Friday, 7 August 2015

Spurned Lover Stabbed Ex-Boyfriend During Murder-Suicide Bid

A dumped lover, who stabbed his ex-boyfriend nine times and slashed his own wrists during an attempted murder and suicide bid, has received ten years.
Sivharta Camacho-Vallejo, 32, of Greet House, Frazier Street, Southwark broke into his ex's home through a kitchen window and launched the frenzied attack when found.
He pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court to attempting to murder his 27 year-old former partner on July 6, last year.
Camacho-Vallejo alternated between stabbing himself and the victim, saying: "If I can't have you no one will. We will die together."
The victim received nine stab wounds to his chest, right arm, neck and back and both his lungs collapsed.
He also needed stitches for gashes to his face and chest as well as defensive wounds to his hands.
The court heard the pair were in a relationship for almost a year before splitting up the previous month.
However, Camacho-Vallejo repeatedly tried to contact the victim, turning up at his work, gym and home and phoning and Skyping him constantly.
On July 5 he again went to his ex-boyfriend's workplace in Bow, east London, pleading with him to take him back, and followed him into the building.
In an attempt to resolve the situation the victim agreed to meet Camacho-Vallejo and they talked for three hours at a café in Mile End.
They parted on a good note and the victim thought Camacho-Vallejo understood their relationship was over.
But the following day Camacho-Vallejo again tried to ring the victim and turned up at his work with a rose, begging him to come back.
Back home in Alfred Street, Bow ,after his shift, the victim was upstairs when he heard loud noises coming from the kitchen.
He went downstairs to find Camacho-Vallejo had broken in through his kitchen window and was slitting his wrists with a knife.
He then attacked the victim with the knife and repeatedly stabbed him.
Camacho-Vallejo used so much force when stabbing the victim that the blade of the knife snapped off.
He then took a flick-knife from his pocket and carried on the assault.
The victim managed to stagger away and out of the flat where he was helped by passers-by.
Police were called and found Camacho-Vallejo still inside the premises, locked in the bathroom.
They forced entry and found the defendant in his underwear in the bath, repeatedly asking: "Leave me to die".

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Abi Mallett said: "Camacho-Vallejo would not and could not accept his relationship was over and stalked his ex-boyfriend before committing this horrific act.”

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