Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Woman No.2 Accused Of Blackmailing Rugby Star Danny Cipriani

A second woman accused of blackmailing rugby star Danny Cipriani for cash appeared in court for the first time today.

Violet Smith, 29, of Bath Road, Slough was sent by Wimbledon Magistrates Court to appear at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court for a preliminary hearing on September 20.

She faces one count of blackmail in that between September 1 and October 31, last year, with a view to gain for herself or another or with intent to cause loss to another, made an unwarranted demand of money from Danny Cipriani with menaces.

Wearing a lacy black dress, she only spoke during the brief hearing to confirm her name, age and address.

Her co-defendant, 39 year-old Lisa Murphy, of Montgomery Way, Wootton, Northampton appeared last week on the same charge and was bailed to appear at the crown court on the same date.

Smith, who indicated a not guilty plea to the charge, was released on bail on condition she does not contact Cipriani or Murphy.

Roehampton-born Cipriani, 28, currently plays for Premiership team Wasps as fly-half or fullback.

The six-foot-one England international was educated privately at Wimbledon College prep school Donhead.

His mother Anne, who split with his Afro-Trinidadian father Jay soon after his birth funded Danny’s education by becoming a black taxi driver.

An all-round sportsman Cipriani played junior football for QPR, was offered youth terms by Reading FC and played schoolboy cricket for Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

He won 14 England caps between 2008 and 2015 and has also played for Melbourne Rebels and Sale Sharks.

Earlier this year he was convicted of drink-driving after crashing his Mercedes into a mini-cab after a night out and was banned for 18 months and ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £7,620 for being nearly twice the legal limit.

He has dated a host of famous women including Kelly Brook, Sky Sports’ Kirsty Gallagher, Katie Price, Cheeky Girl Monica Irimia and Aussie models Lara Bingle and Jesinta Campbell. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Opticians Wrecking-Spree Pensioner Rushed To Hospital From Crown Court

An upset customer, who laid waste to an optician's after he was refused a refund on a pair of specs - causing £10,000 worth of damage - was rushed by ambulance to hospital minutes before he was due to be sentenced.

Alan Parkinson, 68, of The Beeches, London Road, Mitcham, arrived at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court for a sentencing hearing, but was found collapsed in a stairwell.

He had been arrested and charged after utilising a metal chair during his wrecking spree after insisting he was due a discount on his recent purchase and threatening: "I'll destroy your shop."

Parkinson pleaded guilty to causing an affray at John Lewis Opticians, 261 London Road, Mitcham on February 27 and causing £10,000 worth of criminal damage to display cabinets, spectacles and a computer.

Prosecutor Mr. Paul Adams told Wimbledon Magistrates Court previously that Parkinson was a regular customer and entered the opticians at 10am.

"He wanted a refund for some glasses, he was not happy and said his daughter told him he had paid too much."

Parkinson, who has 243 offences on his record, was told there was no discount due because the frames and lenses had been bought at different times.

The store manager Zaid Shoaib and the consultant refused to budge, causing Parkinson further irritation.

"He was huffing and puffing and his eyes were bulging," added Mr. Adams. "He said: 'I know what I'll do, I'll destroy your shop.'

"He left but returned ten minutes later and said: 'Last chance. Are you going to give me a refund?'

"He picked up a chair and swung it around the store, destroying property including a glass cabinet, which shattered.

"He threw the chair in the direction of Mr. Shoaib and it missed.

"He picked up a glasses tray and threw it and then picked up a computer screen and smashed it."

As he left the scene of destruction Parkinson turned and warned the two men: "You don't know me."

District Judge James Henderson told Parkinson, who has convictions dating back to 1959, he would have to be sentenced at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court.

"This is all the more serious because it is a revenge attack. Mr. Parkinson did not like what was going on and took revenge on the store.

"This sort of behaviour is extremely serious. The criminal damage alone puts this in the Crown Court area, plus the affray, with a weapon, which is what this chair was."

Monday, 29 August 2016

Hedge Fund Boss Denies Bullying And Assaulting Fellow-Director Wife

A hedge fund boss has appeared in court accused of twice assaulting his fellow-director wife and bullying her at their £3.4m Knightsbridge home.

Former Deutsche Bank derivatives expert Guy Mitchinson, 38, runs Castilium Capital with ex-Merrill Lynch trader Alicia Vidler, 36, who says she was the victim of controlling and intimidating behaviour.

Mitchinson, who shared a house in First Street with Alicia appeared for the first time at Hammersmith Magistrates Court.

He no longer lives at the matrimonial home and has moved to an address in Holmdale Road, West Hampstead.

He is charged with engaging in controlling, coercive or intimidating behaviour towards Australian Miss Vidler between January 1 and July 23.

He also faces two counts of assaulting her at their home address on July 17.

They jointly founded Castilium Capital on January 19, 2012, with Mitchinson described as an investment manager.

Miss Vidler was an equity derivatives trader with Deutsche Bank in Sydney before moving to the UK.

Prosecutor Mr. Kevin Christie told the court: “She says there’s been bullying and coercive behaviour for five years and it has effected her mental well-being and she’s lost weight.”

The couple, who are divorcing, have no children.

He was granted bail on the condition he has no contact with Alicia except via solicitors, partners in Castilian or insolvency practitioners.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Big Ben Clock King's Road Rage Ding Dong

Police Mug: Hutchinson
The multi-millionaire owner of the company which built Big Ben’s clock attacked a motorist while walking near his £3m Thamesside penthouse apartment.

Property developer and businessman Iain Catleugh Hutchinson, 51,  reigned down half a dozen blows on his 66 year-old victim, who says he was then kicked while on the ground.

The Geordie entrepreneur is a director of E Dent & Co Ltd., a 202 year-old firm, which built the mechanism that chimes Big Ben.

Hutchinson, of Montevetro Buildings, 100 Battersea Church Road, Battersea pleaded guilty to assaulting Jeremy Lyons, causing him actual bodily harm, in nearby Whistlers Avenue on May 29.

CCTV in the driveway of Mr. Lyons’ £1.4m home captured the attack and the footage was played at Wimbledon Magistrates Court.

Prosecutor Miss Jackie Hughes said it was nearly 2pm when Mr. Lyons, who has retired after working at Lloyds for twenty-five years as a reinsurer, turned his car into his private gated estate.

“He had to brake suddenly to avoid the defendant, who had stepped out into the road, and they both looked at each other for a couple of seconds.

Attacked: Jeremy Lyons
“He saw the defendant, Mr. Hutchinson, mouth the word: ‘C***.’”

CCTV footage shows Hutchinson, who has previous criminal convictions, step over a low gate and confront bespectacled Mr. Lyons by his car.

Grabbing the victim with his left hand he aimed blows with his right fist at Mr. Lyons, who circled his vehicle in a bid to escape.

Stocky Hutchinson drags Mr. Lyons to the ground off-camera and then leaves the scene.

He was arrested after CCTV cameras at the Montevetro Buildings captured him entering the landmark complex and police obtained a warrant to force the images to be released.

He claims none of his six punches connected and denies kicking Mr. Lyons and pleaded guilty because he admits dragging him to the ground, causing injuries.

The victim suffered a cut to his left elbow, left ring finger, bruising to his left leg, plus pain to his back and neck.

He told police: “The incident left me shocked and scared. I have been attacked in my front garden and now I am worried about going out of my house in case he is there again.

“My glasses were also damaged,” added Mr. Lyons, who had a CT scan before the incident for two bulging discs in his spine.

“I told him I had a bad back and he continued the onslaught.”

Mr. Lyons drove himself to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital at the 3am that night and he has received injections for back spasms since the assault.

Hutchinson swings a right-hander
Speaking after Hutchinson admitted the attack, the victim said: “I stopped right in front of him and he nearly walked into my car.

“I looked him in the eye as if to say: ‘You were lucky.’ It’s not my fault he’s walked off the edge of the pavement.

“I drove into my road and in my rear-view mirror I could see he was ‘effing and blinding, swearing and shouting and thought: ‘That’s stupid.’

“He punched me seven times and I have a bad back, which previously needed two operations and the last thing I needed was him punching me.

“I was in agony everywhere and could not walk for two weeks and could not sleep for three nights.”

Mr. Lyons says only a neighbour responding to his pleas for help ended the attack.

"Onslaught" of punches continues
District Judge James Henderson said: “This is a sustained attack on a victim in his own front garden.

“The defendant chased the victim all around the houses as he tried to get away and the victim says there were kicks.”

Hutchinson was committed to Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court for sentencing on a date to be fixed.

Since he was charged Hutchinson has been banned by the police from entering Whistlers Avenue, interfering with witnesses or otherwise obstructing justice.

Dent supplied a timepiece to the 1st Duke of Wellington and built the new St. Pancras Station clock.

Former civil engineer Hutchinson’s dream was to build thousands of £300 per-week three-bed flats for Londoners.

He is currently an active director with 14 different companies.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Woman Accused Of Blackmailing Rugby Star Danny Cipriani

A woman accused of blackmailing rugby star Danny Cipriani for cash has appeared in court for the first time.

Lisa Murphy, 39, of Montgomery Way, Wootton, Northampton was sent by Wimbledon Magistrates Court to appear at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court for a preliminary hearing on September 20.

She faces one count of blackmail in that between September 1 and October 31, last year, with a view to gain for herself or another or with intent to cause loss to another, made an unwarranted demand of money from Danny Cipriani with menaces.

Murphy, who lives in a three-bedroom end of terrace house, worth £213,000, only spoke during the brief hearing to confirm her name, age and address.

She was dressed in a white sleeveless blouse, black trousers, flat shoes and wore a wide-brimmed hat.

A second co-defendant is due to appear in court on August 31.

Murphy was released on bail by District Judge James Henderson on condition she does not contact Cipriani or a Violet Smith.

Prosecutor Miss Jackie Hughes did not explain the details of the case because the blackmail charge is indictable-only and is immediately sent to the Crown Court.

Roehampton-born Cipriani, 28, currently plays for Premiership team Wasps as fly-half or fullback.

The six-foot-one England international was educated privately at Wimbledon College prep school Donhead.

His mother Anne, who split with his Afro-Trinidadian father Jay soon after his birth funded Danny’s education by becoming a black taxi driver.

An all-round sportsman Cipriani played junior football for QPR, was offered youth terms by Reading FC and played schoolboy cricket for Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

He won 14 England caps between 2008 and 2015 and has also played for Melbourne Rebels and Sale Sharks.

Earlier this year he was convicted of drink-driving after crashing his Mercedes into a mini-cab after a night out and was banned for 18 months and ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £7,620 for being nearly twice the legal limit.

He has dated a host of famous women including Kelly Brook, Sky Sports’ Kirsty Gallagher, Katie Price, Cheeky Girl Monica Irimia and Aussie models Lara Bingle and Jesinta Campbell.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Young Bodybuilder Denies Raping Teenage Girl On His Bench Press

A young bodybuilder raped a teenage girl on the bench press in his bedroom as his mother prepared him a night time meal downstairs, a jury heard.

Personal trainer Shuan Sabah Maroof, 20, is said to have admired his body in his full-length mirror and taken muscle-building pills during the early hours attack.

He is also accused of taking a picture of the 16 year-old on his phone to share with a pal.

Croydon Crown Court heard it was the second time he had raped the sixth-form student - having isolated the girl in an alleyway at a house party months before.

Maroof, of Foxley Lane, Purley has pleaded not guilty to raping the teen at his family’s home on December 8, 2013; assault by penetration on the same occasion and perverting the course of justice by telling police he lost his phone.

He also denies one count of raping her the previous June and sexually assaulting her on that occasion.

She told the jury she was wary of Maroof because of the previous incident when she saw him again at a second house party, but agreed to a lift because his mother was driving.

“Stupidly I went upstairs into his room,” she explained, telling the court Maroof stripped down to his boxer shorts and started groping her between the legs.

“He carried on persisting and persisting. He was being violent with his actions, not being gentle in any way.

“He tugged my leggings off me and said: ‘Let’s stop arguing and have sex.’

“He moved my knickers to one side and forced himself inside me and said: ‘We’ve already started having sex. Let’s finish.’

“It was forced and it wasn’t stopping. He pulled me towards the bench press.

“I was literally sickened by it and said: ‘I swear this is rape, you’re raping me’ and he just laughed.

“I used all the force I could to push him off me, but obviously he’s a lot stronger than me.

“He pushed me off with one arm easily. I did not realise how strong he could be.

“He wasn’t listening to me, he wasn’t having any of it. I was thinking this was the worst thing you could do to somebody and just wanted it to be over with and gave up.

“I felt so violated. He tricked me that we were going to watch a film and he did not even have a television in his room.

“He was playing music when he raped me, as loud as the laptop would go to hide the sounds he was making.”

She said Maroof began having sex with her again. “By this point I was sick of it, it was like hell. I thought: ‘When am I going to get out of this place?’

“He is obsessed with his body and was fully naked looking at himself in the mirror.

“He took some pills, muscle protein pills.”

At around 3am Maroof’s mother entered the room with a meal of chicken and beans as the girl was curled up on the bed trying to sleep.

His mother agreed to drive her home to Wimbledon, but not before more abuse at the hands of Maroof.

“He slapped my arse really hard. It was a violent hit and he just laughed, an arrogant laugh.”

She said she did not report the summer incident because at the time she did not think it was a rape.

Maroof exposed himself to her at the party, she explained, then talked her into joining him down an alleyway outside.

She said he pressured her into having sex with him. “I gave in just to get it over with.”

Trial continues……………  

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Friend Of Care Home Woman Denies Nicking £10K From Her

A Camborne man, accused of swindling a female care home resident with early dementia out of £10,000, denied the allegation when he appeared in court.

John Abrahams, 72, of Stardust, Genista, Copper Hill, Troon claims the complainant was lucid when she agreed to pay him for legitimate work.

He was bailed to return to London's Blackfriars Crown Court for trial on January 3, next year.

He pleaded not guilty to fraud between January 1 and May 12, last year in that he dishonestly, with intent to make a gain, abused his position of trust as friend and helper of Dorothy Arnold my making bank withdrawls.

The offence is alleged to have taken place at 1 Fortress Grove, Kentish Town.

Abrahams also pleaded not guilty to acquiring, using or possessing criminal property, namely £10,000 on May 19, last year at 5 Hamlet Court, 23 Village Road, Enfield.

The complainant will give evidence during the trial via a live link to her care home.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Former England Rower And Henley Regatta Champ Denies Sex Assault At Home Club

The ex-captain of the London Rowing Club has appeared in court accused of lifting a woman’s skirt and slapping her bottom before tipping a pint of beer over her head and allegedly calling her an: “Australian slut.”

Privately-educated City lawyer Alastair Main, 35, of Cobham Road, Kingston-upon-Thames denied the allegations when he appeared at Wimbledon Magistrates Court.

The married former competitive rower, who attended £30,000 a year Oratory School, Reading will return for a trial on November 31.

He pleaded not guilty to one count of sexually assaulting the 27 year-old woman at the London Rowing Club, Embankment, Putney on December 12, last year.

He also denied the racially aggravated assault of the woman on the same occasion.

Prosecutor Miss Ruth Alabaster told the court: “The defendant pulled up her skirt and hit her on the bum.

“There is an allegation of pouring a drink over her head and pushing and shoving and earlier in the evening he called her an: ‘Australian slut.’

“CCTV is to be relied upon in this matter. I’m sure this case will turn on that.”

Main does not deny pouring the drink over her, but insists it does not constitute an assault.

Married Main joined the London Rowing Club (LRC) during the 2005/05 season after rowing competitively for Nottingham University, Notts & Union and Britannia Boat Club.

He was elected captain for the 2013/14 season.

Six-foot plus Main was a national champion in 2003 and represented England at that year’s Home International Regatta.

He retired from competitive rowing in 2006, having won the Thames Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta.

His wife Rebecca, with whom he shares a £900,000 detached home with will give character evidence at the trial.

Main, who is privately funding his defence, only spoke to confirm his name, date or birth and address and enter his not guilty pleas.

He was not arrested, but summonsed for the offences and was bailed unconditionally to return for trial.

Main is a graduate of the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Law School and is currently employed by a global asset management firm, having previously worked for Coutts private bank.

Monday, 22 August 2016

IPCC Boss Fiddled £17,000 In Free Rail Travel

A senior manager with the Independent Police Complaints Commission, who scammed £17,000 in free rail travel to work for seven years, has received a suspended prison sentence.

Ian Every, 50, of High Trees, New town, Uckfield, East Sussex was so “nonchalant” about expenses fiddles within the organisation a casual unguarded comment exposed his swindle.

Blackfriars Crown Court heard he was employed as the Procurement Manager at the IPCC's HQ at 90 High Holborn, central London and had been with the body since 1992.

The first-time offender pleaded guilty to one count of fraud by abuse of position, between March 1, 2009 and January 1, this year when he made dishonest claims for travel and hotel expenses.

He was not entitled to free travel, but fraudulently claimed £17,701 worth of rail tickets for his daily commute, plus £2,656 to cover hotel bills.

Prosecutor Miss Maureen Flaherty told the court: “He was in a responsible position within the IPCC and the fraud was committed over a considerable period.”

A routine annual audit meeting on November 12, last year with a Home Office official was the beginning of the end for Every.

He made the throwaway comment: “I encourage people to claim for train tickets whenever they can.”  

“The nonchalance of this defendant alerted the Home Office auditor. It caused apprehension and the auditor looked into things more diligently than maybe he would have.”

An investigation revealed 1,948 bogus transactions by Every to cover rail travel from Uckfield to his London office.

Now living on benefits with his mother and father after blowing his earnings gambling, Every has paid back the entire amount with money from his parents and sister.

He claims to have had significant outstanding debts to individuals, depression and a gambling addiction.

“He was arrested and questioned and and admitted his guilt and said that he was the sole person involved,” added Miss Flaherty. “He said he had to tell his family and that was something he was very ashamed of.”

Every’s lawyer Miss Josie Sonnessa told the court: “He is remorseful, he regretted it and he immediately tendered his resignation.

“He had an exemplary career record and in many ways he has hit rock bottom and waiting for this day has been an ongoing ordeal.”

Judge Peter Clarke QC told Every: “You have admitted a serious breach of trust while you were the senior procurement manager at the IPCC.

“This leaves a bad example to anybody working at an organisation like that.

“It was brought to your employers attention by your nonchalance and you avoided seventeen thousand pounds in travel costs.”

Every received 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years and was ordered to complete 200 hours community service.

He will be under probation supervision and must also pay £750 costs.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Six Years For Callous Conman Who Cheated Pensioner Out Of Her Home

Rosemary Straker
A bogus financial advisor who “bamboozled” a 75 year-old pensioner out of her £650,000 home will begin a six-year prison sentence once police catch him.

Tony Trivett, 48, quickly blew £46,000 in a couple of weeks after remortgaging the property and treating himself to a luxury holiday in Phuket, Thailand.

The absent Trivett, of Milton Road, Brentwood, Essex, who a judge said was motivated by “pure greed”, was convicted on two counts of fraud.

Instead of being left with half a million pounds from the sale of the flat all retired Rosemary Straker, had to show for it was £15,000.

She agreed Trivett could have 5% of the sale price once the flat in Elmwood, North End Way, Hampstead was sold after her death in return for him paying off her mortgage.

However, the flat, which she shared with her son and a lodger, ended up in Trivett’s name and he immediately remortgaged it for £425,000 and disappeared.   

“This was a sophisticated and audacious fraud designed to deprive a seventy-five year-old woman out of her home,” said Recorder Nicola Shannon.

“It represented her current and future security and she hoped to pass it onto her son. She worked very hard for many years to buy the property.

“She feared the mortgage would not be paid and he exploited that trust for financial gain. He bamboozled her and took the property from under her nose.

“His callous disregard, patronising manipulation and sheer greed is expressed by him even reneging on giving her fifteen thousand of the thirty thousand pounds she expected for improvements.

“He absconded with the proceeds of the mortgage he took out on the property and spent forty-six thousand in the first few weeks, another demonstration of his shameless greed.

“He knew the power he had and he deliberately abused it.”  

Prosecutor Mr. Jonathan Loades told the jury: “These documents show the title of the property had passed to him for a fraction of what the property was worth.

“She was done out of her property, he obtained it for less than half the market value. He acted fraudulently and had not carried out her wishes.”

She believed her £145,000 mortgage would be wiped out by Trivett and she would have £30,000 cash for improvements while retaining ownership.

“I wanted to hang onto the flat, I did not want to sell it,” she told the court. 

However, a £290,000 sale went through and as the new owner Trivett immediately borrowed £425,000 against the flat and £114,500 was paid into his bank account, which had a balance of 32p.

“He’s got the property and now he’s going to charge it up to the tune of four hundred and twenty-five thousand pounds,” added Mr. Loades.

“That’s greatly to his benefit isn’t it? Mrs Straker had a valuable property and now it is in the hands of someone else.

“It’s been sold for a fraction of its worth, remortgaged and that happens as a consequence of fraud on Mr. Trivett’s part.

“Mrs Straker cannot tell precisely how it was done. The secret of a good conman, fraudster is leaving the victim not knowing how they’ve been fleeced.

There is only one beneficiary, and a considerable one at that, Mr. Trivett.”

The sale was completed on December 20, 2013 and Trivett was arrested on March 20, 2014.

“He says there was no fraud or dishonesty and he was acting honestly and legally to carry out the wishes of Mrs Straker.

“The evidence points clearly that this man was dishonest and fraudulent in relation to these charges.”

The jury were told the defendant even held back half of the £30,000 Rosemary expected for improvements, claiming it was too much money for her to handle.

She suddenly received a letter telling her the flat had been sold for £290,000. “I was astonished. i had not agreed to sell him anything.

“It was totally opposed to what I wanted to do.”

Forgery was not proved, but the trial heard one witness suggest Trivett somehow had versions of Rosemary’s signature that was transferred onto documents.

Rosemary continues to reside in the property, but because Trivett defaulted on the mortgage payments she is under threat of repossession.

Outside court she said: “I’m feeling very vulnerable at the moment,” adding her next fight was saving her home from repossession.

Trivett was unanimously convicted of fraud by false representation and fraud by abuse of position on or before January 24, 2014.

He was sentenced to six years imprisonment on each count to run concurrently.

He was cleared of one count of acquiring criminal property.

A warrant remains outstanding for his arrest.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Masseuse Denies Fondling Women At A Wellness Centre And Hotel Spa

A male masseuse launched copycat sex assaults on two female customers over two years apart - once at a wellness centre then at a Hilton Hotel spa, a jury have been told.

Both woman were fondled between the legs by 34 year-old Mohamed El-Alfie, who told the second woman he simply wanted to give her pleasure, Isleworth Crown Court heard.

Self-employed El-Alfie, of Brackenbury Road, Hammersmith is said to have committed the offences at The Happiness Centre, Uxbridge Road, Shepherd’s Bush and the Hilton Hotel, Syon Park, Brentford.

He has pleaded not guilty to one count of sexually assaulting the first woman and one count of assault by penetration on September 12, 2012 and one count of assault by penetration in relation to the second woman on January 2, last year.

Prosecutor Mr. Alisdair Smith said the first complainant, a married woman in her late thirties who cycles to her job in the West End, specifically booked El-Alfie for a sports massage.

She visited The Happiness Centre after work for treatment on an old back injury. “She was dressed just in her knickers with a towel around her.

“While massaging her buttocks he asked her to take her knickers off and she was surprised that instead of allowing her to remove them he pulled her knickers down himself and took them off.

“He continued massaging her inner thigh and touched her between her legs five to seven times.

The jury heard the woman told the defendant - known as Alfie -: “No, I don’t think so. If I wanted that sort of massage I wouldn’t be here. Do it again and I’ll report you.”

However, he repeated the act say the prosecution. “He did the same thing and moved her arms away and massaged her breasts without asking,” said Mr. Smith.

“He asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said she was married. He asked her if she wanted to go for a drink.”

There followed a dispute about payment. “She said she did not expect to be ‘felt up’ during a sports massage and told the receptionist she had been ‘touched up’ in the room.”

The woman told the jury. “He was very close, I could hear his heavy breathing.

“He was pushing the towel further up as he came up my leg.

“There was a definite motion and his hand touched me intimately. It was not accidental, it was not a slipping of oil.

“It felt like fingertips running up with some pressure and there was some movement inside

“He shrugged and smirked as if to say: ‘I’ve tried it on. What are you making a fuss about?’

“He said: ‘I don’t do this all the time, but you’re very beautiful.’”

The police did not pursue a prosecution, but did charge El-Alfie when a second woman, who was visiting the hotel spa with her daughter twenty-eight months later, made a similar claim.

“She was sexually assaulted in a very similar way and it is no coincidence that the masseuse was the same,” explained Mr. Smith.

“He moved her legs slightly apart before slipping his hand between them and inside. 

“He pushed his fingers inside her four or five times and she said: ‘You’ve got to stop that now.’

“His response was that he just wanted to pleasure her.”

El-Alfie was arrested and again denied the claims. “He said it was: ‘Complete bullshit.’”

The trial is expected to last a week……….  

Friday, 19 August 2016

Life Ban For Jet-Set Virgin Flyer Who Abused Stewardess And Thumped WPC

The drunken jet-setting wife of a Dubai restaurant chain entrepreneur chinned a WPC after being hauled off a flight for abusing a stewardess and threatening to punch her.

Lauren Johnson, 23, will have to find another airline to jet her between her £470,000 Greenwich home and the United Arab Emirates after Virgin Atlantic banned her for life.

She had too much to drink during the seven-hour Dubai to Heathrow flight and told one stewardess: “You smug bitch, you wear too much make-up.

“Look at you, you old hag, old slag covered in fake tan.”

The first-time offender, of Dupree Road pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft and assaulting the officer on June 17.

She was sentenced to four months imprisonment, suspended for eighteen months, and fined £4,500.

She was also ordered to pay £500 compensation to the officer, who suffered swelling to her cheek, and £425 costs.

“We travel at least once a month and I have never done anything like this before, it’s completely out of character,” Johnson told Isleworth Crown Court.

“I’ve been banned from Virgin now and I’ve had social services involved as well,” added the young mum.

“We have a house here and a house in Dubai.”

Prosecutor Mr. Neil Guest said the plane was nearing Heathrow when an attendant heard banging on the cockpit door. 

“On the other side was this defendant holding a child and she said: ‘My baby wants to wave to the captain.’

“This was not allowed and later the same attendant saw Mrs Johnson standing up with her child as the plane approached Heathrow.

“She was asked to sit down and replied: ‘I won’t f***ing sit down. I need to find my husband.”

In earshot of the stewardess Johnson told her husband: “I’m going to punch her in the face.”

Mr. Guest added: “Johnson was shouting and swearing and waving her arms around, refusing to sit down and put on her seatbelt.

“This continued for ten minutes and throughout the time there was abuse and swearing.”

It got so bad her husband put his hand over her mouth at one point and she was met by police when the plane landed.

“She was still shouting and being abusive and had to be handcuffed and lifted up by the officers because she refused to walk.

“She kept hitting the door of the police van on her way to the station, where she struck the policewoman on the chin with her hand.”

The officer said afterwards: “I felt dazed and a pain in my jaw and teeth.”

Johnson, speaking from the secure dock, added; “I’d like to apologise. I’m not the kind of person who goes out and gets drunk every weekend.

“It was a big mistake that I made and I hold my hands up and will take whatever sentence of punishment comes.”

Judge Robin Johnson told the defendant, who has a twelve month-old child: “Those who get drunk on an airplane and abuse staff often go to prison.

“The only thing saving you is that when you were violent it was after you left the plane. If it was on the plane you would have gone to prison.

“Those who behave like this on an airplane are a menace and a safety risk and I am not surprised Virgin have banned you for life.

“This will be an expensive trip and I hope this has been a lesson to you and you stay clear of alcohol when on an airplane.”