Sunday, 30 July 2017

Torturer Who Poured Boiling Water Over Girlfriend Caged

A vicious thug, who tortured a young woman with boiling water during a “savage and cruel attack” has been locked-up for fifteen years.

Fiston Onyumbe, 32, inflicted horrific injuries on the 20 year-old victim, who was left with burns, a fractured skull, jaw and eye socket and damaged pelvis and spine.

He tied her up and ripped her clothes off at his home in Pymmes Close, Tottenham after the pair went to a nightclub that evening.

Onyumbe was originally charged with attempted murder, but pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to the lesser charge of causing grievous bodily harm, with intent.

During the attack on January 21 the woman jumped from Onyumbe's first-floor window as he re-filled the kettle, but he dragged her back inside, beating her as he did.

Police were called to reports of a violent domestic at 8.17am and in a bedroom they found the victim lying on the floor covered with a blanket, semi-conscious, injured and asking for help.

Onyumbe immediately became violent and assaulted the officers and it eventually took six officers to restrain and arrest him.

The victim, who had also lost a lot of blood, was taken to hospital suffering extensive injuries, including 35% third-degree burns across her body.

The victim told detectives she had gone to a nightclub in Dalston with Onyumbe.

His attack on her started outside the club after he strangled her following an argument.

Onyumbe then took her to the flat in Pymmes Close where he tied her up and ripped her clothes off.

Over the course of the next three hours - until police arrived - he proceeded to torture her; burning her with cigarettes and boiling water from a kettle, and punching her head, face and body.

After she tried to escape he repeatedly banged her head on the communal stairs and pushed his fist into her mouth until she lost consciousness.

Detective Inspector Fareed Mirza, from Haringey CID, said:“This was a particularly savage and cruel attack undertaken by a violent man who has preyed on and abused a weak and vulnerable young woman for a protracted period of time.

“Onyumbe’s actions were calculated, brutal and shocking.

“The sentence he has received today reflects this, but the physical and psychological injuries to the victim will still take a long time to heal."

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