Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Care Worker Denies Sexual Activity With Elderly Dementia Residents

A care worker looking after residents with dementia canoodled on one elderly man's lap and touched a woman between the legs, asking her: "Does it feel nice?" a court heard yesterday.

Mina Devi Gurung, 43, allowed the man to kiss her and also asked the woman: "Do you like that?" while employed at Kingsley Court Care Home, Uxbridge Road, Hillingdon, the jury were told.

She denies the alleged incidents occurred, claiming she is the victim of members of staff who do not like her.

Gurung, of Quetta Park, Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire has pleaded not guilty to two counts of sexual activity with a mentally disordered victim on November 25, last year.

She also denies one count of fraud on or about June 30, last year by dishonestly, with intent to make a gain, failing to disclose to her employers she had been convicted of assault.

Prosecutor Mr. Subhankar Banerjee told Isleworth Crown Court: "The defendant had worked at the care home since May, last year and was involved in the care of dementia residents.

"She worked on a specific ward for dementia residents and whilst working there sat on the first resident's lap and he had his arms around her, just below her breasts and was kissing her cheek.

"That sort of contact between a resident and care worker should not take place.

"Later that same day the second resident was receiving some personal care and afterwards a pad was applied.

"Ms Gurung put her hand between the female resident's legs and started stroking her over the pad."

The defendant is said to have asked the resident how it felt and she replied: "Yeah, it's lovely."

Mr. Banerjee added: "The resident would not have been in a position to know what was happening and that should not take place between a care worker and someone with dementia.

"The prosecution say both were sexual acts and the defendant says it did not happen."

Gurung was required to disclose her assault conviction to her employer, the jury were told. "The fraudulent gain was her continued employment, but she says she did tell somebody."

She was questioned by police on December 10, last year. "She said the staff had made it up because they did not like her."

Trial continues………… 

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