Sunday, 15 April 2018

Sex Video Boyfriend Of Woman Who Plunged To Her Death Gets Suspended Jail Sentence

A masters degree student, who shared a sexually-explicit clip of his girlfriend performing oral sex on him in a phone box a week before she plunged to her death, has received a suspended prison sentence.

Alessio Bianchi, 26, also admitted throttling her on the balcony of their eighth-floor flat - claiming he was trying to stop her jumping.

The Italian pleaded guilty to assaulting Miss Damilya Jossipaliyena, 24, on June 2, last year at his home at Sunken Beck Building, 5 Hermitage Street, Central London.

He says he was trying to save the life of Damilya, originally from Kazakhstan, who was threatening to jump, but she sadly apparently took her life shortly afterwards.

Bianchi, who studies at Regent’s College, also admitted disclosing private sexual images of her without consent, with intent to cause her distress on May 25.

He sent a clip to a friend of Damilya performing the sex act on him, which made its way back to her. 

At Southwark Crown Court he was sentenced to twelve weeks imprisonment, suspended for twelve months.

Bianchi must also complete a thirty-day rehabilitation activity requirement and pay £250 costs.

Prosecutor Mr. Edward Cohen told the court on a previous occasion: “In terms of the assault the Crown’s case is the assault started upstairs in the flat between the defendant and the complainant.

“He grabbed hold of her throat and hit her on top of the head and punched her several times.

“He says he was trying to stop her jumping out of the window.”

The struggle continued in a downstairs courtyard. “It is alleged by the Crown he grabbed hold of the complainant and pulled her into a fountain in the building and shoved her head onto a chair.

“He accepts there was a struggle downstairs and she ended up in the water.

“The complainant in this case sadly committed suicide not long after this assault allegation.”

Bianchi’s lawyer Mr. Steven Powles said: “The defendant’s position is inside the flat the complainant was attempting to jump off the eighth floor of the balcony.

“This was not the first time time she attempted to take her life. Outside she was attempting to re-enter and in the course of that is how she ended up in the water.

“In her own statement she says there was pushing into the water. She did not mention slamming into the chair.”

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