Monday, 31 August 2009

Fotball Yob's Boozy Race Rant

A racist football yob – thrown off a tube train with his rowdy pals after an all-day drinking session – hurled abuse at a member of staff and now faces being banned from soccer matches.

Christopher English, 27, of West Street, Havant, Portsmouth, spent the weekend behind bars after failing to turn up for his trial at City of London Magistrates’ Court.

He denied, but was convicted in his absence of racially aggravated threatening behaviour at Charing Cross Underground Station on August 31, last year.

He failed to appear for his February 9 trial and was arrested on a warrant at his home on August 21 and will return for sentencing and a potential football banning order on November 9.

The court heard English and a group of friends had traveled to the capital for the Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur match with the defendant downing eight pints of beer and two bottles of Smirnoff Ice.

Underground staff asked rowdy English to get off the train and he screamed at one of them:”Fuck off. Why are you interfering you Paki?”

Police were called and he was arrested.

English is also due to appear before Portsmouth Magistrates on September 1 to be sentenced for assault.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

'Devout' Muslim's Greedy Cash Grab

A devout Muslim, who could not resist a “till bursting with cash” at the trendy ladies boutique she worked at, rang up twenty-five bogus refunds, pocketing £775, a court heard.

Student Aklima Begum, 19, of Messiter House, Barnsbury Estate, Islington, who studies English at City of Westminster College was caught on internal CCTV processing the phantom refunds.

She pleaded guilty at City of London Magistrates’ Court to dishonestly abusing a position of trust with intent to gain, namely by generating false refunds for herself, between February 12 and July 21 at Warehouse, Blomfield Street.

Prosecutor Miss Regina Naughton told the court management at the store discovered a shortfall and after viewing CCTV saw Begum – who has a shoplifting caution – process refunds without the presence of a customer on five separate occasions.

When quizzed by police Begum confessed to repeating the fraud on twenty-five occasions, claiming she acted in “desperation” due to a lack on money.

Begum, wearing traditional Muslim dress and revealing only her face, has five brothers and sisters and a jobless father recovering from a heart attack.

Her lawyer Miss Joanne Lockston said her client supports herself through college with her family taking the rest of the money she earns. “She could not resist a till bursting with cash.”

The JP’s conditionally discharged Begum for eighteen months, ordering her to pay £775 compensation to the boutique plus £75 costs.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

$40m U.N. Trio In Court

Two ex-United Nations consultants and a solicitor, accused of plotting to collect bribes in relation to a massive $40m pharmaceutical contract to an impoverished third-world country,have appeared at Southwark Crown Court.

Dutchmen Sijbrandus Arthur Scheffer,56, of West View Road, Swanley, Kent and Guido Gerbrant Bakker,35, of De Voortweg, Tandon, Netherlands are former consultants to the United Nations Development Programme.

Solicitor Patrick Neale Orr,41, of Beaconsfield Road, Surbiton, Surrey, is a partner in a West End Firm.

The three men appeared following a two-year investigation by the City of London Police’s Overseas Anti-Corruption Unit in relation to Global Fund Aid money overseen by the United Nations Development Programme and earmarked for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

All three are charged with conspiring together to corruptly obtain consideration between January 1, 2002 and December 31, 2007 in regard to ensuring the award of a $40m contract to supply pharmaceuticals to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

They also face two charges of conspiring to money launder between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2007 in relation to $400,000 and an unspecified sum.

Finally, all three are also charged with fraudulent trading between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2007 in relation to H & C Consultants Ltd which traded for a fraudulent purpose, namely money laundering.

The trial, expected to last four months in Autumn 2010, involves 50,000 pages of documents, 7,000 exhibits and witnesses from the U.N. and overseas.

All three were bailed unconditionally to a date to be fixed.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Five Star Brawl At Mayfair Hotel

A romantic anniversary weekend at the luxurious Dorchester Hotel ended in a boozy brawl with security staff and police for a hot-headed Doncaster man, ordered to perform 100 hours community service work.

Robert Kilner, 36, of Middlegate had booked into the Five-Star £300-plus per night hotel in Mayfair’s Park Lane with his girlfriend to celebrate one year together.

However, a row erupted between the couple and three hotel security men bundled Kilner to the floor – breaking the defendant’s wrist – and police were called.

Kilner, whose suspended sentence for battery had only just expired, pleaded guilty to assaulting PC Andrew Scott on May 1 by recklessly kicking the bathroom door against the officer’s arm.

He pleaded not guilty to assaulting security guard Alfredo Jara with a single punch and the prosecution accepted this after the alleged victim failed to attend the trial.

Prosecutor Mr. Mervyn Burton told City of London Magistrates’ Court officers arrived and could hear Kilner hurling abuse towards his partner.

He was restrained and handcuffed and moved by police into the bathroom.

“He kicked the bathroom door which hit PC Scott’s hand and arm,” explained Mr. Burton. “There was no lasting injury.”

Kilner claims he kicked the door to adjust his painful position after being forced to lie handcuffed on his back with a fractured wrist. He later went to hospital with the injury.

In April last year Kilner received a jail term, suspended for twelve months for battery, and has a conviction for resisting police.

“It was part of an alcohol-fueled incident,” said Bench Chairwoman Talia Singer. “It clearly was a domestic incident which we take very seriously as well as an incident involving a police officer.”

The JP’s had also asked the probation service to examine alcohol use and anger management issues when assessing Kilner for community service work.

He was also ordered to pay £125 costs plus £50 compensation to PC Scott.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

'Sir' Facing Schoolboy Sex Charges

A French and Latin schoolteacher accused of a two-year fondling campaign involving two eleven year-old boy pupils has appeared at City of London Magistrates’ Court.

Bearded and bespectacled Michael Anthony Gordon, 55, of Thrush Green, Harrow spoke only to confirm his name and date of birth and was bailed unconditionally to return on September 22.

Magistrates declined jurisdiction on the charges which carry a fourteen-year maximum sentence and Gordon is expected to be committed to stand trial at Southwark Crown Court.

Gordon faces fourteen specimen charges of sexually touching the boys, contrary to the Sexual Offences Act 2003 on various dates between September 1, 2007 and April 9, 2009.

Barclays Bank Two In Court

Two men arrested by City of London Police on fraud charges outside a Barclays Bank branch have appeared in court and were bailed to return on October 14.

They are: Norbert Mapunde, 32, of 215 Powell Street, Wolverhampton and Vitalis Mudzviti, 29, of Flat 3, 12 Windsor Street South, Birmingham.

Zimbabwe-born Mapunde, a Wolverhampton University International Business Management student is charged with possessing Barclays Bank sort codes and a Barclays Connect Card for use in the course of or in connection with fraud in Old Broad Street, City of London on April 21.

Mudzviti is charged with possessing a £3,169 Royal Sun Alliance Insurance cheque and a £94.00 Macfarlane Labels Ltd. cheque at his home address on April 21, for use in the course of or in connection with fraud.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Crime Clan Clocks Up Another Conviction

A member of a notorious South London crime family – whose brother butchered two young French students – has clocked up yet another conviction for the brood.

Bernie Gerald Sonnex, 36, of Etta Street, Deptford, whose brother ‘Mad Dog’ Dano is serving life for murdering Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez was caught shoplifting.

He pleaded guilty at City of London Magistrates’ Court to stealing £148 worth of clothing from Next at Liverpool Street Station on June 1 and will be sentenced at Woolwich Magistrates’ Court on September 9.

The family have over eighty convictions between them and Bernie (pictured above) has received 10 prison sentences for offences including robbery, witness intimidation and aggravated burglary.

Dad Bernard, 56, has been jailed six times for robbery, burglary, theft and drugs and firearms offences dating back decades.

Many of the 47 charges relate to protection rackets he has run on pubs and bars in New Cross and Deptford.

Sister Louise, 35, is serving five years for GBH after breaking the arm of her dad's girlfriend with a golf putter three weeks after the murders.

The mother of two was previously convicted of glassing a woman who claimed Bernie had raped her saying: "I'm going to open her up like a can of beans".

Even Dano's mother Kathy, 56, who boasts her favourite TV show is Channel 4's Shameless, has been found guilty of theft.

The 23 year-old French biochemistry students were stabbed a total of 224 by Sonnex, 23, and drug addict Nigel Farmer, 34, during a three-hour torture ordeal in Stirling Gardens, New Cross in June last year.

Detectives are convinced the Sonnex family protected Dano - ordered to serve a minimum 40 years - by destroying evidence and threatening prosecution witnesses.

One senior officer said after Dano’s Old Bailey trial: "We could have had most of his relatives in the dock too but we didn't want to confuse the jury.

"They have a fearsome reputation and react to any problem, challenge or difficulty they perceive with violence.”

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Rail Cop's S.W.A.T. Team Dream

A semi-deserted rail carriage echoed to the shouts of "Go,Go,Go!" as a pint-sized rail cop hunted down a fare dodger he feared would flee on his bike today.

Four revenue protection inspectors, backed up by three uniformed British Transport Police officers, swooped on the 14.33 London Bridge to Hayes service, finding a young black male ticketless.

Claiming to have travelled from Greenwich the passenger told police he was getting off at New Cross and triggered panic as he left the carriage with his bike.

Fearing a fast getaway, one eager cop, in the style of an Los Angeles S.W.A.T. team shouted:"Go, Go, Go!" at passengers and fellow officers as he intercepted the fare dodger.

One obvious question remains. Why not cycle from Greenwich to New Cross? 

Internet Man On Laundering Charges

A young Milton Keynes man - the poster-child of dodgy Ebay dealer's - accused of laundering £58,000 of criminal loot, was committed to stand trial at Southwark Crown Court.

Amir Massoud Tofangsazan, 21, of 52 Staten House, Rillaton Walk is charged with concealing, disguising, converting, transferring or removing £26,587.56 by means of completing false expense claims between April 28 and June 3, last year, contrary to the Proceeds of Crime Act.

He is similarly charged with laundering £9,057.81 between March 19 and June 17; £8,969.89 between May 1 and June 11 and £13,941.41 between April 28 and July 9.

Tofangsazan is also charged with possessing two electronic documents purporting to have originated from the Financial Times, stating he was authorized to receive those funds, on July 17, last year at 4 Hollow Lanes, Snodland, Kent, Contrary to the Fraud Act.

He rose to Internet infamy after a disgruntled customer posted personal details of Tofangsazan on the web after buying a broken laptop on Ebay.

City of London Magistrates’ Court bailed him unconditionally to appear on September 22.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Bloody Big Brother Hammer Attack

A debt-ridden company boss – who ran a family firm with his brother – launched a savage hammer attack on his sibling in a bloody bid to seize control of the business, a court heard.

Company Director Simon Rodliffe, 48, of Brown’s End Road, Broxted, Dunmow, Essex ran up debts while cheating on his wife with an Italian Internet lover and begged his father and brother for money to bale him out.

“If his brother was gravely injured in a random attack it would fall to Simon to take over the reigns of the company and sort out his personal finances from the company coffers,” prosecutor Mr. Richard Kelly told the Chelmsford Crown Court jury.

Simon Rodliffe pleads not guilty to wounding Guy Rodliffe, 44, with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm, on June 17 last year, at the offices of Home & Office Fire Extinguishers Ltd., Saffron Business Centre, Elizabeth Close, Saffron Walden.

Guy had criticized his brother – who had  £28,000 credit card debts – for living an “extravagant” lifestyle, involving multiple Italy trips, while the firm, founded by the brothers’ parents, struggled to pay it’s tax bill.

Their father, John, never received proof Simon’s request for £3,000 was for a legitimate legal bill and Guy snubbed his brother’s  £5,000 wages advance demand a few days before the alleged attack.

Simon appeared unexpectedly at the firm’s HQ, after ‘borrowing’ £100 petty cash, and followed his unsuspecting brother into an office with a hammer concealed in a plastic bag, explained Mr. Kelly.

“He felt an extremely heavy blow to the right side and back of his head and another blow to the top of his head,” said the lawyer, telling the jury the assault bore all the hallmarks of a pre-planned attack.

Simon screamed: “You bastard,” and a bloody Guy began wrestling with his brother. “Guy grabbed Simon telling him to stop or he was going to kill him. The blows caused his head to bleed profusely.”

Guy struggled clear and raised the alarm at a nearby Homebase, where his brother is said to have bought the hammer a couple of days earlier.

Simon dialed 999 and told police he was attacked by his brother with the hammer and struck two blows in self-defence after wrestling the weapon from him.

The court was told the brothers had enjoyed a good relationship in running the firm for seventeen years, but things turned sour when Simon began disappearing on mystery weekend trips.

“He was taking more of a back step in the business and did not want to be there or answer the phone,” Guy told the jury. “He was disappearing at the weekend and admitted he met a woman on the Internet who lived in Italy.”

Simon caused ill-feeling by continuing to draw his full salary – which he complained didn’t cover his mortgage – despite being absent for huge chunks of time, forcing the firm to pay a manager £36,000 to cover his work.

Guy refused his brother’s advance request, claiming the firm were “in the last chance saloon,” after extending their bank overdraft by £30,000 with Guy himself taking out a £25,000 personal loan to keep the business afloat.

By now Simon was in the middle of a bitter divorce and Guy feared he was suicidal after being refused more money.

After the attack police later found a spare pair of jeans and fresh T-shirt in Simon’s car and seized a bloodstained jumper and black coat.

Forensics prove Simon was the assailant, said Mr. Kelly. “This was a planned attack on his brother with a hammer wrapped in a plastic bag and wearing clothes designed not to link him to the crime.”

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Cocaine Guitar Man Hits Bum Note

A cocaine smuggler who imported £250,000 worth of the party drug concealed inside a guitar struck the wrong chord with watching police who swooped on the unsuspecting dealer.

Andrew Sweeney, 30, pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court to conspiring to supply cocaine and was jailed for eight years.

Around one kilo of the Class A drug had been dissolved in a resin substance and hidden in the hollow body of the guitar, which Sweeney had arranged to be posted from Ecuador to his Shepherds Bush home.

City of London Police arrested Sweeney (pictured above with the guitar) as he signed for receipt of the parcel.

The drug was found to be of extremely high purity, and a search of Sweeney's home uncovered diluting equipment, giving the cocaine an estimated street value of £250,000.

DCI David Evans said "We are pleased with the outcome of this case, and the sentence Mr Sweeney now faces.

"His guilty plea reflected the sheer weight of evidence found against him, following a comprehensive investigation that brought together several areas of the City of London Police force."

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Three Charged With £40m Graff Heist

Three men accused of the £40m armed raid on Mayfair’s Graff jewellers will appear at Kingston Crown Court on September 1.

They are: Craig Calderwood, 26, of no fixed address; Waiter Solomun Beyne, 24, of Lilestone Street, St. John’s Wood and Doorman Clinton Mogg, 42, of Flat 4, 35 Westby Road, Bournemouth.

All three are charged with conspiring to rob the prestigious New Bond Street store (pictured right) on August 6.

Calderwood and Beyne, also charged with possessing a hangun, were arrested and charged by Barnes Flying Squad detectives and appeared in custody at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court.

Former business and marketing student Beyne is employed at his Ethiopean parents’ Millennium coffee shop in West Hampstead

Mogg appeared at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court and was also remanded in custody.

Forty-three pieces, including watches, necklaces and earrings, were snatched during the daring raid – Britain’s biggest ever jewellery robbery.

Oil Man Accused Of Flouting U.N. Saddam Embargo

An oil consultant, accused of flouting a U.N. Iraqi embargo, has appeared in court accused of transferring over $500,000 to Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2001.

Iraq-born Riad El-Taher, 70, of Hillcrest Gardens, Esher, Surrey was a consultant to controversial Bula Re-sources, an Irish-backed exploration company that racked up 45m Euro losses and was Chaired by former taoiseach Albert Reynolds.

El-Taher is charged with transferring $51,988 (U.S.) on or about July 16, 2001 to an account at Fransabank, Beirut, Lebanon, controlled by the Iraqi State Oil Marketing Organisation, contrary to the Iraq U.N. Sanctions Order, 2000.

He is similarly charged with transferring $99,985 (U.S.) on or about July 24, 2001 to an account at Jordan National Bank, Amman, Jordan and $99,988 (U.S.) on or about August 2, 2001 to Fransabank, Beirut.

He is also charged with transferring $249,973 (U.S.) on or about December 19, 2001 to the Jordan National Bank, Amman.

El-Taher was bailed to return to City of London Magistrates’ Court on September 16 on the condition he resides at his recorded address, surrenders his passports to police, does not apply for any international travel documents and gives 24 hours notice to stay at his daughter’s home at Marnon Road, Hove, East Sussex.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Drunken Mayhem At Irish Pub

A drunken customer who left a fellow-drinker covered in blood, after smashing a beer glass over his head during an orgy of violence, which claimed four victims in a landmark Irish pub, was jailed for three years.

Jobless James Sullivan, 30, of Wellesley Road, Kentish Town pleaded guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court to inflicting grievous bodily harm, with intent, on Sean Keenan at ‘Tommy Flynn’s’, Camden High Street on November 15, last year.

He also pleaded guilty to assaulting Paul Harris, causing him actual bodily harm, after knocking the victim unconscious with a single blow.

“In the course of a drinking bout you became involved in a fracas and smashed a glass on top of the victim’s forehead and continued to punch him in the head and face,” Judge Deva Pillay told Sullivan.

“Outside you then punched Mr. Harris on the right side of his face. Your first victim needed stitches and the second was also taken to hospital,” added the Judge.

Drinking-partner Mark Cawley, 29, of Castle Place, Lewis Street, Camden pleaded guilty to assaulting Alana Ashby, causing her actual bodily harm, and assaulting James Atkins.

Prosecutor Mr. Jeff Israel told the court trouble flared when Cawley poked fun at Mr. Atkins’ moustache, which he was growing to raise money for a prostrate cancer charity.

He pulled the victim’s moustache then violently punched him in the stomach, triggering a brawl between Sullivan and Keenan, who was left with blood pouring from a head wound, after being glassed.

The drunken pair, who had been celebrating a friend’s birthday party, were bundled outside by security staff and Cawley confronted Miss Ashby, who was enjoying a cigarette.

“For no apparent reason he punched her in the side of the face,” explained Mr. Israel. “She fell to the floor, banging her head and her glasses were smashed.”

She was left with heavy bruising, a black eye and bloody nose.

Finally, Mr. Harris was decked. “Sullivan punched him to the right side of the face, causing him to fall to the ground,” said Mr. Israel. “He was knocked out for three minutes.”

Sullivan was jailed for three years for GBH with a twelve-month term for ABH to run concurrently.

Cawley was bailed until September 4 for sentencing and Judge Pillay told him: “The sentence in my mind is still one of custody. You knew what you were doing when you engaged in these attacks.”

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Gonna Take You To A Gay Bar Gay Bar

A drunken pub customer, caught on CCTV launching a frenzied attack on an innocent bystander who was beaten to the ground, was spared jail despite a local crackdown on boozy thugs.

Beauty salon assistant Jonathon Brunsdon, 26, of 1a Ilchester Road, Bedminster Down, Bristol pleaded guilty at London’s Blackfriars Crown Court to assaulting Darren Sanderson by beating on March 14.

Brunsdon was drinking at the famous gay bar The Black Cap, Camden High Street, Camden, with a girl companion and his uncle when trouble flared.

Judge Deva Pillay told Brunsdon: “Violence of the kind I have just seen is endemic in Camden, endemic in public houses, where we see young men throwing their weight around.

“These courts see a lot of violence in Camden and the police and local authority have asked the courts to pass Draconian sentences to stamp it out,” added the Judge.

The court viewed CCTV footage of first-time offender Brunsdon acting aggressively outside the busy pub, where an unrelated fight had broken out, and then launching an unprovoked attack on another customer as he left.

Brunsdon, who had been living in London for a short time before returning to his native Bristol, was filmed throwing multiple punches and continuing the assault as Mr. Sanderson fell to the ground.

He claims he was trying to re-enter the pub, fearing his uncle got caught up in the other disturbance.

“These courts are determined to stamp out this kind of drunken violence on our streets. You behaved quite appalingly,” added Judge Pillay.

He sentenced Brunsdon to twelve months probation, plus 100 hours unpaid community service work and £250 costs.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

City Analyst's Boozy KO Punch

 £56,000 a year Canary Wharf financial analyst, who decked a man who annoyed him during a boozy night out in the City, leaving the victim lying in a pool of blood with a broken nose and a chipped tooth, was placed on probation for twelve months.

Stuart David Brown, 29, of 35 Abigail Crescent, Walderslade, Chatham, Kent downed five pints before felling the man with a single punch.

He pleaded guilty at City of London Magistrates Court to assaulting Simon Murray, causing him actual bodily harm, in Ludgate Hill on April 9.

He was also ordered to perform 150 hours unpaid community service work, pay £1,000 compensation to the victim plus  £75 costs.

Prosecutor Miss Varinder Hayre told the court it was 11.30pm on a Thursday night when police saw Brown punch the victim to the pavement near St Paul’s Cathederal.

Mr Murray was rushed to hospital where he needed seven stitches plus repairs to his broken nose and chipped tooth. He also suffered lacerations, bruising to his eye and concussion.

Brown, who had been out drinking with his brother and a group of friends, fled, but was caught by police and told officers: “I did it. He was annoying me.”

The court was told father-of-two Brown was arguing loudly in the street with his brother, following an earlier incident in a pub, then got involved in a verbal confrontation with Mr Murray.

“For no good reason Mr Murray, who was with a group of other men, got involved with what they were arguing about,” explained Miss Sarah Kelly, defending. “My client told him ‘leave us alone it has nothing to do with you’.”

Brown, who sat teary-eyed in the dock, admits he was frustrated by the interference and punched the victim in the face. When caught by police told them: “I did it. I’m sorry.”

“To say the defendant is ashamed is an understatement,” added Miss Kelly.”This moment of madness could cost him and his family dearly indeed.”

Sole breadwinner Brown’s children are 4 years and 18 months and he pays the mortgage. “If sentenced to imprisonment the resulting loss of his job would cause the whole family unit to disintegrate,” said Miss Kelly.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Late Night Knifeman Chase

A late-night knifeman, high on a cocktail of booze and cocaine, had to be blasted with C.S. gas by police after chasing a stranger.

Jobless Ricky Donovan, 24, of 146 Beresford Road, Hornsey pleaded guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court to possessing an offensive weapon, namely a lock knife, in Camden High Street, Camden on May 3 and possessing  £80 worth of cocaine.

The court heard Donovan confronted another man at 2.20 am shouting: "I'm not a little boy," and pulled out the unopened knife.

Fearing a stabbing the victim ran to the nearby Underground Station and was chased by Donovan who confronted him again.

The pair scuffled and were broken up by police who used C.S. gas on the defendant to restrain him.

Donovan confessed to an all-day drinking binge and taking cocaine.

He was sentenced to nine months imprisonment, suspended for two years, placed on two years probation, including an alcohol treatment course, and ordered to obey a nightime curfew for six months.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Big Brother Is Watching You Dopey!

Big Brother Britain claimed two dope-smoking victims, casually puffing away on the illegal weed in the middle of the most densely monitored CCTV zone on the planet.

Police rushed to Broadgate, City of London after a CCTV operator - purportedly on the lookout for terrorists - spotted the duo smoking a joint outside an office building.

Adoow Pinto,31, of Grange Road, Plaistow and Justyna Wlodarczyk,28, of Breamore House, Friary Estate, Peckham pleaded guilty to possessing a quantity of cannabis on August 10.

City of London Magistrates' Court heard the pair - cautioned by police for an identical offence in May - threw away the joint and a wrap of cannabis when officers arrived, but later admitted the drugs were theirs.

Both were fined £200, plus £75 costs and ordered to pay a £15 surcharge.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Harley Street Doc's Radiation Scare

A top Harley Street cancer consultant – who lectures on radiation safety – was exposed to levels 6 times above normal at an NHS hospital and has been fined £4,000 for flouting safety rules.

Dr. John Buscombe, 50, a Nuclear Medicine specialist, based at The London Clinic, 149 Harley Street has published 151 medical papers and 4 books and is a senior lecturer at Kings College and University College London.

As Consultant Physician in Nuclear Medicine to the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, he was in particular peril of radiation exposure and also ignored procedures.

The Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust, of Pond Street, Hampstead admitted two summonses brought by the Health and Safety Executive at City of London Magistrates’ Court and was also ordered to pay £9,704 costs plus a £15 victim surcharge.

They admitted failing to take all necessary steps to restrict the extent their employees were exposed to radiation by failing to take adequate dose control measures and failed to designate Dr. Buscombe as a classified person between January and June 2007.

Prosecutor Mr. Michael La Rose told the court the hospital were duty-bound to monitor the radiation levels employees were exposed to and medical staff had to wear Thermo Luminescent Doseneters – basically badges that absorb radiation.

However, Dr. Buscombe (pictured above) failed to properly hand his badge in on several occasions – and the hospital failed to ensure he did – resulting in no records of his radiation exposure.

The consultant was exposed to danger when injecting cancer patients with radioactive matter used to track tumours.

Eventually checks detected Dr. Buscombe’s radiation exposure was six times the level normally associated with his role.

“We had safety at the forefront of our minds. We had competent people in place,” the Trust’s lawyer Mr. David Wood told the court, adding Dr. Buscombe himself lectures on radiation safety.

“There is no failure to provide protective equipment. It was all there for staff to use,” added Mr. Wood. “With the exception of Dr. Buscombe they utilized that equipment.”

The consultant was urgently referred to the Occupational Health Clinician and he was removed from duties involving exposure to radiation when the true levels were discovered and there have been no known ill effects.

The Trust agree they failed in not ensuring and insisting on the prompt return of the radiation badges.

“Dr. Buscombe’s badges were returned late or not at all,” added Mr. Wood. “They were also left in a different office and not with the others handed in by clinical staff.”

Bench Chairman Mr. Simon Morrison announced: “The Trust clearly fell short in its duty, however a significant part of the blame lies with the medical and technical staff and with Dr. Buscombe. He chose not to comply.”

A spokeswoman at The London Clinic said: “I don’t think it would be right for me to say anything about this.”

Saturday, 15 August 2009

£7.5m Mortgage Fraud Investigated

A Nottingham man, arrested by officers from City of London Police’s Economic Crime Unit investigating a £7.5m ‘ghost’ mortgage fraud, has appeared in court.

Jobless Khawar Khan, 27, of 5 Fernleigh Drive, Mapperley is charged with money laundering in that between October 1 2008 and August 12, this year, within the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court he concealed, disguised, converted, transferred or removed proceeds of crime, namely £1m.

Police raided a two-bedroom flat at 701 Victoria Centre, Nottingham, on June 2, seizing £13,000 cash and £43,000 in gold ingots.

Charges were brought by the Fraud Prosecution Service who allege multiple mortgages were obtained for non-existent ‘ghost’ properties and other defendants are due to stand trial at Southwark Crown Court in February, next year.

Khan is also charged with possessing up to two hundred credit cards and two hundred chequebooks plus computers and banking documents at 244a Longbridge Road, Barking, Essex, on August 12 for use in the course of or in connection with fraud.

He is also charged with possessing three forged Pakistani Passports, nine U.K. passports and a driving licence he knew to be false at the same time and place.

Khan is further charged with possessing computers, credit card readers, chequebooks and a quantity of driving licences on June 2, within the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court, for use in the course of or in connection with fraud.

He was remanded in custody by City of London Magistrates' Court to appear at Southwark Crown Court on October 20.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Boozy Slap-Happy Hubby's City Arrest

A volatile Stratford-upon-Avon couple’s wedding trip to the capital ended in a boozy late-night bust-up in the heart of the City, a court heard.

Daniel Wayne Lambert, 29, of Yarranton Close was arrested by police despite protests from wife Laura Murphy who has pleaded with prosecutors to drop the case.

Lambert, employed in the accounts department of a Coventry-based airline, was charged with assaulting Mrs Murphy in Ludgate Hill on May 9.

He did not enter a plea at City of London Magistrates’ Court (pictured) and will now be cautioned for the offence.

Prosecutor Miss Regina Naughton told the court it was an incident of domestic violence, with Lambert admitting he slapped his wife across the face.

The victim did not give a statement and for the past week has rang prosecutors every day, asking for the case to be dropped and confirming the couple are attending an anger-management course.

“They had been attending a wedding and the defendant was inebriated,” said Miss Nasreen Tincey, defending. “An argument ensued and Mr Lambert accepts he slapped her.

“She never wanted the matter to be pursued and begged police at the scene not to arrest her husband,” added the lawyer. “Both have now been attending anger management sessions.

“He assures me and the court he will do whatever he can do to put this relationship back on track.”

Bench Chairwoman Jane Reynolds told Lambert: “You have a responsible job and are obviously a man of intelligence. I hope that you are not going to let down the generous spirit of your partner.”

The couple had traveled to court together and Mrs Murphy sat at the back throughout. The case was adjourned until September 2 so police can administer the caution to Lambert.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Harrods Glamour Girl's Cell Phone Sneak

A glamorous Harrods sales girl, who abandoned her modeling career after falling pregnant, sneaked a mobile phone to her criminal boyfriend as he sat in a Crown Court dock.

Holly Salter, 22, of Buckingham Road, Hampton, Middlesex, pleaded guilty to conveying an article to a prisoner, namely a mobile phone, to inmate James Kerr, 20, on July 4, last year at Harrow Crown Court.

“She was in a relationship with Mr. Kerr who incessantly asked for the phone and she felt pressured,” said Miss Sarah Turnoch, defending. “He had been in prison for five months up until that day and she thought it was also a way she could keep in contact with him.”

Kingston Crown Court heard Salter, a Miss Selfridge model and Miss London finalist, was seen by dock officers handing over the pay-as-you-go phone during a preliminary hearing.

She was arrested a few weeks later by police and said nothing when quizzed. Kerr, who had been arrested on robbery and burglary charges, was later caged for five years.

The 35-25-33 model (pictured above) is represented by top showbiz agents Atmosphere Entertainments and All Star Acts and Artists.

She has played bit part roles in film and television and appeared in commercials and pop videos.

“It was her own phone she had in court for her own use and was a spontaneous decision to give in to the requests Mr. Kerr was making from the dock,” explained Miss Turnoch. “She did not realize the seriousness of what she was doing.”

Kerr is not the father of her fifteen week-old baby daughter Poppy, who is brought up single-handedly by Salter.

“An immediate custodial sentence would be disastrous,” added the lawyer. The maximum penalty for smuggling a phone to a prisoner is two years imprisonment.

“She is on maternity leave now. She works as a sales girl in Harrods. Her employment would be something she would lose if she was sent to prison today.”

The last contact Salter had with her daughter’s father was a text message three weeks ago.

Sentencing her to three and a half month’s imprisonment, suspended for twelve months, Recorder Richard Bruce told tearful Salter: “The introduction of mobile phones into court cells and prisons puts pressure on other prisoners, allows prisoners to contact witnesses in their cases and acts as a form of currency.

“I accept you may have committed this offence while under considerable pressure from your boyfriend,” added Recorder Bruce. “When I first saw this indictment I believed an immediate custodial sentence was inevitable, but due to your new circumstances it can be suspended.”

He also ordered Salter to perform 120 hours unpaid community service work.

Professional Gooner's Drugs Own Goal

Arsenal FC’s unofficial No.1 fan – who has penned two novels chronicling his love affair with the Gunners – was exposed as a heroin junkie as he dodged jail for having £1,700 worth of the drug.

Author Bernard Azulay, 47, who published ‘On The Double’ in September 2002 and ‘All 4-1’ in August 2004 also writes a column for the Irish Examiner, The Gooner fanzine and the Arsenal-World website.

Azulay, of 14 Highbury Quadrant, Highbury pleaded guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court (pictured) to possessing 34 gms. of heroin outside his home on July 31, last year.

Police pulled over Azulay in his girlfriend Rona Murphy’s Ford Fiesta following a near-collision and found two golfball-sized lumps of brown powder, later confirmed as heroin after lab tests.

The officers had to force Azulay to the ground and handcuff the struggling suspect as he lunged for the drugs when they were placed on the car roof.

Police searched his mother’s home at Hibiscus Close, Edgware, but nothing was seized.

Azulay, who also blogs his ‘Gooners Diary’ has previous convictions for drug offences.

Judge Deva Pillay, sentencing Azulay to nine months imprisonment, suspended for two years, told him: “Initially I thought you should receive an immediate custodial sentence and you are still hanging by a thread.

“The reality is anyone caught with that sizable amount of contraband, being also class A, should expect to go to prison immediately.”

The court heard Azulay is determined to beat his drug addiction and manages to maintain a heavy work schedule, despite his problem.

The Judge also ordered him to comply with a drug-testing programme that subjects Azulay to twice-weekly checks.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Girlfriend KO's Punch Drunk Charge

One half of a warring Northamptonshire couple – accused of punching his girlfriend in the face and body – walked free from court after the alleged victim played down the attack.

Thomas Ian Curtis Dilley, 22, of Valley Road, Brackley was visiting long-time girlfriend Rebecca Elson, 23, a BA History student at London’s King’s College when the drunken row erupted.

He was cleared of assaulting Miss Elson on April 18 at Page Street, Pimlico, by JP’s at City of London Magistrates Court (pictured).

The court was told a row erupted over Dilley’s drinking and the defendant pushed Miss Elson to the floor and punched her in the face and body.

Police and an ambulance were called and photo’s taken of her injury.

However, Miss Elson told the JP’s: “A nosey neighbour put her nose in where it was not wanted. I did not need an ambulance and the paramedics said I was fine. I told the police it was a waste of time.”

Dilley splits his time between his parents home and Miss Elson’s student flat and turned up drunk that afternoon.

“I heard bottles clinking and knew he had been drinking,” she told the court.

“There was an empty vodka bottle in the bin and he was clearly drunk. I was very angry and threw the vodka bottle at his head and it hit him on the back of the head because he was looking me in the eye and lying to me.

“I walked into the bedroom and he shoved me from behind onto the bed and punched me in the eye. It was one punch. I think anybody would have done the same if they had a bottle thrown at them.”

Miss Elson insisted she was not assaulted despite giving a statement to police three days after the attack and claimed she had not been persuaded to give favourable evidence.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

'Miss Trumpet's' Teen Sex Charge

A female teacher at a prestigious all-girl private school, accused of sexual activity with a 15 year-old pupil, has appeared at City of London Magistrates’ Court.

Helen Goddard, 26, of 96 Thornham Street, Greenwich, employed at the £13,000 a year Central London school, was bailed unconditionally to appear at Southwark Crown Court on August 18.

She faces six sample counts under Section 9 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

Goddard is charged with intentionally sexually touching a girl aged 15, involving the penetration of her vagina with a finger between February 15 and March 1; February 28 and April 1; March 31 and May 1; April 30 and June 1; May 31 and July 1 and June 30 and July 11.

Wearing a white blouse, black waistcoat and black trousers blonde Goddard, who gave trumpet lessons to the girl, spoke only to confirm her name, date of birth and address during the ten minute hearing.

Prosecutor Mrs. Regina Naughton told the court the charges were indictable-only to the Crown Court because penetration is alleged.

City of London Police charged Goddard hours earlier following an investigation into her two-year teaching relationship with the pupil who occasionally stayed overnight at the defendant’s home.

Contempt of court orders stand preventing publication of the name and address of the victim and identifying the school.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Fraud & Stun Gun Charges

A Hemel Hempstead man accused of a £390,000 fraud involving 523 different credit and debit card numbers appeared at City of London Magistrates Court.

Shawan Ali, 23, of 161 Leys Road is charged with possessing counterfeit bank cards, compromised account and personal account details and compromised credit card details stored on computers in the course of or in connection with fraud on October 1, last year.

He is also charged with possession of a weapon, namely a Panther electric stun gun, designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas, or other thing at his home on the same day, contrary to the Firearms Act.

City of London Police executed a search warrant and allegedly seized manufactured cards, a card reader, a USB memory drive and Nat West chequebook.

Ali was bailed until September 17 on the condition he surrenders his passport, does not apply for international travel documents and resides at his recorded address.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Bogus Chinese Student Scam Arrest

A woman accused of forging university and college documents for bogus Chinese students to apply for and extend their visas was remanded in custody at City of London Magistrates Court.

Officers from the City of London Police’s Economic Crime Unit raided a Holborn address on June 4 in their investigation said to involve sixty-five universities and colleges in England and Wales and seized  £13,000 cash hidden in a wardrobe.

Jiao Wang, 25 of 3 Magellan Place, Walthamstow is charged with forging university letter heads, university authentication stamps and Chinese Embassy stamps knowing it was in the course of or in connection with fraud between December 1, 2007 and June 4, this year within the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court.

She also faces a money laundering charge in that she acquired, used or had possession of criminal property, namely  £75,000 between June 4 and August 6 this year, within the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court.

The bogus certificates are alleged to have been sold for between  £600 and  £3,800 and were presented with visa applications to the UK Border Agency.

Wang will return to court on August 13.