Saturday, 28 February 2015

Drunken Plane Sex Pest Jailed For Pawing Teen Schoolgirl

An airplane drunk, who pawed a 14 year-old schoolgirl while she was flying home with classmates from an educational trip, telling the youngster he wanted to have sex, was jailed for four months yesterday.

Manjit Singh Sidhu, 38, drank heavily during the Jet Airways flight from New Delhi to Heathrow and engaged the teen in conversation about Bangkok's infamous red-light district, prostitutes, transexuals and drugs.

Sidhu, of Clumber Road, Leicester was convicted by an Isleworth Crown Court jury of sexual touching, cleared of assault and admitted being drunk on an aircraft during the flight on April 18, last year.

Prosecutor Mr. Rory Keane told the court: "He was persistent in drinking on the plane and the cabin crew attempted to prevent him having any more.

"He then tried to order drinks in the name of the passenger next to him and when staff intervened he was abusive towards them."

The young girl was sitting directly behind Sidhu, returning with her schoolteachers and fellow pupils from a trip to Nepal.

She said: "The man turned his head around and asked me where I had been and said he was interested in travelling and made references to Bangkok's red-light district, prostitutes, transexuals, drugs and sex."

The schoolgirl did not want to continue the conversation and put on headphones to watch a film, but was interrupted a few hours later by Sidhu, who came stumbling down the isle and perched himself on the armrest next to her.

"He tried to stroke my head and brushed my hair away and stroked my face and neck with his hand three or four times," she explained. "I felt insecure and unable to say anything," she explained.

"He hit the bridge of my nose," she added, but the jury acquitted Sidhu of this assault allegation.

"He said: 'I want to f*** you' and when I told him I was only fourteen years-old he said: 'I'll wait until you are eighteen.'"

The victim reported Sidhu to a teacher and police were waiting for him when the plane landed.

He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders register for the next seven years.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Education Entrepreneur Jailed For Kicking Mistress Out Of Bed During Late-Night Sex Row

A former Harrow public schoolboy turned international education entrepreneur is starting an eighteen-month prison sentence today after kicking his mistress out of bed – breaking her wrist – when she spurned his sexual advances.

Married businessman John Crawford Florey, 48, had attended an education symposium at the London School of Economics with 40 year-old Russian intern Olga Grigorash earlier in the evening and enjoyed an alcohol-fueled dinner.

He stripped down to his boxer shorts after taking the woman back to the flat he had rented for the night, but lost his temper when she refused to undress, simply lying on top of the bed fully-clothed.

“I take into account the humiliating remarks you made to Ms Grigorash before the assault,” Isleworth Crown Court Recorder Philip Shepherd QC told him. “You were trying to force yourself sexually on her and she was unwilling to have sex with you, which should have been apparent.

“You used considerable force to kick her out of bed when your advances were rejected and the injury is one she still suffers continuing effects,” he told Cambridge University-educated Florey.

Florey, of Chequers Avenue, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire – Director for International Development at Astrum Education Group – was convicted by a jury of inflicting grievous bodily harm on Ms Grigorash at the flat in Royal Crescent, Notting Hill in the early hours of March 4, last year.

“The evidence from her was that you went around the side of the bed and kicked her when she was on the floor and you made no attempt to assist her when she was obviously injured and she had to make her way to hospital alone.

“You showed no remorse or concern and did nothing at all and you put her through the trauma of a trial,” added Recorder Shepherd.

Prosecutor Mr Neil Griffin told the court: “The defendant has kicked Miss Grigorash out of bed. A kick of such force that she fell against the wall and fractured her wrist.

“It seems the defendant rubbed toothpaste into her dress as they were brushing their teeth in the bathroom and this upset her along with him going out to smoke because she did not like smoking.

“She decided to keep her dress on and the defendant had undressed down to his boxer's and tried very roughly to kiss her.

“He had a second cigarette and returned to the bedroom and forced himself onto her and she told him he was hurting her,” explained Mr. Griffin.

“Suddenly he kicked her, she says, to the back. She fell out of the bed against the wall and onto the floor and Mr. Florey shouted: 'Get out.'

“She grabbed her clothes and left in hurry, flagged down a taxi and was taken to St. Mary's Hospital, where her wrist was put in a cast.”

Miss Grigorash reported Florey to police the next day and he was arrested at Heathrow Airport returning from a foreign business trip.

He was questioned at Notting Hill Police Station and gave a conflicting version of events.

“He said he thought they were going to have sex and thought it was strange she left her dress on,” added the prosecutor. “He said he made the remark that she was not great in bed and she went mad and stumbled and fell over while they were arguing.”

Miss Grigorash told the jury she knew Florey was married, often meeting up with him in central London and sometimes using a flat in Shepherd's Bush, where his parents and sister lived.

They began a sexual relationship in July, 2013, but she explained she soon tired of his aggressive behaviour and they had a short break-up before getting back together.

“Whenever I was late he was so rude, he was quite sadistic I would say and I could see he became violent,” explained Miss Grigorash, adding their sex life was often a cause of arguments.

“When I didn't do it the way he wanted he got pretty aggressive. He didn't have an erection and took it out on me and was quite violent with me and hurt me and was very unpleasant.”

Mr. Stuart Stevens said Florey, who was educated at Cambridge University and Imperial College: “Was a respected gentleman, he did have good character and he's lost that.

“He feels totally disgraced and ashamed and the hardest thing was telling his mother.

“This was out of character and was not calculated. It was an over-reaction, he says, to being told he was not rich enough.

“He earns a decent living, but is not a rich man and with this conviction he will not be able to go to certain countries now.

“He spends much of his time abroad and makes a successful living and is highly-regarded by universities and the Chamber of Commerce.”

Florey presented references from Middlesex University, Swansea University and Moscow Business School.

“There was a lurid report of the case in the Bucks Free Press newspaper, it is salacious, a Sun-type report. All his neighbours know about it, it is all over the area.

Recorder Shepherd told Florey he was unable to treat him as a man of good character because he was cautioned in 2011 for punching a former pupil at a school reunion when an old playground rivalry resumed.

“She still suffers anxiety and panic attacks and can't lift objects with her right arm or play sports, particularly tennis for which she has a particular love and is unable to drive a car.

“You were in drink that night, which I consider an aggravating factor and your behaviour was controlling and overbearing towards her in the previous year.”

Florey was also made subject to an indefinite restraining order, prohibiting him having any contact with Ms Grigorash and he was ordered to pay her £6,000 compensation and £2,800 court costs.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Underage Wannabe Models Stripped And Performed Webcam Sex Acts For Bogus Talent Agent

Sarang: "Dangerous Sexual Predator"
A young student posed as a modelling agent and held webcam 'auditions' in which underage girls were urged to strip and perform sex acts on themselves.
Mohammed Sarang, 19, of Pembroke Road, Wembley pleaded guilty to inciting a child under 16 year-old to engage in sexual activity, taking indecent photographs of a child under the age of 16 and causing or inciting child pornography.
At Harrow Crown Court he was given a two-year suspended sentence, a supervision order for two years, a five-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order and was ordered to attend a 60-day training programme yesterday.

Sarang remotely hacked into the Facebook account of one of his victims' friends.
He took over her identity and created a fraudulent account in the name of a 'Nicola Hay' - pretending to be a modelling agent. 

Using this alias, Sarang befriended several young girls on social media sites.
He convinced them he could find them modelling jobs and in order to check out their suitability, would offer them a webcam audition, during which he would ask them to undress and perform sexual acts.

Sarang's identity was uncovered when the mother of one of his victims became concerned when she discovered an online conversation her daughter was having with someone called "Nicola" and contacted police.

Following a joint investigation between the Met and Greater Manchester Police, officers arrested Sarang after carrying out a search of his home address in Wembley, where they found computers with online conversations between him and his victim. 

Detective Sergeant Simon Filer of the Sexual Offences Exploitation and Child Abuse Command said: "Sarang was using a number of online aliases in order to exploit impressionable young girls into thinking they could become models.
“Once gaining their trust, he would incite them into performing sexual acts for his own gratification. He is a dangerous sexual predator.

"I believe there may be many more people who Sarang has befriended and abused through social media sites. I would ask them to contact me via 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111." 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Ex-Bank Worker Slashed Throat Of Topless Masseuse He Fell For

Knife: Amish Kansagra
A bank worker, who quit his job after falling in love for the first time with a topless masseuse and her "sensual massages" tried to kill her by slashing her throat during a jealous knife rage, a court heard today.

Amish Kansagra, 28, opened a new massage parlour with Polish girlfriend Anna Imporowicz, 35, which offered "hand relief" to customers, but he was aware an ex in her native Warsaw was still pursuing her.

"He had been a client of Anna's, who was working as a masseuse, and a personal and professional relationship developed," explained prosecutor Mr. Julian Jones.

Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court was told Kansagra had a knife on him when he arrived with Anna at their home at in Clitherow Road, Brentford on June 22 after a row the day before.

Mr. Jones said: "She saw Amish with the same knife in his hand and he shut the kitchen window and put the knife to her throat and said: 'You've made the wrong decision. You will die today.'

"He was trying to stab her neck and she felt him cut her neck and and she saw her blood and fell to the floor saying: 'I love you. Don't do this.'
"Sensual Massage": Anna Imporowicz

"She described him as having gritted teeth and eyes: 'Like the devil' and he cut her neck again, harder and deeper, and used the tip of the knife to cut her gum."

Anna tried to flee out of the front door, but was pulled back by the defendant. "He still had the knife in one hand and the other hand around her neck and stabbed her in the side.

"She escaped via a window and while she had one leg out Amish tried to stab her everywhere," added Mr. Jones.

Luckily a retired nurse came to her aid and as Kansagra fled the bloody scene he told passers-by Anna had inflicted the injuries on herself.

"The prosecution say this was a clear cut case of attempted murder, an intention to kill."

The defendant slept rough and travelled to Manchester and back, eventually giving himself up at Shoreditch Police Station, initially claiming he remembered nothing due to a three-day vodka binge.

"He said she was the first person he had ever loved and that there was something inside him. He recalled stabbing Anna in the neck and seeing the blood and confirmed he was not acting in self-defence."

The jury were told they began dating when Kansagra became a regular client of Anna's, who massaged her naked customers while either topless or wearing skimpy underwear.

Arriving At Court: Anna 
He quit his bank job and opened a massage parlour with her in South Ealing Road, but their "happy relationship" ended the day before the stabbing after a man smiled at Anna at a Holborn salsa club.

"When they got home he was shouting that Anna was a whore and Amish grabbed her phone and laptop and destroyed them."

Kansagra is accused of shoving her against a fridge and the stairs before leaving and it is suggested he posted a skimpy-clothed image of her on Facebook with the caption: "I'm a prostitute and proud of it."

They agreed to meet the next day, but Kansagra had already armed himself with a "big knife" he took from the massage parlour.

The defendant revealed his jealousy during a party the previous new year's eve and caused a scene when a guest became too friendly with Anna.

"A guy dropped a cocktail stick down her cleavage and later squeezed her bottom and Amish started swearing and scratched the man's nose," said Mr. Jones.

Anna told the jury they met through her work. "It was sensual massage and the masseuse would maybe be in her underwear or without a bra and the client would be without their underwear.

"It ends with hand relief," she added, insisting sexual intercourse would not take place.

Kansagra has pleaded not guilty to one count of attempted murder and two counts of assault, but has already admitted causing criminal damage, possessing a bladed article and inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent.

Trial continues……………

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Man Charged With Careless And Uninsured Driving After Death Of "Beautiful, Funny, Vibrant" Young Woman

"Everything to live for": Nicole Levy
The family of a woman who was killed by an alleged careless uninsured driver in Muswell Hill, north London have released a tribute to a girl who “had everything to live for.”

The tribute was paid to Nicole Levy, 29, from New Southgate, who died on Monday, February 2 at the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, east London. 

Her mother, Suzanne Levy, said: “Nicole's family and friends are utterly devastated at losing her.
“She was beautiful, funny and vibrant and had everything to live for."

On Saturday, January 31 in Priory Road, Muswell Hill police were called at 8.20pm to reports of a road traffic collision involving a pedestrian and a car.

Nicole was found injured at the scene and later died of her injuries.

A man was arrested at the scene for driving offences and later charged with causing death by careless driving and causing death while driving with no insurance. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Angry Ex's Internet Campaign Lands Her In Court

Mary Spencer
An woman, who launched an internet campaign against her ex-husband and turned up at a stranger's address, accusing the occupant of holding children hostage inside, received a suspended prison sentence yesterday.

Mary Anne Spencer, 48, of Oxford Road, Abingdon wrongly claimed Dennis Nissen was a paedophile and posted fake international arrest warrants for him online before showing up at the address she believed he still occupied.

She pleaded guilty to harassment between March 1, 2013 and August 12, last year in that she posted internet claims Mr. Nissen was a paedophile and attended the address of Siobhan Boucher, also posting claims children were captive inside.

Wimbledon Magistrates Court sentenced her to six weeks imprisonment, suspended for twelve months and ordered her to complete a sixteen-day structured activity for women course.

A restraining order was also made prohibiting Spencer contacting Mr. Nissen and Ms Boucher and posting information about them on the internet. She was also ordered to pay £85 costs and an £80 victim surcharge.

Prosecutor Mr. Nicholas Earl-Quarcoo told the court: “Mr. Nissen's ex-wife used facebook to make malicious comments about her ex-husband and a number of arrest warrants appeared that later turned out to be fake.

Interpol had to be contacted and it was confirmed Mr. Nissen was not on a list of suspects and police also received a number of calls alleging he was guilty of child abduction and a member of a paedophile ring.

A blog controlled by Spencer appeared on the internet and made various malicious allegations against Mr. Nissen, accusing him of abusing his wife and children.

She made a writ of habeas corpus against Mr. Nissen, which was scheduled for the High Court, but she failed to attend and it was dismissed.”

On August 12, last year Spencer showed up at an address in west London and woke the innocent occupant, who was enjoying an afternoon nap, with repeated ringing of the doorbell.

Ms Boucher looked outside and saw the defendant pacing up and down with a lot of paperwork in her hands and an hour later she started shouting through the letterbox: 'Come out, I know you're in there. Come out now.'

She was under the mistaken belief Mr. Nissen lived there and hung around and spoke to the neighbours,” added Mr. Earl-Quarcoo. “She said she was looking for two boys and was told they no longer lived at the address.

She remained outside for several hours, stopping members of the public and pointing up at the flat and shouted: 'I know your f***ing game. You have those two boys hostage.”

Eventually police were called at 8pm and Spencer was later arrested.

She repeated abuse claims against Mr. Nissen from the dock and told the magistrates: “I was gullible and taken for a mug and involved in matters I shouldn't have been.”

Spencer admitted she had a criminal damage conviction regarding her ex's premises and conceded her allegations against him have come to nothing.

No charges ever came of the investigation. That's left me with a mistrust of the police.”

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Suicidal Paedophile Locked-Up For Sexually Abusing Twelve Year-Old Boy

Isleworth Crown Court
A paedophile - who has twice tried to kill himself - has eventually been brought to justice for sexually abusing a young boy two decades ago and has started a prison sentence of eight years and eight months.

Warehouse cleaner Keith Thompson, 46, of Park Road, Rugby, Warwickshire pleaded guilty to seven counts of indecently assaulting the boy on dates between January 1, 1994 and December 31, 1998 in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

Isleworth Crown Court Judge Anne Molyneux told him: “It began during games of hide and seek when he was just eight years-old and you asked if he wanted to play other games.”

Thompson then regularly sexually abused the boy up until he was twelve years-old and the truth was finally revealed when the victim blurted out what happened during a row with his mother last year.

When Thompson heard about this he handed himself into police and made a full confession.

This abuse lasted for a number of years and your conduct was regular and repeated towards a young child, who at that age was a vulnerable child.”

Remarkably the victim has made it clear he has enjoyed a “good life' and would prefer Thompson received treatment rather than a lengthy prison sentence.

He liked you, he would play football with you and still bears you no ill will,” the judge told Thompson, who indecently assaulted a young woman in the 1980's. “He liked your company.

The probation service have classified Thompson as a “high risk” of re-offending and he has been unable to explain why he offended or if it was for sexual gratification.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Suspended Sentence For Zero Hours Worker Who Conned The NHS

A zero hours contract worker with Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust, who forged time sheets and collected over £7,500 after ending her employment, has reeived a suspended prison sentence.

Jamaica Ubaldo, 23, of Talbot Road, Wembley even had the cheek to phone her former bosses and demand wages when her scam was uncovered and the payments stopped.

She pleaded guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates Court to forging the time sheets between June 1, 2013 and February 26, this year and was sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court.

Prosecutor Mr. Richard Doolan told the court: “The defendant stopped working in May last year, but after this she continued submitting time sheets and was paid up until February.

When the fraud came to light the defendant rang the office asking where the payments were. You may think this aggravates the offence.”

Ubaldo received an eight-month suspended prison sentence and was ordered to perform 120 hours community service work.

She must also pay a £100 victim surcharge.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Trooping The Colour Soldier Denies Being A Racist Chelsea FC Yob

Robert Spence & Girlfriend
A serving soldier in the British Army denied being a racist Chelsea FC football yob today and will return to court for trial after his participation in Trooping the Colour.

Robert Spence, 31, of Wellington Barracks, Birdcage Walk appeared for the first-time at Hammersmith Magistrates Court accused of directing a "monkey boy" insult towards the black victim at a pre-season friendly.

He is charged with one count of racially-aggravated threatening, abusive words or behaviour  on August 12, last year at Stamford Bridge during Chelsea's pre-season 2-0 victory over Spain's Real Socieded.

Wellington Barracks is 300 yards from Buckingham Palace and is home to the Foot Guards Battalions - the regular infantry regiments of the Household Division.

He was identified as participating in chanting and telling the victim to look up youtube if he wanted to know the words and asking him if he was from Africa.

Spence, who has served abroad and is of good character, attend the match with his Colombian fine arts student girlfriend, who will give evidence in his defence.

The initial trial date of June 2 had to be scrapped because Spence will be busily preparing for the annual military event, which takes place on June 13 and marks the Queen's official birthday.

He was bailed unconditionally to return for trial on June 30.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Veteran Twiggy Photographer Accused Of Groping Two Women

The legendary photographer, who discovered sixties style icon Twiggy appeared in court today charged with sex attacks with two women he approached - persuading one to pose for provocative snaps.

Barry Lategan, 80, photographer to the rich and famous, is accused of fondling one of the breast's of each woman, one of whom was approached on a bus and the other in a coffee shop.

Two of his photographic portraits of Twiggy hang in the Victoria & Albert Museum and he has photographed among others HRH Princess Anne, Paul and Linda McCartney, Iman, Germaine Greer, Margaret Thatcher and Salman Rushdie.

The award-winning photographer, of Grosvenor Park, Camberwell has a C.V.which includes front pages of fashion magazines Vogue and Harpers Bazaar

He appeared at Hammersmith Magistrates Court charged with sexually assaulting a female, 44, in Fulham Road, Fulham on June 3, 2013 and another at her flat in Redcliffe Square, West Brompton on July 17, last year.

Wearing his trademark wide-brimmed hat and union flag bow-tie he quipped from the dock: "I have been asked to remove my hat. As Maurice Chevalier said: 'It's the only thing you can take off to a lady in public.'"

Prosecutor Miss Kate Shilton successfully applied for the case to be sent to Isleworth Crown Court for a preliminary hearing on March 3 due to its seriousness.

It is alleged Lategan sat too close to the bus complainant and after showing off his portfolio of work followed her off and hugged her in the street and groped her breast, revealing that her was noticeably aroused.

He met the second woman in Cafe Nero and they went to her flat, where after allegedly asking her to spread her legs during a photo shoot on her sofa he stroked her thigh and fondled her breast.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Betting-Shop Conman O'Connor Lives Up To His Name

Betting-Shop Blarney: O'Connor
A fast-talking betting-shop swindler, who boozed away the profits of his audacious scam, which involved tricking staff into believing he placed winning bets, has received a suspended prison sentence.
He intimidated and confused betting shop cashiers into believing he had won bets, losing the bookmakers around £10,000
John O’Connor, 33, of St Mary's Road, Ealing, conned staff at 14 branches of Ladbrokes across London and the UK over around 18 months, from July 2012.

He used a number of what the betting industry refers to as “slow count fraud” tactics, to fool staff into believing he had won bets when, in some cases, he had not even paid his stake.

Tactics included placing a bet but then distracting the cashier - sometimes with the help of friends - by asking questions, becoming rowdy or placing a series of small, obscure bets at the same time.
This would allow him time to see if his runner was likely to win. 

If it won, he would hand over his stake and claim the profit, or else pretend he had already paid and ask only for his winnings.
He would then place the non-existent stake on another bet and if he lost, he would leave without paying the stake. 

On The Con: O'Connor In Action
Snaresbrook Crown Court heard O’Connor targeted London branches in Hillingdon, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, Wandsworth and Westminster.
He also travelled around the country to Clevedon, Somerset; Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottingham; Chester; Standish, Greater Manchester; Sandy, Bedfordshire; Chelmsford, Essex and Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Ladbrokes reported the offences to the Metropolitan Police Service in April 2013, after he carried out the con at a branch on Oxford Street, Westminster.
Detectives circulated CCTV images of him to police services around the country and Hertfordshire police officers arrested him in July 2014.

O’Connor was charged with 15 counts of a fraud by misrepresentation, to which he pleaded guilty.

While on bail, awaiting sentence, he carried out the same offence at William Hill, Tyburn Road, Edington, Birmingham on December 28, last year.

It is believed that he may have carried out the scam on many more occasions.

O'Connor received eighteen months imprisonment, suspended for two years and was placed on probation for twelve months, which includes a four-month alcohol treatment order.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Blades Fans Attacked Fellow Supporter During FA Cup Semi-Final Defeat

Dale Beck
Two Sheffield United supporters, who attacked fellow supporters at last seasons FA Cup semi-final, received suspended prison sentences yesterday and have been banned from football matches for three years.

Ironmonger Dale Beck, 21, of Handsworth Grange Road, Sheffield and asbestos remover Josh Cherrill, 22, of Hollybank Drive, Sheffield were caught on CCTV punching and kicking the two men as the match progressed.

Both pleaded guilty at Harrow Crown Court to violent disorder at the Sheffield United v Hull City match, which the Blades lost 5-3 at Wembley stadium on April 13, last year.

Detective Sergeant Matthew Hearing, of Scotland Yard's Public Order Branch told the court: “An argument breaks out and this involves people fighting and falling over each other.

Mr. Cherrill is seen to remonstrate with stewards then walk up the steps, approached victim number one and after words are exchanged punches this man in the face.

This forces the victim backwards and a melee ensues with other men joining in and punching this victim. He is grabbed and punched from all sides.

Mr. Cherrill and the victim lose balance and the victim falls face down onto the seats with Mr. Cherrill laying on his back and punching him on the way down.

Mr. Beck is seen to run down several rows of seats and is seen stamping on the head and shoulders of the victim who is trying to stand up.

The second victim comes to his assistance and is punched back by Mr. Beck and others join in the assault.
Joshua Cherrill

Mr. Cherrill punches the second victim around the head and body and the victim's shirt is ripped off.

Mr. Cherrill has the man in a headlock and an unknown male kicks him in the face.”

Neither of the two victims were identified or made a complaint to police and Cherrill claims he was reacting to being punched during the first disturbance.

Four complaints were made from Sheffield United supporters, many of whom were there with children and members of their family. “It marred the game and made them feel apprehensive,” added DS Hearing.

Mr. Karl Masi, defending both men said: “Mr. Cherrill accepts he had been drinking that day and got the coach down from Sheffield. He's a glory supporter, who attends the big fixtures and has not been to football since.”

Recorder Arif Choudhury QC told Cherrill: “It seems to be a wholly unprovoked attack. It escalated and several men joined in,”

He told Beck: “You joined in and used quite high levels of violence.

This is, quite clearly, a very violent incident that escalated and members of the public were in attendance with their children. It must have been frightening to be near this behaviour.

The incident could quite have easily resulted in serious injuries.”

Cherrill received sixteen months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with 150 hours community service work and Beck twelve months, suspended for two years, with 100 hours.

Both must obey a night time curfew for the next three months, pay a £100 victim surcharge and were banned from attending domestic football matches and all overseas
fixtures involving Sheffield United and the england national team.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Hit-And-Run Death Crash: Suspect Arrested

Janusz Partyka
Police investigating a fatal late-night hit-and-run in which a pedestrian was killed after bring struck by a BMW have arrested a suspect.
Janusz Partyka, 31, died after the collision at 5.00am on February 8 at the junction of Wood Lane and the A4 Great West Road, Osterley.
The 28 year-old male suspect voluntarily attended a police station on February 9 and was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.
A motor vehicle has also been recovered.
Mr. Partyka, who lived locally, was struck by the blue BMW in the westbound carriageway and was pronounced dead at the scene.
A post-mortem examination will be held in due course.

Detectives would still like to hear from anyone who may have seen a blue BMW driving away from the scene heading westbound towards Heathrow.

Enquiries are underway by officers from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit at Merton. 

Anyone with any information is asked to contact officers on 020 8543 5157 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Currency Entrepreneur's Driving Arrest A Real Blow

A celebrity finance guru, who claims to have made millions in foreign exchange deals, was caught by police having oral sex while driving his £300,000 Lamborghini, which sports the personalised number plate 'PRO5PER'.

Greg Secker, 39, boss of 'Knowledge to Action' trading and training company still had his trousers undone when officers pulled over his black 6.5 litre Aventador.

The self-styled "master trader, entrepreneur, philanthropist and international speaker", who lives on the private Crown Estate of Furze Field, Oxshott, Leatherhead pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention in West Hill, Wandsworth on March 20, last year.

A charge of drink-driving was dropped after the Crown Prosecution Service failed to submit evidence to support there case Secker's urine alcohol level was 148 milligrammes - the legal limit is 107.  

He claims to have become a multi-millionaire in his mid-twenties and his website includes picture of him with Prince William and Sir Richard Branson.

Prosecutor Mr. Nicholas Earl-Quarcoo told Wimbledon Magistrates Court it was 7.55pm when police driving along the A3 decided to follow and stop Secker.

"The Lamborghini drifted into their lane, which led the officer to take evasive action to avoid a collision with the car.

"They put on their flashing lights and tried to catch up with the Lamborghini, which turned off the A3 and passed through two no entry signs.

"When officers caught up with the car it was parked in a bay with the engine still running and they could see a female in the passenger seat.

"They spoke to Mr. Secker and he then pulled up his trousers that were loose and undone and the officer asked: 'What happened there?'

"Mr. Secker replied: 'I know, I'm sorry. I was getting a blow job.'"

Keen polo player Secker told the court he draws a £1,600 a week salary from his company, which offers trading courses from £2,500.

His lawyer told the court father-of-three Secker accepts his behaviour was "extremely foolish" 

District Judge James Henderson fined Secker £1,000, with £85 costs, ordered him to pay a £100 victim surcharge and endorsed his driving licence with five penalty points.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Junkie Raised Cash In Wireless Festival Ticket Scam

Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z
A drug-addict got involved in a ticketing scam which ripped-off fans expecting to see and hear acts including Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake at the Wireless Festival.

Harriet Cooper, 25, of St. Peter's Church, London Road, Kingston-upon-Thames and her boyfriend orchestrated the scheme from his Bournemouth flat in Argyll Road.

She pleaded guilty at Wimbledon Magistrates Court to four counts of fraud by selling batches of invalid tickets worth £800; £120; £135 and £180 via Gumtree on May 24, 2013 for the event in London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The court heard heroin addict Cooper met her boyfriend while receiving treatment for alcoholism and was under his influence at the time of the event.

She is now four months pregnant, jobless, living in a hostel and on a prescription for her addiction.

Cooper was placed on probation for twelve months, which includes a three-month drug rehabilitation requirement.

She was also ordered to pay each of the four victims £20 compensation. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Doctor Cleared Of Assaulting Practice Partner's Wife

Dr.Athar Rana
A G.P. was cleared yesterday of assaulting the wife of his practice partner – who is also the surgery’s manager – who claimed she was pushed by the doctor during another disagreement.

The partnership at the Graham Road Surgery, Graham Road, Mitcham is an unhappy one, but the two doctors continue to practice under the same roof despite their differences.

Dr. Athar Rana, 56, of Circle Gardens, Merton Park was found not guilty at Wimbledon Magistrates Court of assaulting Savita Lall – wife of Dr. Raghunath Lall – at the surgery on October 17, last year.

The court heard Dr. Lall began the practice in 1999, was joined by his wife in 2002 and Dr. Rana came on board in 2004, but the union has not been a happy one.

Mrs Lall told the court: “Dr. Rana came into my room and asked why I had booked patients to him. He was a bit aggressive, a bit loud, there is a problem with Dr. Rana in the practice.

I was frightened, I did not want to discuss it. It's always a problem with him, he got louder and I was more frightened.”

The discussion moved to the reception area, where Mrs Lall claimed the defendant made unwanted contact. “His hand was on my arm and he pushed me.

I was shocked and hurt emotionally about what happened and he had done this before. I did not call the police the first time when he did it before and then called them after thirty minutes.”
Savita Lall & Dr. Raghunath Lall

Dr. Rana says the couple want him out of the surgery and he is deliberately overworked, insisting a complaint made by Dr. Lall to the General Medical Council, which was not proved, was “malicious.”

He claimed he raised his arm to usher himself past Mrs Lall and did not make contact with her.

Dr. Rana told the court the police came for him six days after the incident. “I was arrested in the middle of the surgery in front of my patients and staff.

Dr. Lall has previously said I was sacked from my last job and had lied to him in my interview and I was not very happy about that.”

The pair have sat down with BMA mediators, but Dr. Rana complained: “Dr. Lall ignored that and he still signs cheques without my consent. Nothing has changed.

Dr. Lall doesn't know what the word partnership means, but I have been subjected to this type of behaviour for ten years. I am use'd to it.

I would classify Dr. Lall's behaviour as bullying. They want me to stop practicing and get out.”

Thursday, 12 February 2015

ASBO Accountant Locked-Up For Continuing To Wage Parking War

ASBO Accountant: Gloucester-Trotman
An accountant involved in a bitter parking and access dispute, which he says claimed the life of his son and £200,000 in legal bills, was jailed for twelve months yesterday for breaching an ASBO, imposed to protect his long-suffering neighbours.

Roger Jocelyn Gloucester-Trotman, 75, of  Devon Road, Sutton and his late son Ian Trotman, who committed suicide aged 44, owned the service road behind a suburban parade of shops, where the defendant's accountancy business is based.

Planning permission was successfully won - despite local objections -  to build two three-storey townhouses at each end of the road and Gloucester-Trotman tried to stop neighbouring business owners using and parking there despite them having legal access rights.

Since February 2005 Gloucester-Trotman has clocked-up at least ten criminal convictions - mostly breaches of ASBOs and restraining orders - around his business premises in Westmead Road, Carshalton.

Today he was sentenced for breaching his Anti-Social Behaviour Order by continuing to complain to police about issues regarding his son's death, access and parking to the rear of his office.

A neighbour reported Ian Trotman to police for criminal damage after her boiler flue, which was adjacent to the second development site, was vandalised and he was arrested.

However, on May 28, 2010 his body was discovered in a drain located on the site and an inquest concluded he killed himself by carbon monoxide poisoning.

"He was driven to it by the police," said Gloucester-Trotman, after previously receiving a suspended prison sentence at the same court.

Gloucester-Trotman has also been struck-off by the Institute of Chartered Accountants and fined £1,000 for breaching an ASBO.

His battle with his business neighbours concerning parking and access in the road ended up at Guildford County Court, which ruled against Gloucester-Trotman, costing him £200,000 in legal bills.

During the dispute he dug up the access road on Boxing Day, preventing any vehicles gaining access and parking.

These incidents continue to occur from what Gloucester-Trotman sees as a lack of road traffic enforcement.

He was distracted from his accountancy practice to enforcement of road traffic regulations at his home address and at his office.

The five-year ASBO order was made to prohibit Gloucester-Trotman abusing his neighbours, calling 999 except in an emergency and calling police to complain about car parking and the death of his son.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Heartless Neighbour Fleeces Elderly 'Friend'

Porridge: Christopher Briggs
A heartless thief, who helped himself to over £32,000 from two bank accounts of a 90 year-old neighbour he was apparently helping has been locked-up for twelve months today.

Christopher Briggs, 57, of Nugent Road, South Norwood had control over the accounts as somebody trusted to look after the pensioner's financial affairs.

He pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court to stealing £21,396 between August 1, 2010 and December 10, 2013 from a Nat West account belonging to Kenneth Nash.

He also admitted stealing £11,000 between September 1, 2011 and December 1, 2013 from Mr. Nash's Santander account.

Briggs was also ordered to pay full compensation to the victim.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Police Hunt Pair Of Pizza Thugs

Police are hunting two late-night thugs caught on CCTV celebrating a joint attack on a man left with a fractured cheekbone and eye socket, who continues to receive treatment months later.

Camden Borough CID have released these images of the suspects taken near Dominos Pizza, Regent's Park Road, Chalk Farm at 3.30am on July 5, last year as they continue their attempts to bring them to justice.
The 27-year old victim was punched in the head and kicked in the ribs suffering a fractured right cheek bone, a fractured eye socket and broken ribs.
He is still receiving treatment for his injuries.

As they left the scene cameras recorded the pair congratulating each other and one demonstrating the blows he inflicted on the victim.
The first suspect man is described as a white man around 25-years-old, 5ft 7ins tall, with mid-length blonde hair and a distinctive jaw line and nose. He was wearing camel coloured trousers and a light coloured top.
The second man is described as a white man, around 25-years-old, 6ft 2ins tall with brown spiky hair, brown eyes, skinny build who was wearing a denim three-quarter length shirt and jeans.
The victim's 26-year-old female friend, who tried to intervene, was also scratched on the arm during the assault.
If anyone has any information regarding this incident or can identify the men in the images they are urged to contact Detective Constable Baguena from Camden Borough's CID on 020 8733 6588 or 101.

Alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 on via