Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Boxer Dereck Chisora's Parking Rage Death Threats

Heavyweight boxing champ Dereck Chisora shouted and swore at two men who blocked-in his car, threatening to "smash their faces in" and "kill" them during a parking rage row when he left his vehicle on private land. 

The 30 year-old bad-boy of British boxing had lost his European heavyweight title a week earlier after retiring in  the tenth round during his bout with Manchester's Tyson Fury at London's Excel Arena.

Chisora, of Addison Way, Golders Green pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour, with intent to cause fear or provoke unlawful violence, towards Majid Rezaei and Mansor Nikpor in nearby Finchley Road on December 8.

The six foot one former British and Commonwealth champion was sentenced to a twelve-month community order; 60 hours community service work and must pay £100 compensation to each victim, £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Prosecutor Miss Inder Gohlar told Hendon Magistrates Court: "One of the complainant's lives at the address, a house of multiple occupancy with a communal car park.

"When they returned the car park was full and the resident, who was in a friend's car, decided to park in such a way it blocked the vehicles in the car park and they left a note inside their windscreen with a mobile phone number if anyone needed them to move.

"The driver, Mansor Nikpor, states: 'Having left the contact number we walked towards the Post Office and were passed by a large black man wearing sunglasses, a red jacket and dark tracksuit bottoms.

'He immediately started shouting and swearing at us, saying he was in a hurry and wanted us to move the car.

'We said that we would move it and there was no need to swear and continued walking to the Post Office.

'We returned and again the man began swearing and shouting at us and said: 'If you don't move your car I'm going to punch you, smash both of your faces and then the car.'"

Miss Gohlar added: "This defendant continued to swear and they went into the building because of his aggressive behaviour.

"This defendant followed them into the building and continued swearing and Mr. Rezaei stated that he was going to call the police.

"The defendant said: 'Call the police, they won't do anything, you're wasting my time. I'm late for my appointment, I'll kill you.'

"He poked Mr. Rezaei in the chest with his finger as he said this and stood in the doorway swearing at them, saying he was going to smash their faces and punch their heads in."

Police arrived and an agitated Chisora, who was "frantically shaking his hands", told the officers: "I told him to move his damn car. I've been waiting for ages.

"When I leave here I'll be getting my guys to come back and deal with them."

Miss Gohlar said: "He continued his aggressive behaviour in front of the police. In summary It was a continuous tirade of behaviour and an indication of threats, saying that he was going to kill."

The court heard Chisora has two previous public order convictions, plus an offence of violence, for which he received a suspended prison sentence in November, 2010.

His lawyer, Mr. Michael Neofytou, said: "He's made no bones about it and he has pleaded guilty. This series of events began through no fault of the defendant, but he accepts his behaviour was unacceptable.

"The complainants parked the vehicle in an obstructive way, blocking in this defendant's vehicle and when he asked them to move it they continued to cross the road towards the post Office.

"This would not have happened if they had moved their vehicle. They refused to move it because they did not like the way he was talking to them.

"Having been blocked in he lost his cool and his frustration got the better of him.

"He's a professional sportsman, an athlete, he's a professional boxer and he is in a position to pay."

Ironically the court's probation officer, Denise Ryan, dealt with Chisora when he received the suspended sentence and she told the court: "He trains and he boxes in the evening so a night time curfew would be too restrictive, it's his livelihood, he's the breadwinner, he's got a seven month-old daughter.

"There's an up and coming fight in February and he would like to get done before that. He could do one day a week to complete the work.

"I would recommend forty to sixty hours work. That would allow him to concentrate on the training."

Bench Chairman Mr. Mike Wallace told Chisora: "We've heard of threats to smash both of the victims' faces, you poked one of them in the chest, made threats to kill both of them, followed them to the address and continued to make threats to smash their faces in and continued when the police arrived."

Zimbabwe-born Chisora, nicknamed 'Del Boy', was stripped of his fight licence after a press conference punch-up with David Haye in February, 2012, which followed a catalogue of disciplinary offences.

He had to pay for £250 an-hour anger management sessions after also slapping Vitali Klitschko at their weigh-in, spitting water at the Ukrainian boxer's brother Wladimir and biting an opponent.

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