Sunday, 28 January 2018

Career Criminal Behind Bars For Nicking Sentimental Keepsakes From OAP

A heartless burglar tricked his way into an 89 year-old man’s caravan - snatching a gold locket containing his only photo of his late mother and a gold florin coin that had been in the family three generations.

Stanley Butler, 39, had only been released from prison five days earlier when he posed as a roofer needing to borrow a pen to blag his way into the pensioner’s home.

The Slough career criminal received five-and-a-half years imprisonment at Inner London Crown Court after he was convicted of the burglary.

The court heard how last May Butler convinced the victim he had permission to carry out work on the Hillingdon site and began quoting prices for roofing work.

After asking to borrow a pen he followed the OAP into the caravan without permission and snatched the sentimental valuables, which have not been recovered.

Detective Constable Woolford of Hillingdon CID said: “The elderly victim went inside to fetch a pen and Butler followed him in uninvited.

“Once inside he distracted the the victim and stole sentimental items that cannot be replaced, such as a gold locket containing a picture of his late mother, the only photo he had left of her and a gold florin coin that had been passed down to the victim from three generations.

“Butler is a dishonest male with previous convictions for burglary particularly using distraction methods.”

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