Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Online Paedophile's Child Abuse Plan Exposed By Undercover Police Sting

Isleworth Crown Court
A Barclay bank employee, caught in an online police sting, has been convicted of child sex offences involving two girls, aged ten and twelve years-old, he wanted to abuse.

Michael Ray King, 38, of Victoria Road, Poole, was working in a branch of the bank located in the town before going home to his flat and spending the evening drinking heavily and cruising the net to chat with fellow paedophiles.

He was remanded in custody at Isleworth Crown Court and will be sentenced on December 19 for arranging the commission of a child sex offence between November 10, 2013 and March 12, this year and attempting to engage in sexual activity in front of a child on March 5.

The jury heard King, a first-time offender, indulged in sick online conversations with an undercover officer, known as 'Jez', on internet forums entitled 'Incest' and 'Jailbait.'

The defendant discussed meeting 'Jez' and his two young daughters and having sex with them and encouraged 'Jez' to abuse the girls while chatting online.

King also sent 'Jez' pictures of “scantily-clad” young girls and gave his phone number to the officer.

The jury also found the defendant pleasured himself in front of his computer's webcam, believing 'Jez' was forcing the girl to watch.

King told the jury he was acting out fantasies for sexual kicks and never believed there were any young girls watching him via his webcam or in danger of being abused.

He claimed to be depressed and stressed and spent long evenings alone, often drinking five cans of lager a night and smoking cannabis.


Anonymous said...

This is horrific, I'm from Poole and people like this deserve a sevear sentence. How do I find out further details. Thank you

Anonymous said...

This this fucked! Sick fucker should do life inside.

kohagen said...

How would I find out further details? I live in the area and would like to know release dates. Thank you