very sorry about the loss to the University of Manchester."

A hearing under Proceeds of Crime Act legislation was scheduled for August 22 when the prosecution will attempt to recoup the missing money.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Scarf Strangler Gets 8 Years For Trying To Kill Bus Passenger

Bus Strangler: Eric Mjola

A London bus passenger, who tried to murder the man sitting in front of him by strangling the victim with his scarf in an unprovoked attack, was jailed for eight years today.

South-Afrian Eric Mjola, 33, wrapped his scarf around the throat of Tesco's security guard Reynolds Quadjovie, 39, who was heard choking by another passenger and passed out.

Former hotel worker Mjola, West Brompton was convicted after just over an hour's deliberation by an Isleworth Crown Court jury of attempting to murder Mr. Quadjovie as they travelled on a single decker C1 bus through Earl's Court on December 1, 2012.

"The was for Mr. Quadjovie an extremely frightening experience that so far has not left him. He believed you were trying to kill him," The Recorder of Kensington and Chelsea Judge Richard McGregor-Johnson told the defendant.

Gay Mjola, who moved to London because he felt his lifestyle was more acceptable in the UK, claimed his powerful HIV medication, coupled with drinking vodka the night before, resulted in him believing Mr. Quadjovie was having a fit.

"He was going to and fro, front and back in the seat and I took out the scarf to restrain him, to stop him from hurting himself," he claimed from the witness box.

Judge McGregor-Johnson added: "This was not pre-planned, it was a spontaneous incident. Why it happened I don't know.

"The reports show you do suffer from deficiencies in thinking. but they don't explain or excuse your actions.

"I have to take into account the effect on Mr. Quadjovie and others who witnessed this, including a sixteen year-old boy on public transport."

Mjola was told he would be liable for deportation at the end of his sentence.

He was on his way to a gym in Hammersmith when security guard Mr. Quadjovie, who was starting his first day at Tesco's, sat in front of him on the bus.

Mr. Quadjovie had just asked another passenger if they were near Tesco's when Mjola said to him: "Are you crazy?" and the victim replied: "What do you mean, I'm crazy?" and turned back around.

The jury were shown CCTV footage of the defendant then placing his scarf around Mr. Quadjovie's neck and the pair struggling at the rear of the bus.

"He was killing me, there's no doubt about that," Mr. Quadjovie told the court. "He meant it and he meant what he was doing.

"He was in complete control of the bus, people were lying down afraid of their lives. You can see on the image how I was struggling, how he was killing me.

"At that time I was completely in his hands."

In his statement to police Mr. Quadjovie said the defendant told him: "I want to kill you," while strangling him. "He said this several times."

The CCTV footage showed the teenage passenger willing to intervene, but repeatedly being held back by his mother and another young man reportedly shouts: "You can't do that, you're killing him."

At one point Mr. Quadjovie slumps against the window to his left, but seconds later is seen on the CCTV running down the bus's aisle towards the driver.

"I was lucky enough and God was on my side," he told the court. "I made the scarf a bit longer and was able to get it over my head."

Another passenger told the jury Mjola chased Mr. Quadjovie down the aisle repeatedly shouting: "I'm going to kill you," confirming she heard choking behind her moments before.

The victim says a finger on his right hand is permanently damaged as a result of trying to loosen the scarf around his neck.

"I'm handicapped in that finger. I'm suffering emotionally and physically. I'm traumatised.

"I have suffered a loss of income from having to spend months at home, I still have debts and was not able to pay my rent.

"He has completely taken my life in a bad way."

Mjola told the jury: "His movements were not something I was used to, looking sideways and back at me so I asked him: 'Are you crazy?'

"There was some groaning and I thought he was not well and that he was going to faint. He had groaned earlier and started again as if he was choking.

"He was going to and fro, front and back in the seat and I took out the scarf to restrain him, to stop him from hurting himself.

"My aim was to put it around his chest, but it slipped up around his neck and at at that moment I let go and he slumped and I thought: 'Oh my God. He's having a fit.'

"If I did not help him further he would have fallen off his seat and I used the scarf to lift his head so he did not fall and bang it on the floor.

"It went around his neck again and that's when I decided to sit him on his chair.

"Someone shouted: 'You might kill him,' but I said: 'I'm not killing him. I won't kill him, I'm trying to help him'."

However, the defendant claims his strong accent was misheard and he was repeatedly saying: "I won't kill you."

He told the jury: "I was shocked that someone had said I was going to kill him, I wanted to restrain him."

After Mr. Quadiovie fled the bus Mjola remained on the back seat and now admits he misunderstood the security guard's behaviour.

"Maybe because I was on medication and had drunk alcohol the night before I misinterpreted the whole situation.

"He doesn't know I thought he was having a fit and for him it must have been very traumatic and distressing and I can only apologise to him."