Sunday, 28 September 2014

Ex-Teacher Jailed For Abusing Young Teen He Picked-Up On 'Grindr'

A former schoolteacher, who picked up a 14 year-old boy on social networking app 'Grindr' and took him home for sex, has been jailed for five years.
Gary Pearce, 40, of Ellenborough Road, Sidcup met the youth in a supermarket car park and returned him to the same location after taking the teen to his address.
He was convicted at Inner London Crown Court of one count of grooming a child and once count of sexual activity with a child.
Police were contacted by the parents of the victim after they found messages of a sexual nature on his phone.
Officers were told that in the summer of 2012 the victim had been in contact with Pearce through 'Grindr' and despite the victim informing the defendant of his age, they met.
Under police interview Pearce claimed his victim had told him he was of the age of consent but made no comment to all other questions put to him.
Detective Constable Chris Hammond said: "Despite being in a position of trust as a teacher Gary Pearce met the fourteen year-old victim through the internet, then arranged and proceeded to meet him in person.
"The Metropolitan Police is dedicated to protecting young and vulnerable people and encourage victims to come forward where they will be fully supported by specially trained officers."
Detective Inspector Neal Burton from the Sapphire Command said: "Pearce utilised the internet to manipulate the child into meeting him.
“This crime again shows the vulnerability of the internet and social media, which is used by paedophiles to meet their victims.
“This conviction will provide reassurance that we will relentlessly pursue those who commit these dreadful crimes against children."

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