Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Noisy Neighbour's Race Battle With Resident And Police

A noisy neighbour launched into a foul race-hate rant when asked to turn her music down and battled with police when they arrived, continuing her insulting behaviour after she was arrested.

Single mum-of-two Zoe Barnard, 33, of Cuffley House, Sutton Way, North Kensington shoved her neighbour and called her a: “White c***, white f***ing bitch,” and twice assaulted the same police officer.

She pleaded guilty to assaulting neighbour Janet Farmer on December 21, last year at Cuffley House, where she also pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harassment.

Trainee carpet fitter Barnard also pleaded guilty to assaulting PC Matthew Watson at Cuffley House and at St. Thomas's Hospital and racially aggravated harassment while being transported in the police van.

Hammersmith Magistrates Court heard today that neighbour Janet Farmer, who lives two floors below Barnard, couldn't even enjoy watching television with her partner because of the noise above.

She went up to ask the defendant to turn her music down and was told: “F*** off. You don't care my mum just died you bitch. Leave my f***ing door, f*** off.”

Barnard shoved her in the chest and Ms Farmer's partner jumped in between them and the couple returned home.

However, Barnard followed the pair and unleashed the racist abuse outside their flat.

They called the police and the court heard Barnard was “aggressive to the officers” and aimed a kick at PC Watson when she was being handcuffed.

She called one police officer a “n*****” during another racist outburst and collapsed to the floor at the police station.

Barnard claimed to have sickle cell syndrome and said: “I'm an actress. I'll get booked into a mental hospital.”

At the hospital she aimed a punch at the same officer she kicked out at and he managed to deflect the blow.

The court heard Barnard, who has daughters aged nine and eleven years-old, has a drink problem and a previous conviction for assaulting a police officer.

The magistrate told her: “This behaviour was absolutely unacceptable as you know.”

Barnard was placed on a 12-month community order with a 20-day rehabilitation requirement and must undergo a six-month alcohol treatment requirement.

She must also complete 60 hours community service work, pay £50 compensation each to Ms Farmer and PC Watson and pay an £85 victim surcharge.

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