Thursday, 22 October 2015

Savile Row Tailoring Entrepreneur Sentenced For Boozy Stranger Punch

A privately-educated Savile Row tailoring entrepreneur punched a stranger asking for directions in the face while on a drink and drug-fuelled bar crawl, leaving his shocked victim with a bloody nose.

James Oliver Beckett-Dunn, 29, who attended £31,890 a year Pangbourne College, Berkshire was near Sloane Square at midnight when he launched the unprovoked attack and verbally abused the victim.

Beckett-Dunn, of The Maltings, Spring Grove, Kew Bridge, Chiswick, pleaded guilty to assaulting Ghali El Jalil Hamoudi on September 1 outside Chelsea Cloisters.

Today he received a twelve-month probation order, which includes a fifteen day activity requirement, and was ordered to pay £200 compensation to Mr. Hamoudi.

His former LinkedIn profile claimed he was a partner in Tom James, a global custom clothing company based in Old Jewry, Bank of England specialising in made-to-measure suits and home fittings.

The company own 170 year-old clothier merchant Holland and Sherry of Savile Row, whose luxury fabrics were transformed into suits worn by actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The Great Gatsby.

Beckett-Dunn has now edited this profile, claiming he has not worked there for two years, and shut down his twitter account, which he regularly updated with glamourous pictures of his jet-set champagne lifestyle.

Tom James suits start at £779 and custom-made shirts at £99 and Oxford University graduate Beckett-Dunn portrays himself as a tailor to the stars.

Prosecutor Mr. Tom Gill told Hammersmith Magistrates Court it was 11.50pm when Mr. Hamoudi called the police. "He stated that he had been punched in the face and possibly broken his nose and had blood on his face."

Mr. Hamoudi had approached two men, one of whom was Beckett-Dunn, who was shifting his chin from side to side, and told him to: "Fuck off" when he asked for directions.

"He came close and stroked the complainant's face with his left hand and the complainant said: 'Don't touch me.'

"The defendant hit him in the face with great speed and strength as if he wanted to knock him out," added Mr. Gill.

Mr. Beckett-Dunn shouted at Mr. Hamoudi, calling him: "A piece of shit" and that was what he deserved.

He was later questioned by the police. "He said he was walking to a bar and had three Corona's at home, two on the train, vodka and tequila and: 'Lots of shots.'

"He mentioned taking medication and a recreational drug, but made no comment about the recreational drug."

When asked about mental health issues Beckett-Dunn told the officers: "I have seen a psychiatrist. I don't believe I've done this."

He said he had no recollection of the incident and was shocked and sorry to have hurt the man.

First-time offender Beckett-Dunn told the court: "I'm really very sorry. I deeply regret what I did and accept I have to face up to the circumstances."

During his first court appearance he claimed to be recovering from cancer and battling alcoholism and said: "I deeply regret it. I've been very poorly for two years and have not worked for two years.

"Cancer led to mental health issues. I am on twenty-one tablets a day. I'm struggling with alcoholism and with mental health issues."

His online profile also said he is on the Board of Advisors at Big Wolf Marketing Ltd and the owner of Bow Creek Cafe in Trinity Buoy Wharf, Docklands.

He also claims to be former volunteer street pastor with Christian organisation Ascension Trust.

Beckett-Dunn brought medical records with him to show to the court, but added: "This is not justification for anything I did."

Pangbourne College alumni include late film director Ken Russell; journalist Jefferson Hack; writer Jeffrey Bernard and double Olympic gold medal yachtsman Rodney Pattisson MBE.

Magistrate Mrs Celia Ansdell told him: "We have looked at the report from probation and take into account you were drunk and this was an unprovoked attack, a single blow and that you are of good character."

Beckett-Dunn was also ordered to pay a £150 court charge, £60 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

Wearing a blue suit, blue shirt and tie, union flag socks and carrying a Louis Vuitton briefcase he asked to pay £50 immediately, followed by £100 a month. 

He also edited his LinkedIn profile and made this statement regarding publicity surrounding the case: " I am a former employee and partner in Tom James, but have not been with the company for over two years due to illness.

"I am deeply disturbed at the article and it's blatant invasion of my personal life and health issues. 

"I was not made aware any statements I make in court or otherwise are to be made public and I am also mortified at the circumstances in which the article came about. 

"Please accept my sincerest apologies. And please note I am not and was not a current employee since 2012. 

"I also would like to point out the case has many facts not laid out in the article and hold hope that the public do not leap to conclusions based purely on tabloid press."

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