Friday, 23 February 2018

Banned Motorcyclist Inflicted Multiple Fractures On Woman Pedestrian

A disqualified and uninsured motorcyclist, who inflicted seven serious fractures on a female London Ambulance Service employee he ran over, has avoided being locked-up.

Timi Joe, 25, knocked 37 year-old Lisa Brown twelve feet through the air, causing four pelvic fractures, plus a broken shoulder, ankle and leg.

She also suffered dislocations to both shoulders and a cut to her eye socket and may need a third operation for the injuries caused while using a pedestrian crossing.

The courts have been given the power to imprison such banned drivers for up to four years, but Joe, of Stanswood Gardens, Camberwell received twelve months imprisonment, suspended for eighteen months.

“He should not have been on the road,” said Lisa, who is still receiving physio, after the case. “The injuries he caused were horrific.”

Joe pleaded guilty at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court to one count of causing serious injury while driving disqualified in Putney High Street on July 15, last year.

Joe also pleaded guilty to driving without insurance and jumping bail and must also complete 120 hours community service and obey a tagged night time curfew from 9pm to 6am for three months.

He has now swapped his three-wheeled Piaggio for a bicycle and is a food courier for Deliveroo.

After the collision he dumped the motorbike as well as his crash helmet and jacket as he fled towards Putney Bridge and gave a false name to police.

Ms Brown was bed bound for six weeks afterwards and then had to use a wheelchair. She has still not returned to work seven months after the collision.

“His view of the crossing was obscured by a stationary bus as he accelerated within the speed limit,” said prosecutor Mr. Andrew Johnson. 

“He failed to take necessary action to avoid the collision and the tread on one tyre is described as virtually non-existent by the officer on the scene.”

On May 17, 2016 Joe was banned for a year for driving while under the influence of drugs and on June 20, last year he received an eighteen-month disqualification for driving without insurance.

He claims he was unaware of this latest ban, imposed just four weeks before the collision.

Joe also says the traffic light was green in his favour when Ms Brown was crossing the road in full uniform on the way to her shift and there is no suggestion he jumped a red light.

It is accepted he was probably travelling at around 20-25mph.

“He’s a young man that took risks and those risks were devastating for the complainant in this matter,” said Miss Mandisa Knights, defending.

Judge Georgina Kent told Joe: “Lisa Brown stepped onto the crossing in front of a stationary bus either as the lights changed from red to amber or to green.

“The bus was obstructing your view. You overtook the bus and collided with Lisa Brown.

“She was struck by the moped and thrown into the air.

“She suffered two dislocated shoulders, four pelvic fractures, a fractured shoulder, tibia, ankle and a cut to her eye socket.

“She needed operations and rods inserted and may need a third and has received months of physio and remains off work.

“She is not sure if she will ever be able to go back to work. This accident was devastating for her and will have a long-lasting impact on her.

“Even though the lights had just turned green you would be expected to check if pedestrians were crossing.

“You should have had regard for the fact someone may have been crossing in front of that bus  

“You say you were unaware you were disqualified and that is complete irresponsibility on your part for not keeping your address up to date with DVLA.”

Joe was disqualified for three years and must pass an extended driving test to regain his licence and was ordered to pay £670 costs.

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