Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Solicitor Kicked And Spat At Police After Downing Wine And Vodka

A solicitor downed four bottles of wine and a bottle-and-a-half of vodka before kicking and spitting at police investigating alleged death threats she made to her partner, a court heard today.

Ofra Azar-Freedman, 51, a Family Law specialist, appeared in the dock at Hendon Magistrates Court, where she has represented many clients during her twenty-five year legal career.

She pleaded guilty to assaulting PC Philip Kirkup, who she kicked in the knee, at her £785,000 four-bed house in Tenterden Drive, Hendon on August 1, last year.

Mother-of-two Azar-Freedman also pleaded guilty to assaulting a WPC at Colindale Police Station, who she spat at, but missed.

Prosecutor Mr. Peter Lock told the court on Wednesday: “Her partner attended Colindale Police Station saying that she had made threats to kill him.

“He withdrew the complaint later that day, but police officers still wanted to speak to Mrs Azar-Freedman about it and attended her home at 8pm.

“She was incredibly drunk and her niece told the officers she had drunk four bottles of wine and one-and-a-half bottles of vodka.

“The police officers had to arrest her and during that arrest she has kicked-out at one of them, contacting his knee, but he suffered no injury.

“At the police station she spat at another officer, but it did not make contact.

“Neither officer was injured and all of the police officers involved say they feel sorry for the defendant and would be happy if she was bound-over.”

Azar-Freedman has always strongly disputed consuming that amount of alcohol.

“She has never accepted what the officers say in regard to drunkenness, reported by her niece,” said her lawyer Ms Pamela Sergeant.

“Alcohol had been consumed, but it was more like three glasses, not four bottles. 

“She has not tried to minimise her role. She lashed out, perhaps describing it as ‘accidentally’ to the probation service.

“She did not intend to assault the officer and pleads guilty on the basis she was reckless in regard to PC  Kirkup.

“At the police station she was having a panic attack and spat at the officer and fortunately it did not land on the female officer.”

Azar-Freedman launched her own practice in 2010, but according to company records it is now dissolved.

She lost her last job in March, last year and was on paid gardening leave until June. “Since then she has been on benefits,” explained Ms Sergeant.

The magistrates conditionally discharged Azar-Freedman for twelve months and ordered her to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

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