Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Wine Thief Nicked £1,795 Bottle From Harrods

A Harrods shoplifter with expensive tastes walked out of the department store with a £1,795 bottle of red wine.

Gevorg Harutyunyan, 41, of Salamanca Place, Kennington used a carrier bag from another respected retailer – Waitrose – to cover his crime.

Today at Hammersmith Magistrates Court he was placed on probation for twelve months and ordered to complete 80 hours community service.

It was his second shoplifting offence in five months and he breached a twelve-month conditional discharge when nicking the wine.

Harutyunyan pleaded guilty to stealing the bottle from the store on February 9.

Prosecutor Miss Denise Johnson told the court the defendant concealed the wine within the carrier bag and left without making any attempt to pay.

When stopped outside by security he apologised for what he had done.

At the police station he was asked if he was under the influence of drink or drugs and said: 'No.' and said he felt ashamed of himself as a result of the incident.”

Harutyunyan, who has to obey immigration reporting conditions and is disqualified from working or claiming benefits, claims it was an “impulsive” act.

He claimed he did not know the value of the wine and wandered into the shop with a friend after shopping at Waitrose.

Harutyunyan has two sisters in the UK, but is too ashamed to tell them about the theft.

It is the second time you have been shoplifting and that aggravates the situation you are in,” District Judge Richard Inyendo told him.

The other aggravating factor is the high value of the item you stole.”

Harutyunyan was also fined £50 for breaching the conditional discharge and ordered to pay £85 costs and an £80 victim surcharge.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Council Highways Expert Convicted Of Drunken Midnight Street Attack

Guilty: Richard Hamilton
A local government officer attacked a stranger in the street during a drunken midnight confrontation following a boozy leaving do.

Highways engineer Richard Hamilton, 48, who is employed by the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames bashed the architectural assistant's head against the pavement.

Civil engineer Hamilton, of Stoneydeep, Twickenham Road, Teddington, denied, but was convicted of assaulting 25 year-old Lucas Docherty.

Wimbledon Magistrates Court heard it was 12.30am on October 15, last year when Hamilton, who was walking along Twickenham Road with a pint glass in his hand, bumped into Mr. Docherty.

“I had just got out of a cab and was walking towards my house and was approached by someone and bumped into,” he told the court.

“It was almost on purpose and whether it was aggressive or due to alcohol, I don't know.

“I asked him if he was alright and he said something about not knowing where he was and was trying to get home.”

Mr. Docherty offered to help and began walking Hamilton to the nearest bus stop.

“He had a pint glass in his hand and I asked where he got it from and he tried to put it over the top of my head.

“He came behind me as if he was trying to hit my head. He sat on me and was repeatedly bashing my head against the pavement.

Attacked: Lucas Doherty

“There was around twenty hits on the pavement and I thought this could really do some damage.”

Fortunately police saw the assault and intervened.

“He was sitting on me when the police arrived and I had a bit of blood coming from the back of my head and there was a gash.”

Earlier that day Hamilton had visited the Institution of Civil Engineers and attended a Richmond function, where he consumed approximately six pints and a measure of whiskey.

He claimed Mr. Docherty was the aggressor and denied bumping into the victim.

He claimed the victim followed him and confronted him with the words: “Have you got a problem?”

He denied hitting Mr. Docherty with the pint glass, insisting he had to pin him to the floor to protect himself.

Police said Hamilton was “swaying” and had to lean against the police car to remain upright.

He told the officers he felt threatened by Mr. Docherty and held him to the floor in self-defence.

The magistrates found the £37,000 a year highways expert guilty of the street attack and conditionally discharged him for two years.

Hamilton was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to Mr. Docherty, £500 court costs and a £20 victim surcharge. 

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Anti-Racism Campaigner Shouted: "Here Comes The House Negro" At Black PCSO

An anti-racism campaigner shouted: “Here comes the house negro,” when a black PCSO tried to stop a fellow-musician busking outside a London tube station.

Elavi Dowie, 49, of Singleton Court, Chapel Street, Blackpool was convicted of using racially-aggravated threatening behaviour in Camden High Street on July 14, last year. 

His claim there was no racist intent and he was merely reflecting his own heritage was rejected at North London’s Highbury Corner Magistrates Court.

Dowie organised the Music Against Hate Crime programme at the Z-Arts Centre, Hulme, Manchester last year, after he was called a “black b******” when busking in Blackpool and attacked.

The dad-of-two was set upon by a group, who threw kicks and punches and ripped-off his shirt. 

The court heard PCSO Cynthia Zimani was on duty last summer, looking for a homeless man she assisted earlier.

The officer approached the white female busker, who was entertaining a crowd of people in a prohibited area in front of Camden Underground Station.

As she did Dowie shouted: “Here comes the house negro,” continuing to repeat the statement despite being asked to stop.

He is well-known in the area and a regular street-performer of his brand of reggae and hip-hop.

As the officer spoke to the busker Dowie continued repeating the words and the police were called and he was arrested.

The court heard the PCSO was “distressed” by the defendant’s behaviour, which she took as racial abuse against herself, with onlookers said to be “shocked.”

When quizzed by police Dowie put an alternative spin on the words, claiming he asked: “Why are you behaving like a house negro?”

He also told police: “When some black people are put into power positions they abuse that power over other black people.”

In court he explained: “Society may wish to obliterate history, but that is my history. Slavery.

“I can ask it of the police because they are in a position of power and are policing me in a certain way.

“Her position can further alienate or subjugate black people in society. I thought she’d understand that.

“I picked the words to illustrate the context. In no way did I show any hostility based on somebody’s race.”

District Judge Susan Williams conditionally discharged Dowie for nine months and ordered him to pay a £20 victim surcharge.

“You were repeatedly asked to stop and there was alarm and distress,” she told him. “You would not have used the words: ‘House negro’ if she was not of Afro/Caribbean origin.

“It was abusive and intended to be abusive. You are liking her to people in days of slavery, who abused their power over other slaves.”

Dowie is receiving Employment Support Allowance and told the court he has another four months of therapy to complete.

“I was the victim of a racially-motivated attack in Blackpool so stopped working and started to deal with the effects of it.”

There was some good news for Dowie when the judge wiped out £2,245 in Camden busking fines because he had spent two separate days in court fighting the case.

“I think this was a misjudgement on your part and you made a point in an abusive way,” she told him. “I hope you will reflect on inappropriate language in the future.

“You are sensitive to words being loaded with offensive meaning.”

Afterwards Dowie said: “I will reflect on the error and won’t make that mistake again.”

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Speedy Gonzalez: Nottingham Forest Star's Car Caught Breaking Limit

Nottingham Forest full-back Daniel Pinillos Gonzalez has been fined £600 after failing to say who was driving his powerful Mercedes when it was caught speeding by a camera.

The 24 year-old Spanish left-back, of River Crescent, Waterside Way, Nottingham also received six penalty points.

He pleaded guilty at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court to failing to give information relating to the driver and was also ordered to pay £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

His black three-litre Mercedes was snapped breaking the 30mph speed limit in Hanger Lane, Ealing on May 3, last year.

Gonzalez signed for Nottingham Forest in the summer of 2015 after having previously played for Spanish clubs Racing Santander and Cordoba.

Friday, 24 February 2017

MP's Wife Caught Drink-Driving After Asking Police To Assist In Search For Lost Dogs

Arriving At Court: Claire Podbielski-Stewart
The wife of Tory MP Colonel Bob Stewart was caught driving at twice the drinks limit after pulling-over and asking police to help search for her lost dogs.

Aristocrat Claire Podbielski-Stewart, 51, had been drinking gin and tonic’s before searching for the escaped pets at 11.20pm near the couple’s £1.45m constituency home.

Her 67 year-old husband is the MP for Beckenham and they met when he was a UN commander in Bosnia and she worked for the Red Cross.

Podbielski-Stewart, of Shortlands Road, Shortlands, the daughter of a Polish Count, appeared alone and unrepresented at Bromley Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

She did not ask for the case to be adjourned to allow her to seek legal representation and did not request the free duty solicitor.

She pleaded guilty to driving her ten year-old 2.4 litre diesel silver Volvo in Shortlands Road on February 3 with 71 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

The legal limit is 35.

Prosecutor Miss Denise Clewes told the court: “Officers were on duty dealing with an incident when a Volvo drove past and pulled over in front of them.

“Mrs Podbielski-Stewart got out of the driver’s side of the Volvo and went to the front passenger-side window of the police vehicle.

“One of the officers was dealing with the London Ambulance Service so a second officer got out to speak and when he did she asked: ‘Can you help me find my dogs?’

MP Bob & Claire
“He could detect the strong smell of alcohol on her breath and she was unsteady on her feet.

“She was asked if she had anything to drink that night and replied: ‘A few gin and tonics. I don’t know.’

“She was asked if she knew it was an offence to drive when you have had too much to drink and she said she did.”

A second police unit was called and Podbielski-Stewart was arrested and taken to Bromley Police Station.

“I should not have taken the car,” she calmly told the magistrates in her thick accent from behind the secure glass-panelled dock.

“I did not realise how much I had drunk and asked the police officers by chance.”

Her husband has been the local MP since 2010 and the couple live in a seven-bedroom home set in half an acre of land.

Podbielski-Stewart, who has no previous convictions, was disqualified from driving for seventeen months and fined £576, with £85 costs and ordered to pay a £60 victim surcharge.

Bench Chairwoman Pauline Pierce told her: “This alcohol reading is a the second level.”

That prevented the magistrates from disqualifying Podbielski-Stewart for the minimum of twelve months. 

Banned: Leaving Court
She agreed to pay to take the drink-drive rehabilitation course, which will reduce the ban by 25%.

“If you successfully complete the course your disqualification will be reduced by seventeen weeks,” added Mrs Pierce.

Podbielski-Stewart had arrived at court early and was dropped-off by a car that stopped across the road.

There was no sign of her MP husband.

She was dressed in a dark blue double-breasted coat, with brass buttons, with a light-blue blouse and darker blue jacket underneath.

She was wearing skinny jeans and black boots.

When approached outside she shook her head and kept walking when asked to discuss the case.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Plane Passenger's Drinks Arrest

A plane passenger arrested for being drunk on his USA-bound flight has been fined.

David Jeffrey Elsdon, 32, of Aycliffe Crescent, Springwell, Gateshead was due to travel from Heathrow Airport.

He appeared at Uxbridge Magistrates Court charged with being drunk on an aircraft, namely a Virgin Airbus A340-600, on February 26, last year.

Elsdon was fined £150, with £85 costs and was ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Woman Denies Disneyland Paris Tickets Fraud

A woman accused of swindling prospective holidaymakers by selling non-existent trips to Disneyland Paris appeared in court for the first time yesterday.

Ellie Catchesides, 28, of Sparrows Lane, Eltham faces four charges of fraud by false representation, with intent to make a financial gain.

The charges relate to August 31; two on September 16 and October 5, last year.

She faces a fifth charge of fraud by false representation on June 27, 2015, namely creating an email account in the name of her landlady confirming rent had been paid.

Catchesides indicated a not guilty plea to all counts at Bromley Magistrates Court and was bailed to appear at Woolwich Crown Court on March 21.

Prosecutor Miss Pauline Pierce said she offered trips to the amusement park to people she knew for a discount, claiming she had to cancel her own holiday and had spare tickets.

It is alleged the charges were fraudulent from the outset and Catchesides knew no holidays had been booked.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Disco Entertainer 'DJ Elvis' Denies Raping Young Girl On Mattress In Back Of His Van

A mobile disco entertainer called ‘DJ Elvis’ raped a young girl on the mattress in the back of his works van over two decades ago, a court heard today.

Graham Horrix, 59, had a collection of porn and a quantity of condoms as well as his music equipment in the vehicle, the jury were told.

The father-of-two, of Priestwood Avenue, Bracknell, Berkshire has pleaded not guilty of two counts of raping the girl when she was aged between four and fourteen years-old.

He also denies three counts of indecently assaulting the girl in the Clapham area of south-west London.

The counts relate to a ten-year span between 1989 and 1999 and Horrix appeared in the dock at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court  sporting a seemingly dyed-black Elvis-style quiff.

The complainant, now aged 31 years-old, told the court he also raped her on the bathroom floor of the house he was staying at.

“He’d always entice me and say: ‘Let’s listen to some music.’

“He would always put music on first, silly songs like: ‘I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts.’

“He boasted about other females and said they had sex in the van and asked me if I was jealous, saying: ‘You’re not my only special girl.’

“He had his deejay equipment and mattress in the back of the van and porn and condoms.

“He’d get the porn magazines out and had these porn playing cards and make me look through the whole packet.”

Prosecutor Miss Corinne Bramwell said the first incident occurred in the toilet block near Horrix’s seaside caravan.

“He touched her chest and put his hand inside her knickers.

“He touched her and kissed her on the mouth and forced his tongue into her mouth when they were alone in the caravan.

“When she was alone in the van Mr. Horrix used that opportunity to sexually abuse her and she describes wanting to scream, but being too frightened to do so.”

He also encouraged the girl to wash his hair, added Miss Bramwell : “He’d splash water on her and suggest she took her top off and would touch her breasts.”

Horrix also forced her to give him oral sex, the jury were told. “She says she was scared and in fear during this period of her life.”

During the van rape he told her: “You’re a big girl now,” explained the prosecutor.

“He was rough, she says. Pulling her jeans down, pushing her legs apart and raping her.”

The second rape occurred in Horrix’s bathroom, said Miss. “He forced her to straddle him and forced her down onto him.

“She says it was very painful.”

The woman reported Horrix to the police in March, 2015, explaining: “I wasn’t the only one it happened to. There could be a lot of other people out there.”

Trial continues………. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sexual Predator Killer Back On London's Streets

A killer and double-rapist, who is freely walking London’s streets, has been convicted of flouting his sex offender’s order by not signing at Charing Cross Police Station.

Leeds-born Stuart Durkin, 55, was jailed in Sweden for killing his wife, received 12 years for the bedsit rape of a virgin and thirteen years for the rape and attempted murder of a 30 year-old tourist in Rome, who he beat with a rock when she resisted.

He was repatriated to the UK on April 14, 2003, released on June 1, 2007 and given a council flat in Derry House, Church Street Estate, St. John's Wood. 

As a dangerous sex offender Durkin must keep police informed of his address and is subject to spot-checks by the Met's Jigsaw Team.

He was convicted at Westminster Magistrates Court that being a relevant offender under the Sexual Offences Act he failed to comply with a compulsory notification requirement on September 7, last year.

Durkin spent time in custody on the charge and was fined £210, with £30 costs, which he will not have to pay due to time served.

He previously committed a similar offence five years ago when living in a tent at the Occupy London camp in Finsbury Square, without telling the police.

He had sex with women there while living under the assumed nickname ‘Troy’ and split his time between another protest at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

He has been subject to a notification requirement since his parole date in June 2007 and must confirm his address with police every twelve months.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Cosmetic Surgery Boss Forged Doctor's Signature To Get Skin Cream

The boss of an award-winning west London cosmetic surgery clinic has received a suspended prison sentence for forging a doctor’s signature to obtain prescription-only acne cream.

Alex Derakhshan, 48, the managing director and practice manager of Hush Aesthetic Clinic, had been refused the drug by his own doctor, who was wary of over-use.

The clinic, of 96 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith performs plastic surgery, skin peels, botox treatments, laser hair removal and waxing amongst other procedures.

Frenchman Mr. Derakhshan, who lives in Isleworth, pleaded guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates Court to fraud by false representation and received a twelve-month order.

He must also pay £85 costs and an £80 victim surcharge.

He dishonestly entered details of a doctor, forged the signature of a doctor and entered false patient details on a medical prescription with intent to make a gain, namely an order of drug products for himself by posing as a doctor.

Father-of-two Derakhshan founded Hush in September 2001 and boasts of employing a highly-qualified team of experienced doctors and winning industry awards for excellence.

Prosecutor Miss Aimee Emby told the court: "It is somewhat more complex here. The risk is not financial in the obvious instance.

"He's entered on two prescriptions a signature and name of a doctor not present at the time whose consent was not sought.

"Patients may receive medication not properly prescribed to them and the doctor may suffer damage to his reputation.

"It comes to light when the doctor is contacted to see if he received the product and he said not only did he not sign, but did not request the products."

The doctor is a part-time medical practitioner at the clinic when they are not at their NHS Trust.

The medication was for acne scarring cream Obagi.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Death Tipper Truck Driver Had Taken Cocaine

Cocaine: McArdle 
The driver of a 32 tonne tipper truck, involved in a fatality with a pensioner after taking cocaine, has been cleared of causing death by careless driving.

Anthony McArdle, 54, collided with Sushilaben Patel, aged in her eighties, in Lewisham Road, Hither Green, on October 9, 2015.

She died two days later.

McArdle, of Newham Way, Canning Town was charged with causing death by careless driving and cleared last Friday at Woolwich Crown Court.

He pleaded guilty to driving with cocaine in his bloodstream, namely 200mg per one litre of blood, and was fined £250, with £25 costs and disqualified from driving for one year.

The prosecution argued a contributory factor to the 9.20am accident was a misaligned mirror on the truck, which restricted McArdle’s view.

He was arrested at the scene of the collision, near the junction with Friendly Place, while Mrs Patel was being rushed in critical condition to a local hospital.

Early reports suggested the incident occurred as the truck pulled away from traffic lights.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Not Guilty: 'Banksy' Limited-Edition Scam Suspect Cleared

Not Guilty: Sammy Afeeva
A man who took delivery of two limited-edition ‘Banksy’ prints worth £22,950 bought by a credit card fraudster has been cleared of handling the stolen artwork. 

Two valuable examples of the mystery street artist's work were sent to 25 year-old Sammy Afeeva, who was arrested after an undercover police officer delivered two more.

Afeeva, of Cedar Court, Fairlawn, Charlton claims he did not know the artwork was the result of a scam on Brandler Galleries Ltd., of Coptfold Road, Brentwood, Essex.

He pleaded not guilty to two counts of handling stolen goods between November 13, 2012 and February 8, 2013, namely 'Banksy' prints 'No Ball Games' and 'Wrong War.'

He also denied attempting to handle two more stolen 'Banksy' prints on February 8, 2013.

A jury failed to reach a decision following a trial and not guilty verdicts were later entered when plans for a second trial were scrapped.

Prosecutor Mr. Bartholomew O'Toole told Woolwich Crown Court gallery owner John Brandler sold authentic limited-edition 'Banksy' prints and 'No Ball Games' was ordered by a Shirley Galloway and delivered to Manthorp Road, Plumstead.

The credit card company had not authorised the transaction and Mr. Brandler lost the £5,250, along with £7,700 when the 'Wrong War' print was bought in similar circumstances.

When a third order was placed with Mr. Brandler police launched an undercover operation and delivered a washing machine lid instead of the two prints and Afeeva signed for the package at the Manthorp Road address.

"Police identified themselves and spoke to Afeeva in the room he occupied and the fake package was there," added Mr. O'Toole. "He was then arrested.

"His home address was searched and the print 'Wrong War' was found in his bedroom along with an envelope addressed to the gallery owner John Brandler."

When quizzed at Plumstead Police Station Afeeva claimed he had been hired in a local bookies by a black male, in his thirties, known only as 'Stone' to sign for the two package in return for £130 and £150.

"He knew when he was signing for these prints this was property that had been stolen and he was telling lies in interview to disguise his involvement."

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Solicitor Kicked And Spat At Police After Downing Wine And Vodka

A solicitor downed four bottles of wine and a bottle-and-a-half of vodka before kicking and spitting at police investigating alleged death threats she made to her partner, a court heard today.

Ofra Azar-Freedman, 51, a Family Law specialist, appeared in the dock at Hendon Magistrates Court, where she has represented many clients during her twenty-five year legal career.

She pleaded guilty to assaulting PC Philip Kirkup, who she kicked in the knee, at her £785,000 four-bed house in Tenterden Drive, Hendon on August 1, last year.

Mother-of-two Azar-Freedman also pleaded guilty to assaulting a WPC at Colindale Police Station, who she spat at, but missed.

Prosecutor Mr. Peter Lock told the court on Wednesday: “Her partner attended Colindale Police Station saying that she had made threats to kill him.

“He withdrew the complaint later that day, but police officers still wanted to speak to Mrs Azar-Freedman about it and attended her home at 8pm.

“She was incredibly drunk and her niece told the officers she had drunk four bottles of wine and one-and-a-half bottles of vodka.

“The police officers had to arrest her and during that arrest she has kicked-out at one of them, contacting his knee, but he suffered no injury.

“At the police station she spat at another officer, but it did not make contact.

“Neither officer was injured and all of the police officers involved say they feel sorry for the defendant and would be happy if she was bound-over.”

Azar-Freedman has always strongly disputed consuming that amount of alcohol.

“She has never accepted what the officers say in regard to drunkenness, reported by her niece,” said her lawyer Ms Pamela Sergeant.

“Alcohol had been consumed, but it was more like three glasses, not four bottles. 

“She has not tried to minimise her role. She lashed out, perhaps describing it as ‘accidentally’ to the probation service.

“She did not intend to assault the officer and pleads guilty on the basis she was reckless in regard to PC  Kirkup.

“At the police station she was having a panic attack and spat at the officer and fortunately it did not land on the female officer.”

Azar-Freedman launched her own practice in 2010, but according to company records it is now dissolved.

She lost her last job in March, last year and was on paid gardening leave until June. “Since then she has been on benefits,” explained Ms Sergeant.

The magistrates conditionally discharged Azar-Freedman for twelve months and ordered her to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Solicitor Accused Of Swindling £160,000 From Grieving Relatives

A crooked solicitor swindled £160,000 from two grieving relatives when administering the estates of their deceased loved ones, a court heard yesterday.

Tyrone Anthony Walker, 56, of Tower Road, Twickenham simply paid cheques into his personal bank account and tried to cover his tracks, the jury were told.

He has pleaded not guilty at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court to seven counts of fraud, allegedly committed between 2008 and 2012 at south-west London’s Walker’s Solicitors.

Walker is accused of defrauding Hans Chand of £45,528 she was due from her deceased mother’s estate and £114,000 from Dr. Mark Downham, the beneficiary of his deceased uncle’s estate.

Prosecutor Miss Charlotte Newell told the court Walker took ‘loans’ from clients to finance a Bulgarian property investment and used his clients’ money to pay a £10,000 tax bill.

“He also used money to pay his partner five thousand pounds. He was using it as his private bank account.”

Walker was repeatedly disciplined by the Law Society and suspended for two years in 2011.

He tried to hide £29,300 he took from Dr. Downham by describing it as inheritance tax even though the estate was not subject to the charge.

The four Coventry Building Society accounts held by Miss Chand’s mother were not included in the estate, but used to pay another client’s stamp duty on a £785,000 Weybridge house.

“She should have had over fifty thousand pounds, but it was reduced to a few pence by supposed loans,” explained Miss Newell.

“He never paid that money back. She chased Mr. Walker for the money and he told her he had no funds and earned no money.

“She was fond of Mr. Walker and was apologetically asking for her own money and seemed to want to take him out for a meal before he moved to Dubai.”

The trial is expected to last two weeks………

Monday, 13 February 2017

Cash Point Con: Two Suspects Identified

Police from Barking and Dagenham investigating a theft at a cash point have issued CCTV footage of two men they wish to identify and speak to in connection with the incident.

The theft is believed to have happened between 5.00pm and 5.10pm on Monday, July 4, last year when an Asda employee using the cash point on the premises in Short Blue Place, Barking, did not have her card returned.

When she returned home, she contacted her bank and was made aware of £400 worth of transactions on her card.

The victim reported the offence to her manager and after looking at the CCTV identified two men tampering with the cash machine prior to the victim using it.

The two suspects are wanted.

Suspect 1 is described as an Asian man wearing a hooded black top with a white zip and cords, on top of a white T-shirt, green trousers and blue and white trainers.

Suspect 2 is described as an Asian man with a small black beard. He was wearing a green baseball cap, a dark blue quilted top over a white T-shirt, green trousers and red trainers.

Police are keen to hear from anyone who may recognise either man or who saw them by the cash machine.

Officers would also like to hear from anyone who may have been a victim of a similar crime in the area.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Butcher's Shop Break-In: Burglar Sought

Police have released a CCTV image of a burglary suspect wanted for breaking into a butcher's during the early hours via the office above,

Detectives from Newham Borough in east London are investigating and have issued this CCTV image of a man they wish to identify, regarding the £1,000 break-in.

On Sunday, March 13, last year police were called at around 1.50am to a report of a burglary at an address in High Street North, Newham.

The burglary was reported to have occurred at some point between 1100pm on Saturday, March 12 and 1.00am on Sunday, March 13.

CCTV within the first floor office above a butcher’s shop captured the moment a suspect broke through the front door of the office and covered the camera.

He was then able to remove the floorboards in the office, climb into the butcher’s shop and take cash from the till.

The suspect is described as a white man wearing a baseball cap, black leather jacket with a white zip on the front, a light coloured hooded top, light coloured trousers and black trainers.

He also wore black gloves.

Police are keen to hear from anyone who may recognise the man shown on CCTV.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Paintball Pest Who Shot Pedestrians From Car Hunted

Police hunting a paintball menace, who shot at least 18 people in north London from a Mercedes, have released this CCTV image of the suspected vehicle.

The white male, aged in his forties, was identified driving the white Mercedes 350GLE, which sported false number plates, during the two-hour spree last summer.

Male and female pedestrians have reported suffering bruising injuries to police while walking in Camden, Archway, Holloway, Islington, Clerkenwell and Canonbury.

The first incident took place at approximately 9.00pm on Friday, August 5, last year on Camden Road.

The last reported assaults took place at approximately 11.00pm close to St. Paul's Road.

It is believed that the suspect may have been in the company of one or more people who were driving a red Ford Focus.

Enquiries have established that the Mercedes has been seen parked in the N1 and EC1 areas of Islington.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Constable Alex Simmons at Islington on 020 7421 0262 or via 101.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Cruel Duck Killer Twisted Mallard's Neck

Tartan Terror: Muir
A street drinker caught on CCTV killing a female duck in front of her mate by the Thames received a suspended prison sentence today.

Robert Lyle Muir, 49, who lives in digs in Sandycombe Road, North Sheen was convicted of killing a wild bird, namely a female mallard, contrary to the Wildlife and Countryside Act. 

A council CCTV operator was filming a group sitting by Richmond Riverside near Heron Square at 6.15pm on May 25, last year when Glaswegian Muir grabbed the bird and twisted her neck.

He was investigated by the Metropolitan Police’s Wildlife Crime Unit, but made no comment  when questioned and tried to lie his way out of it during the trial by claiming the duck was injured.

Muir was sentenced to twelve weeks imprisonment, suspended for twelve months and must complete a twenty-day rehabilitation activity requirement aimed at tackling his drinking.

He must pay £300 costs and a £115 victim surcharge, which will be deducted at the rate of £5 a week from his Employment Support Allowance benefit payments.

“It was very unpleasant,” magistrate Ms Jane Spencer told him. “The offence took place in daylight with members of the public present and you did not hesitate in your actions and threw the duck to one side afterwards.

“It paints an unpleasant picture.”

Prosecutor Miss Mary Atere told Wimbledon Magistrates Court: “The circumstances being that this offence happens in Richmond Riverside and this defendant was intoxicated at the time.

“The entire incident is captured via CCTV. 

“Richmond Riverside is frequented by numerous members of the public and this incident happened in broad daylight.

“The defendant is seen with a group of street drinkers on a grassy bank and one of the group is identified throwing bread at the birds to entice them over.

“At the point the ducks come over the defendant is seen leaning over and grabbing one of the ducks by the neck.

“He’s captured using both his hands to wring the neck of the duck and immediately discard it in front of him.

“From the CCTV footage some of the group appear distressed and get up.”

The duck, which was probably nesting eggs at that time of year, was finished off with a second wring of the neck and tossed into a plastic bag.

Her male mate, who had just flown across the Thames with her to gather food, was far more cautious and did not go near the group.

The court heard Muir has twenty-four previous convictions, mostly for drink-related offences of violence.

The original trial Prosecutor Mr. Janaka Siriwardena told the court: “It was a hideous, despicable unprovoked attack on a defenceless animal.

“He lured the duck near to him and then killed it for mere sport.

“It is likely that the ducks were mates for life and Mr. Muir killed this duck by luring it and without any justification whatsoever killed the duck by wringing its neck in a heinous manner.”

Detective Constable Sarah Bailey said: “The likelihood is that the female was nesting at that time,” explaining the ducks probably had a river nest laden with eggs.   

Mug Muir: Police Custody Shot
“Muir grabbed the bird and appeared to twist her neck, then grab a second time, apparently to finish her off.

“I assume the duck was exhibiting signs of life and he wings the neck again and wipes his hands,” explained the officer.

The remains were tossed into a nearby bin and a female member of the drinking group was seen fleeing in disgust.

Muir denied the charge based on the only possible defence available to him, namely that the bird was injured and suffering and he was carrying-out a mercy killing.

However, he failed to remember his own lies in the witness box, claiming: “It looked like it had been hit by a propeller on the right side. The ribs were cut.

“It was cut to the bone, a clear cut on the left side.

“The girls I was sitting with were getting upset because of the injuries.

“I did the right thing in my eyes and I apologise if I got it wrong. I did it twice to make sure it wasn’t suffering.”

Today, his lawyer Mr. Steven Mould said: “Mr. Muir, even now, is adamant the duck was injured.

“He says the duck was injured and up in Lanarkshire he is familiar with hunting and fishing and has a liking for wildlife.
Caught On CCTV: Muir

“He says it gave him no pleasure and that it was not a callous act.

“He does have a drink problem and has been very honest with me about that and is currently seeking assistance in Twickenham.”

Police have been unable to confirm Muir’s claims he served in the British Army, something the defendant boasted of during the trial.

“He’s ex-military and served in Northern Ireland in the Eighties and suffers post-traumatic stress disorder, leading to the bottle,” said Mr. Mould.

“He has a flat and will lose that if he is sentenced to custody.

“He is not a lifetime criminal and not a danger to the public.”

Before the trial Muir told the prosecution team: “If I lose my house I hope you’re proud of yourselves, that’s a real possibility. This is a stitch-up.”

Today, he left saying: “Sorry it came to this. I’m trying hard.”