Monday, 9 April 2018

Mayfair Art Gallery Manager Stalked Ex All The Way To Oz

Outside Court: Navratil
A heartbroken Mayfair art gallery manager flew all the way to Australia to continue stalking his terrified ex, even sending her pics of himself dressed in her clothes.

Jan Navratil, 35, showed up in Melbourne as his former girlfriend, veterinary nurse Sophie Davis, was making her way to the beach, claiming the meeting was a coincidence.

The Czech-born university graduate is the shipping and bond manager at the Halcyon Gallery and the couple had a six-month relationship after meeting online.

He appeared in custody at Wimbledon Magistrates Court last Thursday, where he pleaded guilty to stalking Sophie between February 7 and April 3.

Prosecutor Miss Amanda McCabe told the court: “She did live with the defendant for a short time when recovering from an operation and she reported him to the police for taking her passport and other items.

“No action was taken, but she ended the relationship and hours later began to receive messages from the defendant saying he wanted to take his life.

“She decided to stay at a hotel in Wimbledon and received a text from the defendant, with a picture that was clearly another room in the hotel.

“He said he wanted to be close to her, wanted to be with her and wanted her back.

“The defendant also sent her pictures of himself wearing her clothing that she had left behind his home.”

Happier Times: Jan & Sophie
While attending an appointment near Buckingham Palace Sophie received a pic of the royal residence from Navratil, which convinced her he was following her.

Before the split the couple had booked a holiday to Australia, with Navratil due to join her a week after her departure.   

“When she left the ladies lavatory at Heathrow Airport the defendant was standing there with a backpack.

“She told him not to follow her to Australia, but says while on holiday he was there and received a message after he accessed her facebook account.

“She was walking to the beach on March 3 and the defendant approached her, then pretended he had not seen her.”

He also became jealous about another man ‘Sam’ she was communicating with on facebook.

Stalking Victim: Sophie
Sophie collected the rest of her belongings from Navratil’s place on March 29, but received another email from him, saying: “If I want to see you it could be very, very soon.”

Two days later he hopped onboard the bus she was travelling on. “The defendant tried to take the seat beside her and she shouted at him, telling him to go away.

“She went down to the lower deck and he followed her so later dialled 999.”

When questioned by police Navratil said he was “devastated” by the split, complaining he “could not sleep for days” and felt bad about how the relationship ended.

“He explained the meeting in Australia was completely accidental and that he had nightmares about the break-up,” added Miss McCabe.

Navratil the bus incident was merely an attempt to return Sophie’s hairdryer to her.

His ex told the police: “This has ruined my life and left me scared. I’m now looking constantly over my shoulder.”

District Judge Barbara Barnes said: “He has no insight whatsoever as to the distressing nature of this constant contact.”

After hearing the met on an online dating site she added: “Oh dear, I see. It worries me that he thinks this is appropriate when a relationship goes wrong.

“This is so serious an offence maybe only prison can be justified.”

Navratil was bailed for sentencing on condition he does not contact Sophie.

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