Monday, 11 November 2013

Music Teacher Accused Of Groping Nine Year-Old Boy During Piano Lesson

A primary school music teacher fondled a nine-year old boy during a lunchtime piano lesson and was found with a collection of child porn when police arrested him, a court has heard.

John Gowers, 52, of Great Water Farm Cottages, Ashurst Wood, East Grinstead groped the boy's bottom and put his hand between his legs during the lesson.

He has pleaded not guilty at Woolwich Crown Court to two counts of sexually assaulting the boy on December 5, last year, at the school, which is in the london Borough of Lewisham.

However, he has admitted charges relating to images found on his home computer, which revealed a search history that included: 'pre-teen boy nudity' and 'boy sex'.

Prosecutor Mr. Patrick Moran told the jury: "Mr. Gowers was the boy's piano teacher and he was giving the boy a private piano lesson during the school lunch break.

"The defendant is alleged to have touched parts of the boy's body, his penis, his bottom and he touched them for several seconds, long enough for it to be no accident.

"The boy was fully clothed in school uniform and in the middle of playing a piece of music.

"Mr. Gowers said nothing and just kept his hand there and the boy felt very awkward, did not say anything and left after the lesson.

"That evening the boy told his mother, she contacted the school the next morning, and the police were informed."

Officers visited Gowers' home address and arrested him, also seizing and later analysing his computer.

"The defendant denied having touched the boy in the way described," explained Mr. Moran. "He said he remembered touching his leg, above the knee, but only because he was leaning over.

"He denied touching the boy's penis at all."

"On his computer were found photographic images of pre-pubescent naked boys in various poses and the defendant has pleaded guilty to offences dealing solely with material found on his computer.

"The defendant has a sexual interest in pre-pubescent boys and on that day in December he showed it."

Trial continues…………

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