Thursday, 30 November 2017

Starbucks Toilet Perv Pictured On His Own Hidden Camera

Caught On Camera: Dines
A disgraced church-going pervert, caught filming himself installing a secret spy camera in a Starbucks toilet, was arrested in front of law firm colleagues with a bag full of ladies underwear.

Antony George Dines, 31, of Shortlands Road, Kingston-upon-Thames knew he had been identified in a Scotland Yard appeal after accidentally recording himself installing the ceiling device.

Staff at solicitors Lyons Davidson recognised him and called the police, who also found a quantity of small cameras along with the underwear in a rucksack hidden under his desk.

He appeared in custody at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to four counts of voyeurism.

He was bailed for sentencing on December 6.

Bespectacled Dines, wearing a dark pullover and jeans, spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth, address and nationality and enter his pleas.

He pleaded guilty to one count of voyeurism in that on or before November 22, last year he installed equipment in Starbucks and a second count of voyeurism that he recorded a person doing a private act for sexual gratification.

Dines' Secret Camera
He is also similarly pleaded guilty to two counts of voyeurism in relation to the third-floor ladies toilets at 87 Burlington Road, Kingston in that he installed equipment and recorded a person doing a private act for sexual gratification on or before the same date.

He told police he installed the Starbucks camera in February, last year and spied on the toilet users as he sat inside, posing as a customer, having already used it at his workplace.

Dines was a Facilities and General Office Assistant, employed by the New Malden firm and was responsible for health and safety compliance and environmental management.

He is a graduate of Kingston University with a degree in Human Resource Management.

Dines, whose parents were in court to support him, formerly worked at Kingston Business School and at Cornerstone Church, Kingston as an administrator.

He is an active Christian in the south-west London area and continues to be a regular and speaker at Cornerstone Church.

Prosecutor Mr. George Crivelli told the court: “The venue for these offences was Starbucks in Vauxhall in a one-customer toilet that is also a disabled toilet.”

It was on November 22, last year that media manager Ricci Acari, 34, discovered the camera. 

“A customer noticed a light shining from something above the ceiling grate. Upon closer investigation this customer could see a camera and stood on the toilet and touched the device and reported it to Starbucks staff, who called the police.”

Police were unable to identify any DNA traces on the camera, but fortunately Dines had filmed himself.

“On one piece of film footage a gentleman is seen installing the camera in the toilet and his screwdriver is in his hand and he is fiddling about.
Dines Was Arrested At Work

“He has filmed himself and there is a good likeness from the camera.”

Dines is recorded wiping his footprints clean from the toilet seat and police estimate there were 1-24 recordings of toilet users.

“The image of the gentleman was circulated and police were contacted by members of staff at the firm where the defendant works.

“When police attended New Malden Business Centre on November twenty-four a rucksack was found under the defendant’s desk.

“He tried to distance himself from the bag and said it was not his and inside were cameras, electrical tape, a small screwdriver and nine pairs of women’s underwear in a blue plastic bag.”

Dines’ home was also searched and a large quantity of mini-cameras, memory sticks and other media storage devices were seized.

Mr. Crivelli said Dines was questioned twice at Brixton Police Station. “He fully admitted placing the camera in February 2016. placing it there and remaining in Starbucks watching people using the toilet.

“He said he had a fetish for watching women urinate. He said he placed the camera in his own workplace before taking it to Starbucks to record women.

“He had placed it on the third floor at work because there were more women up there and it was voice-activated.”

Dines claimed the underwear was his girlfriend’s, but produced no evidence to back this up and police also found two mini-cameras disguised as car keys.

He had bought most of the equipment online at Amazon.

“He said he had the rucksack full of cameras with him because he was aware of the press release with his image on it and intended to throw away those items.”  

Dines describes himself as “reliable, hard-working and flexible” on his online professional profile.

His lawyer Mr. Graeme Rothwell told the court: “Through an abundance of shame and embarrassment he has forwarded these pleas today.”

District Judge Karen Hammond bailed the first-time offender on condition he does not possess a recording device or enter premises where there are public toilets.

“I’m going to need a report. The starting point for sentencing is a high-level community order.”

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