Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sexual Predator Killer Back On London's Streets

A killer and double-rapist, who is freely walking London’s streets, has been convicted of flouting his sex offender’s order by not signing at Charing Cross Police Station.

Leeds-born Stuart Durkin, 55, was jailed in Sweden for killing his wife, received 12 years for the bedsit rape of a virgin and thirteen years for the rape and attempted murder of a 30 year-old tourist in Rome, who he beat with a rock when she resisted.

He was repatriated to the UK on April 14, 2003, released on June 1, 2007 and given a council flat in Derry House, Church Street Estate, St. John's Wood. 

As a dangerous sex offender Durkin must keep police informed of his address and is subject to spot-checks by the Met's Jigsaw Team.

He was convicted at Westminster Magistrates Court that being a relevant offender under the Sexual Offences Act he failed to comply with a compulsory notification requirement on September 7, last year.

Durkin spent time in custody on the charge and was fined £210, with £30 costs, which he will not have to pay due to time served.

He previously committed a similar offence five years ago when living in a tent at the Occupy London camp in Finsbury Square, without telling the police.

He had sex with women there while living under the assumed nickname ‘Troy’ and split his time between another protest at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

He has been subject to a notification requirement since his parole date in June 2007 and must confirm his address with police every twelve months.

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