Friday, 30 November 2012

Grandma Jailed For Drug Smuggling

A Shepherd's Bush grandmother, caught at Gatwick Airport with 13 kilos of cannabis – worth £35,000 – in her suitcases, was jailed for twenty months today.

Marcia Cynthia Rattray, 50, of Wendell Road pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court to importing the cannabis from Jamaica on September 14.

The court heard she had collected the suitcases from a contact during her ten-day trip and was promised payment of £500-£600 for smuggling the drugs.

The trip had been set up by a man who knew she was in financial difficulties and was described as a “bad influence.”

Judge Shani Barnes told the mother-of-two, who has five grandchildren: “You have clearly had a difficult and troubled path through adulthood, with several previous convictions.

“You had reached a very low point in August. You had got into a great amount of debt and you were about to lose your home.

“You could see no way out and there were other influences on you and you did something that is extremely serious.

“Bringing thirteen kilos of cannabis into this country is a very serious offence.

“This was a decision made with all the pressure you were under and the money you were to receive will be little reward compared to the time you will spend in custody.

“I hope this is a low point and that you do not come back before the courts again.”

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Garage Boss Broke Neighbour's Arm During 'Parking Rage' Row

A garage boss, who broke a neighbouring mechanic's arm with a heavy-duty spirit-level during a 'parking rage' row, was told today he would be going to prison.

Mark Evans Blackburn, 46, (pictured) of Bakers Gardens, Carshalton swung the four-foot long wooden weapon at Matthew Ward during a furious row over blocked access.

Blackburn was convicted by a Croydon Crown Court jury of inflicting grievous bodily harm in Bensham Lane, Thornton Heath on January 5 and was remanded in custody.

“You have been convicted by a jury of a serious offence and the only sentence I can pass is one of imprisonment,” Judge Peter Gow QC told the father-of-two.

The court heard trouble began when Mr. Ward, who had just pulled up in his car, complained a small transit van Blackburn had just parked was blocking the entrance to his garage.

The defendant shouted: “I'm not going to move the fucking van,” and admitted in the witness box: “I think I told him to fuck off.”

The pair then had a face-to-face confrontation, shouting abuse at each other, when Mr. Ward's friend got out of a car with a dog.

“I was looking at the floor for something to arm myself with because I thought the dog was going to attack me,” Blackburn told the jury.

Mr. Ward said the defendant warned: “Wait there. I've got something to show you.”

Seconds later he returned with the spirit-level and, swinging it like a baseball bat, struck Mr. Ward, breaking his left arm, and causing him to fall to the floor.

Blackburn claimed the blow was in self-defence because he feared Mr. Ward was going to grab a weapon from the back of his own vehicle.

Prosecutor Mr. Nicholas Bleaney said: “Essentially this injury ruined Mr. Ward's professional life.

“As a direct result of his injuries he has had to give up his business.”

Blackburn will be sentenced on January 2.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Church Activist And Scout Leader Jailed For Abusing Boys

A “deeply manipulative” church activist and cub scout leader, who plied two young brothers and another boy with treats and organised fun events in order to sexually abuse them, was jailed for eight years today.

The boys, aged four to ten years-old, were entertained by mock-medieval swordfighting duels, swimming trips, videos and given sweets, ice-cream and cash, Croydon Crown Court heard.

James Edward Bailey, 69, (pictured) of Kettering Court, Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath was found guilty of fifteen charges dating back twenty years when the boys were aged between four and ten years-old.

The brothers, now aged twenty-eight and twenty-four, attended a church in Thornton Heath in the early 1990's where Bailey was a parishoner and trusted by their parents to look after them.

Bailey – known as Jim – later became a cub scout leader at a church in Addiscombe and is accused of abusing the third boy, now twenty, in his car after a group trip to South Norwood Leisure Centre, Portland Road.

“It seems apparent at the time that Bailey was a single man, keen on the church and cub scouts, both of which gave him access to young boys,” explained prosecutor Mr. Tony Badenoch.

“It also involves manipulation by an abuser with offers of sweets, ice-cream, money and the opportunity to watch grown-up action films.

“Bailey has an unhealthy interest in young boys and is deeply manipulative.

“They were not treats. They came with a price and that price was abuse,” Mr. Badenoch told the jury.

The brothers reported Bailey to the police three years ago after a chance encounter with him at Tesco's in Thornton Heath and the third man, who they do not know, came forward nearly two years later.

“The older brother told police that as a child he spent quite a bit of time with Jim and what was laid on the quite good fun.

“This included Jim running a medieval club, staging sword fights and assisting in school fetes and performances,” added the prosecutor.

“Their father, a missionary, very much trusted Bailey and he was a regular visitor to the family home.

“The older brother told police Jim touched him and got him to touch him back and said: 'Don't tell your parents.'

“He started taking him home and let him watch grown-up films and told police Jim had filmed him at the defendant's former home in Clifton Road.

“The younger brother told police Jim had put his hand down the front of his trousers and rubbed his penis and testicles.”

There was also a sexual incident involving the boy and Bailey's pet dog and an incident when the defendant took him swimming.

Bailey performed a sex act on the third boy after a different swimming pool trip when he also offered him sweets and cash.

He was convicted of three sample charges of indecently assaulting the older brother, plus five counts of indecency with the same child.

He was also found guilty of to two sample counts of indecently assaulting the younger brother plus four counts of indeceny with the child and one count of indecency with the third child.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Drunken City Trader Assaulted Wife And Stepson

A City commodities trader, who beat his wife and stepson during a violent drunken row, was told by a judge yesterday: "You are not the sort of defendant I normally see at this court."

Laurent Weinberger, 45, is now banned from going anywhere near his £1m six-bedroom house - which he still pays all the bills for - and has moved in with his parents.

"You are an otherwise perfectly respectable businessman and financial advisor," Wood Green Crown Court Judge Nicholas Browne QC told £115,000 a year Weinberger, who is now subject to a strict restraining order.

He pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife of six years, Sarah Weinberger, 41, and his stepson Matthew Davies, 22, at the family home in Brockley Avenue, Stanmore, in the heart of the North London Jewish community, on June 3.

"You used violence and you hit your stepson, causing him a bloody nose, and when your wife became involved you hit out at her and she suffered some bruising," Judge Browne told the defendant.

"This relationship has brought you into conflict with the criminal law, whether it was drink, stress or simply that you were not right for each other and it is best that you separate in the most civilised way possible.

"You and she were living in conflict with each other, with frequent rows, and it all blew up in early June as I have heard."

The court heard Weinberger (pictured) was cautioned by police in July, last year for assaulting his wife and was convicted of drink-driving in October, 2007.

"The relationship was deteriorating and they were in separate bedrooms and had been to counselling," said prosecutor Mr. David Smith. "The defendant, we would say, had a drink problem.

"There had been an argument the day before and the defendant, in drink, brought it up the next morning.

"Having assaulted the stepson, who was left with a bloody nose, he then assaulted his wife."

As business development director Mrs Weinberger tried to call 999 the defendant violently snatched the phone out of her grasp, causing the back of her head, arm and hand to slam against a wall.

She told the court: "I was bruised to my arm, my wrist and the back of my head. I went to my private doctor and did not go to work for a month.

"I am struggling with no money coming in from anywhere, I am maxed to the limit and friends are helping me financially. We sold one of our cars to pay legal bills."

The court heard a recording of the 999 call in which Weinberger told the operator: "My stepson just punched me in the head."

His wife could be heard in the background screaming: "You liar! You punched him first," and Weinberger told the operator: "I swear I never touched him. He hit me first."

Mr Smith added: "He was heavily under the influence of alcohol. That was obvious to the police when they arrived."

The court heard police had been called to the house, also home to Matthew's twin brother Adam and a younger 16 year-old sibling two or three times in relation to domestic abuse.

Weinberger's lawyer Miss Dee Connolly said: "This was a tempestuous relationship and his wife, has herself, been convicted of drink-driving and dealt with by the police for wasting police time on a previous occasion.

"He has been under tremendous stress awaiting today and has received counselling for his drinking and has an ulcer caused by stress.

"That house was bought by him and there has been no financial contribution towards it by Sarah Weinberger, but she lives there and he lives with his parents."

Weinberger, who has two children, aged 19 and 20, from a previous relationship was fined £100 on each assault and ordered to pay £500 compensation to Sarah and £200 compensation to Matthew.

"The main problem here is alcohol, which has led to incidents of domestic violence in the past," announced Judge Browne, who made a two-year restraining order.

Weinberger is now prohibited from going within 500 metres of his former family home, 50 metres of his wife's Mill Hill office and is not allowed to contact her, her immediate family or his stepsons directly or via telephone, text, email or other media.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Violent Drink And Drug-Fueled Rapist Locked-Up

A rapist – high on drink and drugs – who forced his way into the East London home of a woman he knew, grabbing her hair and ripping off her clothes, during a terrifying ordeal, has been caged for nine years.

Curtis Benson, 37, (pictured) pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court to raping the 35 year-old victim at the Hackney address on August 4.

He became increasingly violent after the woman refused his demands for sex and raped her.

She eventually fought him off and rushed to a neighbour's house in tears.

Benson fled the scene and sent the victim a flurry of desperate text messages threatening to harm her if she contacted police.

An investigation was launched by Operation Sapphire officers and a manhunt begun for Benson, involving numerous officers from the Metropolitan Police and neighbouring forces.

Benson gave himself up four days later at Stoke Newington police station on August 8 and was arrested.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Ross Morrell said: "This is an excellent example of the continuous hard work and dedication of Operation Sapphire officers in bringing a dangerous offender to justice in just over two months from the date of the offence.

"I would like to pay tribute to the victim who was incredibly brave in reporting this rape to police.

“Benson is a dangerous man who subjected her to a sustained and violent attack.

“She suffered a terrible ordeal that has impacted on her day-to-day life, but she had the courage to come forward and report this to police which in turn has allowed her to access support agencies and services that are now helping her return her life to normal.

"Rape is a difficult offence to report and investigate and I hope that the bravery of this woman gives confidence to other victims of rape and sexual violence to come forward and report their ordeal to the police, no matter how unusual or different the circumstances are.

“Specially trained detectives from Operation Sapphire will listen, support and investigate their allegation.”

Sunday, 25 November 2012

'Wheelie' Joyrider Caged For Killing Car Passenger

At teenage joyrider – showing off on a powerful motorbike – crashed into a car, instantly killing the young passenger, moments after pulling two 'wheelies'.
Ryan Birkett, 17, (pictured) of Dagenham, East London was locked-up for four years and eight months.
He pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court to causing the death of Peter Tickner, 23, by dangerous driving, in Goresbrook Street, Dagenham on July 14, last year.
He also admitted taking the Triumph Sprint ST 955 cc, without the owner's consent, and riding it without a licence and insurance and was disqualified for six years.
The Peaugeot vehicle, in which CCTV engineer Mr. Tickner was a passenger, was turning right into a side street when the motorbike crashed into it at 60 mph.
The force of the crash was such that the motorbike was embedded into the side of the car and Peter Tickner died instantly from his injuries.
The driver, 22, also sustained serious injuries. 

Mr. Tickner's family spoke of their "world being torn apart” as a result of the tragedy.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Car Gunman Tracked Down By Technology

A gunman, who fired a Mac10 machine pistol at a local rival, was hunted down via his getaway car's tracking device and caged for 11 years.

An investigation was launched after shots were fired from a white Audi R8 at two black males walking in St. Elmo Road, Shepher's Bush on April 16, last year.

Kola Adisa, 21, (pictured) of Cedarne Road, Fulham was convicted by an Isleworth Crown Court jury of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

The Audi vehicle was traced to a prestige car rental company and had been hired by an associate of Adisa's.

The car's tracking device proved the vehicle had been driven from the defendant's address to the scene of the shooting.

The crime scene was within yards of the home address of a man Adisa had an on-going dispute with.

Neither of the two targets were identified or came forward, but police matched several bullet casings they recovered in the street to the use of a Mac10 machine pistol.

Adisa was forced to admit he was in the car, but the jury rejected his claims of being squirted in the eyes with a noxious substance as the shooting occurred.

Detective Chief Inspector Mick Foote, from the Trident Gang Crime Command, said: "This was a terrifying incident for local residents to witness in their street.

“We are grateful for their prompt response in contacting the police immediately after hearing the sounds of gunshots which assisted us in arresting Kola Adisa for this offence.

"Forensic evidence showed that a Mac 10 automatic machine pistol had been used in this targeted shooting in this residential street in Hammersmith.

“Luckily no one was injured. Adisa showed total disregard to the possible harm he could have caused.

"This was a complicated and thorough investigation conducted by my investigation team. The assistance from the public in reporting the matter and giving evidence at court was of great support to the case. 

"This investigation clearly demonstrates that the police, their partners and the public can tackle gun and gang crime together.

If you have any information on gun and gang crime please do not hesitate in contacting the police." 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Bank Identity Conman Caught Again

A serial bank fraudster succcessfully posed as a customer to empty the man's account of £25,000 in just two weeks while on bail for an identical offence.

Mark Havis, 49, of Elgin Road, Ilford doctored a driving licence and forged bank statements and bank cards, but was caught trying to withdraw another £1500.

He pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation at Santander, Woodcote Road, Wallington; possession of identity documents with intent and possession of articles for use in fraud on December 18, last year.

Havis, who has commited seventy-six previous offences, was on bail for another £22,000 bank fraud at the time and later received fiften months imprisonment at Harrow Crown Court, which he has served.

Prosecutor Miss Shazia Ahmed told Croydon Crown Court today: “He walked into Santander and produced a driving licence in another man's name, but which bore his photograph.

“Havis was also in possession of three false bank statements and a number of false bank cards and a member of staff was alerted to something not being quite right.”

A senior member of staff, who knew the customer Havis was posing as, recognised the defendant as an imposter and called the police.

Havis's attempt to withdraw £1500 cash failed and investigations revealed in the previous two weeks he had taken £25,000 from the account.

The Recorder of Croydon Warwick McKinnon decided not to imprison Havis because of the recent sentence he has served and placed him on a twelve month probation supervision order.

“You were going along to this bank with false documents and obtained twenty-five thousand pounds and you were doing the same thing last July.

“You have a quite dreadful record and you need to come away from this chronic pattern of crime,” the judge told Havis.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Teen Who Fired On Police Locked-Up For Eleven Years

A teenager, who shot at police during a chance meeting outside a block of flats in South-West London, has been caged for eleven years.

Brian Mudziwepasi, 19, (pictured) of Charter Road, Kingston-upon-Thames turned and shot at three officers as he fled the scene.

He pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm, with intent to endanger life, and possession of a prohibited weapon in Morden Road, Morden on February 21.

Mudziwepasi's claim that he was merely firing a safe warning shot to back the police off was rejected by a judge.

It was 8.35pm when the three officers attended the flats on a routine enquiry and they met the defendant as he left the communal entrance with his bike.

One of the officers recognised him and asked for confirmation of his identity, to which he replied by giving his name.

However, when asked to stop, Mudziwepasi pushed past the officers onto the pavement and produced a silver handgun from his waistband that he pointed at their heads.

He ran away into Morden Road leaving the officers at the entrance, but turned and pointed the weapon in their direction.

The suspect shot once, forcing the officers to dive to the ground.

Fortunately they were not hit and Mudziwepasi continued his escape down a nearby alleyway.

Forensic examination of the area revealed a single shell casing approximately 20 feet from where the shot was fired.

The gun used - a converted Baikal self-loading pistol - has since been recovered in circumstances and at a location believed to be unconnected with Mudziwepasi. 

A manhunt to locate and arrest the suspect was immediately launched by detectives from the Trident Gang Crime Command and Mudziwepasi gave himself up at Tooting police station on February 23.

Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Williams, Borough Commander of Merton, said: “Sergeant Dean Croft, and PC's Jonathan Case and Jonathan Grabauskas are three incredibly brave officers who continued to pursue Mudziwepasi knowing he was armed with a firearm.

"Thankfully none of them were injured when he callously and with no regard for them or members of the public turned and fired at them.

“He is obviously a dangerous individual who thankfully now faces a considerable length of time in prison to consider the consequences of his actions."

Detective Chief Inspector Rebecca Reeves, of Trident Gang Crime Command, said: "Thankfully, this kind of incident is rare on the streets of London.

“Mudziwepasi's actions were reckless and could easily have resulted in serious injury to the police officers or to members of the public.

“Fortunately, the officers were not injured and they showed great bravery facing a suspect with a live firearm.

"I would like to thank them and all the other witnesses who gave evidence.

“This was a highly effective investigation, bringing together the skills of Trident detectives and specialist forensic scientists." 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Gunmen's Target Hunted Down And Shot

Shot - Jahan Malik

Two armed men hunted down a rival on a St. Alban's housing estate – chasing and blasting the victim in a car park after the first shot missed - a jury were told yesterday.

A series of disputes over cannabis, money, damage to a vehicle and a nightclub confrontation resulted in the early-morning murder bid – captured on the estate's CCTV, Croydon Crown Court heard.

Andre Ryan, 22, of Belmont Court, Belmont Hill and Anthony Ajayi, 22, of Coningsby Bank have both pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of Jahan Malik, 24, in Praetorian Court on June 5.

“The prosecution say these two defendants set out to fight Mr. Malik and went to the location armed and fully intending to carry out that plan,” explained prosecutor Miss Isabel Delamere.

“Ryan had a gun and Ajayi had a baton and a meat cleaver and it was their plan to use the gun and kill him.

“There was a history between the defendants and the victim, with minor slights and accusations going to and fro, that escalated beyond all reason and comprehension.

“They went to the address to settle these percieved scores.

“Ryan pulled the gun from his bag and fired at Mr. Malik.

“The first one missed, but the second hit him in the side with almost fatal consequences.”

In the momernts before the shooting, which took place at 10.30am in front of eye witnesses, Mr. Malik had a baseball bat in one hand and a dog on a lead in the other.

“When he was shot he had neither and was seen to run across the car park, chased by Ryan, and seen raising his hand in obvious surrender, posing no threat to this defendant.

“That is when he was shot at a seond time.”

Mr. Malik was rushed to hospital by air ambulance and recovered from his injury.

“He was well known to these defendants,” said Miss Delamere. “Two to three months before there had been some altercation in a St. Alban's nightclub, with one looking at another and talk of a fight.

“It is also said Mr. Malik angered Ryan by making him wait over the supply of some cannabis.”

Ryan previously attacked a van Mr. Malik was travelling in with a hammer while Ajayi held the door closed to prevent him escaping, but never paid for the damage he caused, the jury were told.

On the morning of the shooting Ajayi was “extremly angry and aggressive” while making an 8am visit to the home of a friend of Mr. Malik.

This resulted in Mr. Malik and that friend visiting Ajayi's address and banging on the front door while only the defendant's girlfriend was inside.

“There was also a heated argument with shouting and swearing between Mr. Malik and whoever was down the end of the phone, either Ryan or Ajayi,” added Miss Delamere.

Both defendants also plead not guilty to wounding Mr. Malik, with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm, and possessing a firearm - a .410 shotgun - with intent to endanger life.

They both also deny possessing a meat cleaver as an offensive weapon and Ryan alone denies possessing a baton as an offensive weapon.

Ryan has pleaded guilty to possessing a fiearm and ammunition while prohibited and Ajayi has admitted possessing the baton as an offensive weapon.

Trial continues............. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Elite Cavalry Soldiers Accused Of Smuggling Guns And Cocaine

Four British Army soldiers were involved in smuggling five lethal illegal handguns, silencers, ammo and over £70,000 worth of cocaine via the Channel Tunnel, a court heard yesterday.

Police swooped on two BMW vehicles on January 25, seizing two Walther P99 9mm pistols, three converted BBM pistols, each with their own silencer, seventy-four bullets and 493gms of 74% pure cocaine.

They arrested Lemar Loveless, 26, of 24 Brydon Walk, Kings Cross and 21 year-old Trave Dyce of Sydney Road, Smethwick, Birmingham.

Loveless had quit as a trooper with the Queen's Royal Hussars - based in Sennelager, Germany - just six days before and Dyce, also a trooper, left six days later.

Two months later police arrested Queen's Royal Hussars trooper Lance Laurent, 25, and lance corporal Duran Wright, 28, who serves with the Royal Logistical Corps in Germany.

"Those who use illegal firearms have to get them from somewhere," prosecutor Mr. Steven Perian told the Woolwich Crown Court (pictured) jury, adding their black-market value was up to £18,000.

Loveless; Laurent; Wright and a fifth defendant, civilian Romone Marshalleck, 24, of 95 Huron Road, Tooting Bec have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to import firearms between January 1 and 26.

Dyce has already pleaded guilty to possessing firearms.

The four soldiers have pleaded not guilty to conspiring between January 1 and January 26 to import 493gms of cocaine and Loveless alone denies illegal possession of seventy-four rounds of ammunition.

The court heard all the firearms and cocaine was found in the vehicle driven by Dyce.

"Police found a pair of size eleven boots in the car boot and inside one of them was a grapefruit-sized ball of black duct tape and when opened it contained the high-purity cocaine," said Mr. Perian.

"The tape was impregnated with curry powder, which is used to disguise the smell of class a drugs from sniffer dogs."

All of the handguns and bullets were found stashed underneath the car's front seats, with one of the Walther's wrapped in a white t-shirt and the serial number deliberately worn-off at least one of the BBM's.

The BMW Dyce was driving was registered to Wright, with Loveless following in a vehicle he claimed was his girlfriend's.

Dyce told the officers: "He (Loveless) told me to drive the car and drop it off for payment. He told me their were guns in there."

When quizzed at the scene Loveless simply replied: "What firearms?" and later refused to divulge his Blackberry's PIN.

Dyce replied: "Oh my God" when police made their full allegation against him at the station and insisted Loveless had given him the black ball, containing the cocaine, and offered him £3,000 for the trip.

Eventually police found text messages exchanged between Loveless and Marshalleck.

"There are chats going on, we say, about guns, cash and drugs," added Mr. Perian. "One text asks: 'Are they Beretta's?' These are not hats they are talking about, but guns.

"It provides a clear insight into the destination of drugs and guns, we say, Loveless was importing into the country.

"He was also doing online research into possible ways to smuggle cocaine into the country."

Police seized €11,400 when they arrested Wright. "He denied the money was from drugs or gun running," said Mr. Perian.

When Laurent was questioned he said: "I don't know anything about no drugs."

Marshalleck was arrested on April 18 and officers found the screensaver on his iPad was an image of himself posing with an automatic weapon.

He is said to have exchanged incriminating texts with Loveless. "The conversations were, without doubt, about guns."

Trial continues………..  

Monday, 19 November 2012

Cocaine Dealer On The Run

Police are hoping to catch a fugitive drug dealer convicted of dealing £70,000 worth of cocaine.
Ngozi Egbert Ubani, 51, (pictured) of Manton Road, Enfield jumped bail before his trial in July 2010, but was convicted in his absence.
He was found guilty at Wood Green Crown Court to supplying two kilos of the drug at an address in Lansdowne Road, Tottenham, North London on October 5, 2009.
Ubani was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment and a warrant was issued for his arrest.
He is believed to have connections in countries around the world.
Police have made extensive enquiries to try to locate Ubani and are appealing to the public to assist.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or call Detective Constable Jordan Ford on 020 7230 3362. 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Supermarket Robbers Caged For Armed Cash Snatch

Four young armed robbers – who threatened supermarket staff at gunpoint to hand over cash from the tills – have been caged for a total of fourteen years.

Two of the gang held-up the Co-Op in Greenford Avenue, Ealing, West London on February 23 – brandishing a silver handgun.

Money was placed inside a plastic bag and the robbers fled.

Police viewed CCTV and with the help of staff had good descriptions of the gang.

Just half-an-hour later, at 10.25pm, the four defendants were stopped in a white Audi in nearby Kennedy Road.

They are: Abdi Abdullah, 21, (top l.) of Hitherbroom Road, Hayes, who received five years.

Khalid Farah, 21, (top r.) of Old Oak Common Lane, Acton, who received two years and six months.

Ahmed Sufi, 23, (bottom l.) of Belgrave Road, Walthamstow, who received three years and six months.

Mursal Yahye, 23, (bottom r.) of Maple Road, Hayes, who received three years.

All four pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob the supermarket and possession of an imitation firearm.

When police stopped the Audi vehicle the silver revolver was found in a plastic bag.

Detective Chief Inspector Harry Hennigan said: "The fast thinking and keen eye of officers ensured that these men have been brought to justice." 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lawyer Gets Life For Beating Wife To Death

A solicitor, who beat his wife to death and told her family: “Come take your sister's dead body from my flat,” has ben jailed for life.
Mohammed Habib Rahman, 32, (pictured) regularly beat 32 year-old Jasmin Chowdhury and previous attacks resulted in a black eye and a broken finger.
However, she remained silent and never reported these assaults to police.
He was convicted at the Old Bailey of murdering Mrs Chowdhury at their East London home in Stanliff House, Cassilis Road, where she was found with serious head injuries on December 17, last year and will serve a minimum of 18 years.
Relatives had raised the alarm after being unable to reach her and receiving a series of shocking texts from the defendant, which indicated she was dead
Police forced entry to the property and rushed Mrs Chowdhury to the Royal London Hospital, but she died three days later.
Rahman was arrested on December 18 when officers spotted his car in Commercial Road.
Investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector John Nicholson, from the Homicide and Serious Crime Command (HSCC), said: "Rahman is a violent man and it is clear his wife had suffered at his hands before.
“During the investigation a friend of Jasmine's told us she had seen her with previous 'accidental' injuries including a black eye and a broken finger, although Jasmin never contacted police.

"We are satisfied at the conviction and would urge anyone suffering from domestic violence to get in touch with police.
“We take all cases extremely seriously and this tragic murder shows just what can happen if matters escalate."

Jasmin's family said: "We are devastated by the loss of our sister.
“We wanted justice for her.
“Jasmin was a kind, caring, thoughtful, selfless and beautiful person.
“We miss her dearly and love her so much. Words cannot describe how traumatised we are, having had our sister taken away from us forever in such a horrific manner."