Saturday, 26 September 2015

Angry Pedestrian 'Keyed' Noisy Middle-Eastern Mercedes Near Harrods

A infuriated Knightsbridge pedestrian, angered by middle-eastern super cars deliberately revving their powerful engines, 'keyed' the wing of a powerful Mercedes, causing £2,305 worth of damage.

John Hendley MacGowan, 68, of Sudeley Street, Islington told Hammersmith Magistrates Court on Wednesday: "I came onto Sloane Street to be faced by an appalling noise caused by cars gunning in the street.

"Me and my friend found the noise painful as well as annoying and I asked a policeman to stop the first car, but it took no notice of the police.

"I stood in front and out of sheer frustration I just scratched the car."

He pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to a £60,000 white Mercedes C63 AMG owned by Sukh Singh on July 5 and was conditionally discharged for six months and ordered to pay full compensation.

Prosecutor Miss Kate Shilton said: "A series of super cars were racing up and down Sloane Street and causing distress to members of the public by deliberately stopping and revving their engines.

"Members of the public called the police and officers instructed the drivers to stop, but some of them ignored the police and Mr. MacGowan stepped into the street to stop them.

"He scratched the rear left panel of the car with a car key, a scratch thirty-five centimetres long.

"Police spoke to Mr. MacGowan and he admitted scratching the car on purpose and said he scratched it out of anger because Mr. Singh's car was causing annoyance and he did not want him getting away with it scot free."

Mr.Singh hoped MacGowan would also pay £400 a day car hire for a week, but he was not ordered by the court to cover that cost.

First-time offender MacGowan added: "He was looking for four hundred pounds a day, plus VAT.

"He was playing a game of exorbitant car hire on top of the damage, which I'd agreed to.

"I was also accused of racism because he was the only black driver and spitting on his car, but I did not know he was black.

"He was in concert with other cars to make a nuisance to the public.

"I immediately regretted what I did and put my hands up to say I did it."

MacGowan was also ordered to pay a £150 court charge and a £15 victim surcharge.

When approached afterwards MacGowan did not want to discuss the case or the super car noise issue saying: "I'm sure it is an interesting subject to you, but it has already been covered in the press."

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