Sunday, 1 February 2015

Married Businessman Broke Russian Intern's Wrist When Kicking Her Out Of Bed

An married international education entrepreneur, who enjoyed a fling with a Russian intern, has been convicted of kicking her out of bed and breaking her wrist as she fell against a wall.

Cambridge University-educated businessman John Crawford Florey, 48, of Chequers Avenue, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire met the woman when she was seeking in internship with his company.

They had spent an evening at an education symposium at the London School of Economics and returned to an apartment Florey had rented for the night in Royal Crescent, Notting Hill, where he flew into a rage when Olga Grigorash refused to undress.

He was convicted by an Isleworth Crown Court jury of causing grievous bodily harm to the woman in the early hours of March 4 and will return for sentencing on February 27.

Prosecutor Mr Neil Griffin told the court: “The defendant has kicked Miss Grigorash out of bed. A kick of such force that she fell against the wall and fractured her wrist.

They had attended a function in central London, went out to eat and went back to the apartment.

It seems the defendant rubbed toothpaste into her dress as they were brushing their teeth in the bathroom and this upset her along with him going out to smoke because she did not like smoking.

She decided to keep her dress on and the defendant had undressed down to his boxer's and tried very roughly to kiss her.

He had a second cigarette and returned to the bedroom and forced himself onto her and she told him he was hurting her,” explained Mr. Griffin.

Suddenly he kicked her, she says, to the back. She fell out of the bed against the wall and onto the floor and Mr. Florey shouted: 'Get out.'

She grabbed her clothes and left in hurry, flagged down a taxi and was taken to St. Mary's Hospital, where her wrist was put in a cast.”

Miss Grigorash reported Florey to police the next day and he was arrested at Heathrow Airport returning from a foreign business trip.

He was questioned at Notting Hill Police Station and gave a conflicting version of events.

He said he thought they were going to have sex and thought it was strange she left her dress on,” added the prosecutor. “He said he made the remark that she was not great in bed and she went mad and stumbled and fell over while they were arguing.”

Miss Grigorash told the jury she knew Florey was married, often meeting up with him in central London and sometimes using a flat in Shepherd's Bush, where his parents and sister lived.

They began a sexual relationship in July, 2013, but she explained she soon tired of his aggressive behaviour and they had a short break-up before getting back together.

Whenever I was late he was so rude, he was quite sadistic I would say and I could see he became violent,” explained Miss Grigorash, adding their sex life was often a cause of arguments.

When I didn't do it the way he wanted he got pretty aggressive. He didn't have an erection and took it out on me and was quite violent with me and hurt me and was very unpleasant.”

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