Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Camden Market Appeal: Woman Sexually Assaulted At Event

A laughing sexual predator, who molested a woman at a Camden Market event, is being hunted by police.
Detectives from Central North CID have released this CCTV of their suspect.
The 33 year-old woman attended the Chalk Farm Road event on July 29.
The suspect had been bugging and harassing her throughout her time there and pounced when she was alone, having visited the lavatory.
At approximately 7.00pm she was leaving the toilets when she was approached by the suspect man who sexually assaulted her.
CCTV from the area captured this image of the man officers would like to speak to.
He is described as about 5ft 5inches tall, of a chubby build with a goatee beard and wearing a blue hooded jacket with a white stripe, dark shorts and a black rucksack.
Detective Constable Ish Akkaya from Central North CID said: “During the victims evening out with friends, the male suspect attempted to approach her numerous times.
However, he waited until she was alone to assault her before laughing as she ran off.
I would urge any witnesses or anyone who knows of this man’s whereabouts to get in touch.”
Anyone with information or who recognise this male should contact police on 101 quoting CAD 3414/14Sep or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Hotel Worker Tried To Stab Maid To Death In Laundry Room

A hotel worker, who repeatedly stabbed a 24 year-old female colleague during a laundry room murder bid, has been caged.
Viorel Radoi, 43, of The Fairway, Wembley received 26 years and 3 months.
He pleaded guilty to attempted murder at the Portman Square hotel in Marylebone on April 20.
Harrow Crown Court heard it was around 3.30pm and the maid was sorting laundry in the basement when Radoi, who was armed with a knife, suddenly started stabbing her.
The victim managed to use the internal phone line to call colleagues to her aid.
Emergency services were called, and the victim was taken to a central London hospital by London Ambulance Service where she underwent surgery for her injuries that were deemed not to be life-threatening.
Despite extensive enquiries, police were unable to trace Radoi after he had fled the scene.
He gave himself up at an east London police station three days later on Monday, 23 April, where he was charged with attempted murder and remanded in custody.
Detective Constable David Leend of Westminster police said: “Thankfully the victim’s injuries did not take her life, although there is sufficient evidence to suggest that Radoi’s intention was to do just that.
I hope the sentence handed down affords the victim a sense of justice having been done and a measure of closure.”

Monday, 22 October 2018

Controlling Ex Gets Suspended Sentence For Treatment Of Older Lover

Michelle Couzins & Liam O'Keeffe
The toyboy lover of an older “morbidly obese” single-mum has received a suspended prison sentence for a campaign of verbal abuse and intimidation that destroyed her self-esteem.

Liam David O’Keeffe, 24, of West Street, Weymouth, Dorset met 43 year-old Michelle Couzins on the internet and the pair set up home in Rose Avenue, Mitcham, south-west London.

He pleaded guilty to engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour and harassing Ms Couzins and received 21 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months.

O’Keeffe was also made subject to a ten-year restraining order prohibiting contact with his former partner.

The prosecutor told Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court: “She seems to have lost a great deal of self-esteem and stopped looking after herself, was unkempt and unclean and put on a substantial amount of weight.”

O’Keeffe even restricted Ms Couzins to a van parked in their garage. ‘They were locking themselves in there and excluding her son having contact.

“It was all driven by jealousy that she had interest in one of her father’s lodgers and he caused a scene at her work.

“He called her a ‘bitch’ and a ‘whore’ and was demeaning her regularly.”

Ms Couzins recalled one moment in July 2015 when O’Keeffe suddenly pulled his van over near a golf course.

“The defendant thought she was looking at a man and was very aggressive towards her and pinned her against a fence with his hands around her throat.”

The pair had met in October, 2014. “It did not take long, she says, for his extreme jealousy to take over and that caused her mental anguish and pain.

“She was very much under his influence and the result was for her to self-harm, pulling her hair and burning herself with cigarettes.”

Ms Couzins says O’Keeffe lied about his identity, adopting the name Rufio Gonzales and falsely claiming he had no family.

She recalls O’Keeffe being the perfect gentleman in the first three months of their relationship. “He was funny, fun. He seemed really charming, he was so nice, he would say: ‘You are so intelligent, you are so kind’ and we did seem to have a connection then.”

However, as he became more controlling O’Keeffe insisted Ms Couzins take phone calls on loudspeaker so he could eavesdrop, restricted what she could wear and deleted contacts from her Facebook account.

He also took her money and insisted on visiting the care home she worked at, which eventually cost her employment.

She describes herself as “morbidly obese” while dating O’Keeffe and has lost eight stone since their split.  

Sunday, 21 October 2018

National Newspaper Sales Boss Sentenced For Ripping-Off Ex-Fiancee's Engagement Ring

A media sales chief drunkenly ripped his ex-fiancee’s £6,000 engagement ring off her finger, leaving a bloody cut, a month after the couple split up.

Privately-educated Orhan Erkut, 41, a group head with a national publisher, had a seven-year relationship with digital media sales manager Kathryn Nixon, which ended in May.

He pleaded guilty to assaulting her at their £540,000 home in

Clive Road, Colliers Wood on June 29 and causing criminal damage to her mobile phone screen.

A photo of her bloody manicured finger and smashed phone was displayed on screen at Wimbledon Magistrates Court.

Erkut, a University of Nottingham graduate, who attended £18,000-a year St. Peter’s School, York was conditionally discharged for 12 months and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

Prosecutor Jacquie Hughes said: “The victim was in the kitchen when Mr. Erkut arrived home drunk and she could see he was angry.

“He approached her and demanded back the engagement ring he bought her.

“She refused and said no, because it was given to her and was hers and this made him angry.

“He grabbed her hand and forcibly removed the ring, causing an injury to her hand.

“He grabbed her mobile phone from her hand as she tried to film him removing the ring on her finger and threw it on the floor and stamped on it twice.”

The assault was not reported by Ms Nixon until three months later when Erkut asked her to leave because his new girlfriend was moving in.

He then handed himself into police. “He said he wanted the six thousand pound ring back and said there may have been several pulls to get it off.”

Afterwards she said: “I am aware as a result of the incident our relationship has broken down.

“I was worried and anxious about what was going to happen next and I was worried he’d throw me onto the street so I slept with my house keys and telephone in my hand.

“He behaved unpleasantly when drunk and can become aggressive.”

Erkut’s lawyer Mr. Will Martin told the court the couple had split up the month before, but were still living under the same roof.

“They had each returned home separately from evenings in the pub and there was a row.

“There was significant stress and strain on both sides and there was a disagreement specifically about the engagement ring.

“He asked for the engagement ring and she refused.

“There is no question that she was right not to give it back, it was a gift to her.

“He accepts he tried to take the ring and that injury was caused, but he did not intend to cause injury.

“There was a small cut caused.

“He expresses deep remorse and apologised days after the event.

“The ring has now found its way back to the complainant.

“The reason this came to light was Mr. Erkut started a new relationship in September and she said in her interview she was very aggrieved by this.

“She changed the locks while they were still living together and was made very unhappy by the end of the relationship.

“There is real remorse here and this was an isolated incident.”

Erkut has vowed to pay his ex £61,000 to reflect her contribution to the mortgage and rising house value.

“He has a good job, good colleagues and good prospects,” added Mr. Martin. “He is truly ashamed of his actions.”

Magistrate Mr. Kevin Hern said: “This case had a domestic violence marker, which means we will take this more seriously and give it a lot of thought.

“There was alcohol on both sides. You have put your hands up to this at the first opportunity and we have taken that into account.

“There was a level of injury, but we do deem that minor.

“It was the heat of the moment in trying to retrieve a ring.”

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Asylum Seeker Used New UK Passports To Bring In Two Illegals.....And They're Staying!

A successful asylum seeker, who abused her and her family’s new British passports to bring in two illegals, was praised for her “humanitarian desire” by a judge.

Somalia-born Hana Abdi Qahtan, 46, tried to pass off a 16 year-old Yemeni as her son at Heathrow Airport and had another UK passport for an older woman hidden in her hijab.

She had flown to Bahrain on her UK passport, also bringing her son’s and mother’s with her to be illegally used by two distant relatives to enter this country.

The part-time carer, of Romford Road, Manor Park applied for asylum in 2006 and became a British citizen in 2013, also getting passports for her mother and many children.

Her two relatives, who travelled on the bogus passports, have now received full asylum to remain in the UK.

She pleaded guilty at Isleworth Crown Court to one count of facilitating a breach of immigration on September 10, last year and received 7 months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months.

The maximum sentence is 14 years imprisonment.

Judge Sarah Paneth told the first-time offender: “You gave your son’s passport to Mohammed Nouman, a citizen of Yemen, in an attempt to allow him to enter the country.

“A second count relating to your mother’s passport, which was to be used to help another foreign national is to lie on the file.

“The offence is a serious offence. It is an offence that attracts deterrent sentences, long sentences, and most are dealt with in that way.

“Your aunt was the mother of a sixteen year-old Yemeni boy and was concerned about his welfare in Yemen and those concerns are borne out by the fact he received asylum in the UK.

“That sets out your humanitarian desire to assist him to come to this country.

“Tragically your own daughter had been killed in Yemen during a period you sought asylum for all your children, so you had empathy with your aunt.

“This offence was not of direct emotional benefit to you. This was not a particularly close family member.

“It was not of any financial benefit to you, in fact it was a financial loss because you paid for the flights from your modest earnings in the UK.”

Qahtan was forced to leave Saudi Arabia when her husband died and ended up in Yemen, from where she obtained asylum to the UK.

Despite needing a court-funded Arabic interpreter throughout Judge Paneth added: “What is very impressive is your education and employment.

“You came to this country as an asylum seeker and immediately enrolled in a way to enhance your contribution to this country, gaining qualifications in English, Health and Social Care.”

Qahtan is also a volunteer, but this is limited to her fellow-Somalians. 

“You apply some of your precious time as a woman with several children still at home, ranging for the age of twelve years-old, with absolute devotion to help disadvantaged members of the Somali community.

“I accept you have shown genuine remorse,” added the judge, who also read out a reference from the woman Qahtan cares for.

“She says that when she awakes from sleep she finds that you are still there, even though your shift ended over an hour before, to make sure she is okay and has everything for the night.

“She says it is a part of your character to go out of your way in the call of duty to help others and hopes this aspect of your character shines through to anyone assessing your character.”

Qahtan is currently receiving NHS treatment for sciatica and depression.

“You have health problems that have limited your ability to work, but not extinguished it,” added Judge Paneth. 

“Your daughter is in Saudi Arabia and has deep vein thrombosis, something you have also suffered with, and is unable to travel and you are greatly concerned about her.

“This is, in my judgement, an exceptional case and is appropriate to be marked with a custodial sentence, but suspended to allow you to do unpaid light work in service to the community.”

Qahtan was ordered to perform 100 hours community service work and the judge concluded: “You fall very, very far from the sort of person who is a people smuggler and I have no doubt you will not be in court again.”

Prosecutor Mr. Ben Holt told the court it was 7.00am when the Yemini teen presented himself to immigration officers with Qahtan’s son’s passport.

“The image in the passport did not match the individual and he gestured to the defendant and said she was his mother.”

The story quickly fell apart and the youth said his mother was living in Birmingham.

An older woman, Amaina Thaqbi, was in the queue. “She did not have a passport on her, but this defendant was able to produce a British passport from under her hijab.

“The prosecution’s case is that this passport was going to be handed to the woman to gain access to the country, it was the defendant’s mother’s passport.”

Qahtan’s lawyer Mr. Tim Nutley told the court: “She is in poor health, is a mother to teenage children and has an elderly mother.

“She is a useful and respected member of society.

“When approached by the mother of Mohammed Nouman she felt a great deal of empathy for her plight and for the boy, who was still out there.

“She is motivated by humanitarian concerns and is a highly-regarded member of her community.

“She has sought to integrate herself into society and educated herself to achieve the position she is in now.

"Ultimately no harm was done. Both these individuals obtained asylum in this country. It did not harm society.”

Friday, 19 October 2018

Threatening And Aggressive Rogue Trader Deceived Customers

Wimbledon Magistrates Court
A Maidstone rogue trader lied to customers and demanded money for sub-standard work during a £25,000 roofing and building scam.

Father-of-three Michael Verrechia, 27, of Little Willows, Eastwood Road, Ulcombe deceived customers by claiming he had £1m liability insurance; work was guaranteed for twenty years and he was a member of the Confederation of Roofing Contractors.

He was prosecuted by Kingston-upon-Thames council's Trading Standards and pleaded guilty to a total of five summonses and was sentenced at Wimbledon Magistrates Court.

Verrechia, who has returned £15,400 to compensate his victims was placed on a 12-month community order, which includes 160 hours community service work, was fined £300 and must obey an electronically-tagged three-month home curfew between 8pm and 6am.

He swindled female customers at their homes in Chancery Road, Chessington and Maida Vale and a customer in Northampton.

Verrechia pleaded guilty to two counts of unfair trading in relation to the women, who were each quoted £6,000 for work, but were aggressively billed for £12,000 on June 22, last year.

He also admitted defrauding the first woman by failing to disclose information to her on June 5 and dishonestly making a false representation to the Northampton customer and laundering £6,400 that customer paid him.

Verrechia identified himself as 'Red Rose Home Improvements' and the 'British Building and Roofing Company'.

At the first woman's three bedroom Chessington address she describes Verrechia as “threatening” and the dodgy tradesman “pressurised and misled” the customer say Trading Standards.

The court was told: “Abuse was passed on and a demand for full payment,” an associate of Verrechia: “Threatened to rip the roof off if money was not paid.”

The sub-standard work needed a £5,800 fix after Verrechia's handiwork.

The second woman received a £750 quote for a leaking roof extension, which Verrechia inflated to £6,500 and then nearly doubled to £12,000.

The victim transferred the full amount and told investigators she had succumbed to “old lady syndrome.” 

Thursday, 18 October 2018

'Lonely' Detective Sentenced For Stalking Female Officer

A lonely detective constable, who stalked a female colleague by loitering outside her home and waiting for her at a local bus stop as she travelled to work, has been sentenced.

Ironically Jose Lagares, 48, had been confided in by the policewoman after an ex harassed and threatened her and he even tried to influence that investigation.

The father-of-two is based at the Metropolitan Police’s Central North Command Unit, which covers the boroughs of Camden and Islington.

Lagares, of Highfield Road, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire pleaded guilty to stalking Svetlana Puzovic between September 1, 2017 and August 24, this year.

Yesterday he was sentenced to a 12-month Community Order, which includes 120 hours of community service work and was ordered to pay £85 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

His lawyer told Wimbledon Magistrates Court: “This is a situation borne out of extreme loneliness rather than any psychological issues.”

The court heard the victim was “unable to sleep for months” as a result of Lagares’ behaviour.

Prosecutor Miss Julie Idowu told the court: “They are both serving police officers and the defendant has attended the complainant’s home approximately ten times.

“He has been seen outside the front and around her address.

“They were friends and had been friends for fifteen years.

“The complainant had a relationship with another officer based in the USA.

“She told this defendant about that relationship, which ended with that individual stalking and threatening the complainant.

“She told the defendant about it and he researched her ex-partner and found his address in the USA and information about him, including his date of birth and photos of him.

“She told him to stop and let the police investigation take its course, but he continued to investigate this matter and asked the officer in the case to send all correspondence to him.”

On New Year’s Day Svetlana spotted Lagares at the bus stop near her Vauxhall home and at 7.40am on April 26 he was outside her address.

She saw him while travelling to work on April 29 and again on May 3 as she travelled to her local gym.

“The defendant would be seen hiding in the stairwell in the building opposite her home,” added Miss Idowu.

“Another time he was waiting at her regular bus stop and got on the bus after speaking to her.”

Lagares had been moved to restricted duties at Charing Cross Police Station and now faces internal disciplinary proceedings and dismissal.

He insists he just wanted to talk to the woman to reignite their platonic relationship.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Top City Insurance Broker Busted Female Pal's Jaw

A top City insurance broker, who fractured a female friend’s jaw in three places during a drunken row in which he also decked another industry pal fears his “fabulous reputation” is destroyed.

Steven Herbert, 56, the Director of BMS’s global reinsurance division started swinging punches in Caffe Vergnano, near Fenchurch Street Station during a trivial row about his male friend phoning his daughter.

The father-of-three, who lives in £820,000 Comfrey Cottage, Fields Farm Road, Layers De La Haye, Essex left insurance office manager Donna West, 45, needing three metal plates her jaw, and she continues to suffer numbness, difficulty eating and an absence of taste and smell.

Herbert pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm on Ms West at the restaurant located in the 70 Mark Lane office building on October 25, last year.

He also pleaded guilty to assaulting insurance underwriter Lloyd Cross and was placed on a twelve-month community order, which includes 135 hours community service and a three-month electronically tagged home curfew between 8.30pm and 5.00am.

Herbert must also pay £2,000 compensation to Ms West, £2,000 court costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

He was cleared of the more serious offence of GBH, with intent, and stealing Mr. Cross’s iPhone.

Both victims work for Qatar Reinsurance Company Ltd. and Herbert pleaded guilty on the basis of “excessive self-defence.”

Inner London Crown Court heard Herbert had been drinking during a lunchtime business meeting before spending the evening with the two victims and one of his two adult daughters.

Herbert objected to some “sexually suggestive” comments Mr. Cross made towards his daughter and left with her, but returned to the bar area, where he snatched his friend’s iPhone to stop him calling her.

“He took it from Mr. Cross and the complainant asked for it back and Mr. Herbert smacked him in the face, a single punch,” said prosecutor Mr. Rory Keene.

“Donna West came running across the bar, drops her bag and launches herself at Mr. Herbert, causing him to react and causing the unfortunate injury that she received.”

CCTV shows Herbert knocking Mr. Cross down and then swinging a left-hook at Ms West, who is also floored.

Herbert’s QC Mr. Lewis Power said: “It’s a tragic case where a lifelong friendship has been destroyed and we see the damage of drinking to excess. 

“They had all been drinking to excess and the defendant had been out to lunch with business contacts and ended up in the cafe and more drinks were taken.

“Some sexually suggestive remarks were made to his daughter and Mr. Cross wanted to use his phone to call his daughter and the warning was unheeded.

“He struck Mr. Cross forcefully and Donna West ran over, realising the situation was in turmoil and intervened and thinking someone was going to attack him, struck out in self-defence.

“He believes not only her life has been ruined but his own. He feels his fabulous reputation in the City is now gone. He was told he may now lose his job.

“The camera doesn’t lie. He did over-react. There was drinking that night and a party and once it was over there was nothing further and he showed extreme contrition and remorse at the time.” 

The court heard married Herbert has two adult daughters, Nicola and Joanne and an eleven year-old son, George.

Judge Silas Reid told Herbert: “You had been out drinking most of the day with your daughter and friends and no doubt fuelled by alcohol got involved in an argument.

“You took Mr. Cross’s phone and punched him hard in the face, causing him to fall to the floor and Ms West, a friend of twenty-five years, saw this happen and ran over.

“In your intoxicated state you felt she was coming to attack you and punched out. You ended up seriously injuring her jaw, which was fractured in three places.

“She needed surgery, has numbness, has lost her sense of smell and taste and it is still likely she will require another operation to that jaw.”

After hearing Herbert was caught drink-driving recently the judge added: “You’d be well-advised to look at your drinking. He we are, twice in three years in court.

“You have lost your good character in a fairly spectacular way. It was a stupid mistake to make, but you believed you were at risk from Ms West, but you were not.”

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Gumtree Robber Gets 8 Years For Knifepoint Muggings

A prolific Gumtree robber, who threatened his victims at knifepoint, has been locked-up for eight years.

Abdullahi Ahmed, 18, of Central Avenue, Hayes, west London even gloated to one victim and got into another's house after setting up meetings on the online marketplace.

At Harrow Crown Court he pleaded guilty to five counts of robbery and one count of theft.

Ahmed used the website Gumtree to arrange to meet his victims - all of whom were selling items on the site.
Over a period of three weeks between April 1 and 20, Ahmed struck on six separate occasions across London.
On the first occasion Ahmed – and a second unidentified male - arranged to meet a man in Hounslow on April 1 on the pretence of buying two pairs of designer shoes.
As the victim was getting the shoes from his car, Ahmed produced a knife, threatened the victim and stole the shoes.
He next struck on April 8 in a non-Gumtree opportunist mobile phone-snatch.
The victim was getting out of his car in Ealing when Ahmed ran past and snatched his phone. He subsequently called the victim and gloated about the offence.
The next day, Ahmed arranged to meet a woman who was selling her phone at her home in Bow.
Again, Ahmed was accompanied by a second male and once inside the home address a knife was produced and Ahmed stole the phone.
On April 12 Ahmed met a man who was selling a laptop in Hayes.
On this occasion, Ahmed handed over £1100 in cash to the victim, who then got into his car.
Ahmed forced his way into the passenger seat, threatened the victim with a knife and robbed him of the money he had just paid and the laptop.
The fifth offence happened on April 14 in Uxbridge. A man had advertised his phone for sale on Gumtree and Ahmed arranged to meet him.
During the meeting, Ahmed took the phone and intimated he was in possession of a knife before running off.
His final offence happened on April 20 in Barnet. Again, the female victim advertised to sell her phone via Gumtree and Ahmed responded to the advert and arranged to meet.
However during their meeting, Ahmed pulled a knife and robbed the victim of her phone.
All the offences were reported to police and officers began to piece together the events.
Through analysis of phone records and the victims' testimonies Ahmed was identified as a suspect.
He was arrested at his home address on April 27 and during a search of that address a number of the stolen items were recovered, as well as a phone officers established had been used to contact all the victims to arrange meetings.
Detective Constable Huss Ahmed of Barnet CID said: "Ahmed used threats of violence to intimidate and rob his victims of their property.
“His actions have had a devastating impact on some of his victims. I can only hope that this sentence provides some comfort to them."

Monday, 15 October 2018

Loser, 51, Strangled Mother

A jobless middle-aged loser, who lived with his mother, strangled her with an electrical cord when she threatened to throw him out of the family home.
Majid Butt, 51, who shared the property in Gade Close, Hayes, west London with his 71 year-old mum walked into a local police station with the murder weapon and confessed.
He pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Butt walked from home to Hayes police station at around 1.00pm on Sunday, May 13, where he stated he had killed his mother.
Officers attended the house and found the body of Mrs Khatoon. She was pronounced dead at 1.21pm.
Detectives from the Homicide and Major Crime Command investigated.
A post-mortem examination commenced at Fulham Mortuary on May 14.
While cause of death has yet to be confirmed, evidence of asphyxia and trauma was identified.
Butt told officers at the police station that he had an argument with his mother and she threatened to throw him out of the house.
He said: “I came here to confess that I have strangled my mother.”
Evidence was found that Butt had strangled Mrs Khatoon with an electrical cable.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Moped And Mobile Phone Robber Locked-Up

A knife-wiedling teen, who robbed online moped and mobile phone sellers has been caged for five years.
Ayman Ghazoini, 18, of Second Avenue, Ealing, was convicted of three counts of robbery and two counts of theft.
The offences were also in breach of a Youth Referral Order he was subject to for previous offending.
The Old Bailey heard Ghazoini preyed on people who had placed their mopeds and mobile phones on online marketplaces.
The offences occurred between Saturday, January 6 and Sunday, January 28 in and around the Brunel Estate and Great Western Road, Paddington, area where the sellers had been told to meet him.
When they got there, they were confronted by a group of males who threatened them with knives and a bike chain.
The property they had gone to sell was then taken either under the threat of violence or by asking for a test drive.
Detectives from Westminster launched an investigation and Ghazoini was arrested on Thursday, February 1.
Detective Constable Andrea Hewes, of the Westminster Crime Squad, said: “We quickly established that the same suspects were behind the robberies and after a thorough investigation, we identified Ghazoini.
A search was carried out at his home address where we found the mobile phone that had been used to contact the victims with the intention of purchasing their unwanted property.
We are pleased that someone who used threats of violence has been sentenced to such a significant time and prison.
Our enquiries into the other people involved remain ongoing.”
Anyone with information about the robberies is asked to contact Westminster Crime Squad via 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Cyclist Denies Road Rage Assault

A cyclist arrested after a road rage row with a motorist claimed he was the victim when he appeared in court accused of assaulting the driver.

Kieran Hess, 32, of Limerick Close, Balham was making his first appearance at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court.

He is charged with assaulting Ishak Mohammed, by beating, in Lambeth Palace Road on September 12.

Hess has conceded he pushed the complainant back into his car, but insists this was to protect himself from the driver's aggression.

“I acted in self-defence when I thought he was going to punch me,” he told the court from the dock. “I was the one that was grabbed and punched.”

The court heard Mr. Mohammed's vehicle reversed into Hess, who then walked around to talk to talk to him.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge and will return for a trial on December 5. 

Friday, 12 October 2018

Riviera Feud: Local Resident Back In Court

Stephen Parsons
A bitter dispute between a Thames side resident and a luxury marina boat owner has resulted in another arrest and conviction for a local homeowner.

Retired construction boss Stephen Howard Parsons, 66, lives next to Hampton Riviera Boatyard and believes vessel-owners are running an illegal B&B business. 

Locals residents have made multiple objections to planning applications by the riviera and say motion-sensor alarms protecting the boats constantly wake them at night.

He returned to Wimbledon Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to assaulting boat owner Klaus Beversluis, 50, at the riviera on December 21, last year.

Parsons also pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour towards Mr. Beversluis on the same occasion.

He was fined a total of £437, with £200 costs and was ordered to pay a £33 victim surcharge.

Earlier this year Parsons, who lives in £1.2m Thames Cottage, Hampton Court Road, East Molesey was convicted of smashing security equipment owned by the riviera.

He was caught on CCTV breaking the cameras owned by Mr. Beversluis and marina owner Myck Djurberg, 58. 

Parsons was also convicted of threatening behaviour at Mr. Beversluis’s girlfriend’s home in Dorchester Road, Worcester Park the next day and causing criminal damage to the front door.

On that occasion the court ordered he complete a twelve-month community order, which included 80 hours community service.

Parsons was also ordered to pay £100 compensation for Mr. Beversluis’s camera and £150 for Natasha Knight’s front door.

The court made an indefinite restraining order prohibiting him contacting the couple and Mr. Djurberg.

Klaus Beversluis
The court heard he was caught on camera smashing the CCTV with a large wooden bat at 9.45pm, including one protecting the ‘Lucy Aswell’ one of three boats owned by Mr. Beversluis. 

The next day he turned up on the doorstep of Mr. Beversluis, who told the court: “He shouted: ‘You’ve made a big f***ing mistake’ and forced his way through the door and I tried to push back. 

“His hands pushed the door and then his leg came through the doorway.

“I almost couldn’t believe it, it was a surreal experience. I knew him from the marina, but to see him shouting at the door was very frightening.

“He was shouting and was very, very aggressive and if he accessed the property there would have been a lot of damage to humans or property. He was rampaging.

“He has assaulted us before and threatened to throw Natasha into the river. He was using all of his force, his leg was blocking the door, I couldn’t close it.”

Mr. Beversluis admitted renting out his boats, a sideline shut down by the council after local residents’ objections. “I don’t think that is illegal in this day and age,” he argued.

Parsons told the court he wanted to sound a personal alarm in Mr. Beversluis’s face to give him a taste of what the residents had endured, but the front door was slammed on him.

Parsons claimed Mr. Beversluis damaged his own door. “It was slammed in my face with great force.

“I consider myself the victim and I did not go there hot tempered or angry. 

“I wanted to sort out a long-standing problem. The people in that house were running an illegal bed and breakfast from the boats.”

The court heard the local residents have made multiple complaints about the marina to the police, the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, the Environmental Agency and local MP Vince Cable.