Monday, 1 December 2014

Scout Leader Raped Underage Ex With Help Of New Girlfriend, Jury Told

Mark Innes
A scout leader raped his under-age ex-girlfriend - who had already aborted their child - with the help of the new woman in his life two decades ago, a court heard today.

Mark Innes, 43, of Park Wood Crescent, Beeston, Leeds and registered child-minder Sharon Stow, 40, of East Drive, Orpington, Kent deny the charges at Croydon Crown Court.

Prosecutor Mr. Jonathan Loades told the jury the girl was fourteen years-old and walking near Innes' flat in Orpington High Street in the early 1990's, having dated him since she was either eleven or twelve years-old.

"By now Mr. Innes had a new girlfriend, Miss Stow, and the complainant was aware she was being followed.

"She was forced into an alleyway by Miss Stow and Mr. Innes was there and they grabbed her and forced her into his flat and the bedroom, where she was subjected to further abuse at his hands.

"She was raped with the assistance of Miss Stow."

The court heard the girl attended Orpington's First Ramsden Scout Group, where Innes initially helped out before becoming a scout leader.

"At the group's Christmas party in nineteen ninety-one the girl and Mr. Innes began to develop a relationship despite her youth, she was eleven or twelve years-old at the time and he was eighteen or nineteen.

"Mr. Innes gave her the keys to his flat, but the beginnings of sexual contact occurred in the scout hut and the complainant enjoyed the contact and enjoyed the fact she was being kissed and touched.

"She was scared of losing him, of the relationship coming to and end."

The jury were told Innes asked the girl's mother if he could date the youngster when she was aged thirteen and she was at that age when she became pregnant.

"Mr. Innes arranged for her to have an abortion and afterwards at his flat Mr. Innes forced her to have sex.

"She was in pain and said no, she was crying, she was scared, but despite her resistance he forced her legs apart and raped her," added Mr. Loades.

Innes has pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape; one count of unlawful sexual intercourse and another serious sexual offence.

He also denies four counts of indecent assault.

Stow has pleaded not guilty to aiding and abetting rape and aiding and abetting the serious sexual offence.

All the charges relate to the period between January 22, 1990 and January 22, 1994.

Trial continues………….

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