Thursday, 6 October 2016

Sentencing Date For OAP's Optician's Wrecking-Spree

An OAP who laid waste to an optician's after he was refused a refund on a pair of specs - causing £10,000 worth of damage with a metal chair - will be sentenced on November 3.

Alan Parkinson, 68, of The Beeches, London Road, Mitcham, insisted he was due a discount on his recent purchase and threatened: "I'll destroy your shop."

He pleaded guilty to causing an affray at John Lewis Opticians, 261 London Road, Mitcham on February 27 and causing £10,000 worth of criminal damage to display cabinets, spectacles and a computer.

Parkinson’s lawyer told Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court today: “He was under the influence when this took place.”

The judge told Parkinson to attend an interview with the probation service later in the day, warning: “You’re not helping yourself, you’re not helping the court.

“It’s out of the ordinary, this case.”

Parkinson was a regular customer and entered the opticians at 10am.

He wanted a refund for some glasses and was not happy and said his daughter told him he had paid too much.

Parkinson, who has 243 offences on his record, was told there was no discount due because the frames and lenses had been bought at different times.

The store manager Zaid Shoaib and the consultant refused to budge, causing Parkinson further irritation.

"He was huffing and puffing and his eyes were bulging," said prosecutor Mr. Paul Adams during a previous hearing. "He said: 'I know what I'll do, I'll destroy your shop.'

"He left but returned ten minutes later and said: 'Last chance. Are you going to give me a refund?'

"He picked up a chair and swung it around the store, destroying property including a glass cabinet, which shattered.

"He threw the chair in the direction of Mr. Shoaib and it missed.

"He picked up a glasses tray and threw it and then picked up a computer screen and smashed it."

As he left the scene of destruction Parkinson turned and warned the two men: "You don't know me."

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