Thursday, 8 January 2015

Student 'Glassed' Fellow Pub Drinker During Boozy Afternoon Brawl

Boozy: Zoe Dolman
An award-winning Trowbridge student left a fellow-pub customer permanently scarred when she hurled a beer glass at him during an all-day drinking session.

Zoe Dolman, 25, of Hornby Walk, who studies Art and Design at Wiltshire College and received her year's highest Outstanding award from Trowbridge's major, will be sentenced on January 23.

She was convicted of assaulting 32 year-old Dominic Sattaur, causing him actual bodily harm, at The Old Garage, Replingham Road, Southfields, south-west London on May 25.

He was covered in blood and fragments of glass were left imbedded in an open wound that was later glued by A&E doctors.

He told Wimbledon Magistrates Court today: “I was slouching in my chair and my legs were sticking out a bit and as this girl walked in the she kicked me in the knee and said: 'Get the f*** out of my way.'

She kept making comments and digs at me and I told her to leave me alone and go back outside and there was a bit on an argument.

Outside her and a guy with a mohawk she was with kept making digs at the people outside and were both getting more and more drunk.
Glassed: Dominic Sattaur

I went inside and was ordering a drink when she tried to cut in and the girl behind the bar told her she had too much to drink and they all had to leave.

Back outside I was talking to someone and the girl picked up a glass and hit me in the face with it. There was blood all over my face, I was scared, and her dad ran over and tried to fight me.

He chased and followed me back inside and it started up again, but luckily my friend pulled him away.

I went up to the bathroom and my face was covered in blood. I wiped it with a tissue and I could see it had opened up, a centimetre and a half gap down my face.

Her dad ran up the stairs and tried to start again while I was in the bathroom.”

When Dolman was questioned by police she admitted drinking a small bottle of wine during her train journey to Paddington Station earlier that day, drinking a pint of cider at the station, and having “a pint or two more” before the disturbance.

She claimed Mr. Sattaur started trouble. “A guy was winding me up and being nasty. He called me a gypsy.”

Prosecutor Miss Saliha Ayub told the court: “She later admitted throwing her drink at Mr. Sattaur and said she could not remember if she threw a glass at him.

She said Mr. Sattaur tried to hit her and everyone piled in, including her dad.” 

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