Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Supermarket Perv Filmed Up Female Shoppers' Skirts

A supermarket pervert, who filmed up female shoppers’ skirts with a key fob-disguised camera, was told yesterday he will be assessed for dangerousness.

Andrew Bean, 52, was caught following a woman in Sainsbury’s, Surbiton and upskirt shots of a second victim were found.

The jobless former delivery driver, of Gateways, Surbiton Hill Road, Surbiton was bailed to return to Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court for sentencing on June 26.

The court heard Bean, who claims Jobseekers Allowance, has been recommended for a post-sentencing dangerousness assesment by the probation service.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of outraging public decency by taking images up the skirts of unsuspecting women on August 31 and 27, last year.

Bean, who was ironically camera-shy when photographed himself outside the court, targeted women wearing short skirts and hot pants.

An off-duty police officer observed Bean as his eyes were fixed on the woman’s bottom as he repeatedly clicked his tiny camera, hidden inside a car key fob.

The officer followed Bean and saw him following another woman.

The store’s security staff were alerted and the defendant was watched on CCTV and then arrested.

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