Sunday, 28 February 2010

Jealous Ex's Deadly Poison Curry Plan

A jealous ex whose poison curry plan left her former boyfriend dead and his new girlfriend fighting for her life is facing life behind bars after a jury convicted her of murder.

Lakhvinder ‘Lucky’ Cheema, 39, died and his fiancĂ©, Gurjeet Choough, 21, was left seriously ill in hospital as a result of eating the Aconite poison which had secretly been mixed into their evening meal at their home in Princes Road, Feltham.

Lakhvir Kaur Singh, 40, of Marlborough Rd, Southall was also convicted by the Old Bailey jury of causing grievous bodily harm, with intent, to Miss Choough, who has made a full recovery.

Detective Inspector Tony Bishop of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command said: "This was a premeditated murder by a woman who could not accept that her lover had found happiness with someone else and planned to get married.

"Singh planned this murder, we believe bringing the poison from India, and added it to the food that she knew would be eaten by Lucky and Gurjeet.

“The poison that Singh used caused appalling symptoms meaning that the last hours of Lucky's life were extremely traumatic and must have been terrifying."

Married mother-of-three Singh had been Lucky’s lover for about 15 years before his engagement to Gurjeet.

In 2008 Lucky's family introduced him to Gurjeet and the couple announced their engagement on November 2 and set a wedding date for Valentine’s Day, 2009.

Singh was upset and sent text messages to both Gurjeet and Lucky (pic. top) and eventually the three met with Gurjeet asking Singh to stop calling Lucky and allow them to start their new life together.

On January 26 Gurjeet made a curry for both her and Lucky and the next day their tenants let Singh (pic. middle) in, having met her previously.

She was invited by the tenants to sit in the kitchen, but refused and went to the fridge, taking the curry container (pic. bottom) out and standing with her back to the other residents before returning it to the fridge and leaving the house.

Later that evening Gurjeet heated the remainder of the curry for a meal for herself and Lucky.

Within a short time they began to feel unwell and rang one of the tenants for help as they were incapable of moving.

By the time the tenant got downstairs to them, they were unable to move and Lucky was vomiting violently.

Lucky's sister came to the house and she put her brother and Gurjeet into her car and rushed them to hospital.

They had both lost their sight and were losing the use of their limbs and by the time they reached hospital Lucky was completely paralysed and died within the hour.

Gurjeet was put into a medical coma whilst the staff at the hospital stabilised her heart and breathing.

Singh was arrested the next day and a small packet of the poison was found in her coat pocket and another in her handbag.

She claimed it was medication for a rash on her neck, giving the medical teams trying to save Gurjeet no assistance by identifying the poison.

Expert forensic analysis identified that the poison Aconite was present in both of the victims, the remains of the curry and the packets found in Singh's coat and handbag.

Detective Inspector Tony Bishop said: "I am grateful that the court recognised the overwhelming evidence against Singh and she has been found guilty of these crimes.

"Our thoughts are with Lucky's family and his fiancé who have all been devastated by his death."

Singh will be sentenced on a date to be fixed.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Killer Flees To Dubai After Teen Stabbing

A knifeman who fled to Dubai with the help of his uncle after leaving his teenage victim dying in a pool of blood faces a life sentence after being convicted of the brutal murder.

Ahmed Mire, 20, of Thurban Road, Catford, South London, repeatedly stabbed 18-year old student Adam Pervaiz (pic. top) in the leg, severing his femoral artery, in a communal stairwell at Shearwater Court, Abinger Grove, Deptford, on May 7, last year.

He was convicted by an Old Bailey jury and his uncle Mohammed Ali (pic. bottom.) will also be sentenced for assisting an offender.

A post mortem examination at Greenwich Mortuary gave the cause of death as stab wounds to the leg.

It is believed that Adam bled to death in a matter of minutes due to his femoral artery being severed.

Adam was a student at Lewisham College and had expressed a desire to join the Fire Brigade.

Mire (pic. middle) was arrested at Heathrow Airport on June 2 as he returned to the UK and was charged with Adam’s murder the next day

Ali was arrested the day after the killing because he purchased a plane ticket for his nephew to escape to Dubai in a bid to dodge capture.

Detective Chief Inspector Rick Murphy said: “This is another tragic example of an 18 year-old's life being cut short by the use of a knife and dying in tragic circumstances.

“My thoughts are with Adam's family and I hope they can feel some justice has been done.

“The Metropolitan Police Service is committed to bringing criminals to justice and this case is a strong message not only to those that carry knives but those who choose to assist them.

“I hope this sad and futile death will deter others from carrying a knife on the streets of London and remind them of our determination to find them and prosecute them.”

Shazia Pervaiz, Adam's mother said: "Adam Khan Pervaiz is not a number, he is not another statistic, he was my son, a great brother, a friend and he has been cruelly taken away from us.

“I will not see Adam's children, my grandchildren, for he did not have the opportunity to pass on his bloodline. The person that killed Adam has his blood on their hands."

Friday, 26 February 2010

I.T. Man Flashes Schoolgirls

A Derby IT specialist, who flashed at City of London schoolgirls three days in a row leaving them “shocked, disgusted and disturbed,” was placed under probation supervision by the Old Bailey today (Friday).

Peter Binks, 45, of Church Lane, Darley Abbey, was on a short-term work contract in the Square Mile when he flashed the girl’s aged 11-15 years.

He had pleaded guilty at City of London Magistrates’ Court to intentionally exposing his genitals, intending that someone would be caused alarm or distress, near City of London Girls School, Barbican, on December 9, 10 and 11, last year, contrary to the Sexual Offences Act.

The magistrates’ deemed their sentencing powers of up to six months’ imprisonment as insufficient so committed Binks (pictured) to the Central Criminal Court.

He received a three-year community sentence and was ordered to attend appointments as directed by the supervising officer.

The court heard bespectacled first-time offender Binks was seen by the girl’s exposing his genitals as they walked to school for two days in a row before his arrest.

Some of the schoolgirls gave video interviews to police in which they said they were “shocked, disgusted and disturbed.”

On the third day police were called and officers spotted Binks holding a laptop computer bag in front of him with his hand suspiciously moving vigorously behind it.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Football Star's Brother Killed By Single Punch

A man who killed Tottenham Hotspur star Jermaine Defoe’s brother Jade with a single punch during a brutal street confrontation has been jailed for three years.

The 27 year-old (pic. top) from Forest Gate, East London, known as Gavin to friends and family, suffered a fatal head injury when struck by Christopher Farley, 34, in Walnut Gardens, Stratford on April 20, last year.

Farley, (pic. bottom) of Kingswood Road, Leytonstone, was convicted at the Old Bailey of manslaughter.

Investigating officer Detective Inspector John Sandlin of the Homicide and Serious Crime Directorate said: "Gavin's death demonstrates the tragic circumstances that can arise from the use of violence, and the use of a single punch.

"A disagreement between two acquaintances led to Farley punching Gavin, which resulted in his death.

It was a senseless loss of life, that has left the victim's family distraught.

"Farley has now been sentenced, but in addition to the punishment he has received from the courts, he has to live with causing the death of Gavin for the rest of his life."

The pair, who knew each other, met in the street and exchanged words before Farley punched Gavin in the face, causing him to fall to the ground, hitting his head.

He was rushed by ambulance hospital but died on 24 April.

A post-mortem examination gave the cause of death as a head injury.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Gunman Caged For Travel Agent Raid

A gunman who targeted a high street travel agent’s bureau de change – terrifying staff with a pistol and stuffing foreign cash into a carrier bag – has been locked up for five years.

Michael Michaelides, 42, of Cardinals Way, Upper Holloway, was arrested inside Thomas Cook, Muswell Hill, after a member of staff managed to raise the alarm in a neighbouring shop.

Michaelides (pictured) pleaded guilty Wood Green Crown Court to robbing the travel agent’s on November 16 last year and possessing of a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence and was given an indeterminate sentence carrying a five-year minimum.

He entered Thomas Cook’s at 5.20 pm and demanded staff let him inside the secure foreign exchange bureau.

Police were alerted called and officers attended the scene a short time later - arresting Michaelides inside the shop.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Adrian Whitewick said: “This was a very serious robbery where staff members carrying out their daily business were threatened by an armed gunman.

“The actions of both the staff and members of the public were crucial in assisting officers to arrest Michaelides and recover the firearm and stolen cash.”

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

St. Valentine's Weekend Heartbreak For Albanian Illegal

A lovesick Albanian illegal immigrant destroyed ten years of unblemished residence in the UK when he tried to join his French lover for a memorable St. Valentine’s Day in Paris.

Instead of a weekend in the City of Lovers in the arms of his sweetheart 28 year-old Edmond Hysenagara was locked in a cell and now faces deportation after being caught trying to board a Eurostar train with a bogus Italian ID card.

Lift technician Hysenagara, of Tavistock Way, Carshalton, Surrey, pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court today (Tuesday) to possessing the false identity document at St. Pancras Station (pictured) on February 13.

Prosecutor Mr. Martin Whitehouse told the court Hysenagara, who was only arrested ten days earlier, admitted he had remained in the country illegally for the past ten years after being caught by immigration at St. Pancras.

He fled war-torn Kosovo when his father was murdered and has worked as a labourer, forklift driver, dishwasher and cook, never claiming state benefits or getting in trouble with the police.

The first-time offender admitted only trying to board the train to spend the weekend with his French girlfriend.

Sentencing Hysenagara to twelve months imprisonment Judge Deborah Taylor told him: “This is a very serious offence. It undermines the process of immigration in this country.”

Monday, 22 February 2010

Police Hunt "Quality Street" Burglar

Police are hunting this man in connection with a series of “Quality Street” burglaries in one of the most exclusive parts of London – in which cash, valuable jewellery and expensive electrical items were snatched.

Mayfair and Bayswater residents have been targeted – police believe – by Jimmy Dormer, also known as James Filan, 29, (pictured) who remains at large.

He is wanted for questioning in relation to a burglary in Bryanston Square, Mayfair, on January 12 and Bayswater raids in Hyde Park Gardens on January 14; Westbourne Terrace on January 22 and Inverness Terrace on October 20, last year.

Detective Sergeant Andy Swindells of the Westminster Burglary Squad said: “These burglaries have caused much distress to the victims.

“We are concerned to do all we can to halt the perpetrator in their tracks. In this case I'm asking the public for their help.”

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Killers Kick Park Bench Victim To Death

A 27 year-old man and 14 year-old boy, whose night of heavy drinking ended with the pair kicking a stranger to death in an East London park – inflicting multiple face fractures in a ferocious frenzy – have been locked up.

Bizarrely the killers had only met that night and for no known reason launched their brutal attack on the 60 year-old victim – with the teen leaving his shoe imprint on the stranger’s face.

Carpenter Mantas Kraucevicius, of Sutton Court Road, Plaistow, was jailed for seven years at the Old Bailey for the manslaughter of Eric Rider (pic. top) in nearby Beaumont Road, in the early hours of June 27, last year.

The teen, now aged 15, from Canning Town received four years for the same offence.

Investigating officer Detective Inspector Robert Pack, of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said: "Despite one of the defendants being only aged 14, the pair had been out drinking all night and came across the victim in a park.

"They approached a vulnerable individual on the pretext of asking for a cigarette, albeit they already had cigarettes between them and while Mr Rider was sitting on a bench, Kraucevicius (pic. bottom) kicked him in the face.

"After a brief struggle, Mr Rider remained on the ground where he was further kicked in the chest and head by Kraucevicius before being kicked and stamped on by the 14-year-old.

"The pair carried out a savage, sustained and senseless attack on a man who was simply minding his own business.

“Such was the force of the attack that an impression of the sole of the 14-year-old's shoe was found on Mr Rider's cheek.

“The jury heard from the pathologist that the severe head and facial injuries he received were more normally associated with a car accident or a fall head first from several storeys.

"After kicking and beating the victim to death, the pair calmly strolled away from the scene together without a second thought for their victim."

Police were called at about 07.30am on to reports of a man found unconscious and officers discovered Mr Rider, of New City Road Plaistow, suffering from head injuries.

He was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after 08.00hrs.

A post-mortem examination at East Ham Mortuary gave the cause of death as blunt forced trauma.

Mr Rider suffered fractures to his face and spine in the attack.

At 6:30am the defendants entered a nearby property in Prince Regent Lane where they were apprehended by the occupant and his friend.

The 14-year-old begged them not to call the police, saying he had "killed somebody down the road".

When quizzed by police the 14-year-old refused to answer any questions.

Kraucevicius said he and another boy had been involved in an incident and kicked someone two or three times in the park and both had been drinking and taking drugs.

Mr Rider's blood was later found on the trainers and trousers of both defendants.

Patricia Venton, Mr Rider's ex-partner, said:" The green where Eric died is the green where the children all played when they were young. Those happy memories are tainted with new ones that cause us all great pain.

"I hope our children can forgive and not carry the burden of hate. I hope our children and grandchildren will never suffer the pain like that of their parents and grandparents.

Grandparents should die from old age, not from the actions of two strangers who never gave Eric a chance."

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Drug-Dealing Gunman Tried To Kill Over £150 Debt

A ruthless drug dealer, who shot a customer who owed him £150, faces a lengthy spell behind bars after being convicted at the Old Bailey of attempted murder.

Desmond Meade, 25, (pic.) of Crondall Court, St. John’s Estate, Islington, shot the 44 year-old victim at the junction of nearby Cropley Street and Napier Grove on August 4, last year.

His alleged partner-in-crime, Russell James Stanley, 26 of East Ham, who was also arrested by Operation Trident officers, who specialise investigating violent black-on-black crime was acquitted.

Detective Sergeant Chris Jones said: "This crime would appear to have been motivated by an insignificant drugs debt of £150 owed to Meade by the victim.

"Meade, who was a well placed drug dealer in Hackney, demonstrated total disregard for the victim's life and safety of other members of the public, including children who were playing nearby.

"I would like to praise the courage of both victim and witnesses who gave evidence under difficult circumstances ensuring Meade was brought to justice.

“I am satisfied that Hackney Borough will be a safer place without the criminal activities of Desmond Meade.”

Police rushed to the scene at 10.45 pm where they found the victim and a 39 year-old woman close to a Vauxhall Corsa that had crashed into a wall.

The man was rushed by ambulance to hospital where he was treated and has since made a good recovery.

The woman received hospital treatment for minor injuries and was later discharged.

He was arrested and charged ten days later.

Friday, 19 February 2010

St. Paul's Boss Jailed For £58,000 eBay Stamp Fraud

The disgraced manageress of St. Paul’s Cathedral’s gift shop, who used the church’s funds to order over £58,000 worth of stamps, before selling them for half-price on eBay, was jailed for eight months yesterday (Thursday).

Alison Robinson, 43, of Wishings Road, Brixham, Devon, placed over thirty orders for a total of 56,500 Royal Mail Worldwide stamps and continued the fraud even though a £154,000 inheritance was looming.

“This was a deliberate course of dishonesty carefully planned and deceptively executed,” Southwark Crown Court Judge Martin Beddoe told the first-time offender. “You repeated it and repeated it some thirty-odd times over eighteen months until you decided to leave your employment and move to Devon.”

Robinson pleaded guilty to dishonestly obtaining Worldwide postage stamps, worth £58,289.15, from the Royal Mail with the intention of permanently depriving the Friends of St. Paul’s by deception by falsely representing she was entitled to order them between February 5 and May 22, 2007.

Prosecutor Miss Sarah Selby told the court Robinson left St. Paul’s (pictured) in June, 2007 following eighteen years unblemished service for the ‘Friends of St. Paul’s’ shop and the new manager, Duncan Smith, ordered a yearly stock take.

“He found various substantial discrepancies in the accounts,” she explained.

“Large amounts of the Worldwide stamps had been purchased by the shop and invoices signed by Mrs. Robinson,” said Miss Selby. “These stamps were ordered and paid for by the shop, but not sold in the shop.”

It was discovered Robinson had placed telephone orders for Worldwide stamps along with the shop’s usual order for postcard stamps and deliberately omitted the fact from internal paperwork.

“When they arrived she placed them in a safe and then took them away,” added the prosecutor. “She admits she noticed the stamps sold on eBay before that and banked the cash in her maiden name.”

St. Paul’s hired a retired senior Fraud Squad detective, Patrick Wilkins, to investigate and he quizzed Robinson on November 15, 2008 at the new Devon home she had bought for £158,000 cash and shared with her new husband – a former cathederal colleague.

“She briefly denied knowledge of the stamps, but in a matter of minutes admitted she had been responsible for the theft of stamps,” said Miss Selby.

“She claimed she sold them to friends, but then admitted she sold them on eBay for half of their value. She was clearly shocked and said half-price was a reasonable assessment.”

Robinson claimed she was kept a virtual “prisoner” for 20 years by her “domineering” wheelchair-bound mother who died in April, 2006, followed by her father six weeks later.

“She said she had spent the money on household items that had assisted the care of her parents, beds etc. and had funded the funeral costs and felt unsupported by her employers.”

Robinson recently sold her house for £122,000 so she can compensate St. Paul’s and immediately wrote a letter of apology to the Dean.

Her lawyer Miss Dafna Spiro told the court: “This is so out of character. She is a person who gave to others, but internalised everything, hence the binge eating.

“It became like a gambling addiction, a compulsion and was the only thing that took her mind off the awfulness that was around her.

“She suffered a miscarriage in 2003, that was the first trigger. That was her only experience of pregnancy and she is unlikely now to have children.

“Her mother was domineering and oppressive in the extreme. She was not allowed to move away for a job aged 20 and spent the next twenty years at home caring for her parents although they were difficult.

“She had to stay with her mother every night and was not allowed out and was kept a virtual prisoner in this home until her release.

“She spent the money to make her parents’ lives more comfortable in a parental feeling of obligation,” added miss Spiro.

“It is an aberration. Something she is mortified about. She explains it as the escape from the horrifickness of her life.”

Once her parents passed away Robinson was free to marry an older man, who they had disapproved of, quit St. Paul’s and start a new life in Devon.

Robinson, who is on anti-depressants, will struggle in prison, added Miss Spiro. “This woman will be traumatised by a custodial sentence.”

Judge Beddoe announced: “This was obtained by deception by her ordering them in the first place and then removing them from the premises. It’s not taking money out of the till, but setting up a process that allows her to take out of the till.

“She chose a product that she knew she could sell elsewhere and stole it,” added the Judge. “To the detriment of her employers’ she exploited that trust through dishonesty.”

The Judge rejected Robinson’s family background as an excuse. “You deliberately embarked on a system of dishonesty of your own design on a product of value,” he told her.

“Your position of trust allowed you to order matters not kept in stock which were then delivered to the premises where you got your hands on it and sold it on eBay for your own gain.

“I can’t see this offending was for anyone’s benefit, but your own.” Added Judge Beddoe.