Friday, 4 September 2015

Drug User Misses Mum's Funeral To Answer Court Charge

A drug-user, caught by police in the middle of the night high on 'speed', had to skip his mother's funeral in his native Aberdeenshire yesterday to appear in court, where he admitted the offence.

Jobless Iain Liddle Hay, 51, of Nether Davah Court, Inverurie was seen by police emerging from trees on Wandsworth Common, south-west London at 4.15am and stopped and searched.

He pleaded guilty at Wimbledon Magistrates Court to possessing three small bags of amphetamine on July 30 and was conditionally discharged for eighteen months and ordered to pay a £180 court charge and £15 victim surcharge.

Prosecutor Miss Mary Atere told the court: “He was seen rolling a bag and walking out of a wooded area and it was clear he was under the influence of drugs.

Officers found four plastic snap bags containing white crystals and three of them were confirmed to be amphetamine at a quantity consistent with personal use.

Because of his condition Mr. Hay could not be interviewed.”

The court was told the defendant has three police cautions for drug offences and one previous fine for possessing amphetamine.

Hay told the court: “My mother died last week and her funeral was today. Unfortunately I could not go because of this court case.

I've pleaded guilty, I had the drugs on me. I am not an addict although I do use drugs recreationally.

I have not taken any illegal substances since. I've given them up completely.

I am in a trough in my personal life, I'm looking for work and have no income and I have had some mental health issues.”

Hay has been out of work for two years. “I've been living on savings, on my redundancy and a friend has been putting me up.

I have not signed-on and I am relying on the charity of friends.”

Bench Chairwoman Mrs Catherine Gibson told a tearful Hay: “We have heard your remorse and that you are taking steps to redress your problems.”

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