Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Kingston University Chief Violently Attacked On Campus

Attacked: Therese Reinheimer-Jones
A head of department at Kingston University was violently attacked on the campus by a mentally-deranged student.

Head of Student Engagement and Enhancement Therese Reinheimer-Jones curled herself up in a ball as she was kicked and punched by 25 year-old Benjamin Kalo.

He was convicted of assaulting her at the Penrhyn Road building on March 2, last year and sentenced to a Mental Health Hospital Order.

She told Wimbledon Magistrates Court during the trial: “My forehead was punched. I banged my head on the large confidential waste bin and then felt a kick to my back. I was in the foetal position.

I saw one of my colleagues and and just grabbed her, hugged her in fear.

“I had bruising to my face and ears, a large bump to the back of my head. I had concussion and was in A & E for several hours.

“I had a bruise on my side, where I was kicked and felt very frightened for several weeks.”

Kalo was arrested a week later at Chinese fast-food restaurant Hotcha in Downend Road, Kingswood, Bristol on March 9.

Officers found him armed with a large kitchen knife and he also had 1.8g cannabis on him.

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