Thursday, 31 May 2012

G.P. Gets Two Years For Groping Patients

A respected GP, who molested eight female patients aged eight to forty, for his "own sexual gratification" was jailed for two years today.

Despite repeated complaints about Dr. Markandu Ragupathy, 62, ( at the South London surgery he continued to abuse patients for almost a decade.

Dr. Ragupathy, a senior practise partner and also the surgery's child protection leader, convinced fellow doctors and staff the multiple complaints were the result of a "misunderstanding" or "miscommunication."

"The victims were eight of your female patients and occurred over a period of ten years while you were a general practitioner," Woolwich Crown Court Judge Andrew Lees told the doctor.

"Those eight patients trusted you as their doctor to carry out proper examinations and you abused that trust by touching them in sexual ways.

"They were vulnerable and thought you were carrying out necessary examinations. You touched them to satisfy your own sexual gratification.

"This is clearly a case of a serious abuse of trust by you in relation to your patients," added the judge. "This was a course of conduct that took place over ten years and continued after you knew complaints were being made."

The doctor, a married man with children, continued to be supported by his relatives in court.

"I know you are a family man," Judge Lees told the first-time offender. "I know there will be hardship in prison."

Dr. Ragupathy will sign the Sex Offenders Register for ten years and a Sexual Offences Prevention Order was made, prohibiting him being employed in a medical capacity or any capacity which brings him into contact with children under sixteen years-old.

"This is for the protection of the public from serious harm," said Judge Lees.

He denied the charges, forcing his many victims to give evidence, and prosecutor Mr. Toby Fitzgerald told the jury he: "Used his position of trust to satisfy his own sexual gratification and curiosity."

From the mid-90's until 2007 the GP, of Den Close, Beckenham, was employed at the Torridon Road Medical Practice in Catford, (pic.bottom) where seven of the complainants were sexually assaulted.

"The defendant remained free at the practise to sexually assault other patients and believed the practise would accept any explanation and for some years he was correct in thinking this," added Mr. Fitzgerald.

Dr. Ragupathy was convicted of seven indecent assaults, one attempted indecent assault and one sexual assault. He was found not guilty on nine similar counts.

Patient B, 16, saw Dr. Ragupathy with breathlessness. "He put the stethoscope on her left breast and massaged the breast with the stethoscope. She felt disturbed by how the defendant behaved."

Patient C, 20, saw the GP for a suspected tonsillitis. "During the appointment he lifted her jumper and bra, exposing her left breast and lifted it with his hand and repeated with the right breast and said: 'Your chest if fine'."

Patient D, 8, had a chest infection when she attended an appointment with her mother.

"The defendant touched her inner thighs and between her legs and there was no good reason for this. He simply took his chance to touch her this way."

Patient E, 15, saw the GP while pregnant and with flu symptoms. "The defendant locked the door and began to feel all over her breasts."

Patient F, 30, was wheezing when she saw the doctor. "He placed the stethoscope on her right breast and asked if she was in a relationship."

Patient G, 30, had a thigh rash. "The defendant pulled her knickers to one side. He just took the chance, which he saw as a sexual opportunity."

She returned with bruising inflicted by her boyfriend. "The defendant put his hands inside the waistband of her jeans and pulled them towards him and asked: 'What colour knickers have you got on?"

Patient H, 36, was three months pregnant when she saw Dr. Ragupathy for the first time.

"He announced he needed to check her breasts while holding out his cupped hands. He said he needed to check if she was able to breast feed,"

Patient I, 40, had a rash and was visited at home by the defendant, who was also employed by an out-of-hours service.

"The defendant asked her to sit on his lap so he could listen to her chest and later made a comment about making a woman of her.

"He then went to his car for some medical cream and rubbed it into her chest."

Judge Lees sentenced Dr. Ragupathy to two years' imprisonment for the offence relating to the eight year-old and on all the other charges he received twelve months to run concurrent.

"He has retired from medical practice and he will not be going back," said Mr. Alan Jenkins, defending.

"Others will ensure that does not happen. He does not pose a risk to anyone apart from patients."

Dr. Ragupathy is currently suspended by the General Medical Council and misconduct proceedings will follow.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The New Killing Fields: Student Murdered In Conker Confrontation

A teenager has been convicted of murdering a young architecture student – whose parents swapped their Colombian homeland for the killing fields of North London.

Steven Grisales, 21, (pictured) was stabbed through the heart after confronting a group of youths who were throwing conkers at him.

The fifteen year-old Edmonton schoolboy, who is too young to be identified, was found guilty by an Old Bailey jury of the murder in nearby College Close on August 31, last year.

He will be sentenced on June 13.

Steven was walking to Silver Street train station after dropping off shopping to his grandmother when he was stabbed.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Inspector Richard Beadle of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command (HSCC) said:
”Steven did no more than stand up to an unruly youth and for that he has lost his life.

“But for the courageous intervention of a local resident I am convinced the knife attack would have continued.

“The man placed himself in front of Steven while the youth was repeatedly attempting to stab Steven again.

“The defendant has shown no remorse and has continually lied about his involvement.

“Fortunately the jury saw through this dishonest charade. His arrogance and contempt for others belies his age. 

“I am extremely grateful to those witnesses who came forward - without them we would not have achieved a successful prosecution.

“Sadly there were others, known to the defendant, who held vital information and refused to help the inquiry.

“In fact they did all they could to deter the investigation and ultimately justice. 

“I hope this conviction will bring some sense of justice to Steven’s family who have been devastated by his murder.

“He truly was a nice honest young man with a bright future. 

“A moment of madness by an armed individual resulted in the most tragic of circumstances. Steven Grisales should be alive today.”

Steven’s mother, Jasmid Grisales said: “We just want to take this opportunity to thank the prosecution, they did a really great job, the police for all the hard work in putting all the evidence together, a very big thank you to the witnesses, without them, we could not get this excellent result.

“Also a really big thank you to victim support from the start of our nightmare, they have been supporting us in every single way and they really are making our lives easier, they done so much to help us get through this terrible experience, we can see and feel the big difference that they make in our lives.

“It is true to say that this verdict does not change our lives in anyway because we lost Steven for ever and he is not coming back to us. We have to carry this cross for the rest of our lives. 

“Steven was always loved by absolutely every person who had the privilege of knowing him and calling him a friend, cousin, nephew, grandson, son or brother.

“He always gave without expecting anything in return and he always tried for everyone around him to be happy. 

“This result can show that in a way it is justice and people should start learning that for every wrong you do, sooner or later you have to pay the price.”

Police were called shortly after 7.00pm following reports of an injured man.

On arrival officers learnt the defendant, in the company of other youths and not known to Steven, had began to throw conkers at him.

Steven initially remonstrated with the youths, but the defendant produced a knife and stabbed him.

The defendant ran from the scene, but only after a local resident intervened to stop a further attack.

Sadly this was not enough to save Steven, who was taken to the Royal London Hospital where he died the next day.

A post-mortem gave cause of death as a single stab wound to the heart.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cab Driver Accused Of Midnight Death Tragedy

A mini-cab driver was speeding at up to 50 mph when his car struck a drunken pedestrian - crossing a notorious accident blackspot after downing up to a dozen pints of Guinness - a jury were told yesterday.

Syed-Ajamal Syedzadah, 29, (pictured) of Clarence Road, Croydon had just exited the Wellesley Road underpass after midnight when his vehicle hit Manchester man James Worthe.

The pedestrian tragically suffered fractures to his ribs, spine, skull and face, causing brain trauma and a collapsed lung.

Syedzadah has pleaded not guilty at Croydon Crown Court to causing the death of Mr. Worthe on January 23, last year by driving without due care and attention.

Prosecutor Mr. Philip Rule told the court Syedzadah, who had been driving a mini-cab for over a year, was travelling to the Jury's Inn hotel at 12.30am to collect a fare.

Mr. Worthe, who was working in London, had been watching football with a friend in a pub half a mile away from the tragedy.

The pair were seen walking and singing in the street afterwards and Mr. Worthe, whose blood alcohol level was equivalent to three times the drink-drive limit, decided to cross the road alone.

"He crossed the road where he should not have been," explained Mr. Rule. "It was the head of Mr. Worthe that struck the windscreen and his body struck the bonnet and the roof."

A police accident investigator estimated Syedzadeh's speed at the time of impact as between 40mph-50mph.

When quizzed the defendant told police he tried to brake to avoid the collision on the road, which has a 30mph limit.

Trial continues………….

Monday, 28 May 2012

Knifeman Nicked After Calling Plod

A boozy assault victim, who armed himself with a bread knife after being repeatedly punched in the face during a drinking-session at a suburban house, has dodged jailed with a suspended sentence.

Gerry Harry-Marcelle, 52, who lives on disability benefits, called 999 after claiming he was struck several times with a crushed beer can, but ended up being arrested himself.

He pleaded guilty to possessing a bladed article outside the address in Egerton Road, South Norwood (pictured) on April 13 and was sentenced to four months imprisonment, suspended for a year.

Croydon Crown Court heard when officers arrived they found Harry-Marcelle, who had cuts to his face, sitting in the back of his car complaining friends had beaten him up and thrown him out of the house.

There had been seven people in the address and the defendant claimed when one man started striking him in the face with the can another joined in and he was ejected without his trousers and shoes.

He travelled the short distance home to collect the knife, which the officers seized on arrival.

Harry-Marcelle was also ordered to perform 100 hours community service and obey a three-month night time curfew.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ex-Jailbird's £30K Benefit Scam

A disgraced ex-care home manager, who pocketed over £30,000 in benefits by lying she was a single-mum in a "parasitic" scam, has dodged a return to prison with a suspended sentence.

Housekeper Christine Constant, 46, (pictured) of Dunsfield Way, New Addington was exposed by an undercover council operation, which proved her husband, engineer Wayne, was still part of the family.

Mum-of-two Constant, who received twelve months' imprisonment in 2005 on five counts of theft from her former care home employers, began claiming benefits soon after her release.

She pleaded guilty to failing to inform Croydon Council of a change of circumstances between September 3, 2007 and November 15, 2009 in relation to her claims for housing and council tax benefit.

She also similarly pleaded guilty to failing to inform the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) between August 28, 2007 and November 10, 2009 in relation to an income support claim.

Constant defrauded £21,893 in housing benefit, £2,408 in council tax benefit and £6,932 in income support.

"Several families must have worked their fingers to the bone while you were living off them," Recorder William Featherby told Constant. "It's greed at the public expense.

"Your greed has again caught up with you. You are parasitic on them, it's quite disgraceful."

Prosecutor Miss Ini Udom told the court the defendant began claiming in March, 2006 as a single-mum with no savings.

However, she did not tell the council or the DWP her husband, who works full-time and nets £1500 per month, was living with her as a member of the family.

The council had conducted a surveillance operation and identified the husband's van parked outside the family home. He was also registered with the local G.P. and the couple shared financial ties.

Constant was quizzed on March 24, 2010.

"She denied the allegations and said her husband was of no fixed address and only stayed with her once or twice a week," added Miss Udom.

"She said his van was parked outside on occasions because he was a drinker and did not want to drive."

The following month Constant declared she was living with her husband.

She now nets £1100 per month as a housekeeper.

"This was a substantial amount of fraud," added Recorder Weatherby, sentencing Constant to four months imprisonment, suspended for twelve months, plus twelve months probation supervision.

The defendant was also ordered to pay £5,000 compensation to Croydon Council within twelve months or serve three months imprisonment.

"This lady needs to work hard to pay off the debt," concluded the Recorder.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Jail For Building Site Raider

A would-be construction equipment thief - caught in the early hours by police after a local resident raised the alarm - was jailed for eighteen months yesterday.

Car mechanic Daniel Jones, 27, of Carfax Avenue, Tongham, Surrey raided the site with two accomplices, intent on making off with thousands of pounds worth of equipment.

He pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court (pictured) to attempting to steal jackhammer drills, alone worth £27,000, and other equipment in Rye Crescent, Orpington on July 20, last year.

A local lorry driver called the police at 5am because of suspicious movements on the site and the presence of a flat-bed truck three hours before work usually started.

Jones, who had been driving a digger when officers arrived, tried to flee, but was caught and handcuffed.

He claimed he thought the two accomplices were allowed on the site and he was helping them for a £200 fee, but admitted his guilt on the day he was due to stand trial.

"These crimes are prevalent in society at the moment, people going onto building sites and taking metal and the like," announced Judge Heather Baucher.

"You were chosen because of your skills in commercial vehicles and this was a specific digger on a building site that you were trying to get away," the judge told Jones, who has forty-two previous convictions.

"You tried to escape and you hid your appearance by pulling your hood up."

Friday, 25 May 2012

Footballer Scores Own Goal With Xmas Party Grope

Bad-boy footballer Lee Hughes was fined £500 today and bound over to keep the peace after putting his hand between a shocked young woman's legs during hotel Christmas party and lifting her into the air.

Notts County striker Hughes, 36, (pictured) of River Crescent, Waterside Way, Nottingham pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court to common assault and was also ordered to pay £120 costs.

He had originally been charged with sexual assault, but after the Crown Prosecution Service consulted the victim his not guilty plea was accepted and the lesser charge preferred.

"This dates back to the third of December last year," said prosecutor Mr. Julius Capon. "The defendant is a professional footballer and was staying with others in his team at the Aerodrome Hotel.

"There was a fire alarm and everyone had to leave the hotel and assembled in the car park outside.

"The complainant had attended a works function at the hotel, a Christmas party, and was speaking to her friends when the defendant, who had not spoken to her and who she did not know, put his hand between her legs, under her dress and lifted her up into the air.

"The complainant was annoyed and upset and afterwards Mr. hughes tried to hug her and suggested he was having a laugh.

"This was inappropriate and disgraceful conduct," added Mr. Capon.

The court was not told of Hughes' previous conviction of causing the death of father-of-four Douglas Graham by dangerous driving in Meriden, Coventry, for which he received six years imprisonment in August 2004 and was released after serving half the sentence.

He had played for West Brom, Coventry City and Kidderminster Harriers before that drink-drive tragedy and since his release has played for Oldham Athletic and Notts County.

Hughes' lawyer told the court the hotel incident was no more sinister than "horseplay."

"This was utterly inappropriate," the Recorder of Croydon Warwick McKinnon told Hughes, binding him over to keep the peace for twelve months in the sum of £500.

Hughes' defence team had asked for the case to be listed at 2pm, but arrived two hours early and the case was called on almost immediately.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Drug 'Mule' Swallowed £50K Worth Of Cocaine

A young cocaine courier, who swallowed £50,000 worth of the drug before boarding a flight from Jamaica, was locked-up for two years-and-four months today.

Amy Hinchcliffe, 20, of Willow Lane, Huddersfield was intimidated by a "heavyweight crowd" into agreeing to put her life at risk by becoming a drugs 'mule'.

She pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court to importing 324 gms. of 70% pure cocaine at Gatwick Airport on February 25.

Prosecutor Mr. Julius Capon told the court: "Miss Hinchcliffe arrived on a BA flight from Kingston and was spoken to by customs officers, who ascertained she was travelling alone and they had a conversation about drugs.

"She said she knew importation of drugs was illegal and because they had concerns she may have swallowed something they suggested she take a body scan."

This was abandoned after Hinchcliffe (pictured) raised the possibility she may have been pregnant.

"A urine sample was taken, which confirmed traces of cocaine, and she was taken to a suite where she eventually produced thirty-four packages of cocaine," added Mr. Capon.

"She admitted she had swallowed the packages under an element of pressure and coercion so she does come under a laser role for sentencing purposes."

The Recorder of Croydon Warwick McKinnon read letters penned by Hinchcliffe's parents, her sister and the defendant herself, which explained a troubled background and difficulties growing up.

The court heard an older, unnamed person threatened physical violence against the defendant when persuading her to smuggle the cocaine, but her defence lawyer accepted it fell short of duress.

"She has had a difficult upbringing and was subjected to intimidation and pressure to engage in this extremely dangerous exercise that could have killed her," announced Judge McKinnon.

"How sad this is that after two minor skirmishes with the law you get in with the wrong heavyweight crowd who are into hard drugs," he told Hinchcliffe.

"You got pressured into it and the intimidation was real, I have no doubt, causing you to risk your own life by swallowing thirty-four packets of cocaine.

"If one of them had broken you would be dead."

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

'Kill For Thrills' Murderer Caged For Random Attacks

A sadistic killer, who roamed North London parks and woods randomly attacking lone men, has been caged for life – with a thirty-five year minimum.

Walkers and joggers were head-butted and repeatedly punched by evil Ali Koc, 30, (pic.bottom) who would also armed himself with a tree branch to inflict devastating injuries.

Jobless Turkish immigrant Koc, of Lightfoot Road, Hornsey - enraged by a stop to his dole handouts - is known to have attacked seven men – murdering two of them – all in January, last year.

He was convicted at Woolwich Crown Court of murdering Keith Needell, 84, ( who died in hospital on July 16, after being attacked on January 31 in Queen’s Wood.

Koc was also found guilty of murdering Victor Parsons, 67, (pic. 2nd and 3rd top) who died in hospital on February 25 after he was attacked on January 5 near the gates of Alexandra Park in Alexandra Palace Way.

He was also convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm against a 29 year-old and 37 year-old in Alexandra Park on January 21 and 22; a 35 year-old in Priory Park on January 23; a 63 year-old in Queen’s Wood on January 28 and a 59 year-old in Downhill’s Park on January 29.

Detectives are not ruling out the possibility that Koc may have attacked other people.

Anyone who thinks they may have been a victim or anyone with information is urged to contact the incident room on 020 8358 0400. If they wish to remain anonymous they can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Senior Investigating Officer Detective Chief Inspector Tim Duffield, said: “We must not lose sight of the most important people in this case, the victims of Koc and the bereaved families of Victor Parsons and Keith Needell, who have had to come to terms with the brutal and sadistic manner in which their loved ones were attacked.

“The dignity and courage they have shown has been most humbling.

“Koc has never shown any remorse for this wanton spate of attacks committed throughout January last year. There was no motive.

“This was simply violence for violence sake, randomly-inflicted upon law abiding people who happened to be walking or jogging through their local parks.

“Tragically, two of society's most vulnerable members, Victor Parsons and Keith Needell, would pay with their lives for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“There can be no doubt that Koc is a highly dangerous and predatory individual who derived some warped sense of gratification from carrying out these abhorrent attacks.

“I am pleased with today's sentencing and hope it will bring some small measure of solace to Koc's victims - including the families of Mr Parsons and Mr Needell - so that they might begin the difficult task of rebuilding their lives.”

Victor Parsons’ sister Rosemary, said: “He was a good brother who stood by me when I needed him. He will be sadly missed.”

Keith Needell’s wife, Mary Needell said: “Keith is greatly missed by all his family, friends and those whose lives he touched and enriched. Such a kind and gentle man should never have suffered in such a brutal and senseless manner.

“In fifty-seven years of marriage he never once uttered a cross word. His aim in life was to help others and contribute towards a better life for all.

“His interests in the wider world were many and varied and if he could see a way of helping others it would give him pleasure to do so in as unobtrusive a way as possible.”

Keith’s son John Needell, speaking on behalf of himself and other family members, said: “We are very sad that there are individuals who would rather inflict hurt than provide a positive contribution to the society they live in.

“We are, however, very glad that through the thorough efforts of the police and all others involved in the prosecution, this murderer is now unable to inflict pain and suffering on anyone else.

‘We would also like to thank everyone who has supported Keith and the family since the attack, from the medical teams, the police and criminal justice system, to individuals who gave their time, love and support to the family.

“It was wonderful to see how good people will go out of their way to help. We now have to make the best of the situation we find ourselves in, and we will certainly miss Keith acutely as we go about our lives.”

At approximately 10:00am Victor Parsons was found unconscious near the gates of Alexandra Park by a member of the public.

He had sustained multiple and serious head injuries and was taken to the Royal London hospital by ambulance.

He remained in Intensive Care for several weeks before he died. A post-mortem gave cause of death as head injuries.

At approximately 2:30pm a 29-year-old man was walking his dogs in Alexandra Park when he was head-butted and punched several times in the face by a lone male.

The victim was treated at the Whittington Hospital for cuts and abrasion to the head. He was discharged the same day.

At approximately 12:00pm a 37-year-old man was jogging in Alexandra Park when he was head-butted and kicked repeatedly by a lone male.

He was treated at the Whittington Hospital for cuts and abrasion to the head. He was discharged the same day.

At approximately 9:30am on a 35-year-old man was jogging in Priory Park when he was racially abused by a lone male who then repeatedly punched him and struck him several times with a tree branch.

The victim was treated at the Whittington Hospital for cuts and abrasion to the head. He was discharged the same day.

At approximately 10:00am a 63-year-old man was attacked in Queen’s Wood.

He was struck around the head and body several times with a tree branch by a lone male. He did not require hospital treatment.

At approximately 1:35pm a 59-year-old man was walking through Downhill’s Park when he was attacked by a lone male who punched him several times and kicked him as he lay on the ground.

The victim was treated at North Middlesex Hospital for cuts and abrasion to the head. He was discharged the same day.

At approximately 2:10pm police were called by the ambulance service after a member of the public found Keith Needell with serious head injuries in Queen's Wood.

He was taken to the Royal Free hospital where he remained in a critical condition for several weeks. A post-mortem gave cause of death as aspiration pneumonia and head injuries.

On February 2 an incident room opened under DCI Tim Duffield of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command and Koc was arrested that evening.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Crazed Knifeman Locked-Up For Schoolboy Murder

A mentally-disturbed knifeman, who stabbed a teenage schoolboy through the heart and injured three other pupils, has been detained for life.

Paranoid Schizophrenic Serif Aslan, 34, (pic.bottom) of Phillip Lane, South Tottenham launched the bloody attack after being caught leering at a young girl pupil at the school gates.

He was convicted at the Old Bailey of murdering Kasey Gordon, 15, ( and inflicting grievous bodily harm on a 14 year-old and 16 year-old and causing actual bodily harm to a 14 year-old.

Aslan had not taken his anti-psychotic medication for a week and had hidden the knife in the room he occupied at a residential home.

He will be detained under the Mental Health Act for a minimum of twenty years and was taken to a top-security mental hospital after sentencing.

Detective Inspector Leon James of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said: “This is a tragic incident which led to the death of fifteen year-old Kasey Gordon and three other schoolboys receiving injuries.

“I am pleased with today’s sentencing. In some small way we hope that this will help to bring some closure to Kasey’s family and friends.”

Kasey was fatally stabbed just before 3.45pm on January 20, last year in West Green Road, South Tottenham.

He was pronounced dead at the scene and a post mortem confirmed the cause as a single stab wound.

The other three boys were rushed to hospital and the 16 year-old needed emergency treatment for a collapsed lung caused by a stab wound to the chest.

One of the fourteen year-olds had been stabbed in the hip and the other received a minor facial injury.