Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Driver Beats Road-Rage Race Rap But Is Fined For Obstructing Police

A muslim motorist cleared of racially abusing a female driver has been fined £60 for obstructing the police officers trying to arrest him.

Javed Ahmad, 45, was accused of shouting: “Women in my country would be stoned for this,” during the road-rage incident.

However the complainant failed to appear for the trial at Wimbledon Magistrates Court and the charges relating to that incident were dropped.

Ahmad, of Calder Road, Morden is also said to have called the woman “white trash” and spat at her.

He always protested his innocence and was found not guilty of the racially-aggravated assault of Harley Armiger in Bristol Road, Morden on May 17.

He was also cleared of an alternative lesser charge of simply assaulting the woman.

However, the obstructing police trial proceeded and he was convicted.

Prosecutor Miss Kerry Lingard told the court the complainant was driving her car with her children inside when Ahmad pulled alongside and claimed they were throwing stones at his vehicle.

He allegedly was heard getting on his mobile phone and saying to the person at the other end: “Us muslims need to stick together.”

He drove after her and pushed his car into hers although there was no damage. He spat at her and she has no idea why he was so aggressive.”

Ahmad denies using the racist words, spitting at the complainant and says the police officers were “heavy handed” during their arrest of him.

He told the court: “This group of people are out to get me.” 

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