Monday, 7 October 2013

Smooth-Talking Charmer Jailed For Raping Two Women He Chatted-Up

A smooth-talking rapist, who chatted-up two victims in exclusive Mayfair - plying them with suspected spiked drinks – has received a life sentence with a minimum eight years behind bars.
Fabio Moniz, 27, approached the first woman as she enjoyed a night out with a pal and the second, an American businesswoman, in the street within a three week period.
He was convicted at Snaresbrook Crown court of two counts of rape, plus one count of attempted assault by penetration. He was acquitted of sexually assaulting a third woman.
The first rape occurred after Moniz approached two female friends enjoying an evening out on August 25, last year.
After taking them to a nearby nightclub Moniz bought them rounds of drinks.
The next recollection of the first victim is awaking in an unknown flat as Moniz raped her.
She and the friend left the flat and called the police.

The second offence took place on September 13 when Moniz befriended a woman and persuaded her to go a bar with him and bought her a number of drinks.
She awoke the next morning in a disorientated state to find Moniz in her hotel bed. 

Later that day she caught a flight back home and during the journey felt unwell and concerned about the events of the night before.
On her arrival she attended a medical centre where she informed staff she believed she had been raped during her stay in London.
She was examined and samples taken.

The Metropolitan Police Service was informed and officers from Sapphire, part of the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, travelled to the U.S. to collect the samples and take a full statement from her.
Moniz was arrested on September 19 and denied all allegations put to him.

Detective Superintendent Kate Halpin said: “Moniz preyed on young women in London’s West End, using initially his charm, and then alcohol as a means to sexually assault them.
“I would like to commend the victims for the courage they have shown in reporting the offences and re-living their ordeals in court to see justice.
“With the support of specially trained officers and other specialist agencies they have seen this case through to conviction.

"Given the nature of Moniz’s crimes, it is highly likely he has committed further offences and I would urge any victims to come forward.”

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