Friday, 31 January 2014

Young Scholar In Boozy 'Air Rage' Assault

A young scholar, who is the son of an MIT professor, downed a cocktail of whiskey and wine during a flight and slammed his seat into a lady doctor during a legroom row, branding the cabin crew "fascists" as they tried to calm him.

Kabir Banerjee, 22, (pictured) who is studying philosophy at University College London, continuously complained about a lack of space on the British Airways flight and was arrested after the plane landed at Heathrow Airport.

He pleaded guilty to assaulting Dr. Alexandra Damazer and being drunk on an aircraft during the Boston to London flight on November 11, last year and was yesterday conditionally discharged for two years and ordered to pay £1,000 compensation to the victim.

During the flight Banerjee had three glasses of wine, one whiskey, had been drinking before boarding the plane and had taken sedatives for insomnia.

Prosecutor Mr. Douglas Adams told Isleworth Crown Court: "He was drunk and there was some medication he has taken for insomnia that did not help.

"Dr. Damazer was sitting behind the defendant during the flight and recalls he kept putting his seat back fully and when asked politely to put it upright he refused.

"She describes his behaviour as strange and erratic. He seemed to be talking to himself and was kicking the chair in front of him.

"The person who was sitting in front of the defendant also complained and Dr. Damazer says there was a lot of conversation in front of her and Mr. Banerjee was pushing his knees into the chair in front."

The student, who has also attended the University of Warwick and the London School of Economics, was heard to complain: "There isn't enough space. I'm being kicked from behind."

He was asked to calm down by the cabin staff, but replied: "I'm going to sue you all. This is ridiculous, there isn't enough space."

Eventually the dispute with Dr. Damazer escalated and Banerjee told her: "If you do it again I'll hit your legs."

The doctor later told police: "He slammed his chair into my left knee hard. It was painful and brought tears to my eyes."

"His behaviour was offensive towards the staff. He called them fascists and said they should not be ordering him around," added Mr. Adams.

The first-time offender was allowed to return home to the United States and flew back to London with his professor mother for the sentencing hearing.

Judge Anna Guggenheim QC told Banerjee: "You had taken a fairly strong sedative, which did react with alcohol in a way you would not have foreseen.

"You became agitated and remained so throughout the flight and you harassed Dr. Damazer and the person in front of you.

"You threatened her and you deliberately slammed your seat backwards and the cabin staff were subjected to rudeness by you."

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Knife-Wielding Ex Left Former Lover Paralysed After Murder Bid

A knifeman tried to kill his ex-girlfriend during a frenzied attack at her north-west London home, which has left her paralysed for life from the chest down.
Donovan Jerome Golding, 36, (pictured) of Atlip Road, Wembley repeatedly plunged the blade into the back, neck, torso and hands of Nicolita Ghete.
He was convicted of attempting to murder Ms Ghete at her home in Hindes Road, Harrow on July 8, last year and will be sentenced on February 26.
Harrow Crown Court heard Golding tried to gain entry to the property and was initially refused, but eventually got in.
A long argument ensued followed by Golding attacking Ms Ghete with a kitchen knife.

She received multiple knife wounds to the hands, torso and neck - the most serious injuries being the ones to the back.

As a result of this horrific attack Ms Ghete would have died, but for prompt action initially of police and then the paramedics.
She is now paralysed for life from the chest down.

Police Sergeant Ruby Kadiri said: “I am pleased with the verdict, but my first thought is for the victim in this case who now faces a life with a disability caused by a violent ex-partner who could not accept that his controlling relationship was over.
“He brutally attempted to kill Nicolita and then tried to claim a case of self-defence.
“I am happy for Nicolita that Golding has been found guilty and I would encourage anybody suffering from domestic violence to have confidence in police and come forward to report it.”

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Stride of Harrow police said: "Police are delighted with the successful prosecution and I must praise the courage of the victim Nicolita Ghete.
“We are confident that this sends a positive message into the community about the seriousness with which the police and the courts treat domestic violence and we hope that this sends out a positive message to victims to come forward in the future."

If you are or have been a victim of domestic violence please contact police.
For an immediate response call 999, or the police non-emergency number 101.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Blood On The Dancefloor: Nightclub 'Glasser' Wanted

Police have released this CCTV image of a suspect wanted for glassing a young man in a north London nightclub.
The victim, aged in his twenties, was with a group of female friends at the Caipirinha Jazz Bar, Archway Road, Highgate on August 24, last year.
The suspect began hassling the girls on the dancefloor at approximately 2.30am and the victim approached him in an effort to cut short the unwanted approach.
An argument ensued between the two males and the suspect appeared to walk off.
However, when the victim turned round to speak to his friends, the suspect returned and smashed him over the head with a glass.

The attack caused a deep cut to the victim's head which required stitches.

The assailant was then ejected from the nightclub by security.

He is described as being in his mid-twenties of slim build, short brown hair and about 5ft 8ins in height.
He was wearing jeans and a grey polo shirt and wearing a shiny fake diamond earring.

Detective Constable Juan Martin of Wood Green CID said: "This was a cowardly attack in which the suspect smashes a glass on the victim's head after he turns around to walk away.

"This could have been much worse and the victim was lucky to escape with just stitches."

Anyone with information, witnesses or anyone who recognises the male in the CCTV stills is asked to contact Wood Green CID on 0203 276 3071 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

"Westernised" Muslim Bride Stabbed To Death By Jealous Husband

A jealous muslim, who discovered his "Westernised" bride was enjoying an affair and blowing the couple's money, was caged for life today for stabbing her to death with a kitchen knife.

Chauffeur Rojel Haque, 40, pleaded guilty to murdering 27 year-old mother-of-two Anu Kapoor at their flat in Shrewsbury Road, Forest Gate and will serve a minimum of sixteen years.

Blackfriars Crown Court heard Indian-born Anu, a law centre receptionist, was having a fling with another worker at the kebab shop she was employed at part-time and Haque saw love bites all over her neck when she returned home.

She had also run up a £500 mobile phone bill the previous month and used the couple's money to pay for her young lover Hafiz Babar's driving lessons.

"Anu led a more Westernised lifestyle. She had her own life, her own friends," said Haque's QC Miss Jane Bickerstaff. "She was not cowed by her husband.

"The defendant simply lost control, an argument began and the knife is one from their kitchen.

"He cannot honestly say what was the intention in his mind, this happened in moments.

"The red mist came down. he instantly panicked and regretted it."

Prosecutor Mr. Peter Finnigan QC told the court Anu, who came to the UK eight years ago, suffered multiple incise wounds to her chest on August 4 last year at the couple's flat above a newsagent's shop.

"He admits stabbing Anu during a confrontation about her lover and says he left the flat in shock and panic, but what he did was set about laying a false trail to suggest she had been killed by an intruder.

"He left the front door open, opened the kitchen window and ransacked their bedroom before going to work for three-and-a-half hours while phoning people to say he was concerned about Anu."

When Haque returned home he raised the alarm and called 999, explaining: "I just came home and saw my wife lying on the bed. There's blood everywhere."

However, the newsagent downstairs confirmed the obviously-distressed defendant had bought strong bin bags and cleaning gloves hours before.

Forensic tests also revealed Anu's airborne blood spattered on his trousers.

A pathologist concluded Anu would have remained alive for a significant time, despite her injuries, but Haque continues to insist he did not call an ambulance because she was obviously deceased.

He failed to offer any defence case statement until two days before she scheduled trial and then fabricated an account of Anu pulling the knife on him and being wounded as the couple fell during a struggle.

This was abandoned on the day of the trial and Haque finally admitted his guilt.

Police quickly discovered he had a violent past and physically abused his ex-wife Shananaz, who had to flee to a refuge with their children.

"He sought to control his ex-wife and regularly beat her," explained Mr. Finnigan. "He threatened to kill her and after they reconciled the beatings then became worse."

Haque even pulled a knife on his ex-wife during a violent row, which was witnessed by their eldest daughter, who phoned the police.

The defendant told his ex-wife the day before the murder: "You women are all the same. You are trying to mess up my life."

He tried to pursued Anu to celebrate their eight-year wedding anniversary in Blackpool, but she confided to a friend that she was afraid to go because she feared her husband would kill her there.

She also told a work colleague Haque "tortured" her with endless all-night questioning about her feelings towards him and he had beaten her.

The post-mortem revealed Haque had plunged the knife over eight inches into Anu's chest and she suffered serious injuries to her right hand and knee as she desperately tried to defend herself.

The wounds perforated both of her lungs and her heart, causing fatal internal bleeding.

Judge Aidan Marron QC told Haque: "You launched a significant violent attack on her and I find it difficult to accept your claim that she taunted and humiliated you over her affair.

"You have repeatedly demonstrated violence in a domestic context, significantly sometimes with the use of a knife.

"You were becoming increasingly possessive and your wife told a friend she feared she may be killed by you."

Monday, 27 January 2014

Transexual Bombarded Plastic Surgeon With Hateful Messages

A transexual, who bombarded his consultant plastic surgeon with abusive emails and texts after unsatisfactory treatment, told a court today: "This surgeon, who has pressed these charges, has caused me so much pain and distress.

"If you knew the full story and what this man has done to me you would be shocked."

Alexandra Charles, 36, of Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff was a patient of leading surgeon Dr. Brian Mayou, founder of the Cadogan Clinic, 120 Sloane Street, Belgravia.

Charles pleaded guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates' Court to harassing Dr. Mayou between December 16, 2010 and April 14, this year by sending numerous unwanted insulting messages.

The court heard Charles made unfounded allegations that Dr. Mayou was a peadophile during a campaign against him that lasted nearly two-and-a-half years.

Charles was previously warned the offence crossed the custody threshold and was bailed for a pre-sentence report.

He jumped bail after telling the court: "I am halfway through a sex-change and sending me to a male penitentiary would be sexual abuse."

Charles failed to appear for sentencing and a warrant without bail was issued for his arrest.

Today the defendant was due to be sentenced, but failed to co-operate with the probation service and no pre-sentence report was available.

He explained: "I was raped by two people in a park and I had a nervous breakdown and that is why I did not attend court."

Charles was bailed until February 17 for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Manhunt: Prisoner On The Run

Police have released this image of a prisoner currently on the run after absconding during a home visit.
Malcolm Parker, 55, (pictured) was serving time at the Category C/D HMP Blantyre House, Kent when he was allowed out on a temporary licence at 8.00am on January 6.
He failed to return by 5.30pm the same day.
He is described as black, 6ft 1ins tall, of medium build and balding.
He has a distinctive scar on his left elbow which is between one and two inches in size.

Parker is known to have associates in the Croydon and Hendon areas. 

He is not currently considered to be a direct threat to the public, but we would advise that he is not approached.
Anyone who sees him should contact police immediately on 999.

Anyone with information should contact police on 020 8358 1752, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Police Release E-Fit Of Bogus Council Worker Rapist

Police have released this E-fit of a rapist, who tricked his way into a woman's home by claiming he was employed by the local council.
The attack ocurred in the Benhilton area of Sutton, south-west London on the evening of January 11.
The suspect is described as a black man, aged approximately 40 years-old and 5ft 4ins tall.
He has a round face and bald head and was wearing a blue round necked fleece-type jumper with a red or orange logo on the breast.

Detectives from the Sexual Offences Exploitation and Child Abuse Command are investigating.

Officers would like to hear from anyone who had a visit from a man matching this description or who believe they may know who he is.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 020 8721 4106 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. 

The squad added: “We wish to remind residents to be vigilant and not allow people into their homes purporting to be from the council or other utility companies unless identification is shown.
“Genuine company representatives will understand if you need to verify their details.”

Friday, 24 January 2014

Private Eye's 'Blagged' Secret Info While Hunting Debtors

Spencer (L) & Stanton (R)

The bosses of a private investigation company and their staff illegally 'blagged' sensitive, personal information from GP surgeries, utility companies, banks and other institutions on 1,900 occasions as they hunted down debtors.

While tracing individuals who owed unpaid bills, community charges and other debts staff lied and posed as other people during phone calls to extract information on behalf of ICU Investigations Ltd and their 330 clients.

ICU's named clients included Leeds Building Society; Allianz Insurance; Dee Valley Water; Brighton and Hove City Council and Mint Credit. 

The identities of other institutions and companies are shielded behind the many solicitor's firms who instructed ICU on their behalf. 

Today the company's director and sole shareholder, Barry Spencer, 41, of Hook Common, Hook, Hampshire was bailed until April 4 for Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings against him and ICU before sentence is passed.

The firm's former company secretary Adrian Stanton, 40, of Vicarage Road, Sunbury-on-Thames was fined £7,500, with £6,107 costs.

Both men were found guilty by an Isleworth Crown Court jury of conspiring to illegally obtain data, without consent, between April 1, 2009 and May 13, 2010.

They claim the company profited by no more than £29,000 from making illegal traces.

Five ex-employees pleaded guilty to the same charge and today were all fined and ordered to pay costs.

They are: Robert Sparling, 38, fined £4,000, with £3,000 costs; Joel Jones, 43, fined £3,000, with £2,500 costs;  Michael Sparling, 41, fined £2,000, with £2,000 costs; Neil Sturton, 43, fined £1,000, with £1,000 costs and Lee Humphreys, who was fined £1,000, with £1,000 costs.

The company, of Legacy Centre, Hanworth Trading Estate, Hampton Road West, Feltham was also convicted on the same summons brought under the Data Protection Act.

Even though MP's have voted for a two-year maximum sentence for the offence it has not been enacted and the only penalty available to Judge Phillip Matthews was an unlimited fine.

He told the defendants: "You made blagging phone calls to data controllers with the TV licensing authority, utility companies and health providers, such as doctors surgeries.

"Blagging means misrepresenting your identity and the real purpose of your call, which was to seek confirmation of an address,. say with TV licensing and that person's method of payment, date of last payment, the expiry date of the licence and sometimes people's telephone numbers.

"Another favourite was to call a hospital local to the target, obtain some information and then call the target's surgery and blah information, pretending you were from the local hospital.

"Utility companies were frequently used because they had huge databases.

"There was no legitimate reason for you to ring TV licensing, utility companies or doctor's surgeries. You were seeking personal information, which in your guise you were not entitled to, misrepresenting who you were."   

The staff were known as "tracers" and the company operated a highly-incentivised 'no trace, no fee' policy, offering such prizes as George Foreman grills when targets were met.

Judge Matthew told Stanton: "You could see daily on the database what was going on because this behaviour was routine.

"You sat side by side with these tracers who were making blagging phone calls and you helped set up the incentive scheme." 

Prosecutor Mr. Ben Summers told the court: "This case is unique in that it is the first time conspiracy has been charged.

"They would trick the people they were calling at utility companies and the television licensing authority etc into disclosing information that involved personal data.

"That information would be used to complete reports on people they were trying to trace and then sent to ICU's clients.

"This case is about blagging, getting information about people by deceiving others and both Spencer and Stanton and ICU were involved in this practise.

"All three agreed to systematically commit offences under the Data Protection Act as part of the business they provided as a tracing agent."

Companies contacted for information include Vision Express; npower; E.ON;  British Gas as well as GP surgeries.

"During the period somewhere in the order of nineteen hundred separate offences were committed with blagging phone calls being made," explained Mr. Summer.

"Personal details were blagged out of the people who were contacted."

A favourite method employed was to call an organisation, posing as the person they were trying to trace, and confirm details such as addresses and contact numbers.

"The defendants were involved in agreeing these calls should be made and through them the company is also responsible.

"They ran and administered the company and its day to day operation.

"Telephone calls were routinely made that did breach the Data Protection Act because they were blagging information from people by misrepresenting who they were and what they were after.

"It is inconceivable the offences could have been committed without Mr. Spencer and Mr. Stanton knowing what was going on," added Mr. Summers.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Manchester University Paid £421,000 To Fraudsters In Electon Microscope Scam

Manchester University were duped into paying £421,000 to scammers, who hijacked the identity of a technical supplies company and diverted payments from the institution to a bank account under their control.

Businessman Kevin White, 47, (pictured) of Park Heights, Constitution Hill, Woking, Surrey received the money into his account and £81,000 was withdrawn before the swindle was halted.

He pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court today to dishonestly obtaining credits of £279,826; £81,950; £59,529 and £482 between March 9, 2012 and February 23, last year.

The court heard the university received a bogus email purportedly from FEI UK Ltd, who supplied scanning electron microscopes, notifying details of a new Barclays bank account number for invoices to be paid to.

“There is no evidence Mr. White is the architect of the fraud,” explained prosecutor Mr. Julius Capon. “He says he was approached by someone to use his bank account and he had no idea of the sums involved or that a university was involved.”

Bailing White until February 20 for sentencing Judge Nicholas Ainley told him: “It is overwhelmingly probable that you will receive a substantial sentence.”

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Law Firm Executive Sentenced For Cooking Books

A solicitor's conveyancing executive, charged with a £100,000 fraud, has received a suspended sentence.

William Ernest Grimley, 64, of Queen Street, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent was employed by London Bridge firm Nelsons Solicitors.

He was originally charged with fraud by abuse of position between July 15, 2007 and February 24, 2012 with intent to make a gain,namely £105,387.

He was also charged with two counts of false accounting between November 2, 2005 and July 14, 2007 by entering his bank account details rather than the client's and concealing documents that disclosed the total amount of monies due back to the client.

Grimley was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court (pictured) to eighteen months imprisonment, suspended for two years, ordered to perform 80 hours community service work and pay £1,500.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Cannabis-Growing Operation Near Crystal Palace Park

Police on routine patrol discovered a large cannabis factory after detecting the tell-tale smell of the pungent drug.
Officers from Bromley's North West Neighbourhood Policing Team were in Crystal Palace Park Road, Sydenham on January 13 when they detected the strong smell.
As officers approached a detached house, they noticed a man placing large bags inside a wheelie bin.
The suspect saw police and immediately ran off into Crystal Palace Park. 

When officers entered the house they found that it had been converted into a cannabis factory, with four large rooms set up with ventilating and heating equipment, and in excess of 500 fully grown plants inside (pictured).

The suspect had been in the process of cropping and moving the cannabis out of the address when disturbed by police.

Sergeant Rob Goodwin from Bromley Police said: “This seizure represents a major and unexpected dent in the network of cannabis supply in the South East London area and was brought about through proactive local neighbourhood policing”.

Enquiries are still ongoing to trace the man. 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Rapist Pounced On Down's Syndrome Woman

A teenage sexual predator, who raped a young woman with Down's Syndrome when she went for a midnight stroll, has been caged for eight years.
Liam Felton, 18, (pictured) struck up a conversation with the 22 year-old as she sat on a bench and twenty minutes later forced her down an alleyway and raped her twice.
Felton, of Station Road, Harold Wood, east London pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court to two counts of raping the girl, who also lived in the area, on September 12, last year.
The victim, who lives with her parents, got out of bed due to a headache and went for a late-night stroll.
She walked to Station Road, where she sat on the bench, and Felton - who was not known to the girl - walked past and, after spotting the victim, doubled back and sat down on the bench.
After around 15 minutes the pair got up from the bench and walked for about five more minutes.
Felton then grabbed the victim and forced her into an alleyway before raping her twice and then making off from the scene. 

The victim returned home where she told her parents what had happened and they called police.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service’s Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command launched an investigation.

CCTV footage from the area was analysed and showed Felton engaging the victim in conversation on the bench.
His image was circulated and he was identified and arrested later that day.
Detective Constable Tim Glover said: "This was a shocking and harrowing attack on a defenceless girl.

"The victim has Down's Syndrome which impairs her both physically and in her speech.
I”t would have been clear to Felton from his conversation with her that she had this condition.

"However, he chose to abuse her in the most callous way.
“I can only hope that his jail sentence gives some form of closure to the victim and her family."

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cruel Conman Takes £100K Painting From Pensioner

This £100,000 painting was taken from the home of a pensioner last night by a cruel conman who blagged his way into her home by posing as an investigator from her bank.
She had divulged the painting's value during a telephone conversation with the fraudster, who convinced her that her bank cards had been used in a crime.
The 89 year-old received a call at her South Kensington home informing her that someone from her bank would call to collect her debit cards, which had been compromised by criminals.
During that telephone conversation she was quizzed about valuable items in her home and mentioned the painting by Samuel Palmer 'The Comet of 1858.'
Jewellery was also taken by the conman, who is now being hunted by police.
The pensioner telephoned her bank to confirm the account, but the caller had not hung up and simply posed as her branch, confirming the story to her.
The conman is described as white man, believed to be aged in his 30s, approx 5ft 10inches tall, with dark hair and spoke with an English accent.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Kensington and Chelsea Serious Acquisitive Crime Unit on 0208 246 0173 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Police have offered the following advice: Neither your bank nor the police would ever ring you and state that they are coming to your home to pick up your card, so never hand it over to anyone who comes to collect it. 

Your bank will never ask you to authorise anything by entering your pin into the telephone handset. 

Never share your pin with anyone - the only times you should use your pin is at a cash machine or when you use a chip and pin machine in a shop / restaurant. 

If you think you have been the victim of a fraud or scam of this nature report the crime to your local police.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pedestrian Killed By Stolen Car: Police Continue To Appeal For Witnesses

Police are appealing for witnesses, who saw an early-morning pedestrian killed by the driver of a stolen car, which mounted the pavement.
Christopher Ritchie, 52, (pictured) from Chadwell Heath, Essex was fatally injured as he walked along Forest Drive, Manor Park at 7.23am on November 20, last year.
He was pronounced dead at the scene from a head injury.
The vehicle, a blue Ford Focus, had been reported locally as being stolen and came to a halt nearby.
The driver left the scene on foot.
A 38-year old man was later arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and failing to stop at the scene of a road traffic collision.
He has been bailed to return to police at a later date.

Detective Sergeant Helen Lambert from the Metropoltan Police Service's Road Death Investigation Team said: “This fatal collision took place on a busy highway frequented by many local people and commuters.
“I’m convinced somebody saw something that can help us with our enquires. 

“The family are naturally devastated by the loss of their loved one, an innocent family man who was going about his everyday business.
I would urge anyone with information to call our incident room hotline on 020 8597 4874 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.” 

Friday, 17 January 2014

Overseas Student Slashed During Midnight Rucksack Mugging

A mature student from Spain was slashed with a knife when two muggers tried to rob him of his rucksack just after midnight in a north-west London street.
The 30 year-old, who is studying English, was attacked outside Brondesbury Court, Willesden Lane, Cricklewood (pictured) at 12.35am on January 5.
Detectives from the borough of Brent arrested two youths, aged 15 and 17, and are appealing for witnesses.
The victim refused to hand over his rucksack when approached by two males and during a struggle was slashed with the knife.
He received serious injuries and was rushed by ambulance to a central London hospital where his condition is now stable, but may be life-changing.

The suspects, who were arrested twenty-four hours later on suspicion of inflicting grievous bodily harm, have been bailed to date next month.
Detective Constable Fiona Davidson of Brent CID said: "This was a shockingly violent attack on a man who was simply attempting to prevent the robbery of his bag.

"I would urge anyone who saw what happened, or who has information about those responsible, to make contact with police."

Anyone with information can call officers on 020 8733 3709 or speak with Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Latest Deviant From Notorious Essex Family Tried To Met 10 Year-Old Boy For Sex

Inner London Crown Court

A young paedophile with “deviant and perverted ideas” was caught in a police sting after arranging to meet a ten year-old boy he wanted to abuse.

David Michael Lane, 24, of Hubberd Road, Little Canfield, Dunmow received a suspended prison sentence yesterday for setting-up the meeting with an undercover police officer, who claimed to have an available son.

“You are a danger to young children, say the probation service, and will continue to be a danger if something is not done about it,” Inner London Crown Court Judge Nigel Seed QC told the first-time offender.

“You have ended up as an adult with some pretty deviant and perverted ideas. It would have been oral rape and whether you would have carried it out we will never know.”

Lane, whose father and uncle are convicted sex offenders, pleaded guilty to arranging or facilitating an act that involved the commission of an offence, namely oral rape, on October 8, last year, plus eight counts of possessing indecent image of children.

He was sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for two years, placed on two years probation, which includes a sex offender treatment programme and must undergo NHS psycotherapy.

Lane, whose mother, sister and other family and friends were in court to support him, was also made subject to an indefinite Sexual Offenders Prevention Order and must sign the sex offenders register for ten years.

Prosecutor Mr. Tom Wilkins told the court the Metropolitan Police's Child Protection Command ran an operation monitoring the internet and during Skype and telephone conversations Lane revealed an interest in the subject of “dads and boys.”

“He said a ten year-old boy would be perfect and that he would like to see a father and son together and sexual imagery of a father and son.”

“Eventually Lane met an undercover police officer and said he would like the boy to perform oral sex on him and he would like to see the officer have oral sex with the child and then he would like to join in.”

After purchasing lubricant and condoms the defendant was arrested and made a full confession.

"He said that he had been troubled by his sexual desires and wanted to be stopped from committing any future offences and that he couldn't cope.

“He said that he had been viewing indecent images of children for many years, since he was a teenager, exposing himself online and reading about child abuse fantasies.”

Police found a total of 64 indecent images on Lane's computer and phone.

“None of the images were taken by himself,” added Mr. Wilkins. “Over 50% were at least at Level Four and some were at Level Five, the most serious.”

Lane's lawyer Miss Ann-Marie Talbot told the court: “He has taken this opportunity to unburden his soul.

“He is young enough to change and he has been open and frank about difficult circumstances and subjects.

“A custodial sentence is not the best way to ensure Mr. Lane does not trouble the police or court system in the future and he is a young man a number of people continue to rate very highly.”

In a statement Lane revealed: “I've tried to block this for too many years. I started at the age of eleven and twelve and tried to have girlfriends.....I know you can't stop this for a fact.”

However, Miss Talbot claimed: “He now knows help does exist for his sexual paraphilia.”

Judge Seed stressed no prison sentence available to him would be long enough to ensure Lane, who has been in custody since his arrest, received necessary treatment.

“Whilst you are to be pitied you merit punishment for what you have done,” he told Lane. “There are explanations, but they don't justify your behaviour.

“It is in the public interest to make sure you receive the appropriate treatment, getting you out of your deviant behaviour and protecting children.”

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Mystery Surrounds Respected Electrician Turned Cocaine Courier

A Wolverhampton electrician caught at Gatwick Airport with £270,000 worth of cocaine hidden inside three drink bottles has been jailed for four years.

Roy Grizzle, 53, of Redhurst Drive, Fordhouses had just stepped off a flight from Montego Bay, Jamaica when he was stopped by UK Border Agency officers.

The smuggling operation has left the first-time offender's family shocked and baffled as to why the father-of-three, who has never been in trouble before, should become involved in such a risky and serious offence.

He pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court (pictured) to being knowingly concerned in the importation of 2.172 kilos of 63% pure cocaine on November 7, last year.

The drugs were secreted within three bottles of aloe vera and Jamaican-born Grizzle tried to talk his way out of trouble.

“He gave an account of going to the St. James' area to sort out a property issue and had gone to a shop in Sandy Bay to buy the drinks and did not know anything about cocaine in them,” explained prosector Mr. Andrew Ramsubhag.

Grizzle's lawyer Mr. Kieron Berkeley said: “He was in Jamaica because he had been left some property, not of any real value, and was administering those affairs.

“He has no debts and is not an alcoholic or drug-addict and the family are ashamed their father is where he is.”

Grizzle has been in custody since his arrest and not offered any real explanation for the offence, added the lawyer.

“He has been inward looking and gone within himself, but it is not clear to me what the background to his offending is.”

Judge Jeremy Gold told Grizzle: “It is a great shame to see a man of your age standing across from me in a courtroom.

“You were living a blameless life with your family, but have now committed this serious offence.

“I can only assume that it was done for money.”