Saturday, 8 November 2014

Violent Midnight Rapist Jailed

A rapist, who put his victim through a four-hour ordeal in her own home, putting her in fear of her life with threats of retribution, has been caged for eight-and-a-half years.
Mustafa Osman, 36, of Lebus Street, Tottenham arrived uninvited at the 23 year-old victim's home in east London at just before midnight on Monday November 11, last year. 

Osman slapped her face and pulled her hair before forcing her to remove her clothes.
She was then subjected to a variety of assaults spanning a four hour period. 

During her ordeal the victim was threatened by Osman, who said he would find her and 'ruin her life' if she told anyone. 

Wanting to get away from Osman, the victim explained she had to leave for work.
Osman, now asking her to forgive him, left at the same time. 

When she arrived at work the victim told colleagues of the incident and police were called. 

Osman was arrested by the Metropolitan Police's Child Abuse and Sexual Exploitation Command ten days later and was charged with two counts of rape and one count of digital penetration.

He was founguilty by a Snaresbrook Crown Court jury on all three counts by a unanimous verdict. 

Detective Constable Richard Wren said: "This young woman was subjected to a torturous ordeal that spanned four hours and put her in fear for her life. 

"She was then compelled to give evidence in court by Osman entering a not guilty plea.

“I hope that the sentence handed down provides her with a measure of comfort and goes someway to restoring her sense of personal safety." 

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