Thursday, 5 February 2015

Teen Bully-Boys Locked-Up After Mentally-Ill Woman Targeted

Ten Years: Jamie Campin
Two teenage bully-boys preyed on a mentally-ill married woman over twice their age, with one sexually assaulting her in her bedroom, and both getting her to drink their urine and smoke a cannabis joint filled with curry powder.

Jamie Rhys Campin, 19, received ten years custody and Connor James, 19, two years custody at Isleworth Crown Court on Thursday, which heard the young men have a history of tormenting the mentally-ill and recording incidents on their mobile phones of planning and carrying-out such behaviour.

The 43 year-old Hillingdon woman, who is a paranoid schizophrenic who suffers psychotic episodes and has an ongoing alcohol problem, let the local lads into her home early one morning while her husband was staying elsewhere after yet another row.

Campin, of Whitethorn Avenue, West Drayton and James, of Uxbridge Road, Hampton Hill were convicted of two counts of administering a noxious substance, namely urine and curry powder and stealing a laptop and ring, worth £400, from the woman between July 5 and 14, 2013.

Two Years: Connor James

Campin alone was convicted of sexual assault by penetration and both defendants were cleared of affray.

“I was not one hundred per cent well at that time because I have a mental health problem and I did not have any control of the situation,” the victim told the jury. “They just walked in and I didn't want any trouble.

“These people entered my house early, at seven or eight in the morning and I don't understand why I let them in, in the first place. In my head I believed these people were friends of mine.

“I don't understand why I didn't throw them out. I was very vulnerable at the time.”

The court heard a third mystery man was present and the woman remembers two of them disappearing into her bathroom.

“I remember them walking out with a plastic cup and they asked me to drink it and I drunk a bit and realised there was wee in it and spat it out.

“I was lured into my bedroom and I don't remember being forced onto the mattress, but the person who assaulted me was on top of me.

“I was very scared at the time. I was confused and I do not know if it was sheer pure fright or if I was going along with it and not really knowing what was happening.

“I remember my trousers being undone. I don't know if I did it or he did. I don't think it was me, in fact I know it wasn't.”

She told the court she was not sure if a second man was in the bedroom at the time, but had spent his time in her house: “With his hands down the front of his trousers.”

Police later found mobile phone footage of the woman being given a cannabis joint to smoke, which had been laced with curry powder.

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