Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Banned Boozy Driver Binned

A serial drink-driver - caught by police behind the wheel of her car in the West End's busy Oxford Street after another drinking session - sobbed in the dock as she was locked-up for three months.

Dee Dee Menta, 41, of Querrin Street, Fulham was banned from driving after a previous drinks conviction when cops pulled her over with three passengers in her BMW and discovered she was nearly twice the limit.

She pleaded guilty at City of London Magistrates' Court (pictured) to driving with excess alcohol in her breath, driving while disqualified and without insurance on February 17.

The court heard Menta had 66 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath - the legal limit is 35.

The bench chairwoman told distraught Menta: "This showed a blatant disregard for previous court sentences."

The offence was her third alcohol-related conviction.

Menta was also disqualified from driving for three years and ten months.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Shot Teen's Body Set Ablaze

Police have launched a murder investigation after a teenager was shot dead in a gangland-style execution then set ablaze by his killers in a petrol-soaked car.

Samuel Ogunro, 17, (pictured) was discovered in a burnt-out silver Rover (pictured) dumped in Jowett Street, Peckham, South London.

Emergency services were alerted to the fire at approximately 22.15 pm on June 1 and Samuel’s body was found once the blaze was extinguished.

It is believed that the murder took place in another location with the car having been taken back to Jowett Street with the body of Samuel inside.

The car was found to have significant damage to the front of it, including the bumper, which was hanging off.

Police believe this damage may have been caused by a collision and would appeal to anyone to come forward if they have any information about this.

Following the blaze, two or three youths were seen running from the scene.

They are described as black and were wearing jeans and dark clothing, possibly hooded tops.

Police believe that these youths may have been responsible for setting the fire.

A 16-year-old male youth was arrested on suspicion of murder and bailed to return to a south London police station pending further enquiries.

A 19-year-old man has also been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Teen Killing Appeal - Nine Years On

Police investigating violent black-on-black crime are appealing for witnesses nearly a decade on in a bid to solve the late-night murder of a teen shot dead when a car he was traveling in was riddled with bullets.

Operation Trident officers hope the prospect of a £10,000 reward will help nail the killers of 18 year-old Tyrone Rowe (pictured) – shot in Caradon Way, Tottenham, North London on October 7, 2001.

He was a passenger in a red Ford Fiesta with three friends seeking a party in the Alexandra Palace area when they were surrounded by a gang of seven black men – two armed with handguns - who riddled the vehicle with eleven bullets.

Tyrone was hit in the head and hand and died four days later at the Royal Free Hospital.

A post mortem examination gave cause of death as a gunshot wound to the head.

One of Tyrone's friends, the driver of the Fiesta, also received a gunshot to the chest, and survived.

Shortly after the shooting three black men were seen escaping in a lime green people carrier, possibly a Chrysler Voyager, towards the Turnpike Lane area.

The vehicle has never been traced.

"Despite the passage of time, I am confident there are still people in the community who know who is responsible for Tyrone's murder and am appealing directly to those individuals to break their silence and come forward,” said Detective Inspector Steve Horsley.

“Tyrone was not involved in criminality, he was a young man who enjoyed life.

“On the face of it this seems a pointless killing, it may be a case of mistaken identity, maybe something happened just prior to the shooting and the suspects took immediate revenge.

“Perhaps something happened earlier as the boys searched for a party.

“This was a callous crime and we need to bring justice for Tyrone's family, who has spent all these years living with the knowledge that those responsible for his murder are yet to be apprehended.”

Patricia McLarty, Tyrone’s mother said: “After all this time we are still waiting for justice for Tyrone.

“My family has been left bereaved and angry, and we are unable to move on with our lives.

“I miss Tyrone, my family has been ruined, we just want someone to come forward and tell us what happened. I'm begging you, come forward, phone Crimestoppers. It will help us, please.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the incident room on 020 8733 4704.

To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

CCTV Captures Gun Victim On Night Of Death

Police trying to solve the murder of a 37 year-old man in Leyton, East London have released CCTV footage of the victim leaving a late-night convenience store just 90 minutes before he was shot dead.

A £20,000 reward is available to anybody providing information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the killer/s of Errol McKenzie.

He was shot in the chest in the early hours of April 11 in Seymour Road Playing Fields shortly after buying alcohol in nearby Lea Bridge Road at 11.15 pm.

Operation Trident detectives – who investigate violent black-on-black crime - continue to appeal for witnesses and information on the murder.

Police were called at around 00.50 to reports of a man suffering gunshot wounds in the playing fields.

Officers and London Ambulance Service attended, and Mr. McKenzie was pronounced dead at the scene.

A post-mortem examination gave the cause of death as a gunshot wound to the chest.

Detective Inspector Lucy Kilgour said: "We are releasing this footage in the hope that someone will recognise Mr. McKenzie and remember seeing him that night.

“At this stage it would appear that he was a completely innocent victim, and it remains unclear how he has found himself the victim of a callous murder."

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Jail For Horror Acid Attack Gang

Three Muslim thugs who left the victim of an “honour” attack scarred for life after pouring sulphuric acid over his face – causing horrific burns – have been locked-up for a total of 52 years.

Awais Akram, 24, (pic.far r.) had struck up a Facebook friendship with one of the defendant’s sister’s who helped him find a flat in Leyton, East London, but then paid the penalty for associating with the married woman.

He was left with 47% burns to his head, face, neck and chest, had both ears amputated and lost the sight in one eye following the brutal attack.

Ringleader Mohammed Vakas, 26, (pic.l.) of Hatherley Road, Walthamstow – the brother of the woman - was sentenced to thirty years imprisonment after being convicted at the Old Bailey of conspiracy to murder.

His cousin, Mohammed Adeel, 20, (pic.2nd l.) of Pearl Road, Walthamstow, received 14 years for grievous bodily harm and 17 year-old Fabian Kuci, (pic.3rd l.) of Abbey Road Estate, St. John’s Wood, 8 years for the same offence.

Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Furness of Waltham Forest CID said: "This has been a complex investigation which has relied upon witnesses coming forward from the community, for which we are extremely grateful, and the strength of evidence given by the victim, Awais Akram.

"Awais is to be commended for his bravery in giving evidence following a brutal attack which has left him severely disfigured for life.

"No words can describe the amount of courage it took for him to stand in court, face his attackers and give his account."

Friday, 25 June 2010

Drug-Dealing Dummy's Coke Arrest

Dopey drug dealer David Stevenson was arrested again after walking into his local police station with cocaine in his pocket while on bail for dealing cannabis, a court heard.

The 37 year-old jobless delivery driver of Dower Avenue, Wallington, Surrey dodged jail with a suspended sentence at Croydon Crown Court and was ordered to perform unpaid work.

Stevenson pleaded guilty to possessing 18 gms of cannabis, worth £80, with intent to supply and possessing a small quantity of cocaine in a Sutton street at 2am on November 23, last year.

He also pleaded guilty to possessing a small quantity of cocaine at Sutton police station (pictured) on January 21 and a further quantity of the drug plus cannabis at his home address on the same day.

The court heard night-duty CID spotted Stevenson rowing with another man in his car in the early hours of the morning.

Officers approached and the defendant admitted he was supplying cannabis to the second man and a police search found a small wrap of cocaine along with £435 cash.

While on bail for the offences Stevenson attended the ‘virtual court’ at Sutton police station’s video link facility and like everybody else was routinely searched and the cocaine found.

He was arrested and a later search of his home revealed two further small quantities of cocaine and cannabis.

Stevenson was sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, ordered to perform 180 hours community service work and pay £150 costs.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cops Weed Out Dope Plants

A cannabis cultivator whose growing operation – hidden inside a wardrobe - was ended by police investigating a burglary has dodged prison with a suspended sentence.

Nathan Whittle, 28, of Ashbourne Road, Mitcham, Surrey, pleaded guilty to being concerned in the production of cannabis at 21D Anerley Road, Crystal Palace on December 22, last year.

Croydon Crown Court heard police were called to the address (pictured) after hearing reports of a suspected burglar trying to break into the basement flat with a crowbar.

Prosecutor Mr. Hamish Reid said the front door was forced and when officers checked the property for an intruder found the “cannabis factory” inside the bedroom wardrobe along with £1800 cash.

Eighteen cannabis plants were seized along with extractor fans.

It is estimated they had been growing for two weeks.

“You are going to end up inside if you continue to use and produce cannabis,” Judge Simon Pratt told Whittle, sentencing him to six months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years.

He also ordered Whittle to complete 150 hours unpaid community service work and pay £150 costs.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Ex's Smirk Triggers Deadly Knife Attack

A jilted boyfriend, who plunged a kitchen knife through his ex's heart was "emotionally and psychologically" destroyed by the time she laughed at him about her new Facebook lover, a court heard.

Builder Paul Fender, 44, of The Parade, Greatstone, New Romney, Kent has pleaded not guilty to murdering 28 year-old mum-of-two Karen Martin at 47 Hardy Street (pictured) on November 20, last year, claiming provocation.

"She told him she was sleeping with this other man, that it had nothing to do with him and laughed in his face," Fender's QC Richard Barraclough told the Croydon Crown Court jury.

The lawyer claims the turbulent relationship changed his client from a "kind, outgoing, loving family man" who never lost his temper to somebody suffering "mental torture".

Two ex-girlfriends told the court Fender accepted the end of their relationships with him without any major problems arising.

"He is not by nature an obsessive jealous man," added the QC, explaining his client's relationship with "troubled" Karren was turbulent because of her "string of men."

The couple endured many break-ups and reunions with Fender telling police: "She would leave me at the drop of a hat. I never knew if she would be there from one day to the next."

The defendant claims he was left devastated by Karren's morning-after response to yet another reunion. "She told me it was only sex and I should get a grip."

Apart from the Facebook relationship with an old school friend the victim had also seen another man. "She rubbed Paul Fender's nose in that relationship," Mr. Barraclough told the jury.

Fender also told police: "Day after day she has reduced me to nothing. It's like cutting your wrists everytime she comes around. It's like an open sore."

Mr. Barraclough told the court: "It is a cummulative effect that finishes with that smirk."

Fender also told police that was the moment he reached for the kitchen knife. "That was the final straw.

"I just lost the plot, I couldn't take anymore. She was smirking at me as if I was fuck all.

"I didn't mean it. I just wanted it to all go away. I just wanted her to know how much I loved her."

A former workmate of Karren's at Dungeness Power Station, Jo Clayton, told the jury: "She told me she planned to get Paul to hit her and do him for domestic violence and that would help her get the house.

"She was very flirtatious with all the men."

Trial continues.........

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Office Girl From Hell Wrecks Company By Gambling Online

An office assistant, who wrecked a respected property company by looting twenty accounts of £346,000 - blowing it all playing Internet bingo - was jailed for four years by a Judge who condemned online gambling.

Despite only earning £18,000 per year 29 year-old Claire Elizabeth Gilbody wagered £430,000 during a seventeen-month spell in which she desperately attempted to cover up her crimes.

"I'd like to get these betting people here so they can see the misery gambling wreaks," announced Croydon Crown Court Judge Heather Baucher. "She was caught up in an awful addiction."

Mum-to-be Gilbody, of Inglethorpe Street, Fulham pleaded guilty to abusing her position with Wandsworth's A. Mansell & Co. to make a gain, namely £346,250.28, between October 14, 2008 and April 3, last year.

She also admitted similarly making a gain, namely £39,385.50, while a mortgage administrator with Hammersmith-based MIL Finance between November 21, 2007 and April 1, last year.

The court heard A. Mansell & Co., a one-woman firm run by Andrea Kilcawley, who hired Gilbody via website 'Gumtree' went into liquidation after the defendant plundered the accounts.

"This person went from one company to another wreaking havoc and misery in her wake," added Judge Baucher. "When she discovered what happened it seems Andrea Kilcawley was in abject panic."

One £50,000 account saved-up by residents of a private block to fund refurbishment's was almost emptied by New Zealand-born Gilbody.

"They will be lucky now if they have enough money to paint the front door," said the Judge. "They must be devastated they have been robbed by a sophisticated fraud."

Prosecutor Mr. David Povall told the court Gilbody was immediately given access to the company's debit card, emails and twenty accounts which held money for various residential management committees.

Gilbody's boss noticed bank statements were suddenly missing and complained to the Royal Mail about her postal service which the defendant was secretly intercepting.

The true horror was only revealed when Gilbody was arrested at the office on April 2, last year by City of London Police's Economic Crime Department for defrauding previous employers MIL Finance.

There she had instructed Legal and General to pay mortgage commissions into her personal Lloyds TSB bank account - even changing the address to a P.O. Box under her control.

Gilbody's lawyer Mr. Thomas Garner told the court all the money was lost on Internet gambling.

"She thought the only way she could repay the money was to continue gambling and there was a rapid escalation in her gambling.

"She was robbing Peter to pay Paul, but the money was coming from other people's accounts."

Since her arrest Gilbody, who is due to give birth to her first child in August, spent five months at a charity-run residential gambling programme, paying just £10 per week for treatment.

"It's an absolutely gross breach of trust," Judge Baucher told Gilbody "It was to A. Mansell and Co.'s detriment that they took you on, took you into their arms.

"Funds were being transferred into your account instead of A. Mansell and Co. and you prepared a colour-coded Excel spreadsheet listing all then names and the figures.

"The fact you were able to place deposits of £430,000 while on an income of £18,000 beggars belief.

"I hope no one ever employs you where you can access accounts. You have sophistication and intelligence and means to perpetrate a fraud and no doubt will do so in the future if given the opportunity."

The prosecution will not pursue compensation.

Monday, 21 June 2010

NHS Money Man Ripped-Off Taxpayers

A "greedy" £350 per day NHS finance guru has been jailed for claiming benefits while pocketing £212,000 in professional fees in just three years.

Zahid Ali, 46, was arrested at his gated house in an exclusive stockbroker belt neighbourhood for a variety of false claims including incapacity benefit for depression, jobseekers allowance and housing benefit.

Ali, of Nightingale Court, Sutton, was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment at Croydon Crown Court after pleading guilty to seven charges.

"This is a substantial fraud over a substantial period of time and manifestly greedy," Judge Heather Baucher told the defendant. "You are a deliberately manipulative fraudster."

His company received consultancy fees from a variety of NHS General Practitioners for assisting in their budgets.

Ali admitted failing to notify the Department of Work and Pensions he was working between September 27, 2004 and November 21, 2006 while receiving incapacity benefit for depression.

He also admitted failing to declare to the London Borough of Sutton he was working while receiving housing benefit and failing to declare he was living with his girlfriend when applying for Jobseekers Allowance.

Ali (pictured) also admitted a fraudulent housing benefit application to Surrey's Reigate and Banstead council for a property his wife owned in Hooley - forging documents and inventing a phantom landlord.

He was arrested in Kingswood Surrey on June 10, 2008 and later repaid the £14,938 he unlawfully obtained.

"This was four separate frauds during which he time he has earned over £212,000 over three years and is living in a substantial property behind electronic gates," added Judge Baucher.

She also ordered Ali to pay £3,000 costs.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Rape: Park Pouncer In Prison

A violent rapist who pounced on a young female jogger as she ran through a small park – dragging her into bushes after grabbing her from behind – has been locked up.

Richard Shaw, 28, pleaded guilty to raping the twenty-something woman in Victoria Park, Finchley Central, North London on September 16, last year.

He was given an indeterminate sentence for public protection with a minimum three-and-a-half year term at Wood Green Crown Court and was ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life.

Detective Constable Yolanda Rogers of the Metropolitan Police’s Sapphire Unit said: “Assaults of this nature are rare but this was a terrifying experience for the victim who was left traumatised as a result.

“I thank the victim and commend her for her courage in returning to this country to give evidence.

“I hope today's sentence goes some way to helping her overcome this incident but also reassures other victims of sexual assault that if they report the crime it will be investigated thoroughly.”

The victim was in the park at 8 pm when she became aware of a man jogging behind her who pulled her into the bushes and raped her.

During the attack she was also hit in the face.

After the assault she left the park, made her way to her employer’s home and called police.

Shaw was identified through forensic evidence left at the scene and was arrested at an address in North London on October 3.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Burglars Gold-Trail Leads To Jail

Three prolific burglars who funded a lifestyle of flash cars and homes by ruthlessly targeting the Indian community – trashing homes in the search for high-value gold jewellery – have been locked-up.

The North London trio are: Oladapo Ogboye, 22, of Bromley Road, Edmonton, (pic.l) Ricky Dunkley, 19, of Cool Oak Lane, Hendon, (pic.mid) and Dominic Brown-Lee, 21, of Claybrook Close, Barnet, (pic.r).

The Metropolitan Police’s Territorial Policing Crime Squad investigated over twenty similar burglaries in London and the Home Counties.

All three pleaded guilty at Reading Crown Court to conspiring to burgle between July and December, last year and Ogboye received three and a half years imprisonment; Dunkley two years and nine months and Brown-Lee eighteen months.

They led high-rolling lifestyles, renting a luxury apartment within a gated private estate and driving flash cars.

The suspects gained access to the rear of residential properties by using a side access or climbing over a fence.

They would then ransack the properties looking for high-quality Asian gold, stealing £30,000-worth during their crime wave.

On December 3 Ogboye and Brown-Lee were arrested while attempting to burgle a house in Slough, Berkshire.

Ogboye was spotted discarding gloves and a screwdriver as he tried to escape from police officers.

A witness saw a vehicle leaving the scene, which inquiries revealed had been hired by Ogboye.

Dunkley, who had been seen with the vehicle, was arrested later that day and an Asian gold ring in the vehicle was identified as having been stolen in an earlier burglary.

The court heard despite having no visible means of income the defendants were living in luxury.

Ogboye and Dunkley each owned Audi TTs, valued at £25,000 to £30,000, and lived within an affluent private gated complex in Princess Park Manor, Royal Drive, Friern Barnet (in addition to the addresses they gave officers).

When officers searched their homes they found designer clothing from Gucci, D&G and Louis Vuitton, a large quantity of cash and numerous bottles of champagne and Hennessey.

"The individuals involved tried to operate across several boroughs in the hope of avoiding police attention,” said Detective Inspector Bob Boggon.

“They specifically targeted high-value jewellery from members of the Asian community, leaving people's homes in a total mess, which added to their victims' anguish and distress.

"I would like to thank all the victims and witnesses for their cooperation and assistance throughout this investigation which lasted several months.

“The Territorial Policing Crime Squad is determined to increase public safety and confidence by intruding on the lives of those committing these heinous crimes."

Friday, 18 June 2010

Nigerian's Criminal Career Cut Short

Two murderers who butchered a Nigerian drug dealer who immersed himself in South London’s underworld soon after arriving in the country have been jailed for life – with 30-year minimums.

Sunny Eze, 33, ( was stabbed three times by Michael Henry, 39, (pic.mid) and Mark Brown, 35, (pic.bottom) who arrived at his flat for a drugs deal, but in reality intended to rob the victim.

Both homeless men were convicted at the Old Bailey of murdering Eze on March 4, last year at a flat in Vyvyan House, Campbell Close, Plumstead and were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Police were called at 10pm and found dead Eze – who had been stabbed three times to the back and upper neck - slumped against the kitchen fridge.

He had allowed the defendants into his flat to negotiate a drug deal, but a gun was pulled and it is believed as Eze tried to grab the weapon from Brown he was stabbed in the back by Henry.

"Despite the circumstances of this crime, Sunny Eze died in a brutal and violent attack at the hands of these men,” said Detective Inspector Steve Keogh of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command.

“We have been committed to bringing these men to justice throughout this case and we are grateful to the witnesses that came forward despite being fearful of the consequences."

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Boozy Vandal Smashes Up Parked Car

A drunken scientist caught on CCTV launching a Basil Fawlty-style attack on a parked car was arrested after police arrived and found him sleeping on the back seat.

Qamar Mahmood Khan, 31, of Kenelm Road, Birmingham caused £1,413 worth of damage to the Mercedes after a night out in the City of London.

He pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to the vehicle in Milton Street, Bishopsgate on March 28 and was conditionally discharged for twelve months and ordered to pay full compensation.

Prosecutor Mrs. Alexa Morgan told City of London Magistrates’ Court police were called by a passer-by after Khan (pictured) was spotted snoozing on the rear seat of the badly damaged vehicle.

“The driver’s side window had been smashed and he told police the car belonged to a friend,” explained Mrs. Morgan. “He said he did not know how he ended up in the car due to severe intoxication.

“CCTV showed Khan kicking the driver’s side window at 4.20 am then throwing a bottle at the window and then kicking the door another five times.

“He threw a mobile phone against the passenger side window and is then seen throwing the phone twice again before kicking the front and rear panels.

“He returns with a road barrier and uses it to twice strike the driver’s side window, then using hit foot, shatters the glass and gets into the car.”

When shown the footage Khan told police: “I wanted somewhere to sleep. I was thinking I’d get it fixed the next day.”

Khan, who has recently lost his job and is living with his parents, was also ordered to pay £75 costs.