Thursday, 7 November 2013

Voyeuristic Paedo Abused Girls And Spied On Couple With Secret Hidden Camera

A voyeuristic paedophile, who secretly filmed a couple in his spare bedroom, also raped a four year-old girl twenty-seven years ago before subjecting her and another girl to further sexual assaults, a court heard.

Primary school caretaker Tony Cunningham, 54, of Norbury Avenue, Thornton Heath denies all the charges, claiming he is a victim of a conspiracy to frame him.

Prosecutor Mr. Tim Forster told the Croydon Crown Court jury: “When she was about four years-old she remembers the defendant getting into bed next to her, moving her legs aside and pushing his penis into her.

“She remembers it hurt and that the following morning she was sore and she has that firmly in her mind.”

Cunningham has pleaded not guilty to raping the four year-old between December 5, 1985 and December 4, 1986 and two separate counts of indecently assaulting her when she was aged either six or seven or eight or nine years-old.

He has also pleaded not guilty to two counts of sexually assaulting a girl in Skipsea, Yorkshire between October 18, 2006 and October 18, 2007, plus two alternative counts relating to the same incidents.

Cunningham also denies voyeurism on March 24, 2005 in that he recorded the Skipsea girl's parents for his own sexual gratification at his former home in Woodside Road, South Norwood.

The jury were told the rape complainant recalled two other incidents when she was alone with Cunningham, the first when he was driving her in his car when she was aged six to seven years old.

“He took her hand and placed it on his groin,” explained Mr. Forster.

The next incident occurred when she was eight or nine years old.

“She was only wearing a dressing gown and the defendant pulled her onto the couch so she was lying on top of him and she could feel his erect penis between her legs and he began to rub against her.”

Cunningham was a guest at a couple's home in Skipsea, where he molested their daughter when she was twelve or thirteen years old, the jury were told.

Mr. Tim Forster explained that the Skipsea complainant, now aged 19, confided in a friend just before Christmas, last year that she had been touched by Cunningham

“She remembered that five years ago when the defendant came to stay with her family that while she was watching television Mr. Cunningham pulled a blanket over her and put his hand on her hand and moved it towards his groin.

“Two or three months later she was taking laundry upstairs when Mr. Cunningham asked her if she wanted a cuddle.

“He pulled her on top of him on to the bed and she could feel him thrusting between her legs with his erect penis.”

After the allegations were made Cunningham was asked to leave the matrimonial home by his wife, who then found two VHS cassettes among his belongings.

“She was absolutely shocked to find it was rather grainy footage of their spare room and the couple in bed, or undressing or getting up in the morning with particular emphasis on the wife.

“There was some sexual activity and footage of the wife without any clothing and the husband lying naked on the bed,” explained Mr. Forster.

“The footage had been recorded with a concealed camera and edited down to the best bits, into a compilation.”

The police were called and it was obvious the camera had been hidden inside an air vent cavity, which had been adjusted to allow images to be recorded, the jury were told.

“Mr. Cunningham is obsessed with cameras and he installed a CCTV system in the house,” added Mr. Forster.

Among some of Cunningham's pornographic dvd's his wife also found a computer disc that contained four images of the Skipsea girl.

“They show her in a paddling pool and they include two close-ups of her crotch.

“Mr. Cunningham was the gifted and keen photographer in the house. Does it reveal how his mind was working?

“They are a window into his mind,” the prosecutor added. “If you have any doubt about what the Crown says happened in Yorkshire these pictures will remove that doubt.”

Trial continues...........

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