Sunday, 23 April 2017

Homeless Charity Boss Visited By Prince Charles Nicked £10,000

Charity Boss Nalton & Prince Charles
An outspoken homeless campaigner forged invoices to take nearly £10,000 from a charity he ran.

Jamie Nalton, 41, was the director of The Simon Community, an outreach project for the homeless in Camden, north London.

The father-of-one, of Green Leas, Sunbury-on-Thames was bailed by Blackfriars Crown Court last week to return for sentencing on May 9.

He pleaded guilty that between June 12 and September 13, last year at The Simon Community, St. Martin’s Vicarage, Vicar’s Road, Kentish Town he stole £2068

Nalton also pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation between same dates, namely altering two invoices to make a gain, namely £7,800.

Criticising the government’s policy surrounding benefits and how they effect the homeless he once said: “There is a lot of misunderstanding around welfare reform and people are being sanctioned and ending up with no money whatsoever.”

The charity proudly announced Nalton’s arrival in their Spring 2015 newsletter, noting: “We are pleased to tell you that we have a new Director.

Charity Thief: Nalton Leaving Court
“Jamie Nalton joined us as an interim Community Manager last Christmas and has been with us since then.

In February he was appointed as the new Community Director and is now officially in post.

“Jamie has a lot of experience in the homelessness sector that he gained through working for C4WS, the Camden Winter Shelter providers, who organised the church winter shelters in the borough.

“Jamie first came to us when he was working as a consultant who travelled the country advising night shelter providers on best practice.”

Nalton himself said: “I am honoured to work for the Simon Community, a charity that not only helps those without support, but also campaigns on their behalf.” 

He is now a night-shift labourer on the Cheesegrater construction site in the City and was allowed the adjournment to find legal representation.

Nalton complained about being refused Legal Aid. “It was refused due to high earnings, which I find hard to believe.”

Regarding compensating The Simon Community he told the court: “Absolutely. That’s always been the case.”

Recorder John Bate-Williams announced: “It’s obviously important in a serious case like this that you are represented.

“You have got three weeks to get your case in order.”

Much of his mitigation will centre on the medical condition of his wife Jhoana Nalton, 36, a weddings and home accessories designer, who was diagnosed with brain aneurysm in July, 2014.

Jhoana, who has a daughter, Jessica, 5, with Nalton had a stent implant to ease a bulging in blood vessel in her brain.

Previously commenting on homeless issues Nalton also said: “Not everyone is aware of services and there may be reasons they feel unable to engage with them.

“Some services in Westminster, for example, are only available to people with a local connection.

“I think we really need to understand more about why people are begging. Arresting people and giving them a criminal record is absolutely not helpful.

“The police need a better understanding of the issues that they are dealing with here.”

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